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Correspondence between Aleister Crowley and Frieda Harris
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g or fortune-telling. The new catalogue, full of grotesque blunders which discredit the scholarship of the Work, must... e Equinox information ever since the issue of the grotesque and falsified parody which appeared under the aus... talogue crammed with the grossest errors of fact, blunders of scholarsip, irrelevancies and absurdities; to
Chapter 11 @crowley:confessions
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irely to realize that the one book was as full of grotesque blunders and inaccuracies as the other. I arrived in Sulde
Chapter 80 @crowley:confessions
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y disdainful of criticism based on his elementary blunders in Latin and his total ignorance of the history o... ortrayed in almost endless variety. The screen is grotesque, yet is undeniably a work of genius. It possesses