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Prepared for the use of E.G.C. clergy

by T. Apiryon

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The Holy Oil is used in the ceremonies of Confirmation and Ordination, and may be used for consecrating the various implements and furniture of the Temple. It is the Oil of Abramelin, which is composed of the following ingredients:

Oil of Cinnamon, 8 parts

Oil of Myrrh, 4 parts

Oil of Galangal, 2 parts

Olive Oil, 7 parts

The best ceremony for the consecration of the Oil is that of the Equinox. It may also be consecrated with a ceremony such as the following:

Place the vial of oil on the Altar between the symbols of the four elements.
Purify the oil with water and salt.
Sanctify the oil with fire and air.
Circumambulate deosil thrice, reciting:
“O Lion and O Serpent, etc.”

At altar, invoke with the first section of the Anthem.
Raise the vial of oil to the Stele in the East and say:
Thou that art One, our Lord in the Universe the Sun, our Lord in ourselves whose name is Mystery of Mystery, uttermost being whose radiance enlightening the worlds is also the breath that maketh every God even and Death to tremble before thee – by the Sign of Light appear thou glorious upon the throne of the Sun.
Make open the path of creation and of intelligence between us and our minds. Enlighten our understanding.
Encourage our hearts. Let thy light crystallize itself in this oil, for the accomplishment of Thy Will, which is mine.
A ka dua
Tuf ur biu
Bi a'a chefu
Dudu nur af an nuteru!

Pause in silence. Replace the vial on the altar. Banish.

When used to consecrate an implement, the oil may be applied in the form of an equal-armed cross according to one of the following formulae:

in Cross
Center In Nomine In the Name of
Top Ho Pater Patri et Matri Nuit
Center Estin Et and of
Bottom Ho Huios Filio et FiliaeHadit
Center Dia Et and of
Left to PneumaSpiritui SanctoRa
Center Externo et Hoor
Right Hagion Spiritui SanctoKhuit
Center Interno

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