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Soliman ben Aissa @hermeneuticon
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{{tag>person}} ====== Soliman ben Aissa ====== <WRAP right 33%> {{ :hermeneuticon:hermetic-library-hermeneuticon-soliman-ben-aissa-the-sketch-1883.png?nolink |Soliman ben Aissa}} Soliman ben Aissa (The Sketch, Aug 30, 1883) {{ :hermeneuticon:szolima-n-ben-aissa-a-megsebezhetetlen-faki-... akír mutatványai (1892. szeptember 25.) </WRAP> Soliman ben Aissa, fakir who had [[Carl Kellner]] as a student. "C
Carl Kellner @hermeneuticon
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msa (with whom Crowley was acquainted) and fakirs Soliman ben Aissa and Bheema Pratapa originally hailed from the Mid