To those who are married, and discontented, and miserable, unhappy, and generally wretched, and who want to see a better state of things-which is herein shown how to be done-to those who love, and are capable of being loved and those whom nobody loves, yet who are daily dying therefor, this book comes as a potent teacher of “HOW TO DO IT.” The book abounds in Magic, certainly; yet that Magic is of the White, not the Black sort; and the extraordinary Talisman recommended herein to be frequently used (and which was first found by the Rosicrucians in the great Temple, on its Brazen door, within the Golden Triangle, just previous to the “Dream within a dream,” in Part First,) is one, than which the whole record of Magic since Chaldea's early days, shows not an equal. It has moved mountains, turned rivers, softened human hearts, and absolutely forced people to “Love one another.” But let me caution you! Be silent and secret; use it carefully, and you will find most extraordinary results will follow. I have frequently used it, and know its mighty power. To such as need this Talisman, it and this Book is dedicated.

Utica, N. Y., July, 1863.

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