The Neophyte Ritual: Bibliography and Resources

The Neophyte Ritual: Bibliography and Resources
Compiled by Frater Osiris 1999

Cicero, Chic and Tabatha. Creating Magical Tools and The Ritual Use of Magical Tools.

These two books are a must for anyone desiring to make the equipment to perform any of the Golden Dawn Initiation rituals. Includes information on the symbolism and the use of the Neophyte temple equipment.

–. Self Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition. The opening commentary on the Neophyte Ritual is interesting. I am not fond of the self-initiation ritual, at least in comparison with the Neophyte Ritual, but there is no better source on the Knowledge Lectures anywhere.

Crowley, Aleister. The Equinox vol. 1 no. 2.

An incomplete version of the Neophyte Ritual. It is somewhat informative when studied in conjunction with Golden Dawn standard, for it includes material from the Z-1 and Z-3 documents as well as Crowley’s own commentary interspersed throughout the ritual.

–. Magick in Theory and Practice. Chapter VI: The Formula of the Neophyte. An excellent summary of the Neophyte ritual in one page.

Regardie, Israel. The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic.

The original Golden Dawn papers published in a red hardcover book fondly known as “the doorstop edition.”

–. The Golden Dawn, 6th Edition. The Stella Matutina version of the Golden Dawn papers, and the version of the Neophyte ritual that we are using. The only version of the Golden Dawn papers with an index! Invaluable!

–. What You Should Know About the Golden Dawn. A fascinating book that discusses the history of the Order and delves into related topics, including Regardie’s justifications for publishing the Order’s documents in The Golden Dawn. Of interest is his discussion and analysis of the Neophyte Ritual.

Zalewski, Pat. Z-5: The Secret Teachings of the Golden Dawn; Book One: The Neophyte Ritual.

A highly informative book, although somewhat daunting to read due to the complexity of the analysis of the ritual. Out of print.

Related material:

Barrett, Clive. The Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.

A good basic book on the deities of the Ancient Egyptians. Useful as a resource for the assumption of godforms.

Budge, E. A. Wallis. The Gods of the Egyptians Volumes 1&2.

Although the information in this book is now out-of-date, it was probably one of the Golden Dawn’s primary resources on the Egyptian gods.

Crowley, Aleister. Magick in Theory and Practice.

Chapter X: Of the Gestures. Explains the significance of the circumambulations and the knocks.

Gilbert, R. A. The Golden Dawn Scrapbook.

A good resource on the history and personalities of the Golden Dawn. Excellent pictures of people and documents! Greer, John Michael. Inside a Magical Lodge.

A good resource on the construction and mechanics of the magical lodge system. Contains interesting perspectives on the Golden Dawn. –. “The Hall of Thmaa: Sources of the Golden Dawn Lodge System.” Published in The Golden Dawn Journal Book III: The Art of Hermes. Chic and Tabatha Cicero, eds.

–. “Osiris and Christ: Powers of Transformation in Golden Dawn Ritual.” Published in The Golden Dawn Journal Book IV: The Magical Pantheons. Chic and Tabatha Cicero, eds.

Wasserman, James (Ed.) The Egyptian Book of the Dead.

The best edition of this ancient text, matching the Faulkner translation with the computer enhanced images of the actual papyrus.

Watson, Nancy B. Practical Solitary Magic.

Includes one of the most complete discussions of the assumption of godforms that I have been able to find.

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