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Grady Louis McMurtry @hermeneuticon
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====== Grady Louis McMurtry ====== <WRAP right 33%> {{ :hermeneuticon:hermetic-calendar-jul-12-grady-louis-mcmurtry.png?nolink |Greater Feast of Grady Louis McMurtry, Hymenæus Alpha, died July 12, 1985 at M... in Hermeneuticon at Hermetic Library}} </WRAP> **Grady Louis McMurtry** X°, Hymenæus Alpha, Ὺμεναιος Α "During the IIn... mbers traveled to Europe on military assignments, Grady Louis McMurtry (also known as Hymenaeus Alpha) and Frederic Mell
OTO History @heidrick
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mbers traveled to Europe on military assignments, Grady Louis McMurtry (also known as Hymenaeus Alpha) and Frederic Mell... ers would result in the ultimate demise of O.T.O. Grady McMurtry, the USA national master of O.T.O., attempted to ... a successor; and some ranking members, including Grady McMurtry, were not notified of his death for several years... ermer, Soror Meral, a member of O.T.O., contacted Grady McMurtry at his Washington, D.C. address. McMurtry learned at that time of the death of Germer, year
Saints of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica @hermeneuticon
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er Crowley// | //Sir Aleister Crowley// | | | [[Grady Louis McMurtry]] | | | | Grady Louis McMurtry | ==== Outer Head of the Order ==== The end o... mances of Liber XV include [[Hymenaeus Alpha]], [[Grady Louis McMurtry]], at the end; and presumably [[Hymenaeus Beta]],
History of the Gnostic Catholic Church @sabazius
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dormant in the U.S. from 1962 until 1969, when {{grady.jpg?linkonly|Grady McMurtry}} (Hymenaeus Alpha, 1918-1985), the last ranking ... s of a publication called //Ecclesia Gnostica//. Grady McMurtry died in 1985, and in accordance with his wishes,
Karl Germer @hermeneuticon
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specifies that the names Karl Johannes Germer and Grady Louis McMurtry may optionally be added to the list of Saints in ... zgerald; [[William Breeze]] AKA Hymenaeus Beta; [[Grady McMurtry]] AKA Hymenaeus Alpha; Frater Zopiron aka Gabriel
Gnostics and Templars @egc
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the line\\ which flowed through the first Caliph, Grady McMurtry, Hymenaeus Alpha\\ and to our current Caliph, Hym... Crowley. 1944 - Bishop Crowley consecrated Msgr. Grady McMurtry. 1983 - Bishop McMurtry consecrated Msgr. Tav Silenus (Hymenaeus Beta.) **HISTORICAL NOTE** : Bishop Enca... i to Msgr. Jules Sassaye, Bishop Sassaye to Msgr. Louis Marie Francois Giraud, Bishop Giraud to Msgr. Jea
The Holy Books Preface by Hymenaeus Alpha @eidolons
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RAP indent> //This is the Preface written by Maj. Grady Louis McMurtry X○ for the 1983 edition of “ΘΕΛΗΜΑ: The Holy Book... //Hymenæus Alpha 777, Caliph//\\ X○ O.T.O. Maj. Grady Louis McMurtry\\ (//U.S. Army Reserve//) Berkeley, California
Chapter LXXII: Education @crowley:magick-without-tears
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in for you because an American officer,((Probably Grady Louis McMurtry, who became "Caliph" or acting head of O.T.O. man... s and Desmond MacCarthy! Words of one syllable!  Louis Marlow((Louis Umfraville Wilkinson wrote under this pen name.  He was one of two individuals named to be
Phylogeny of Modern Gnosticism @dionysos
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s axiomatic. In 1979, Patriarch Hymenaeus Alpha (Grady Louis McMurtry) separated E.G.C. from O.T.O. as a distinct corpo... olique Gnostique//) Jean Bricaud (Tau Johannes), Louis-Sophrone Fugairon (Tau Sophronius), and Gerard En... htm#syrian|Syrian Jacobite Orthodox Church]] from Louis-Marie-Francois Giraud. This "Vilatte" succession
Annotated Liber XV {Book 15} O. T. O. @crowley:libers
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neuticon/Aleister Crowley]], and [[/hermeneuticon/Grady Louis McMurtry]]--Oh Sons of the Lion and the Snake! with all th
A Liturgical Calendar for Thelemic Gnosticism @dionysos
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sser Feast of Bardesanes\\ July 12 – Feast of Sir Grady Louis McMurtry\\ July 24 - Feast of Marjorie Cameron\\ July 29 –
On the Bloody Eucharist @beastbay:954094048
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onally to Us. My Lady is Shirine, co-founder with Grady Louis McMurtry, of the Caliphate OTO. She and I do not practice
The Order of the Lion and the Order of the Eagle @sabazius
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Crowley XI°]] -- inducted April 1999 e.v. * Sir Grady Louis McMurtry X° -- inducted April 1999 e.v. [[|Off-site Link]] * Sir Karl Johannes Germer X° -
Frieda Lady Harris @sabazius
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lor photography of Harris’s original paintings by Grady Louis McMurtry. REFERENCES * Bax, Clifford . Some I Knew We
What's New @eidolons
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by Hymenaeus Alpha]], the Preface written by Maj. Grady Louis McMurtry X○ for the 1983 edition of "ΘΕΛΗΜΑ: The Holy Book
The Holy Books @eidolons
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Order of the Lion @hermeneuticon
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July @hermeneuticon
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1985 @hermeneuticon
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Addenda to Advice for Deacons @dionysos
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July 12 @hermeneuticon
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Aleister Crowley @hermeneuticon
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