AL-KT Banishing

By Michael Osiris Snuffin (2008)

    I developed the AL-KT Banishing in 2006 to use before performing Chaos Magick or other types of magick that didn't resonate well with a New Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram or LBRP. The technique is simple and powerful once mastered.

  1. Visualize a protective circle around your working area, floating at about the same height as your heart chakra.
  2. Pick a point on the edge of your circle. You may select a direction appropriate to your working, or select one at random.
  3. Grab this point of the circle with your dominant hand and pull it in towards the center, vibrating AL with increasing volume and intensity.
  4. When you reach the center of the circle, stop vibrating and slam the ground with the bottom of your fist, exclaiming KT! Visualize a ripple of force emanating from the center that clears away unwanted energy and strengthens the perimeter of your circle.

    Note: If you have an altar in the center of your circle, strike it while exclaiming KT! If you do not wish to disturb the equipment in the center of your circle, place your other fist at the center of the circle and strike the top of it. Use the fleshy side of your fist next to your pinky to slam the center of the circle—otherwise you will hurt your hand! (I know this from experience.)

    The AL-KT formula is based upon the significance of the magical formula AL. It is a word of great power in the Thelemic system of magick, being the key to The Book of the Law. In Hebrew, AL (Aleph-Lamed) means “god,”? or as a suffix in angelic names, “of god.”? In both the Thelemic and Qabalistic systems, AL (Aleph-Lamed) is a magical formula that represents and generates divine force.

    Aleph is the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet, and Lamed is the twelfth letter. The counterpart of AL is the formula KT, which is formed from the eleventh and twenty-second letters of the Hebrew alphabet, Kaph and Tau. Thus, the magical formula AL-KT in one sense encompasses the entire Hebrew alphabet and the powers of the trumps. Aleph is the beginning (force) and Tau is the end (manifestation).

    The meaning of the magical formula AL-KT is derived from the tarot trumps. In the tarot, Aleph is The Fool, which represents boundless creative force; Lamed is Adjustment, a glyph of equilibrium that directs and controls the force of The Fool, just as the ox-goad (the meaning of Lamed) drives the ox (Aleph).

    Kaph is Fortune, the trump more commonly known as The Wheel of Fortune. The wheel is analogous to the protective circle, with the magician standing at the center of the Wheel. In Hebrew, Kaph means “fist,”? which is the magical instrument used in this ritual. Tau is The Universe, which shows a maiden (the magician) surrounded by a (protective) circle controlling a serpent (magical force). Together, Kaph-Tau describe the end result of this ritual, the manifestation of a protective circle in which to perform further magical work.

    Geometrically, AL describes the radius of the protective circle, while KT marks the center and perimeter of the circle. It has been my observation that the wave of force released by KT often extends past the perimeter of the circle and may help to cleanse the area around the working as well as within the circle.

    I have used this ritual successfully for a year and a half, and my working partners have also found it to be effective. If you have questions or comments about this banishing, feel free to drop me a line.

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