John Ruf

John Ruf grew up in the center of America in Kansas City. He has been studying esoteric doctrine since the age of sixteen. He is focused on enlightenment and understanding how his being relates to the universe.

At the age of 32, after over a decade of struggling with the effects of bi-polar with the tendency for mania, he experienced a single moment in time that forever changed the course of his life. Whether you call it illumination, enlightenment or gnosis the shock of the connection from above and below occurred in his heart. He now spends his free time teaching esoteric doctrine in a new media format over the most unlikely of broadcast mechanisms, Twitter. Lacking original thought but not originality he goes by the moniker of NeoModulus.

He is an expert content curator, a hipster hermetic kabbalist with atheist overtones, and has some seriously good tastes in music.

Some of his esoteric themed artwork can be found at DeviantArt or in sticker format at RedBubble.

Tree of Life

Pantone Tree of Life

Evoke: Balance

Green Lantern


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