The Twelve by Seven Tables

The Twelve by Seven Tablet

The table is formed from the names of the Heptarchic Kings and Princes, without their initial letter “B”s. Each row contains the King and Prince of a particular day, written from right to left.

The central squares outlined in red are called “The Heart”. The squares surrounding the Heart are called “The Flesh”. The two columns on each end are called “The Skin”.

The Heptarchic Lamen is formed from this Tablet by transposition of the letters.

A second version of this table uses the same names, but writes them from left to right, with the names of the Kings and Princes in the sequence in which they appear in the Tabulum Bonorum:

The Second Twelve by Seven Table

This version of the Table is used to form the letters found on the Holy Table of Practice. The “Heart” is extracted and rotated ninety degrees counterclockwise, to form the 3-by-4 tablet in the center of the Holy Table. The letters around the edge of the Holy Table are found by reading the letters down the columns of this table from the right side to the left. The letters are applied to the Holy Table, 21 to a side, beginning at the upper right corner and going counter clockwise.

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