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====== Harry Smith ====== <WRAP right 33%> {{ :hermeneuticon:hermetic-calendar-nov-27-harry-smith.png?nolink |Greater Feast of Harry Smith, died November 27, 1991 at New York, United State... s in Hermeneuticon at Hermetic Library}} </WRAP> Harry Smith, Harry Everett Smith; filmmaker ==== Events ==== * [[Greater Feast]] of [[Harry Smith]], died [[November 27]], [[1991]] at New York, Un
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|search]]\\  [[../index.html|main]]\\ ** \\ |  **Harry Smith's Anthology** |{{:... 1:30PM**\\ **from the arcana-americana dept.**\\ Harry Smith's three volume //Anthology of American Folk Music... 0528201635/|The Harry Smith Archives]] relate that he created a synthesis of ... ]]. (Anybody got a better shot of that graphic?) Harry Smith died in 1991 at the Chelsea Hotel, the same place
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J. Watts of Dublin in 1730; and in 1734 Bro. Wm. Smith issued a "Pocket Companion," of which later versi... Harodim. It is the "Pocket Companion" of Brother Smith {505} of Dublin adapted to English use; its full ... mier Grand Lodge. In 1783 Brother Captain George Smith published a work entitled, "The Use and Abuse of ... the third brother Tubal Cain found the science of smith's craft, in gold, silver, copper, and iron. And
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rk]]//, 105.)) Long ago, economists such as Adam Smith, Karl Marx, John Stuart Mill and Thorstein Veblen... AVIRM|White Chrysanthemums]]//, ed. George Knox & Harry Lawton (New York: Herder & Herder, 1971), 69 (ori... s for better activities, it represses them. Adam Smith knew that too. William Godwin added: “The poor a... e fiction, might find even Bookchin challenging. Harry Potter fans might have trouble too. Le Guin hers
The Abolition of Work @black
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ary) tranquility of Harvard. As Bell notes, Adam Smith in //The Wealth of Nations//, for all his enthusi... than Ayn Rand or the Chicago economists or any of Smith’s modern epigones. As Smith observed: “The understandings of the greater part of men are necessarily for... r evolution of industrialism has accentuated what Harry Braverman called the degradation of work. Intelli
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d Kelly]] (offsite link)\\ November 27 – Feast of Harry Smith December 1 – Feast of Saint Sir Aleister Crowley
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=== RINGING DENUNCIATION OF SURREALISM ==== (For Harry Smith) AT THE SURREALIST FILM show, someone asked Stan... zen or so articles of the Bill of Rights- -"Dirty Harry." Nice human cops, coping with human perversity,
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views ===== [[the-conversions|The Conversions by Harry Mathews]] [[leaving-the-atocha-station|Leaving t... nt-on-a-hill|From a Basement on a Hill by Elliott Smith]] [[reality|Reality by Peter Kingsley]] [[the-i
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] at Bangkok, Thailand * [[Greater Feast]] of [[Harry Smith]], died [[November 27]], [[1991]] at New York, Un
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pter-i|Cap. I]], 37-38 * [[Greater Feast]] of [[Harry Smith]], died [[November 27]], [[1991]] at New York, Un
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====== 1991 ====== * [[Greater Feast]] of [[Harry Smith]], died [[November 27]], [[1991]] at New York, Unite
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<dd>[i.e. sneak-thief] Vincent Murphin. Feb. 11: Harry Prise, of Lewsam, came to me </dd> <dd>at Mortla... . Mar. 23: </dd> <dd>at Mortlake came to me Hugh Smith, who had returned from Magellan's Straights </dd
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t Admiral X, or Captain Y, or Lord Z, or my Uncle Harry (as the case might be) saw them with his own eyes... s a serious story. Bishop Welldon, Bishop Taylor Smith (the Chaplain-General), Dr. Horton, Sir J. C. Ric
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