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The Constitutions of the Order of Thelemites @crowley:order-of-thelemites
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and Our Veto shall be absolute. (c) M. H. Fra∴ Semper Paratus shall use his own discretion as to the formation ... ersons shall be directly responsible to M.H. Fra∴ Semper Paratus in the same way as he is to Us ultimately. (f) M.H. Fra∴ Semper Paratus shall be entitled to issue Provisional Constituti... the Paths of the Vault of the Adepts.\\ M.H. Fra∴ Semper Paratus shall be empowered, notwithstanding the above, to
Chapter 71 @crowley:confessions
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isit of my representative in South Africa, Frater Semper Paratus. This brother possessed the most remarkable magic... me illustrate what I mean. By profession Frater Semper Paratus was a chartered accountant. He would be called in... es. But --- and here one cannot help feeling that Semper Paratus's faculty of making connection with forces in clo... he studio during that period. On the third night, Semper Paratus decided to walk home to the house of the friends
James Windram @hermeneuticon
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==== James Windram, James Thomas Windram, Frater Semper Paratus, Mercurius "James Windram, Frater Semper Paratus, who later became head of the South African section of the O.T.... earch ==== * [[thls>James Windram]] * [[thls>Semper Paratus]] ==== References ==== * [[Ordo Templi Orient
Chapter LIX: Geomancy @crowley:magick-without-tears
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n //Confessions//, this was James Windram, Frater Semper Paratus, who later became head of the South African secti
Chapter 66 @crowley:confessions
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ork still defies explanation, though I and Frater Semper Paratus, an Adeptus Major of A.'. A.'., have spent much t