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Martinist Initiation @caduceus
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ic treatments, magical evocation and the works of Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772). Although contemporaries, no written ... e exists between Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin and Emanuel Swedenborg, nor even a reference to same. Saint-Martin did n... hree Famous Mystics// Saint-Martin, Jacob Boehme, Swedenborg, Rider & Co. London, England This contains the a
Notes by Hakim Bey to Henri Corbin's Mundus Imaginalis @moorish
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p. 155 - Ibid., p. 112. - Ibid., p. 113. - Emanuel Swedenborg, //Heaven and its Wonders and Hell//, trans. J. C. Ager (New York: Swedenborg Foundation, 1900), §§ 191 to 195. Swedenborg returns repeatedly to this doctrine of space and time-for exampl
Carl Kellner @hermeneuticon
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or of Vita Merlini aka Life of Merlin, 1100 CE; [[Emanuel Swedenborg]]; === Students === [[Theodor Reuss]], with who... ' based on [[P. B. Randolph]]'s [[sex magick]]; [[Swedenborg Rite]] of [[Freemason]]ry; ==== Search ====
Chapter 6. The Order Exhibited at the Rites @texts:theurgia
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, and Plato calls this, the Truth."\\ \\ [[|]]4. Emanuel Swedenborg, in his Memoirs and Spiritual Diary, describes sp
Chapter 7. Origin of the Art of Divination @texts:theurgia
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ughing gas" has a resemblance to the concept that Emanuel Swedenborg acquired his illumination by drinking coffee, and
Chapter 13. Concerning the Mystic Rites @texts:theurgia
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am reminded of the "subject-spirits" described by Emanuel Swedenborg. If one of them is imagined by the individual wit
March @hermeneuticon
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philah]], [[March 29]] * [[Greater Feast]] of [[Emanuel Swedenborg]], died [[March 29]], [[1772]] at London, England
Saint-Yves d’Alveydre and the Agartthian Connection @godwin
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hors of visionary and channeled literature (e.g., Emanuel Swedenborg, Anne Catherine Emmerich, Andrew Jackson Davis, /