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Adam Halsmayr @hermeneuticon
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{{tag>person}} ====== Adam Halsmayr ====== DR. Adam Halsmayr AKA Adam Haselmayer Germany 1560 - 1630 ==== Comments ==== [[Rosicrucian]]; [[Alc... the Stars Signify; ==== Search ==== * [[thls>Adam Halsmayr]] ==== External references ==== * * [[amazon>159477255X|The Invisible History of
Abraham von Franckenberg @hermeneuticon
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cott]]; === Close === [[Benedictus Figulus]]; [[Adam Halsmayr]]; Dr. Balthasar Walther; [[Johannes Hevelius]],
Johannes Valentinus Andreae @hermeneuticon
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of Rosicrucians in England; [[Karl Widemann]]; [[Adam Halsmayr]]; [[Christoph Besold]]; William of Wensley of Lü