Ecloga Ex Papyris Magicis: Liber II

Ecloga Ex Papyris Magicis: Liber II

a Johanne Opsopoeo

Liber II

Selections from Magical Papyri by John Opsopaus

Book II

'Tis true : There's Magicke in the web of it:
A Sybill, that had numbred in the world
The Sun to course, two hundred compasses,
In her Prophetticke furie sow'd the Worke:
The Wormes were hallowed, that did breede the Silke,
And it was dyde in Mummey, which the Skilfull
Conserv'd of Maidens hearts.

– Shakespeare, Othello, III.iv.70



This is the second book of spells, charms, prayers, rituals etc. from the Greek magical papyri and Demotic spells. I have selected items that seem interesting and useful. Unfortunately, many of the papyri are very fragmentary and incomplete, and others make use of complicated magickal symbols and figures that are hard to represent in ASCII, so I have had to omit some otherwise worthwhile spells and charms. For these I suggest consulting Betz (below), which contains nearly 600 spells, charms, prayers, invocations, etc.

The information in [brackets] following each selection indicates the collection (PGM = Papyri Graecae Magicae, PDM = P. Demoticae M.), the papyrus number and the lines where the spell can be found. The source for these translations is Hans Dieter Betz (ed.), The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation  Including the Demotic Spells, Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1986.

The spells, prayers, etc. are organized by category:

I. Protection
II. Divination and Visions
III. Self-Improvement
IV. Health and Healing
V. Craft
VI. Miscellaneous

Pronunciation of Magical Names

In general, most of the “voces magicae” (magical names) are written in Old Coptic, which used Greek letters, so you will do best if you think Greek. Thus, Y sounds between English “u” and “y”, something like German umlauted “u”. Pronounce CH as in German “ach” or Scotch “loch”. The symbol E' represents eta, so pronounce like a long “a”; O' represents omega, so pronounce like a long “o”. The symbols PH (phi) and TH (theta) probably should be aspirated “p” and “t”, but may have been pronounced like English “f” and “th” by the time the papyri were written. The symbol “NN” in a spell means “fill in the blank,” generally with the name of the one on whose behalf  the spell is cast (thus, “NN” or “the NN man”), or with the question or problem to which the spell is addressed (thus, “the NN matter”).

i. Charm to Break Enchantment

Taking a Three-Cornered Sherd from a Fork in the Road – pick it up with your Left Hand – inscribe it with Myrrhed Ink and hide it. [Write:] “ASSTRAELOS CHRAELOS, dissolve every Enchantment against me, NN, for I conjure You by the Great and Terrible Names which the Winds fear and the Rocks split when they hear it.”

[There are seven Symbols to be written on the Sherd; they look like this: (1) a Greek capital upsilon (like a Y with sagging arms), with small circles at all three ends; (2) an X with small circles on the ends; (3) a squared-off U with small circles at the ends of the arms; (4) a line inclined to the right, with a small right-angle bend to the right at the end, small circles at both ends; (5) a line inclined to the right, small circles on ends, but slightly to the left; (6) arc or rounded L from upper left to lower right, circles on ends; (7) An A with circles on its feet. The whole sign looks something like this: Y X U /` ) L A] [PGM XXXVI.256-64]

ii. Charm to Restrain Anger and Charm for Success

(No Charm is Greater, and it is to be performed by means of Words Alone.) Hold your Thumbs and repeat the Spell 7 times: “ERMALLO'TH ARCHIMALLO'TH stop the Mouths that speak against me, because I glorify Your Sacred and Honored Names which are in Heaven.”

To Augment the Words: Take Papyrus and write thus: “I am CHPHYRIS [i.e., the god Khepri, the scarab]. I must be successful! MICHAE'L RAPHAE'L ROUBE'L NARIE'L KATTIE'L ROUMBOUTHIE'L AZARIE'L IOE'L IOUE'L EZRIE'L SOURIE'L NARIE'L METMOURIE'L AZAE'L AZIE'L SAOUMIE'L ROUBOUTHIE'L RABIE'E'L RABIE'E'L RABCHLOU ENAEZRAE'L, Angels, protect me from every Bad Situation that comes upon me!” [PGM XXXVI.161-77]

iii. Spell To Catch a Thief

[Although this spell is coercive, I have included it because it is fundamentally defensive.] Take a Plant Chelkbei and Bugloss, strain them, burn what you strain out, mix well with Juice, and write “CHOO'” with it on a Wall. Take Gallows Wood and carve a Hammer. With the Hammer strike the Eye [see below] while saying the Formula: “I conjure You by the Holy Names! Hand over the Thief who made off with it! CHALCHAK CHALKOUM CHIAM CHARCHROUM ZBAR BE'RI ZBARKOM CHRE' KARIO'B PHARIBOU, and by the Shudderful Names: A EE E'E'E' IIII OOOOO YYYYYY O'O'O'O'O'O'O'!”

[This is the figure to strike:]

      O'        [draw the         E E
     Y Y        Uzat-Eye,        E'E'E'
   I I I I      the Eye of      I I I I
  E'E'E'E'E'    Horus, here]   E'E'E'E'E'
 E E E E E E                  E E E E E E
A A A A A A A                A A A A A A A 
IAO'     O'IA   IO'A  AE'O'  E'O'A    O'AE'

“Hand over the Thief who Stole it! As long as I strike the Eye with this Hammer, let the Eye of the Thief be struck, and let it Swell Up until it betrays him!” While saying this, Strike with the Hammer. [PGM V.70-95]

iv. Inquiry of Bowl Divination and Necromancy Nephotes to Psammetichos, Immortal King of Egypt. Greetings. Since the Great God has appointed you Immortal King and Nature has made you an Expert Magician [Sophistes], I too, with a desire to show you the Industry in me, have sent you this Magical Procedure which, with Complete Ease, produces a Holy Power….

Whenever you want to Inquire about Matters, take a Bronze Vessel, either a Bowl or a Saucer, whatever Kind you wish. Pour Water: Rain Water if you are calling upon the Heavenly Gods, Sea Water if Gods of the Earth, River Water if Osiris or Sarapis, Spring Water if the Dead. Holding the Vessel on your Knees, pour out Green Olive Oil, bend over the Vessel and speak the Prescribed Spell. And address whatever God you want and ask about whatever you wish, and He will reply to you and tell you about Anything. And if He has spoken dismiss Him with the Spell of Dismissal, and you who have used this Spell will be Amazed.

The Spell spoken over the Vessel is: “AMOUN AUANTAU LAIMOUTAU RIPTOU MANTAUI IMANTOU LANTOU LAPTOUMI ANCHO'MACH ARAPTOUMI, hither to me, O NN God! Appear to me this very Hour and do not Frighten my Eyes! Hither to me, O NN God, be Attentive to me because he [probably should be “I”] Wishes and Commands this ACHCHO'R ACHCHO'R ACHACHACH PTOUMI CHACHCHO' CHARACHO'CH CHAPTOUME' CHO'RACHARACHO'CH APTOUMI ME'CHO'CHAPTOU CHARACHPTOU CHACHCHO' CHARACHO' PTENACHO'CHEU” (a Hundred [Greek] Letters).

But you are not unaware, Mighty King and Leader of Magicians, that this is the Chief Name of Typhon, at whom the Ground, the Depth of the Sea, Hades, Heaven, the Sun, the Moon, the Visible Chorus of Stars, the whole Universe all Tremble, the Name that consists of 100 Letters. Finally, when you have called, whomever you called will appear, God or Dead Man, and He will give an Answer about anything you ask. And when you have learned to your Satisfaction, dismiss the God merely with the Powerful Name of the Hundred Letters as you say, “Depart, Master, for the Great God, NN, wishes and commands this of You!” Speak the Name, and He will depart. Let this Spell, Mighty King, be transmitted to You Alone, Guarded by you, Unshared!

There is also the Protective Charm itself which you wear while Performing, even while Standing: onto a Silver Leaf inscribe this Name of 100 Letters with a Bronze Stylus, and wear it strung on a Thong from the Hide of an Ass. [The ass is the animal associated with Seth/Typhon.] [PGM IV.154-160, 222-260]

v. Vessel Divination

To inquire opposite the Moon: You should do it as a Vessel Inquiry alone or with a Youth. If you are the one who is going to Inquire, you should equip your Eye with Green Eye-Paint and Black Eye-Paint. You should stand on a High Place on the Top of your House. You should speak to the Moon when it fills the Sound-Eye on the 15th Day, you being Pure for Three Days. [The Sound-Eye is Uzait Horu, the wdz.t-eye or Sacred Eye of Horus; the Moon fills the Sound-Eye when it is full.] You should recite this Spell opposite the Moon seven or nine times until He [the Moon (masculine in Egyptian)] appears to you and speaks to you: “Hail, SAKS Amoun SAKS ABRASAKS, for You are the Moon, the Great One of the Stars, He who formed them! Listen to these things which I said! Walk in accordance with the Words of my Mouth! Reveal Yourself to me, THAN THANA THANATHA, this is my Correct Name!” Nine times of saying it until She [the Moon] reveals Herself to you. [PDM xiv.695-700]

vi. Method of 29 Letters for Receiving an Omen

“Great is the Lady Isis!” Copy of a Holy Book found in the Archives of Hermes: The Method is that concerning The 29 Letters [of the Coptic alphabet], through which Letters Hermes and Isis, who was seeking Osiris, Her Brother and Husband, found Him. Call upon Helios and all the Gods in the Deep concerning Those Things for which you want to receive an Omen. Take 29 Leaves of a Male Date Palm and write on each of the Leaves the Names of the Gods. Pray and then pick them up Two By Two. Read the Last Remaining Leaf and you will find your Omen, how things are, and you will be answered clearly. [PGM XXIVa.1-25]

vii. Charm of Solomon's Collapse

[That is, Solomon's Charm to produce a trance.]

(Works on Boys and on Adults): I swear to you by the Holy Gods and the Heavenly Gods not to share the Procedure of Solomon with anyone and certainly not to use it for Something Questionable unless a Matter of Necessity forces you, lest perchance Wrath be preserved for you.

Formula to be Spoken: “OURIO'R AME'N IM TAR CHO'B KLAMPHO'B PHRE' PHRO'R PTAR OUSIRI SAIO'B TE'LO' KABE' MANATATHO'R ASIO'RIKO'R BE'EINO'R AMOUN O'M ME'NICHTHA MACHTHA CHTHARA AMACHTHA AOU ALAKAMBO'T BE'SINO'R APHE'SIO'R PHRE'PH AME'I OUR LAMASIR CHE'RIO'B PITRE'M PHE'O'PH NIRIN ALLANNATHATH CHE'RIO'CH O'NE' BOUSIRI NINOUNO AMANAL GAGO'SARIE'R ME'NIAM TLE'R OOO AA ETNE' OUSIRI OUSIRI OUSIRI OUSIRI ME'NE'MB MNE'M BRABE'L TNE'KAIO'B. Hear me, that is, my Holy Voice, because I call upon Your Holy Names, and reveal to me concerning the Thing which I want, through the NN Man or Little Boy, for otherwise I will not defend Your Holy and Undefiled Names! Come to me, You who became Hesies and were carried away by a River; inspire the NN Man or Boy concerning that which I ask You: BARBE'TH MNO'R ARARIAK TARE'RIM O'AR TE'RO'K SANIO'R ME'NIK PHAUEK DAPHORIOUMIN LARIO'R E'TNIAMIM KNO'S CHALAKTHIR KRO'PHE'R PHE'SIMO'T PRE'BIB KNALA E'RIBE'TIM GNO'RI! Come to me through the NN Man or Little Boy and tell me accurately since I speak Your Names which Thrice-Greatest Hermes [i.e., Hermes Trismegistos] wrote in Heliopolis with Hieroglyphic Letters: ARBAKO'RIPH ME'NIAM O'RAO'B ABNIO'B ME'RIM BAIAX CHENO'R PE'NIM O'RA O'RE'SIOU OUSIRI PNIAMOUSIRI PHRE'OUSIRI HO'RIOUSIRI NAEIO'ROUSIRI ME'NIMOUSIRI MNE'KOUSIRI PHLE'KOUSIRI PE'LE'LOUSIRI O'NIO' RABKOUSIRI ANIO'BOUSIRI AME'AOUSIRI ANO'ROUSIRI AME'N'PHE'OUSIRI AME'NIOUSIRI XO'NIO'R E'OUROUSIRI! Enter into him and reveal to me concerning the NN Matter!”

After you have Purified the Designated Man by keeping him from Intercourse for 3 Days, you yourself also being Pure, enter together with him. After you have taken him up to an Open Place, seat him on Unbaked Bricks, dress him and give him an Anubian Head of Wheat and a Falcon-Weed Plant so that he will be protected. Gird yourself with a Palm Fiber of a Male Date Palm, extend your Hands up to Heaven, toward the Rays of the Sun, and say the Formula 7 times. Next make an offering of Male Frankincense after pouring out Wine, Beer, Honey or Milk of a Black Cow onto Grape-Vine Wood. Then say the Formula 7 times just into the Ear of the NN Man or Little Boy, and right away he will fall down. But you sit down on the Bricks and make your Inquiry, and he will describe Everything with Truth. You should crown him with a Garland of Indigenous Worm-Wood, both him and you, for the God delights in the Plant.

Dismissal of the Lord: Into the Ear of NN: “ANANAK ARBEOUE'RI AEE'IOYO'!”

If He tarries, sacrifice on Grape-Vine Charcoal a Sesame Seed and Black Cumin while saying: “ANANAK O'RBEOUSIRI AEE'IOYO', go away, Lord, to Your Own Thrones and protect him, NN, from all Evil!” You learned thoroughly; keep it Secret.

The Awakening is as follows: Stand away from the Boy or Man, having your Palms spread on your Buttocks, your Feet together on the Ground, recite the following often until he is moved either toward the Right or toward the Left: “AMOUN E'EI ABRIATH KICHO'P O'TEM PITH.” Then as a Dog [i.e., presumably, bark like a dog]. [PGM IV.850-929]

viii. Spell for Revelation

Keep yourself Pure for 7 days before the Moon becomes Full by abstaining from Meat and Uncooked Food, by leaving behind during the prescribed days exactly Half of your Food in a Turquoise Vessel [probably faience, i.e., blue-green glazed pottery, rather than actual turquoise], over which you are also to Eat, and by abstaining from Wine. When the Moon is Full, go by yourself to the Eastern Section of your City, Village, or House and throw out on the Ground the Left-Over Morsels. Then return Very Quickly to your Quarters and shut yourself in before He can get there, because He will shut you out if He gets there before you. But before you throw out the Morsels, fix in the Ground at a Slight Angle a Verdant Reed that is about Two Cubits long, tie some Hairs from a Stallion about the Mid-Section of a Horned Dung Beetle, and suspend the Beetle from the Reed by them. Then light a Lamp that has not been used before and place it under the Beetle in a new Earthen-Ware Dish, so that the Heat from the Lamp barely reaches the Beetle. Stay Calm after you have thrown out the Morsels, gone to your Quarters, and shut yourself in; for the One you have summoned will stand there and, by threatening you with Weapons, will try to force you to release the Beetle. But remain Calm, and do not release it until He gives you a Response; then release it right away. And every day during the Period of Purification when you are about to Eat and to go to Bed, speak the following Spell 7 times (you are to say them again when you return to your Quarters after throwing out the Food). Keep it Secret: “You with the Wooden Neck, you with the Clay Face, come in to me, for I am Sabertoush, the Great God who is in Heaven!”

The Phylactery [charm worn for protection] for the foregoing: With Blood from the Hand or Foot of a Pregnant Woman, write the Name given below on a Clean Piece of Papyrus; then tie it about your Left Arm by a Linen Cords and wear it. Here is what is to be written: “SHTE'IT CHIEN TENHA, I bind and loose.”

The dismissal: When you release the Beetle, say: “Harko, Harko is my Name; Harko is my True Name!” Guard these Instructions well!

The Rite: an Onion.

[Probably means: Use the Procedure involving an Onion.] [PGM IV.52-85]

ix. A “God's Arrival” of Osiris

[I.e., an Invocation of Osiris for a Revelation] “O Isis, O Nephthys, O Noble Soul of Osiris Wennefer, come to me! I am Your Beloved Son, Horus. O Gods who are in Heaven, O Gods who are in the Earth, O Gods who are in the Primeval Waters, O Gods who are in the South, O Gods who are in the North, O Gods who are in the West, O Gods who are in the East, come to me tonight! Teach me about Such and Such a Thing about which I am asking. Quickly! Quickly! Hurry! Hurry!”

Formula: On a Phoenix written with Myrrh Water and Juniper Water. Put a Pellet of Gum on your Right Hand; recite these Writings to it in the Evening while your Hand is stretched out to the Moon, while you are going to Sleep; and leave your Hand before you. Very Good. 4 times. [PDM Suppl.130-38]

x. Prayer to Helios: A Charm to Restrain Anger and for Victory and for Securing Favor

(None is Greater): Say to the Sun (Helios) 7 times, and anoint your Hand with Oil and wipe it on your Head and Face.

Now the Prayer is: “Rejoice with me, You who are set over the East Wind and the World, for whom all the Gods serve as Body-Guards at Your Good Hour and on Your Good Day, You who are the Good Daimon of the World, the Crown of the Inhabited World, You who arise from the Abyss, You who Each Day rise a Young Man and set an Old Man, HARPENKNOUPHI BRINTANTE'NO'PHRI BRISSKYLMAS AROURZORBOROBA MESINTRIPHI NIPTOUMI CHMOUMMAO'PHI. I beg You, Lord, do not allow me to be Over-Thrown, to be Plotted Against, to receive Dangerous Drugs, to go into Exile, to fall upon Hard Times. Rather, I ask to obtain and receive from You Life, Health, Reputation, Wealth, Influence, Strength, Success, Charm, Favor with all Men and all Women, Victory over all Men and all Women. Yes, Lord, ABLANATHANALBA AKRAMMACHAMARI PEPHNA PHO'ZA PHNEBENNOUNI NAACHTHIP… OUNORBA, accomplish this Matter which I want, by means of Your Power.” [PGM XXXVI.211-30]

xi. Prayer

“I call upon You who have All Forms and Many Names, Double-Horned Goddess, Mene, whose Form no one knows except Him who made the entire World, IAO', the One who shaped You into Twenty-Eight Shapes of the World so that they might complete every Figure and distribute Breath to every Animal and Plant, that it might Flourish, You who grow from Obscurity into Light and leave Light for Darkness” (beginning to leave by Waning).

“And the First Companion of Your Name is Silence, the Second a Popping Sound, the Third Groaning, the Fourth Hissing, the Fifth a Cry of Joy, the Sixth Moaning, the Seventh Barking, the Eighth Bellowing, the Ninth Neighing, the Tenth a Musical Sound, the Eleventh a Sounding Wind, the Twelfth a Wind-Creating Sound, the Thirteenth a Coercive Sound, the Fourteenth a Coercive Emanation from Perfection.

“Ox, Vulture, Bull, Beetle, Falcon, Crab, Dog, Wolf,
Serpent, Horse, She-Goat, Asp, Goat, He-Goat, Baboon,
Cat, Lion, Leopard, Field-Mouse, Deer, Multi-Form,
Virgin, Torch, Lightning, Garland, a Herald's Wand,
Child, Key.

“I have said Your Signs and Symbols of Your Name so that You might hear me, because I pray to You, Mistress of the Whole World. Hear me, You, the Stable One, the Mighty One! APHEIBOE'O' MINTE'R OCHAO' PIZEPHYDO'R CHANTHAR CHADE'ROZO MOCHTHION EOTNEU PHE'RZON AINDE'S LACHABOO' PITTO' RIPHTHAMER ZMOMOCHO'LEIE TIE'DRANTEIA OISOZOCHABE'DO'PHRA”

(add the usual). [PGM VII.756-94]


xii. Phylactery for Fever, Phantoms, Daimons, etc.

“I, Abrasax, shall deliver. Abrasax am I! ABRASAX ABRASICHO'OU, help little Sophia-Priskilla. Get hold of and do away with what comes to little Sophia-Priskilla, whether it is a Shivering Fit – get hold of it! Whether a Phantom – get hold of it! Whether a Daimon – get hold of it! I, Abrasax, shall deliver. Abrasax am I! ABRASAX ABRASICHO'OU. Get hold of, get hold of and do away with… what comes to little Sophia-Priskilla on This Very Day, whether it is a Shivering Fit – do away with it! Whether a Daimon – do away with it!” [PGM LXXXIX.1-27]

xiii. Spell for Dog Bite

To be said to the Bite of the Dog: “My Mouth being full of Blood of a Black Dog, I spitting out the Redness of a Dog, I come forth from Alkhah [Egyptian `rq-hh (Alxai), a sacred place at Abydos, the cemetery where the mummy of Osiris was buried]. O this Dog who is among the Ten Dogs which belong to Anubis, the Son of His Body, extract your Venom, remove your Saliva from me also! If you do not extract your Venom and remove your Saliva, I shall take you up to the Fore-Court of the Temple of Osiris, my Watch-Tower. I will do for you according to the Voice of Isis, the Magician, the Lady of Magic, who Bewitches everything, who is Never Bewitched in her Name of Isis, the Magician.”

You pound Garlic with Gum, put it on the Wound of the Dog Bite, and speak to it Daily until it is Well. [PDM xiv.554-62]

xiv. This is the Consecration for All Purposes: Spell to Helios

“I invoke You, the Greatest God, Eternal Lord, World Ruler, who are over the World and under the World, Mighty Ruler of the Sea, rising at Dawn, shining from the East for the Whole World, setting in the West. Come to me, Thou who risest from the Four Winds, benevolent and lucky Agathos Daimon, for whom Heaven has become the Processional Way. I call upon Your Holy and Great and Hidden Names which You rejoice to hear. The Earth flourished when You shone forth, and the Plants became fruitful when you laughed; the Animals begat their Young when You permitted. Give Glory and Honor and Favor and Fortune and Power to this, NN, Stone which I consecrate today (or to the Phylactery [charm] being consecrated) for [or in relation to] NN. I invoke You, the greatest in Heaven, E'I LANCHYCH AKARE'N BAL MISTHRE'N MARTA MATHATH LAILAM MOUSOUTHI SIETHO' BATHABATHI IATMO'N ALEI IABATH ABAO'TH SABAO'TH ADO'NAI, the Great God, ORSENOPHRE' ORGEATE'S TOTHORNATE'SA KRITHI BIO'THI IADMO' IATMO'MI METHIE'I LONCHOO' AKARE' BAL MINTHRE' BANE BAI(N)CHCHYCHCH OUPHRI NOTHEOUSI THRAI ARSIOUTH ERO'NERTHER, the Shining Helios, giving Light throughout the Whole World. You are the Great Serpent, Leader of all the Gods, who control the Beginning of Egypt and the End of the Whole Inhabited World, who mate in the Ocean, PSOI PHNOUTHI NINTHE'R. You are He who becomes Visible each Day and Sets in the Northwest of Heaven, and Rises in the Southeast.

In the 1st Hour You have the Form of a Cat; Your Name is PHARAKOUNE'TH. Give Glory and Favor to this Phylactery.

In the 2nd Hour You have the Form of a Dog; Your Name is SOUPHI. Give Strength and Honor to this Phylactery, or to this Stone, and to NN.

In the 3rd Hour You have the Form of a Serpent; Your Name is AMEKRANEBECHEO THO'YTH. Give Honor to the God NN.

In the 4th Hour You have the Form of a Scarab; Your Name is SENTHENIPS. Mightily strengthen this Phylactery in this Night, for the Work for which it is consecrated.

In the 5th Hour You have the Form of a Donkey; Your Name is ENPHANCHOUPH. Give Strength and Courage and Power to the God, NN.

In the 6th Hour You have the Form of a Lion; Your Name is BAI SOLBAI, the Ruler of Time. Give Success to this Phylactery and Glorious Victory.

In the 7th Hour You have the Form of a Goat; Your Name is OUMESTHO'TH. Give Sexual Charm to this Ring (or to this Phylactery, or to this Engraving).

In the 8th Hour You have the Form of a Bull; Your Name is DIATIPHE', who becomes visible everywhere. Let all Things done by the use of this Stone be accomplished.

In the 9th Hour You have the Form of a Falcon; Your Name is PHE'OUS PHO'OUTH, the Lotus Emerged From the Abyss. Give Success and Good Luck to this Phylactery.

In the 10th Hour You have the Form of a Baboon; Your Name is BESBYKI. [Prayer for gift omitted?]

In the 11th Hour You have the Form of an Ibis; Your Name is MOU RO'PH. Protect this great Phylactery for Lucky Use by NN, from this Present Day for All Time.

In the 12th Hour You have the Form of a Crocodile; Your Name is AERTHOE'. [Prayer for gift omitted?]

You who have set at Evening as an Old Man, who are over the World and under the World, Mighty Ruler of the Sea, hear my Voice in this Present Day, in this Night, in these Holy Hours, and let all done by this Stone, or for this Phylactery, be brought to fulfillment, and especially NN matter for which I consecrate It. Please, Lord KME'PH LOUTHEOUTH ORPHOICHE ORTILIBECHOUCH IERCHE ROUM IPERITAO' YAI! I conjure Earth and Heaven and Light and Darkness and the Great God who created All, SAROUSIN, You, Agathon Daimonion the Helper, to accomplish for me everything done by the Use of this Ring or Stone!”

When you complete the Consecration, say, “The one Zeus is Serapis!” [PGM IV.1596-1715]

xv. How to Say the Magical Sounds

the “A” [alpha] with an Open Mouth, undulating like a Wave;
the “O” [omicron] succinctly, as a Breathed Threat;
the “IAO'” [iota alpha omega] to Earth, to Air, and to Heaven;
the “E'” [eta] like a Baboon; …
the “E” [epsilon] with Enjoyment, aspirating it;
the “Y” [upsilon] like a Shepherd, drawing out the Pronunciation.

[This description, taken from a longer spell, does not specify the pronunciation of “I” (iota) or “O'” (omega).] [PGM V.24-30]

xvi. Bear-Charm which Accomplishes Everything

[The Bear is the constellation Ursa Major, which represents the soul of Typhon.]

Formula: “I call upon You the Greatest Power in Heaven, appointed by the Lord God to turn with a Strong Hand the Holy Pole, NIKAROPLE'X. Listen to me, Helios, Phre [i.e. Helios-Pre]! Hear the Holy Prayer, You who hold together the Universe and bring to Life the whole World, THO'ZOPITHE' EUCHANDAMA O'CHRIENTHE'R OMNYO'DE'S CHE'MIOCHYNGE'S IEO'Y” (perform a sacrifice) “THERMOUTHER PSIPHIRIX PHROSALI KANTHIMEO' ZANZEMIA O'PER PEROMENE'S RO'THIEU E'NINDEU KORKOUNTHO EUMEN MENI KE'DEUA KE'PSE'OI” (add the usual).

Petition to the Sun at Sunset. Formula: “THE'NO'R, O Helios, SANTHE'NO'R, I beseech You, Lord, may the Place and Lord of the Bear devote Themselves to me”

(while petitioning, sacrifice Armara [for recipe, see “Offering”, below]. Do it at Sunset).


The First Formula in a Different Way: “THO'ZOPITHE', Bear, Greatest Goddess, Ruling Heaven, Reigning over the Pole of the Stars, Highest, Beautiful-Shining Goddess, Incorruptible Element, Composite of the All, All-Illuminating, Bond of the Universe AEE'IOYO' (square [probably means arranged in lines forming a square:

  A E E'I O Y O'
  E E'I O Y O'A 
  E'I O Y O'A E 
  I O Y O'A E E'
  O Y O'A E E'I
  Y O'A E E'I O 
  O'A E E'I O Y

]), You who stand on the Pole, you whom the Lord God appointed to turn the Holy Pole with Strong Hand: THO'ZOPITHE' (formula).”

Offering for the Procedure: 4 Drams of Frankincense, 4 Drams of Myrrh, 2 Ounces each of Cassia Leaf and of White Pepper, 1 Dram of Bdellion, 1 Dram of Asphodel Seed, 2 Drams each of Amomon, of Saffron, or Terebinth Storax, 1 Dram of Wormwood,… of Vetch Plant, Priestly Egyptian Incense, the Complete Brain of a Black Ram. Combine these with White Mendesian Wine [i.e. from city of Mendes in Nile Delta] and Honey, and make Pellets of Bread.

Phylactery for the Procedure: Wear a Wolf Knuckle-Bone, mix Juice of Vetch and of Pond-Weed in a Censer, write in the Middle of the Censer this Name:

“THERMOUTHEREPSIPHIRIPHI PISALI” (24 [Greek] letters), and in this Way make an Offering. [PGM IV.1275-1322]

xvii. Powerful Spell of the Bear which Accomplishes Anything

Take the Fat of a Black Ass, the Fat of a Dappled She-Goat, the Fat of a Black Bull, and Ethiopian Cumin, mix all together and make an Offering to the Bear, having as a Phylactery Hairs from the same Animals which you have plaited into a Cord and are wearing as a Diadem around your Head. Anoint your Lips with the Fats, smear your whole Body with Storax Oil, and make your Petition while holding a Single-Shooted Egyptian Onion. Speak concerning whatever you wish. Gird yourself with a Palm Fiber of a Male Date Palm, kneel down, and speak the following Formula:

“I call upon You, Holy, Very-Powerful, Very-Glorious, Very-Strong, Holy, Autochthons, Assistants of the Great God, the powerful Chief Daimons, You who are Inhabitants of Chaos, of Erebos, of The Abyss, of The Depth, of Earth, Dwelling in the Recesses of Heaven, Lurking in the Nooks and Crannies of Houses, Shrouded in Dark Clouds, Watchers of Things Not To Be Seen, Guardians of Secrets, Leaders of Those in the Underworld, Administrators of the Infinite, Wielding Power over Earth, Earth-Shakers, Foundation-Layers, Servants in the Chasm, Shudderful Fighters, Fearful Ministers, Turning The Spindle, Freezing Snow and Rain, Air-Transversers, Causing Summer Heat, Wind-Bringers, Lords of Fate, Inhabitants of Dark Erebos, Bringers of Compulsion, Sending Flames of Fire, Bringing Snow and Dew, Wind-Releasers, Disturbers of the Deep, Treaders on the Calm Sea, Mighty in Courage, Grievers of the Heart, Powerful Potentates, Cliff-Walkers, Adverse Daimons, Iron-Hearted, Wild-Tempered, Unruly, Guarding Tartaros, Misleading Fate, All-Seeing, All-Hearing, All-Subjecting, Heaven-Walkers, Spirit-Givers, Living Simply, Heaven-Shakers, Gladdening the Heart, Those Who Join Together Death, Revealers of Angels, Punishers of Mortals, Sunless Revealers, Rulers of Daimons, Air-Transversers, Almighty, Holy, Unconquerable AO'TH ABAO'TH BASYM ISAK SABAO'TH IAO' IAKO'P MANARA SKORTOURI MORTROUM EPHRAULA THREERSA; do the NN matter!”

Then write on a Piece of Papyrus the Hundred-Lettered Name of Typhon, curved as a Star, and bind It in the middle of the Core with the Letters showing.


xviii. To Keep Bugs Out of the House

Mix Goat Bile with Water and sprinkle it. [PGM VII.149-50]

xix. To Keep Fleas Out of the House

Wet Rose-Bay with Salt Water, grind it and spread it. [PGM VII.150-4]

*** FINIS ***

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