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|search]]\\  [[../index.html|main]]\\ ** \\ |  **Dante and the Divine Imagination** ... bius> on Thursday May 31, @10:20PM**\\ **from the Alighieri-allegory-allegation dept.**\\ [[ e need them both. \\ I also somewhat doubt that Dante would ask to "forgive him his images." I think th... e owned by whoever posted them.\\ \\ \\ [[|**Re: Dante and the Divine Imagination**]]\\ by <Xnoubis> on
The “Seven” Thrones @jones:in-operibus-sigillo-dei-aemeth
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s-sigillo-dei-aemeth:the-seven-thrones-9.gif }}\\ Dante Alighieri</TEXT> Thrones and the divine order appear again in Dante’s unfinished //Convivio// or Banquet, a work refl... resumptuous to reach a conclusion on this point. Dante, //Convivio// II:5 </WRAP> St. Denis would still have been standard Thomist theology for Dante and therefore the //a priori// schema of divine o
The Zodiacal Template @cambra
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Template ====== The author of The Divine Comedy, Dante Alighieri, employs the astrological zodiacal wheel in his w... -toothed cogwheel" (Purgatorio, Canto IV, v. 64). Dante mentions that his realization of having strayed f... s climbing Aries" (Inferno, Canto I, vv. 37-39). Dante employs the signs of the zodiac in a very specifi... and Gemini (Paradisio, Canto XXII, vv. 110-111). Dante's usage of the zodiacal wheel serves as a dramati
Additional Names Included in the List of Saints by Theodor Reuss @sabazius
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r names which are not found in the standard list: Dante Alighieri, Ludwig von Fischer, [[hartmann.htm|Doktor Franz ... , but was dropped from subsequent versions.\\ //Dante Alighieri// (1265 - 1321 e.v.) was the greatest of Italian ... Rose-Croix, and the O.T.O.\\ References:\\ - Dante Alighieri:\\ Benton, William (Publ.); //Encyclopaedia Brita
Saints of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica @hermeneuticon
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s of Theodor Reuss ==== Theodor Reuss included [[Dante Alighieri]], [[Ludwig von Fisher]], [[Franz Hartmann]], and... of the Gnosis to us their successors and heirs; [[Dante]], [[Michelangelo]], and [[Leonardo da Vinci]]; [
Albertus Magnus @hermeneuticon
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; === Close === [[Roger Bacon]]; mentioned by [[Dante Alighieri]]; Pope Alexander the VI; === Critical === ===
Albert Pike @hermeneuticon
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uel ; [[Demosthenes]]; [[Homer]]; [[Apuleius]]; [[Dante Alighieri]]; [[John Milton]]; The "Jewish Rabbis and Indian
A Poetry Society — in Madagascar? @crowley:international:xii:1
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pen rabble,\\ Rose like a cliff the awful form of Dante. Colossally contemptuous, in airy \\ Stature the iron eyes of Alighieri\\ \_ \_ \_ Burn into mine; their razor lightnings
September @hermeneuticon
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London, United Kingdom * [[Greater Feast]] of [[Dante Alighieri]], died [[September 13]]/[[September 14|14]], [[1
September 13 @hermeneuticon
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= September 13 ====== * [[Greater Feast]] of [[Dante Alighieri]], died [[September 13]]/[[September 14|14]], [[1
September 14 @hermeneuticon
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= September 14 ====== * [[Greater Feast]] of [[Dante Alighieri]], died [[September 13]]/[[September 14|14]], [[1
Simon Magus @hermeneuticon
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tin Martyr; Hippolytus, eventually; Epiphanius; [[Dante Alighieri]]; St. [[Augustine]] of Hippo; Charles Williams,
William Stirling @hermeneuticon
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on]]; [[Henry More]]; Metrodorus of Lampsacus ; [[Dante Alighieri]]; Horapollo aka Horus Apollo aka Ὡραπόλλων ; Ph
A Liturgical Calendar for Thelemic Gnosticism @dionysos
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rtus de Fluctibus\\ September 13 – Feast of Saint Dante Alighieri, and of Dame Leila Waddell ---- September 21 –
The “Arabic” Parts of the Original Rosicrucian Documents @caduceus:articles:2:2
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n my possession. [[the-arabic-parts#text28|28]]. Dante Alighieri (1265 - 1321), in his //Divine Comedy//, placed b