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Charles Seymour @hermeneuticon
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{{tag>person}} ====== Charles Seymour ====== Colonel Charles Seymour, C R F Seymour, Charles Richard Foster Seymour, Kim, F. P. D. (Foy pour Devoir); England (1880-1943) ==== Events ==== * Born ... w pupil to practise her magic paired with Colonel Charles Richard Foster Seymour (1880-1943). Despite these precautions, however, ... d., //Encyclopedia of New Religious Movements// "Charles Richard Foster Seymour and Christine Hartley, the heads of the Pagan Sec
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ss. In 1724, 1725, 1726,the Grand Masters were Charles Lennox Duke of Richmond; James Hamilton Lord {498... ers sufficient for that purpose, in order to pass Charles Cotton, Esq., Mr. Papillon Ball, and Mr. Thomas M... e title of "Grand Lodge of All England." In 1726 Charles Bathurst was appointed President, and Francis Dra... r the "Quatuor Coronati Lodge," 2076, Brother Sir Charles Warren being the first W.M.; the object of the Lo
Afterthoughts on the Abolition of Work @black
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hurch advocates, for making Catholic babies. For Charles Fourier, whose meals were usually the poor fare o... any.((//[[amazon>0807015393|The Utopian Vision of Charles Fourier]]//, trans. & ed. Jonathan Beecher & Rich... I’ve identified several predecessors – especially Charles Fourier and William Morris – who were saying subs... s well-taken. It has practical implications. As Charles Fourier wrote: “Our pleasures have no connection
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ms; [[Chas Clifton]]; [[Carr Collins]]; Colonel [[Charles Seymour]]; [[Christine Campbell Thompson]] AKA Christine... Knight]] AKA Dr. Basil Wilby; [[Hans Nintzel]]; [[Charles Thomas Loveday]] AKA Nibs; Miss Lonsdale AKA Lumm... erbie); [[Kerr Cuhulain]] AKA Detective Constable Charles Ennis ; Star & Cross aka the "Celtic Christian Church" of [[Carr Collins]] and Alan Adams aka [[Charles Fielding]] of The London Group; === Acquaintance
Alan Richardson @hermeneuticon
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nces === [[Dion Fortune]]; [[William G Gray]]; [[Charles Seymour]]; [[Christine Campbell Thompson]]; [[Aleister Cr... Diaries of [[Christine Campbell Thompson]] and [[Charles Seymour]] for the years 1937-39, reprinted as 20th Centur
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and Primitive Rite under a charter from Harry J. Seymour. The AAR considered this to be a spurious versio... . At the suggestion of their mutual acquaintance Charles Southeran (1847–1902), Yarker reciprocated by bes... orge Irwin, 22 Jan 1885, quoted on p. 159 – 60 of Charles Wallis-Newport, “From County Armagh to the Green
Theodor Reuss @hermeneuticon
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E. Tristan K; [[Clement de Saint-Marq]]; [[Harry Seymour]] who gave him the Cerneau charter , 1862; Alice ... [[Arnold Krumm-Heller]]; [[Aleister Crowley]]; [[Charles Stansfeld Jones]]; [[Heinrich Tränker]]; [[H.
The Abolition of Work @black
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unconstrained and uninformed by ideology. It was Seymour Lipset (in //Political Man//), not Bell, who anno... o them. The secret of turning work into play, as Charles Fourier demonstrated, is to arrange useful activi