Imagine not being restricted by a spiritual language or system. Imagine seeing the divine in every religion, in pop culture, and in those tiny moments where light shines in throughout the day. Imagine not having to be an evangelist for your local spiritual congregation in order to share the light. Imagine seeing the divine in the work that you do, whatever it may be. Imagine sharing the divine with others without having to mention or teach a spiritual system. I have a dream of a world that recognizes the divine in all things, nothing excluded. I have a dream of a world ready to face fear. I have a dream of a world ready to reclaim the control they have freely given to others. I have a dream of individuals ready to stand up and take ownership of their own divinity.

God permeates our world. God is our world. God is you and me. The quest to understand God is the quest to understand our inner world and how it interacts with the outer world. In doing so we find there is no need for specialized religious languages. For when divinity is recognized in all things, then all things are equal in divinity, making the need for specialized language unnecessary. God is found in video games, movies, nature, dreams, and desires. God is speaking to you from the static in your everyday life. All you have to do is listen and great revelations can be had at a moment’s notice.

It comes down to a simple concept, a hidden key. That we are all created in God’s image; that we are the image of the divine. That we are part of God’s being, as are all things. I have spent years pondering a key that was given to me, a key that can be found in countless esoteric books around the world. A key that can be found innumerable places on the internet if you know which words to search. I am part of the divine. This is the key that was given to me. Not only my being is divine, but everything I see, touch, taste, and feel is another part of a singular divine entity. That I should only have eyes to see it, everything would become holy.

I was given this key from a book by a gas station manager who employed me when I was eighteen. When I first read the words “man is God” the foundations of my world began to crack. I was consumed by fear. I fled to college; an institution of higher learning. Over the course of fifteen years the foundation of my world eroded. I was consumed with learning why this phrase permeates our world across cultural boundaries, and how it relates to my being.

Through my search I have found several archetypical phrases that I believe to be universally true. I have found repeated universal truths even in the far reaches of pop culture. I can no longer deny that the world I exist in is divine. I see repeated universal truths everywhere and want to bring this wisdom to you. I want to explain what they mean to me, and what they could mean to you. I want the foundations of your world to crack and erode. I want you to understand that past the point of no return real freedom exists. When you integrate these truths into your life you will find a peace that is beyond understanding.

We cannot get there in one giant leap, as much as you may like to or as much as I would like to help you do so. Care must be taken to digest what is read in order to truly understand its impact. Warnings must be given. Concepts that are learned cannot be unlearned. While you may think such a warning is trifle please remember that you were given such a warning when you realize you cannot go back. Take time to savor each idea and contemplate them with care. The most deadly of poison to the ego, that small selfish self, may only be a few carefully constructed words.

That is the game here, that is what I intend to do. I want to erode the conditioning, the shell, and the walls that have placed around you. I want to give you keys to the locks that have been placed upon your mind. I want to help you reclaim the freedom that was freely given to others, one key at a time. For this is a book about enlightenment. This is a book about being born again. This is a book of magical initiation.

I write these words for two reasons. Freedom exists when the mind is silent and the heart is open. It is the simplest of things, the most powerful of forces, and the most pleasant of sensations. I don’t want to be alone in my understanding of this world as simplistic as I see it. I want you to help me trace the signal that has permeated our world for all of recorded history. I want you to help me discover our divine origin. I want you to help me understand the signal through the lens of scientific observation. This is a journey to the inside world where the power of impartial observation is your greatest tool. The only way to stay on track, and to avoid being consumed by the Maya, is to use the scientific tool of the hypothesis.

Maya; fear, delusion, and doubt are tools which keep you from realizing that you can shut the mind off. The mind doesn’t want you to know that you can simply tune it out like a radio. The mind doesn’t want you to realize that you are truly in control of your thoughts, your emotions, and your destiny; and that no one else is, or ever has maintained that control. I dream of individuals conquering the fear. I seek those who are unafraid to stand out from the crowd. Those who confront the mob mentality that has become our new religion. I seek individuals who are ready to accept the truth about their divinity, and the divinity of all things, and take responsibility for their destiny.

The structure of this book is a simple introduction to the esoteric. The topics have been chosen for the ease of their consumption. This is not a book about all there is to know. Know that there are many more truths to find; that there is a deeper peace, that there is a more consuming silence, there is a greater feeling of bliss. There is always more. An open mind, an open heart, and access to information will lead you to the truth. We live in the age of information which surrounds us and overloads us. When this book is over, I implore you, continue your search.

Let’s discuss the key, the simplistic phrase, “Man is God.” You might not believe in God, you might believe in many gods, you might believe in the power of science, or you may not care at all. It doesn’t matter how you begin. I will avoid attempting to create a formal proof that is unable to be empirically validated. I will not try to convince you of the being which contains our existence. I don’t know its mind, its essence, or the extent of its being. However through the lens of science I do know that the universe we inhabit is unfathomably large. It is so large that it defies comprehension. The very size defeats us. Matter is reduced to energy and vibration. Knowledge, and increasing our acquisition of it, is a good thing.

The key is too simplistic and slightly malformed. In eastern thought this is expressed as, “Man is God and God is man.” This makes the key a little less malformed, but too simplistic to digest. An allegory is needed; consider the sun and the rays of sunshine that emanate from it. You could consider it a complete unit, a singular entity. Perhaps we are to the entity that generates this existence like a ray of sunshine is to the core of the sun. We emanate from the divine. We are individual expressions forever connected to the source, eternally radiating from it. We are meant to bring light into the darkness. This is where we reach a crucial lesson. There comes a point where the metaphor breaks down. Where it needs to be discarded because it isn’t teaching us anymore, it is betraying us. So it always is when speaking in parable. At some point the information you glean is chaff, and meant to be discarded.

This tiny key can change the course of your destiny. I know this because it changed mine. My life was a tragedy waiting to end and now it is filled with light and happiness. For me it began in a gas station. It began with love. My manager, my guru taught me to do everything with love. That included sweeping floors, making pizzas, and cleaning restrooms. Everything I did I attempted to do with love. But what does it mean to do everything with love? It means to do each task with joy. It means to focus the task at hand instead of allowing emotion to cloud your vision. It means allocating all of your focus and concentration. To do a task with love means to meditate.

Meditation is the heart of the key; it is the practice of mindfulness. Meditation is the practice of impartial observation. The practice of a deep state of meditation, combined with evocation or intensity of thought, is prayer. A deep state of meditation combined with focused thought and visual imagery is magic. In the end, and the beginning, meditation is mindfulness. Meditation is scientific. Through meditation you will learn how to unlock your mind.

The key is the foundation of western philosophy. It is expressed as the concept of Nous. All that exists on the material plane is a manifestation of pure intellectual concept that exists in the plane of the intellect. Tightly coupled with this idea is there is one singular intellect, the divine or the all, which generates all concepts. Individuals, as human manifestations of human concepts, are imbued with the same power to generate new intellectual concepts. Individuals can use the ability to focus on existing intellectual concepts to manifest a desired effect in the physical world. If we are imbued with the same power to create intellectual concepts is it possible that our true identity is a singular intellect? This is the universal mind.

Philosophers and sages have wondered what allows us to have consistent and common understanding. Nous explains that people are born with an intuitive process which is similar across all individuals. The following questions arise: Where does this intuitive knowledge come from? How do we receive it? How we are able to communicate these concepts across imperfect languages and translations? Is this knowledge divine in origin? Do all of us share one common universal intellect? These questions have irritated the souls of countless philosophers and sages. This irritant persists to the modern era.

Some philosophers proposed that the human mind has the ability to understand that which is divine, and that such a sense is independent of normal sensory experience and physics. The sixth sense is a paradox. Whether or not it exists can only be answered internally. We all experience the same physical world, but process the information we receive through the lens of individual observation. While the rules of the world remain consistent we observe them in vastly different ways.

Consider how each individual experiences the passage of time. There are periods when the passage of a short amount of time seems to take an eternity; just as there are times when a long period of time seems to pass briefly. Nothing changes in these moments but the lens of our perspective. Does the clock invalidate our internal experience simply because it tracks time externally? Parmenides of Elea explained when an individual processes the world through senses alone, that world is incomplete. Our senses are unreliable and may report false information to the intellect. Consider a person hallucinating due to a high fever. The individual’s senses report that which they see is real, when clearly it is not.

Parmenides of Elea argued that there is a dualism to Nous; intellect and material. Consider that there are the unchangeable intellectual concepts that exist only in the plane of the intellect. These intellectual concepts could be analogous to the elements in the periodic table. Each of these elements, when combined, produces an astounding amount of variations. Each individual is a unique combination of these intellectual concepts.

Suppose these intellectual concepts are perfect. However, when an intellectual concept is manifested on the physical plane it becomes subject to a function of change. To give an example of this, consider your individuality to be a unique concept. You exist as a unique concept outside of time. Let’s call this place a “staging zone.” You cannot conceptualize this staging zone, because you process information within time. We can be content that it is there and that all concepts are fully expressed in such a place. You are already complete. Everything you will be you have already been outside of time. You were never incomplete. However, when applied to time, you appear incomplete as you progress through the function of change.

The same key is expressed in Christian mysticism as a divine union with God. Finding a divine union with Nous, or the divine, is the mystical meaning of being born again. In Eastern Orthodox Christianity Nous is the “eye of the heart or soul” or the “mind of the heart.” It is believed that with enough devotion to contemplation, meditation, and prayer one will arrive at a moment in which their consciousness forms an intersection or union with the divine’s consciousness. This moment is defined by spiritual ecstasy, euphoria, and a silenced mind. It is claimed that in the fall of man our Nous was darkened, and that when one becomes purified their mind becomes silent and their heart begins its “unceasing prayer.” At this point they become enlightened and the process of illumination begins.

To explain this in terms of yoga, when the downward force of the divine meets the upward force of man in the heart chakra, enlightenment begins. This is marked by the end of the stream of consciousness but not the end of thought in general. Larger and larger spans of silence and peace permeate the mind as one cleans their proverbial house of lifetimes of intent. One recalls a multitude of past life fragments that fill out over time. Illumination is the process of silencing the mind, organizing intent, and taking conscious control of one’s direction. The “unceasing prayer” marks the death of the ego and the movement of the seat of consciousness into the heart chakra.

How does one become aware of Nous, of the divine, and become a conscious creator in the physical plane? That is exactly what this book will address. First we will address the relatively accessible practices of meditation. Toward the end of the book we will deal with the more complex concepts such as the Tree of Life, elements, and alchemy. You might find some topics easier to digest than others. A few warning and tips; if you feel the need to change your diet do so. Do not feel compelled to adopt a diet simply because a book or guru instructs you. If you are using drugs, stop using them. You can ignore this warning but will find quickly that you wish you had not. Do not feel compelled to mold your lifestyle to fit a program. Mold your life to fit that which you feel ready to step into. That being said the following disciplines are crucial for success in all tasks in life.


Good and evil can at times only be a matter of perspective. Understanding your perspective, in comparison to others, is important. However the answer that only good exists is incorrect. Evil exists. Beware. It will exploit fear, delusion, and flaws in your character. Understanding the concepts expressed in this book is the beginning of the end of the exploitation of the soul. Evil operates much like a computer virus amongst network computers, except it is the networks of relationships, and the flaws of the individual, which it exploits.

Training your discernment is a matter of trial and error. There will be many times when you fail to discern the truth. However it is through these experiences that we learn to trust our inner instincts. For when it comes to the world of the inner no one can validate its truths but you. There are no tools with which to measure nor are there independent resources to rely upon for verification. Learning to accept failure, and subsequently trying again, will bring great benefit to your life.

Thought Control

Thought control is the rewiring of your mind, it is keeping your mind focused on a concept or task. Thoughts are generated along the path of least resistance. This path represents the intent of your life. The currents of your mind may be something you have neglected. You may have been unaware that the currents of your mind are completely yours to control. Once you learn to focus your intent you can set the course of your destiny like a bullet leaving the barrel of a gun. When you have mastered thought control you will find that you quickly achieve your life goals.

Thought Awareness

Thought awareness is to increase your awareness of the thoughts that exist within your mind. It is important to learn to impartially observe your thoughts without passing judgment upon yourself. Your true identity does not lie within your thoughts. Similar thoughts attract and then begin building up in frequency and intensity. Identification with a thought generates similar thoughts. This may work for the saint who only thinks the purest of thoughts; it does not work for the rest of us. The first step to exiting this cycle is to remove identity association with the thoughts which generate the pattern.

The benefit of thought awareness is becoming aware of deeper currents that were previously obscured. This is the key to advancement of thought control and mastery. When you become aware of the locks upon your mind, the patterns in your life, you may begin to break the chains surrounding you. When you become aware of a pattern, you can begin the process of understanding why it is there. Through contemplation, you can actively remove a blockage by rewiring the currents of your mind. Through meditation, you can begin passively removing the blockage by removing identity association. Alternating these two disciplines will help lead you to the ultimate unfolding of your consciousness.

Thought Mastery

Thought mastery is the ability to hold silence of mind for arbitrary periods of time. This is a discipline of concentration and differs from thought awareness and thought control. By practicing deep meditation you will find the mind drifting toward periods of silence and feelings of bliss. Thought mastery differs from this as a conscious choice to force the mind to hold silence, in effect to listen. At first it will feel like you are mentally holding your breath. In the beginning you may struggle to hold silence for long periods of time.

With practice, holding silence will become second nature. Holding silence has incredible value in boosting your ability to process new information. Try holding silence during a lecture or while someone is conveying information to you. You will find that you retain and absorb more than if you allow your mind to chatter. With practice the mind will naturally tend towards silence when the mind is not in use. It is also worthy to note that the ability to hold silence of mind is crucial for advanced tasks.

Contemplation is a past time which can be engaged in at will. It is the process of reflective analytical thought on a chosen subject. You may choose to contemplate the divine, your origin, your past, your meaning, or a scholarly study. It matters not. By practicing contemplative thought, the first step in directing the current of your mind, it will become second nature. If you follow a Christian path, the Catechism of the Catholic Church has several sections on types of contemplation and prayers. These are not only useful instruction but actively encourage a lifestyle not taught in modern worship houses.

Contemplation is not mediation, nor is it focused evocation. Contemplation is simply directed thought. It is the first step in practicing thought control. It can be practiced at will, and can be engaged in while working, exercising, or going about your day. Any time you can disengage your mind from your task at hand and focus on a topic is an ideal time for practicing contemplation. Contemplation is easy to begin and easy to maintain. Once you begin contemplating something you might find it difficult to stop.

Begin by picking a concept to contemplate and then allow your thoughts about the subject to arise. When a thought arises discern how you feel about that thought. If it is positive consider pursuing that thread of thought. If it is negative you may discard that thought and wait for another to arise, or you can pursue why you have a negative reaction. There is value to understanding the negative and our reactions to it. Not all negative thought is truly negative when exposed to the analytical light of the consciousness.

When your thoughts began to drift from contemplation, and they inevitably will, bring your thoughts back to the subject you are contemplating. There will be times when you will not immediately recognize that your thoughts are straying. You may have a strong emotional reaction when you perceive you have failed in your goal of contemplation. This is natural and should not be avoided. Do not scold or chide yourself for a perceived failure. Just acknowledge the reaction and return to your contemplation when the process of acknowledgement is complete.

Practicing contemplation prepares the individual’s being for the inevitable peaks and valleys of life. Forming a consistent practice of mental activity such as contemplation or meditation is the equivalent of building athletic endurance. Such discipline helps prepare the individual’s mental fortitude for more demanding tasks. Contemplation itself helps solidify intent and helps form a coherent direction to the flow of thoughts, and therefore to life. By practicing contemplation you will begin to see how thoughts have an immediate, subtle, and perceivable impact upon your life and environment.

That which you focus on becomes manifested in your life. This is one of the hidden keys. The speed in which it manifests is a simple formula of intensity of focus, length of focus, and honest belief in the reality of the concept. What you think becomes real over time. It is an immutable law of the consciousness. It is easily seen in the concept of the self-fulfilling prophecy. If an individual has a propensity to believe they are sick, and in need of medical attention, they will often find themselves in a hospital asking for assistance. The individual may have real or imaginary medical needs. Imaginary needs focused on long enough will inevitably become real. What if this individual one day found that they dread going to the hospital where they so often find themselves? Perhaps they had stumbled across this advice; all they need to do in order to amend their life is to change their thought patterns. This individual desperately focuses on feeling well, for a few hours at most, and then later finds themselves in the hospital the next week. This individual then believes that the reality of their hospital visit supersedes the “wishful thinking” they invoked in order to change their life. But does this truly invalidate the theory, “That what you think becomes real?”

No, it does not. It does not invalidate the law of focus, for a variety of reasons. One, this individual may have a lifetime of intention behind them, perhaps several, of believing that they are often sick. Also the law of, “What you think becomes real,” is not in effect only when you are aware of this law. All that you think or dream or imagine forms the course of your life. This law is in effect twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year. A few moments trying to believe the opposite polarity is like trying to change the course of a mighty river with a few pebbles. Though it is important to note that a few pebbles placed correctly in the right time and place can change the course of any river.

Contemplation is also an important part of practicing western philosophy. Plato advocated that contemplation would allow an individual to understand “forms” or intellectual concepts in the Nous. It was believed that through contemplation one may find union with the divine. Contemplation is important in Christian mysticism for its impact on the purification of the individual. Contemplation is like cleaning the house, except the house you are cleaning is your mind. Purification of the individual’s thoughts, intentions, and being is important for finding success in more advanced practices. For reasons such as these it is wise to invest time in learning contemplation.

At first meditation may seem to be only a deeper, more focused, version of contemplation. However, this process is more about bringing stillness and direction to the body and mind. Contemplation brings direction to thought but has little impact on the body, and tends to generate more thought than silence. Meditation is also about mindfulness and awareness of your mind, body, and environment. The body stores the tension from your mind as a deeper reservoir for thought, much like hard drive store information for a computer. A common spiritual fallacy is that if you have a beautiful body you must have a beautiful mind. The converse of this fallacy is that that if you have a non-conventional body you have a non-conventional mind. Most bodies are not reflective of the mind of the individual and vice versa. Bringing the mind, body, and spirit into sync is what passive meditation is for.

To begin a meditation routine take ten minutes out of your day to still your body and focus on your breath. Thoughts will arise initially. All that is required is to avoid directing them, only to impartially observe them. Over time more and more intense thought will arise. This does not mean that you are becoming a more intense individual. These thoughts have always existed in you; you are simply becoming more aware of the inner noise you have conditioned yourself to avoid. When you think you have failed in your endeavor to achieve silence, that is when your mind is at its noisiest, know that you are close to achieving your goal. When you find your mind is silent be thankful for the peace and joy that silence will bring.

Extreme Measures Meditation

If you want a fast non-conventional meditation that almost assuredly will hand you multiple hospital visits, try this on for size. Convince yourself that you are telepathically broadcasting and receiving. That whoever you think about, it is like calling them on the phone to have a conversation. That everyone you know is processing your thoughts and forming judgments on your behavior. You may feel compelled to explain your action to all or a subset of the all. This is okay and should be pursued and embraced. When you become overwhelmed simply imagine that telepathy is a button, and switch it off. But does one convince them self they are telepathic? You may just become aware enough of the synchronicity of life and become self-convinced. Or you could try a semi-ethical hypnotist.

Traditional Meditation

Sit in a chair with back support or sit on the floor with your back against something to support it. Still your body by sitting peacefully without moving. Begin to draw your attention to your breath. You can focus on where the breath enters the body through the nostrils or the mouth. You can focus on the breath in your chest as you inhale and exhale. Focus on your breath from where your belly expands drawing in each breath. Allow your thoughts to arise and let them pass in front of you as if you were an audience at a play watching the actors put on a scene. You may begin to feel as if you are both the actors and the audience. This is the moment when you began to realize that you are the observer as well as the participant in the creation of your thoughts.

Super Mario Speedrun Meditation

Begin by booting up a copy of Super Mario Brothers. As you begin to play do not allow yourself to stop for anything. Killing enemies should only be used to advance your progress forward. Begin by running; do not stop running unless you absolutely have to. Try to take the longest and most efficient jumps that you can, even if you cannot yet see where you may land. This mediation is partially a practice of faith. Let thought drain from your mind because it will only interfere with your ability to focus. Allow yourself to focus completely on beating the game as quickly as possible. If you beat the game, then begin the game again. This can be repeated as often as you would like. If you are curious what a Super Mario speed run looks like try searching for “Super Mario Speed Run.”

Video Game Pathworking Meditation

Choose a videogame that calls out to you in the present moment. Boot it up. Begin by identifying with the character you are playing. Unload your individual identity from your mind as if you were discarding clothes that needed be washed. Try allowing thought to arise which would be representative of conversations or thoughts the character on screen might have. Try having additional conversations with the characters you encounter beyond the standard dialogs. Allow yourself to be lost in the moment of game play. Stop when you have finished the tasks in the game or if you begin to feel sleepy. Begin unloading the character you have created in your mind. Stop identifying with the character by loading your own identity back in your mind as if you were putting on familiar clothes. Rinse and repeat as necessary.

Music Meditation

Begin by creating a focused playlist or a list of good songs. Proceed with either random shuffle or not. You may sit peacefully or take a walk with headphones on. You may play the playlist while driving in your car. You should choose whatever feels natural to you. Allow thought to drain from your mind until you feel empty. Let yourself become one with the flow of the environment as you combine with the music you hear. Try letting the music draw up visual imagery and engage with it. Let it take you to where you need to be. If you are driving, stay aware of your environment as a priority focus.


Alternative meditation involves using the tools you have available to you in modern life. Whatever you chose for a meditative routine should fit your lifestyle. Some of the finest meditations I have had have been while making repeated speed runs in the original Super Mario Brothers. I have never achieved a five-minute Super Mario speedrun like some experts have. I have however reached a deep Zen state where time seemed to slow to a crawl. I often throw on a good pair of headphones, turn on some excellent music, and get lost within my mind.

Meditation is easy, natural, and does not need to be overly complicated. You do not need a monastery to meditate. With practice, your home or car will become your monastery. You can make your lunch hour a lesson in mindfulness, by taking the time to be mindful while consuming lunch. If you have a physical job, you can set all of your focus on the physical aspect of your work and let your mind be silent.

Focus is the point of the consciousness in the present moment. It should be considered similar to the aperture of a camera. Focus may be sharpened to an intense point, or diffused for a wide-angle view. Your focus is accessible via the intellect and is not at all confined to the space the brain occupies. It can be moved at will to any physical or imagined location. Developing the skill of moving your focus is critical to your success in advanced tasks. A warning: Be careful not to identify too much with the subject of your focus. Each individual has a limited amount of focus. It is important to be cognizant of your limitations and abilities.

There are many exercises you can perform to increase your focus. Like a muscle in the body it grows stronger with repetitive practice. Focus has important applications in life beyond esoteric study. By increasing your focus you will find your productivity rising at work, relationships improving, and have better understanding and control of your life. I have included a few simple examples to familiarize you with different types of focus exercises. These can be practiced as you choose.

Candle exercise

Light a candle and sit a few feet away from it. Still your body and focus on your breath for a few moments. Focus your eyes upon the flame. From the center of your mind, through the forehead, extend your awareness into the space occupied by the flame. Feel the heat of the flame within your own body. Visualize the light radiating out from your center. Practice this exercise for as long as you feel necessary.

Body exercise

Sit in a comfortable position and still your body. Focus on your breath for a few moments. Choose a part of the body to send your focus to and feel your awareness slide within your body to that point. Hold your focus there as long as you feel necessary. This exercise is an ideal choice to combine with a sitting meditation or when working with the Tree of Life.

Inner visualization exercise

Choose an item or shape to visualize. It can be as complex or as simplistic as you choose. Try visualizing a circle. Sit in a comfortable position and still your body. Focus on your breath for a few moments. Close your eyes and draw your awareness to your imagination. Visualize a black circle upon a white background. The colors you choose are arbitrary. Be aware that your psyche will respond to what you choose. Colors have meaning and attributes as taught by color theory. With practice the ability to visualize will become second nature and can be done at a moment’s notice during any task.

External visualization exercise

Find an abstract pattern such as the leaves on the trees or a set of clouds in the sky. Tiles and carpeting are also excellent choices. Still your body and focus on your breath for a few moments. Allow your eyes to defocus and let your imagination allow form to arise within the abstract pattern. You may see faces, entities, shapes, and all manner of imaginary items. You would do well to practice this on a consistent basis and contemplate the items which arise within the exercise.

Alert exercise

Focus can be set on an item, physical or imaginary, that will bring your attention to it when the desired result is at hand. A simple exercise that can be started at any time is to ask your mind to alert you to special times throughout the day. The alert times are arbitrary but times such as 12:34, 1:11, or 2:22 are always a good starting place. These times are no more unique than any other time throughout the day, but because of their appearance they can appear special. Continue to reinforce this desire and you will find your eyes drawn to the clock at these times throughout the day. It will become annoying when you begin to wake from a dead sleep to verify the time on the clock and then phase back into sleep.

You can use this technique to ask your mind to alert you to sequences, shapes, or other environmental variables when they are present within your field of awareness. Using this technique will help you increase your empathy with your environment and begin to establish a balance between your identity and the divine’s. This process is much like a cell in the body; at times it is more porous to the external.

There are a few universal base principals one should be aware of. These principals are in effect in your life right now, much like gravity is, and cannot be avoided or invalidated. These principals do not take a day off; they are constant twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year. You might not have been aware of them in the past, but this does not make their application any less real. In becoming aware of these principals you begin to learn how to make them work for you instead of randomly affecting the course of your life. While these principals are not controllable, like any game mechanic they are exploitable. Learning when to bend to the principals, and when to use them to advance your work, is the mark of an advanced student.

Principal of Attraction

Similar concepts attract. Each concept has a vibration frequency. Each concept frequency will attract other like frequency concepts to generate a brighter/louder vibration. This principal is analogous to the law of gravity except it is the attraction of intellectual concepts. It is due to this principal that it is critical to learn to control and direct your thought process if you want to have success in life.

When you learn to master the principal of attraction there will be no goal that you cannot achieve through dedicated effort. Focus will play a crucial role in how you relate to the principal of attraction. You will find that if you shape your intent, the entire focus of your being, in a single direction you will arrive at your goal in short order. If you find that your mind is full of distractions then practicing thought awareness and thought control will help you filter and focus your thoughts. If you find yourself in need of success, focus on this area as a priority.

Principal of Polarity

Opposite concepts are actually the same concepts but expressed in different ways. In electricity there is a positive and a negative current. Each intellectual concept has at least one positive and negative polarity. It is important to note that for each positive polarity a negative polarity exists. A negative polarity is not necessarily synonymous with a negative or detrimental trait. Sometimes the negativity of a polarity is a matter of the perspective from the individual in relation to the concept expressed. Electricity would not flow without a positive and negative current, so intellectual concepts cannot be expressed without a positive or negative aspect.

Consider that the concepts we understand are variations or combinations of simpler root concepts. A single root, variation, or combination concept can have multitude of polarities on various axes. Consider love and hate, the opposite polarities of the root concept of attraction. On a different axis of this root concept of attraction we find pathways between good and evil, divine and mundane, and positive and negative. A variation of the concept of love is the concept of jealousy. Within the concept of jealously there are positive aspects as well as negative aspects.

Understanding that an intellectual concept has multiple polarities across axes, or paths, to other similar concepts is critical to mastering the art of transmutation. Transmutation is not an inaccessible art to the modern age. It is the art of moving an expressed concept along a line of a polarity. Advanced transmutation involves chaining the movement of a concept along multiple lines of polarity. Transmutation is done to achieve a more harmonious environment for the individual. This transmutation is often only done within the confines of one’s consciousness.

Principal of Cause and Effect

The principal of cause and effect is the first immutable law. For every action there is a reaction. For every positive space there is negative space surrounding it. Understanding that you cannot escape karma is a tremendous burden to bear but properly realized can be light as a feather. There is no escape from this place where we ourselves existing. Coming to terms with the fact that you are infinite, and that you will always exist in one form or another within the cosmos, is a key to finding peace.

Understanding the law of cause and effect makes living easy. If one realizes that all action has a reaction it begins to foster the ability and desire to create. Some gurus will teach passivism and non-action as a means of finding enlightenment. However non-action itself is action, and by the principal of cause and effect will still generate karma. If everything you do is an action that has an effect, might as well make those effects worthwhile.

The Tree of Life is a set of ten sephirot and twenty-two paths that connect each of the sephirot. The Tree of Life plays a prominent role in Christian and Jewish mysticism. With proper discipline in focus, meditation, and concentration accessing the tree of life is effortless. A sephirot is a domain that exists in the plane of the intellect. Each domain contains a multitude of similar individual intelligences of varying degree. Each domain has a set of attributes relating to concepts, colors, emotions, and actions. Combined with elements, discussed in the next section, it is the key to conscientious creation. The Tree of Life has strong correlations to the ten planes of manifestation in the concept of Nous.

I will offer a few possible explanations of what a sephirot might be, none of which are independently or empirically provable. Each sephirot could be another dimension that exists as an overlay of our own physical plane; simply vibrating at a different frequency. A sephirot could be a set of worlds that exist somewhere in the wide universe that we find ourselves inhabiting, and while we may not be able to travel there physically, we can travel through the plane of the intellect. A sephirot could be buried deep within our subconscious as Carl Jung’s research into universal archetypes suggests. It may only be preprogrammed into our minds through DNA. However, to find out whether or not they exist and respond to human intelligence, all that is needed is simple experimentation.

Personally I do not care for the story of their origin, because it would matter not if interacting with each sephirot lacked efficiency and failed to produce actionable results. Simple experimentation combined with hypothesis should be enough to assure a curious individual of their existence and attributes. We know throughout history, and across the boundaries of culture and time, similar concepts continually arise within the human experience. It is worth investigating, to say the least.

How does one meditate on the Tree of Life? Single sephirot meditation involves focusing on the area of the sephirot in your aura and intoning the sephirot name either verbally or mentally. It is also helpful to visualize the color of the sephirot. Try to imagine what the world or dimension of the sephirot would look like. Try to feel the frequency of such a place. One can hold silence of mind and receive only energy from the sephirot. An individual can also contemplate upon some of the attributes associated with the sephirot. An individual can also try a technique called “path working” by focusing on one sephirot, intoning the name, and sliding their focus to the next sephirot and intoning the next name.

Working with the Tree of Life does not have to be extraordinary. It does not have to involve a set of magical tools or special robes. It can be practiced within the confines of the consciousness by mundane individuals. Working with the Tree of Life does not have to take extraordinary effort. It does not require an extraordinary individual to achieve actionable results. Any person can work with the Tree of Life and find great success in their endeavor.


Kether is the closest sephirot to the origin we have access to. It is associated with enlightenment, sublime mysticism, and absolute love. To dwell on Kether is to dwell on the divine in its purest unmanifested form. Kether is closely associated to Malkuth. In polarity it is the opposite of Malkuth. Occultists are fond of the saying, “so as above, so as below.” In this phrase they are referring to the unmanifested forms in Kether manifesting in Malkuth. New-thought teachers believe that to arrive in Kether is to have a Christ or Buddha consciousness. When one feels pulled to Kether they may begin what is referred to as “the great work” which is the culmination of their purpose. Its color is colorless, invisible, white, or gold. It is associated to the space directly above the head.


Chokhmah is associated with wisdom and the highest potential of human thought. This is the second stage of physical manifestation. It is associated to the conscious intellect working with the divine to aid in creation. Intuition and creativity are also associated to this sephirot. Its color is grey. It is located within the space beside the left ear, and above that same shoulder. Those seeking wisdom and inspiration would do well to meditate on Chokhmah and the entities within.


Binah is associated to silence and understanding one’s potential. This is the third stage of physical manifestation. The raw forces of the origin begin to condense on this plane. Understanding and contemplation are associated to this sephirot. It is associated with the space to beside the right ear, and above the correlating shoulder. Its color is black. Those that feel called to Binah have experienced the awaking of the heart chakra and are beginning their path to illumination.


When an individual sees this sephirot on a ten-sephirot Tree of Life, know that it is time to search for more information on this hidden sephirot.


Chesed represents kindness and love. It is the fourth stage of physical manifestation. It is associated to service and may be of particular interest to those who work within the service industry. It is associated with sacrificial love. Those that go above and beyond that which is normally required will feel a strong pull to the entities and lesson to be learned by this domain. Its center originates in the left shoulder. Its color is blue.


Gevurah is associated with might. It is the fifth stage of physical manifestation. It is associated with restraint and selfless acts. Those who work in military, law, or emergency response may feel pulled to meditate upon this sephirot. Its center originates in the right shoulder. Its color is red.


Tiferet is associated with beauty and the realization of one’s individual divine consciousness. It is the sixth stage of physical manifestation. Its center originates from the center of the chest. Its color is yellow. Those seeking balance may feel pulled to meditate upon Tiferet.


Netzach is associated with victory. It is the seventh stage of physical manifestation. It is associated with overcoming obstacles in one’s individual development. Its center originates in the palm of left hand. Its color is green. It is opposite in polarity to Hod.


Hod represents glory, splendor, and spiritual advancement. It is the eighth stage of physical manifestation. It is associated to inner commitment, manifesting one’s life goals, surrender, and gratitude. Its center originates in the palm of the right hand. Its color is orange. It is opposite in polarity to Netzach.


Yesod is associated to the unconscious and sexuality. It is the ninth stage of physical manifestation. Those feeling pulled to this sephirot may be seeking initiation in “the mysteries” or a magical initiation, or plainly speaking individual experimentation with the concepts expressed in this book. One could also be in search of a grounding force within their life. Its center originates in the pelvic region. Its color is purple.


Malkuth is associated to physical manifestation and the kingdom of heaven. This sephirot is the tenth stage of physical manifestation. It is opposite in polarity to Kether and is associated to the spiritualization of matter. The feet are the center of origin. Its colors are yellow, green, magenta and black.

Integrating the Tree of Life into the Aura

Integrating the Tree of Life into the aura can be a pleasant and balancing experience. These energy zones currently exist but you may not have worked with them yet. Integrating the Tree of Life gives the student an easy way to deal with their energy patterns. To integrate the Tree of Life into the aura we will use the Middle Pillar Exercise. The Middle Pillar Exercise is meant to bring balance to the life of the individual practicing it. The process involves intoning the names of each sephirot while following a set path. You may choose to intone the name of a sephirot once or multiple times. However if you chose to intone multiple times try to give the same amount of focus to each of the following sephirots. After all, this is a balancing exercise.

Begin at the space above the top of the head. Bring your focus to this point, feel a sphere, and intone the word “KETHER,” verbally or mentally. Proceed BY bringING your focus to the space to the left of your ear, and above your left shoulder, and intone “Chokhmah.” Bring your focus to your left shoulder and intone “Chesed.” Bring your focus to your left hand and intone “Netzach.” Bring your focus to your feet and intone “Malkuth.” Bring your focus to your right hand and intone “Hod.” Bring your focus to your right shoulder and intone “Gevurah.” Bring your focus to the space above your right shoulder and, to the right of your ear, and intone “Binah.” Bring your focus again to the space above your head and intoNE “Kether.” Let your focus fall to your heart and intone “Tiferet.” Let your focus fall you your pelvis and into “Yesod.” Let your focus fall to your feet and intone “Malkuth.” Wait and let your mind feel the energy pool AT MALKUTH. If you wish, repeat the process again.

If you are in a pinch, and feel a need for a quick balancing exercise, the process may be simplified. Begin by drawing a circle around your body, starting in the space above your head to the left then continue that line down through your spine to your feet with an appropriate pause at the end. While it is not as effective as a complete Middle Pillar Exercise it may be practiced at nearly any time. If you find counting backwards from ten to calm yourself to inefficient, try the simplified middle pillar as a substitute.

Consider that all that is made manifest here upon the physical plane are variations of unique intellectual concepts. Let us extend this further to say these unique intellectual concepts are built upon simpler concepts, much like matter is composed of combinations of base elements. This idea has occurred to a variety of spiritual seekers, philosophers, and occultist across the boundaries of time and culture. The consistent report is that all things are generated from five intellectual concepts, or elements. It is also consistently reported that human kind is unique in that we are all imbued with these five elements whereas other creations are not. These elements do not correspond to the physical elements but rather simplistic intellectual concepts. It becomes obvious over time to the advanced student how to combine these elements in the alchemy lab of the mind to manifest the desired result in the physical plane; for the advanced student is guided by the same spirit that guides the reader. I have left the elements as their traditional names along with the concept they express.

Fire – Expansive

Fire is the expansive concept. It is associated with heat and is red in hue. It is found in the index finger and well as the head. It is opposite in polarity to the water concept.

Water – Contractive

Water is the contractive concept. It is associated with coldness and is green is hue. It is found in the thumb and the stomach or navel region. It is opposite in polarity to the fire concept.

Earth – Solidify

Earth represents condensing. It is associated with heaviness and it is brown in hue. It is found in the ring finger and everything below the pelvic region. It is opposite in polarity to the air concept and can be seen as falling downward from fire and water polarity lines.

Air – Dispersive

Air is the dispersive concept. It is associated with lightness and is blue in hue. It is found in the pinky finger and the chest of the body. It is opposite in polarity to the earth concept and can be seen as rising upward from the fire and water polarity lines.

Light – Movement

Light is the divine concept. It is associated with movement and is golden in hue. It is found in the middle finger. It can be seen as intersecting both the fire and water polarities and the earth and air polarities. In terms of space, the closer it is to you the brighter it appears.

Dealing with Elements

Each element has their own domain of individual intelligences of varying degrees. Where these domains exist in relation to the physical plane is a matter of debate, and as of yet, cannot be proven in a scientific manner other than mental experimentation. In classical philosophy the physical plane is regarded as the tenth stage of manifestation from the origin of the divine. While modern science has explored the concept of other dimensions, such science is still in its infancy. We have explored the idea of radical forms of life on worlds unlike our own but have yet to encounter any. Carl Jung introduced research in modern psychology of the existence of intelligent archetypes that dwell within the deeper reaches of the mind. Any of these reasons are possible explanations why working with elemental concepts produces actionable results. None of these reasons are provable. This being said, please take care when dealing with elemental evocation and alchemy. You may encounter intelligence other than your own.

If such an encounter occurs you have several options to resolve the situation. You can simply believe you are alone in your own head and ignore whatever state you find yourself in. You can still your body, breath, and mind and seek silence. You can choose to converse with yourself in the safe confines of your mind and pretend you are only talking to yourself or some deep reflection within your subconscious mind. What’s the harm, no one will ever know. You can imagine the encounter to be a phone conversation between you and a separate intelligence that is completely untraceable, not provable and not able to be independently verified. Choose what makes you comfortable.

There are a few shapes which will guide your development. These are archetypical shapes that have a deep impact upon the psyche. Your success will depend on your spiritual development, as well as your ability to visualize shape and color and imbue it with focused intent. White and blue are colors you may find useful. Yellow can be a great pick-me-up if you find yourself fatigued. There are other shapes and well as glyphs that can guide your development. However since this book is intended for the newly initiated, I will not disclose them.

Circle - Protection

Visualizing a circle will give you a sense of protection, as well as a sense of calm.

Circle and Triangle – Amplification

Visualizing a circle with a triangle within the circle’s border will amplify any intention you place within.

Circle and Cross – Solidification, Focus, Elevation

Visualizing a circle with a cross within it will sharpen your focus and solidify any intention you place within. It will also elevate the consciousness. It is useful if you find yourself in need of rest.

It is advisable to learn to work with base elements and cultivate the ability to mask or combine your sense of identity within them. Once you have progressed to the point where you can control your thoughts, and hold silence of mind for an arbitrary period of time, try the following exercise. It will help you align yourself with these base elemental concepts. As you meditate imagine breathing in the element into the area around your body. To do so visualize the color of the element as well as feel the idea expressed in the element. Continue breathing the element in and out as long as you feel it is safe to.

Water, and by that I mean physical water, can be a great carrier of base elements as well as intent. To practice this exercise begin by filling a glass of water and set your focus on it. Using the evoke image, visualize drawing a circle followed by a triangle. Imagine you are drawing the evoke image with the finger associated to the element. Place this image within the center of your focus in the water, and then consume the water. Depending on your level of body awareness, your aptitude for invocation and your spiritual advancement, the effect should be rather immediate.

There is a variety of literature for the advanced student to draw from. Some of the source material is weaker than others. Those wishing to delve in depth into the various subject mentioned in this book I recommend the following books.

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