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Poetry of Aleister Crowley @crowley:poetry
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Saints of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica @hermeneuticon
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avies]], who nurtured a Golden Dawn; [[Rose Edith Crowley]], [[Leah Hirsig]], [[Sarah Jane Wolfe]], and [[Phyllis Evelina Seckler]]" ==== References ==== * [[/crowley/libers/lib15]] * [[/crowley/libers/lib15-international]] * [[/crowley/libers/lib15-equinox]] * [[/crowley/libers/lib15-mtp]] * [
Leah Hirsig @hermeneuticon
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-founder of the [[Abbey of Thelema]]; mother of [[Anna Leah Crowley]] ==== Events ==== * [[Lesser Feast]] of Leah... wald, Canton of Bern, Switzerland * Mother of [[Anna Leah Crowley]] * [[Greater Feast]] of [[Leah Hirsig]], died ... ingen, Switzerland ==== References ==== * [[/crowley/poetry/leah-sublime]] * Crowley, Aleister. [[/crowley/confessions/|The Confessions of Aleister Crowley]]. * Crowle
Anna Leah Crowley @hermeneuticon
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====== Anna Leah Crowley ====== Anna Leah Crowley, Ann Léa, Poupée; daughter of [[Leah Hirsig]] and [[Aleister Crowley]]. "At the end of February, the Ape had passed through th... 89]] ==== Events ==== * [[Lesser Feast]] of [[Anna Leah Crowley]], born [[January 6]], [[1920]] at Fontainebleau, France * [[Greater Feast]] of [[Anna Leah Crowley]], died on [[October 15]], [[1920]] at the Cefalù
February @hermeneuticon
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2016]] at Milan, Italy * [[Greater Feast]] of [[Anna Kingsford]], died [[February 22]], [[1888]] at London, England * [[Greater Feast]] of [[Leah Hirsig]], died [[February 22]], [[1975]] at Meiri... ic Tephilah]], [[February 1]], [[Heru-Ra-Ha]], [[/crowley/libers/lib220|Liber L.]], [[/crowley/libers/lib220#chapter-iii|Cap. III]], 55-56 * [[Thelemic Tephilah]]
Abbey of Thelema @hermeneuticon
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's diaries, 1921, at Cefalù) * [[/hermeneuticon/anna-leah-crowley]] (died on October 15, 1920 at the Cefalù, Palerm... * [[|Abbey of Thelema]], Atlas Obsc... hard Kaczynski, //Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley// [[bookshop>9781556438998]] [[amazon>1556438990]
The Invisible Basilica of Sabazius @sabazius
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l of reference to reported Gnostic Masses held by Crowley at Cefalù. All the evidence indicates that only p... e.v., and was not, therefore, actually coined by Crowley in 1913. Thanks go to Tau Vincent II for this inf... 5 -- Added Paradoxos Alpha's essay on [[kingsford|Anna Mary Bonus Kingsford]] to the [[lion_eagle|Order ... ted to have been privately circulated by Aleister Crowley to members of Agapé Lodge. This now appears doubt
Marian Dockerill @hermeneuticon
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== Marian Dockerill ====== **Marian Dockerill**, Anna Maria (Marian) Hirsig, sister to Alma Hirsig and Leah Hirsig. ==== Books ==== * [[dockerill:My Life... evised and Expanded Edition: The Life of Aleister Crowley]] * [[amazon>B00BSCYARS|Inside Solar Lodge - Be... eferences ==== * *
anne-leah-crowley @hermeneuticon
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~~REDIRECT>anna leah crowley~~
The Order of the Lion and the Order of the Eagle @sabazius
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Virakam) -- inducted April 1999 e.v. * [[hirsig|Leah Hirsig]] -- inducted April 1999 e.v. * Ida Crad... ten]] -- inducted April 2003 e.v. * [[kingsford|Anna Mary Bonus Kingsford]] -- inducted November 2004 ... Lion * Links to [[acrowley|Sir Saint Aleister Crowley XI°]] -- inducted April 1999 e.v. * Sir Grady L