In memory
Margherita Albana Mignaty

Without you, O great loved soul! This book would not have been born. Thou hast healed him with thy mighty flame, thou hast nourished him with thy sorrow, thou hast blessed him with a divine hope. You had the Intelligence that sees eternal Beauty and Truth above ephemeral realities; Thou hast the Faith which carries the mountains; You had the Love that awakens and creates souls; Your enthusiasm burned like a radiant fire.

And behold, thou art extinct, and thou hast disappeared. With a dark wing, Death has carried you into the Great Unknown … But if my eyes can no longer reach you, I know you more alive than ever! Freed from the terrestrial chains, from the bosom of the celestial light where you drink, you have not ceased to follow my work and I felt your faithful ray watch to the end on its predestined blossoming.

If something of me were to survive among our brothers, in this world where everything is passing by, I would like it to be this book, a testimony of a conquered and shared faith. Like a torch of Eleusis, adorned with black cypresses and starry narcissus, I dedicate it to the winged Soul of Celle, who led me to the depths of the Mysteries, to spread the sacred fire, and Announces the Dawn of the Great Light!