Chapter I.

45. The Perfect and the Perfect are one Perfect and not two; nay are none.

46. Nothing is a secret key of this law. Sixty one the Jews call it; I call it eight, eighty, fourhundred and eighteen.

47. But they have the half: unite by thine art so that all disappear.

48. My prophet is a fool with his one, one, one; are not they the Ox, and none by the Book?

Comment: Aug 9, 1936

A new interpretation of the above verses has since yesterday opened up to me; it does not necessarily abrogate the previous one.

The uniting of the Perfect and the Perfect (v.45) is again referred to when it is said: “unite by thine art etc.” (v.47).

“Nothing is a secret key of this law.” This “Nothing” is “Ain”; the Perfect Nothing of First Veil of the Nagative, back of the whole Qabalistic system of the jews; and its numerical value is 61, as stated in verse 46. (This appears as the first half of an equation, which equation is probably that which is referred to in verse 56 (NV) of Chapter I, q.v.)

“I (NV) call it eight, eighty, fourhundred, and eighteen.” It has been shown elsewhere how these numbers, as representing the initial, letters, and numeration of Parzival, the Pure Fool, can be reduced to “Nothing” by Tarot.

But there is another concealed meaning, which seems to connect this one with the “child” mentioned in verse 56, and also to show the passing of the old aeon, and the mystery of the “empty left-hand” of Chapter III, verse 72, q.v., etc., etc.

Nuit says: “I call it (nothing) 8,80,418” which together make 506. Now firstly 506 is a glyph of NV herself, for her number is 11 (5 plus 0 plus 6 = 11), and she is identified with six and fifty, the 50, in the case standing before the 56 (as it is secretly written, Chapter III, v.8., None = Nun = 50, shall stand before “you” = U = 6–another glyph of NV.)

But 506 has another meaning: it is Sh V R, that to say, “Bovis a sinistra” – the Ox at the left hand, the old aeon which has been left, and yet which is a part of the Perfect team, when equated with AIN, nothingness so that both become none–“nay, are none.”

This old aeon, the secondhalf of the equation, is (v.56) to be “left unattacked” by the Prophet.

Now comes the uniting by art of the two halves of the equation (v.47); that is to say, we must add the two numbers 61 and 506, which gives us 567 (a true number sequence) and we must unite the letters of A.I.N. with those of Sh.V.R. which, being rightly done by art, gives R A Sh V N I = 567 = FIRSTBORN - the child of the New Aeon, and of the Old, which again equals PARZIVAL, etc. etc so that all may be said to disappear, and yet the Perfect and the Perfect have become One.

This is further proved by the reference in verse 48 to the Ox (ShVR) and None (Ain) which are so by the “Book” the Sepher (book) Sephiroth, as well as by the “Book” of Hermes–the Taro. The one, one, one is really 111 – Aleph, the Ox, spelt in full, and AVM of Ch. I, verse 56, the seal of the “child,” and which reappears again as the penultimate word of the whole Book Al – Auma Ha.

There is, however, a further mystery of the uniting by art so that all disappear, but this can not be revealed at present because it is connected with the secret word (the word not known) pronounced by the Firstborn in 1926- the mystery of the babe within the egg of the fifth element (Chapter II, v.49) which is the Quintescence, or Aethyr of the Pure Fool (Note. MANIO in the `egg' `In A Nest' in Manifestation.)

N.B. The “team” of “Oxen” (and of fools) may be the A∴A∴ as representing twice Nemo is Fra A∴A∴ and also the twin focii, or “pillars” of the OVAL, or “crushed” circle. yet “still the Moving Fingers writes.”