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Rudolf Steiner @hermeneuticon
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{{tag>person}} ====== Rudolf Steiner ====== Rudolf Steiner AKA Rudolf Joseph Lorenz Steiner Austria/ Swiss / German 1861 – 1925 ==== Connections ==== === Comments === genius in s... 10 and The Soul's Awakening; Compiled Lectures by Rudolf Steiner; Theosophy, 1910; Knowledge of the Higher World... ublished 1933 ; The Temple Legend: 20 Lectures by Rudolf Steiner; The fourth dimension - sacred geometry, alchemy
Musical Alchemy: the Work of Composer and Listener @godwin
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r of the Nine Muses. To illustrate this I turn to Rudolf Steiner, in whom no one can fail to recognize yet another... rks with earthly substances. At the same time as Rudolf Steiner was lecturing on music, Marcel Proust was also co... freshes his memory every night in deep sleep — so Rudolf Steiner has told us — but to jar it into action each morn... t1|1]] Lecture of 12 November, 1906, published in Rudolf Steiner, //Dos Wesen des Musikalischen und das Tonerlebni
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about 3000 members. Central to this founding was Rudolf Steiner, who acted as an advisor and lecturer. The member...]]; see [[Rudolf Steiner]], [[Marie von Sivers]], [[Michael Bauer]], [[Car... n America (ASA) supports and furthers the work of Rudolf Steiner in the United States. We are an open membership o... nd social engagement. Introduced and developed by Rudolf Steiner, it is concerned with all aspects of human life,
Layers of Meaning in The Magic Flute @godwin
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ry and prehistory by Franz Winkler, a follower of Rudolf Steiner, and as a study of the psyche in development by R... anity and persists in modern occultism: following Rudolf Steiner, the Anthroposophist Elizabeth Vreede says that t... he Divine Art//, 5th ed. (Los Angeles, 1971), and Rudolf Steiner, //Wonders of the World, Ordeals of the Soul, Rev
Julius Evola: Theosophy and Beyond @godwin
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to theosophy had to find other words for it. Thus Rudolf Steiner called his movement “anthroposophy,” the French c... Lemuria, Atlantis, etc., from Anthroposophy, for Rudolf Steiner has exactly the same scheme—derived, in turn, from Blavatsky, but supposedly confirmed by Steiner’s own supersensible vision. //How important for
Chapter LXX: Morality (1) @crowley:magick-without-tears
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((This is a reference to the school of thought of Rudolf Steiner.  By the time of this writing, Steiner's students were being taught that Crowley was a "... ards study, but one shouldn't mention A.C. at the Steiner schools until one has acquired what one wants! –
The Commentaries of AL Chapter II @pestilence
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fying the idea of Because. For instance, the late Rudolf Steiner fabricated an "Evil Being" which he called "Lucif... t of conditions, that Aiwass calls "Because". But Steiner failed to realize that his idea of the "Christ" also fell into the category of Because! Steiner was a member of high grade of the Order of Illumi
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ances === [[William Wynn Westcott]]; [[Papus]]; [[Rudolf Steiner]]; [[Jean Bricaud]]; Matthew McBlain Thomson; Fr
Saturn in Virgo @crowley:astrology:your-place-among-the-stars
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ways. Three great Theosophists, H. P. Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner and Colonel Olcott have all this position of Satu... , so far as the mental plane was concerned.  Mr. Steiner's Saturn is not so unique or so dominant. He has
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y]]; [[Karl Germer]]; Herr H.J. [[Metzger]]; [[Rudolf Steiner]]; Herr Peschke, astrologer; Paul Linke, hypnot
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hard Orage; Peter Gast (AKA Heinrich Köselitz); [[Rudolf Steiner]]; [[Georges Bataille]]; René Girard; David B. ... er husband Bernhard Förster, Nazi; Gustav Krug; Rudolf Wagner; Wilhelm Pinder; Paul Deussen; Carl von G
Cornelius Agrippa @hermeneuticon
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of the Damned; [[Lewis Spence]]; Henry Morley; [[Rudolf Steiner]]; Philippe Pissier, translator of A Grimoire t
Glossary of Commonly Used Terms in the Western Mystery Tradition @jwmt:v1n0
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otests against the Theosophical Society: first by Rudolf Steiner; and then by Krishnamurti himself. ==== Theurgy
The Seven Portals @crowley:libers:lib71
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one can think of no one, except the very reticent Rudolf Steiner, who betrays practical acquaintance with the Path
From the Diary of a Poliphilic Tourist @godwin
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rmly accept Paracelsus, the Comte de Gabalis, and Rudolf Steiner on the lives and habits of elementals. If ever on
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