Liber Viarum Viae

Written by Aleister Crowley

Analysis by Michael Osiris Snuffin

“A graphic account of magical powers classified under the Tarot trumps.”

Nine paths below Adeptus. [Tiphareth.]

TAU: The Formulation of the Body of Light.

Liber O.  [Part IV]

The Qabalistic Cross.  Tau=cross.

SHIN: The Passage of the King’s Chamber.

Liber HHH

“Gives three methods of attainment through a willed series of thoughts.”


RESH: The Illumination of the Sphere.

Liber HHH.


QOPH: The Divining of Destiny. 

Liber Memoriae Viae CMXIII.  [Liber Thisbarb.]


HE: The Formulation of the Flaming Star.

Liber V.  [Liber Reguli.] 

A better match would be Liber 25: The Star Ruby.


PE: The Destruction of the House of God.

Liber XVI.  [Liber Turris vel Domus Dei.] 

“An instruction for attainment by the direct destruction of thoughts as they arise in the mind.”


AYIN: The Sabbath of the Adepts.

Liber CCCLXX.  [Liber A’ash.]

“Contains the true secret of all practical magick.”


SAMEKH: Skrying in the Spirit World: The Ladder of Jacob. 

Liber O.  [Parts V and VI.]


NUN: The Preparation of the Corpse for the Tomb. 

Liber XXV.  [The Star Ruby] 

Alternate choice: Liber 120, Cadaveris, “of Passing through the Tuat.”

Seven paths below Magister Templi.  [Binah.]

MEM: The Sleep of Siloam.

Liber CDLI.  [Liber 451]

Liber 451 is unpublished.  “A direct method of inducing trance.”  Possibly consists of Chapter 15 from Liber 414, De Arte Magica, titled “Of Eroto-comatose Lucidity.”


TETH: The Protection of the Sphere.

Liber O.  [Part IV]


KAPH: The Evocation of the Mighty Ones.


Kaph spelled in full is 820, the same enumeration as Tishim, meaning ninety.  Liber 90 is Liber Tzaddi.  Note that The Emperor is given the title “Sun of the Morning, chief among the Mighty.”


YOD: The Absorption of the Emanations. 

Liber DCCCXI.  [Liber 811: Energized Enthusiasm.]


LAMED: The Passing of the Hall of the Balances. 

Liber XXX.  [Liber Librae.]


CHETH: The Ritual of the Holy Grail.

Liber CLVI.  [Liber Cheth.]


ZAYIN: The Utterance of the Pythoness.


Liber 1139 is unlisted.  One possibility is Liber 7: The Book of Lapis Lazuli.  “…Being the Voluntary Emancipation of a certain Exempt Adept from his Adeptship.  These are the Birth Words of a Master of the Temple.”  Zayin=7.

Three paths below Magus.  [Chokmah.]

VAU: The Forthcoming of the Hierophant. 

Liber VIII (8th Aethyr in Liber 418).

Liber 8 is derived from Liber 418: The Vision and the Voice.  The 8th Aethyr describes an operation based on the Abramelin Operation.


TZADDI: The Adoration under the Starry Heaven. 

Liber XI, NV (from Liber CCXX).


DALETH: The Incarnation of the Inmost Light. 

Liber DLV, Had (from Liber CCXX).

Three paths below Ipsissimus.  [Kether.]

GIMEL: The Supreme Ecstasy of Purity.

Liber LXXIII.  [Liber 73: The Urn.]


BETH: The Universal Affirmation and Denials.

Liber B (I).  [Liber B vel Magi.]


ALEPH: The transcending of all these; yea, the transcending of all these.


Seven Inferiors: Seven Superiors: Seven above All:

and Seven Interpretations of every word.


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