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Edmund Sidney Pollock Haynes @hermeneuticon
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===== Edmund Sidney Pollock Haynes ===== **Edmund Sidney Pollock Haynes** ==== Search the Hermetic Library ==== * [[thls>Haynes]] === External Links === * * [[
Chapter 60 @crowley:confessions
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rywhere been recognized as overwhelming. E. S. P. Haynes told me that it was the most powerful that he had... Clodd, Joseph McCabe, Bertrand Russell, E. S. P. Haynes (the lawyer, by the way, who had so elegantly and
Rose Edith Kelly @hermeneuticon
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y [[Aleister Crowley]] to [[Edmund Sidney Pollock Haynes|E. S. P. Haynes]], who handled Crowley's divorce from Rose Edith Kelly. {{tag>person}}
eqi05014 @crowley:equinox:i:v
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TARR, M.B. DIVORCE PROBLEMS OF TO-DAY. E. S. P. HAYNES. Divorce Law Reform Union. 1"s." These pap... and acute, but also wise and broad-minded. Mr. Haynes' suggestions go about as far as practical politic
REVIEWS. @crowley:equinox:i:iii
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Divorce from the fascinating pen of Mr. E. S. P. Haynes. While sympathising to a large extent with the... possible." " We hope to hear much more from Mr. Haynes, and that he will throw" "fearlessly the whole we
Chapter 63 @crowley:confessions
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myself, I found other people equally incredulous. Haynes told me that he simply could not believe the fact
Kepler and Kircher on the Harmony of the Spheres @godwin
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dence//, Presteigne: Wooden Books, 2001; Ofmil C. Haynes [pseudonym?], //The Harmony of the Spheres//, Pre
eqi10017 @crowley:equinox:i:x
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ing an obbligato by Wilfred Merton. Mr. E. S. P. Haynes (to the horror of Ada Lakeman and Col. Gormley) w