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The Moon under Her Feet @dionysos
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:anna2.jpg}} Being an Acclamation of\\ Madam Dr. Anna Mary Bonus Kingsford\\ (Inductee of the Order of the Eagle of of the U... e Equinox of the Gods, should recognize Madam Dr. Anna Mary Bonus Kingsford as one who knowingly girded herself and others fo... he Third Edition” of <>i>Clothed with the Sun (by Anna Bonus Kingsford). London: Watkins, 1937. * King, Francis. //Mod... Western Occultism.// Bridgport: Prism, 1990. * Kingsford, Anna Bonus. //Clothed with the Sun.// (3rd edition) London:
Anna Mary Bonus Kingsford @sabazius
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/anna-kingsford~~ {{:anna2.jpg?184x271}} ====== Anna Mary Bonus Kingsford ====== ===== Esotericist, Visionary, Hermetic My... 2004 Ordo Templi Orientis. All rights reserved. Anna Kingsford (nee Bonus, 1846-1888 e.v.) was prominent among mystics and ... of Thelema. ---- PRINCIPAL PUBLISHED WORKS OF ANNA KINGSFORD * Addresses and Essays on Vegetarianism * As... ester: Park Street, 1995. * Maitland, Edward. //Anna Kingsford: Her Life, Letters, Diary and Work//. (3rd editio
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t 33%> {{ :hermeneuticon:hermetic-calendar-feb-22-anna-mary-bonus-kingsford.png |Greater Feast of Anna Kingsford, died February 22, 1888 at London, England in Hermeneuticon at Hermetic Library}} </WRAP> **Anna Kingsford**, //née// Bonus (September 16, 1846 – February 22, 1888) ==== Events ==== * [[Greater Feast]] of [[Anna Kingsford]], died [[February 22]], [[1888]] at London, Engl... ismegistus (editor) ==== Search ==== * [[thls>Anna Kingsford]] ==== External references ==== * https://en.
The Order of the Lion and the Order of the Eagle @sabazius
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dinge Britten]] -- inducted April 2003 e.v. * [[kingsford|Anna Mary Bonus Kingsford]] -- inducted November 2004 e.v. * [[Frieda-Lady-Harris|Lady Frieda Harris]] -- inducted August
Order of the Eagle @hermeneuticon
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[[Ema Hardinge Britten]], added April 2003 * [[Anna Mary Bonus Kingsford]], added November 2004 * [[Lady Frieda Harris]]
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8 Jan 2005 -- Added Paradoxos Alpha's essay on [[kingsford|Anna Mary Bonus Kingsford]] to the [[lion_eagle|Order of the Eagle]] section. * 11 Dec 2004 -- Updated [[links|links secti
A Liturgical Calendar for Thelemic Gnosticism @dionysos
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tyr\\ February 22 – [[beastb|Feast of Doctor Dame Anna Mary Bonus Kingsford]]\\ February 24 – Feast of Sir Charles Stansfeld