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====== Isaac Abarbanel ====== **Rabbi Isaac Abarbanel**, aka Rabeinu Don Yitzchak Abarbanel, aka Isaac ben Judah Abravanel, aka Isaac ben Yehudah Abravanel Portugal, 1437–15... ==== Search the Hermetic Library ==== * [[thls>Isaac Abarbanel]] ==== Connections ==== === Teachers === [[Maim... Resources ==== * *
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on Molcho]]; Joseph Taitachek; David Messer Leon; Isaac [[Abarbanel]]; his son Yehudah Abarbanel or Abravanel; Abner of Burgos; Pedro de la Caball
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); Marcus the Gnostic; Menasseh Ben Israel; Rabbi Isaac [[Abarbanel]] aka Rabeinu Don Yitzchak Abarbanel; [[Cornelius Agrippa]]; Rabbi [[Eleazar Ben Judah]]; Paul Isaac Hershon; Bishop [[John Wilkins]]; St. Cyril of Je
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