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====== James Branch Cabell ====== <WRAP right 33%> {{ :hermeneuticon:hermetic-calendar-may-5-james-branch-cabell.png |Greater Feast of James Branch Cabell in Hermeneuticon at Hermetic Library}} </WRAP> **James Branch Cabell** America 1879 – 1958 As a Fantasy writer, his ... e"; ==== Events ==== * [[Greater Feast]] of [[James Branch Cabell]], died [[May 5]], [[1958]] at Richmond, Virginia
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on/Byzantium]], 36 ==== C ==== [[/hermeneuticon/James Branch Cabell|Cabell, James Branch]], 73, 342\\ [[/hermeneuticon/Cadiz]], 288\\ [[/h... /Raven Hill|Hill, Raven]], 199\\ [[/hermeneuticon/James P Hilton|Hilton, James P.]], 151\\ [[/hermeneuticon/Himalayan Sheep]], 300\\ [[/hermeneuticon/Hindu]], x... cobs, Indian Rothschild]], 255\\ [[/hermeneuticon/James Jeans|Jeans, Sir James]], 16\\ [[/hermeneuticon/J
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====== James Branch Cabell ====== * The Silver Stallion * Taboo * The Biography of Manuel * Figures of Earth ... sewhere at the library ==== * [[/hermeneuticon/james-branch-cabell]] * [[thls>James Branch Cabell]] {{tag>figure}}
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y of Pan. ALEXANDER TABASCO.   BEYOND LIFE. By JAMES BRANCH CABELL. Robert M. McBride & Co. FOR four years I have b... quite understand why the //Times// says that Mr. Cabell is “one of the most pretentiously attitudinizing ... l. Fortunately, I had Mr. Mencken to indicate Mr. Cabell. Thus, I was able to read the book as if I knew n... aordinary things in this book. I do not think Mr. Cabell’s irony so wonderful as his humour. He says, “The
Chapter 75 @crowley:confessions
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to show in my essay (//The Reviewer//, July 1923) James Branch Cabell is a world genius of commanding stature. He comes... ainment impossible in the nature of things. Like James Thomson, however, as I have demonstrated in my es... oism wins through. Even as things stand, I regard Cabell as by far the greatest genius of his genus that h... I have been accused of exaggerated enthusiasm for Cabell. The more stupid and mean-minded have even explai
The Influence of Aleister Crowley upon “Ye Bok of ye Art Magical” @crowley:other
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, some similar material occurs in chapter XXII of James Branch Cabell’s novel Jurgen (New York, 1919), and I have even ... m this source, or that Crowley took material from Cabell, or that all three are derived from some common a... elieve was originally written down in 1904. Since Cabell was a prolific writer, who wrote over 30 books, i... ikely that Crowley could have taken material from Cabell rather than vice versa. (Indeed, this sort of pla
Part One: King Pausole and the Wican Rede. @jones:wican-ethics
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satire on Crowley’s Gnostic Mass in chapter 22 of James Branch Cabell’s //Jurgen//.<sup>[[part-one-king-pausole-and-the... art-one-king-pausole-and-the-wican-rede#text9|9]] James Branch Cabell. //Jurgen: a Comedy of Justice//. New York: R.M. ... & Company, 1922, c1919. [[|<http:%%//>]] [[part-one-king-pausole-and-the-wican-rede#tex
E.G.C. “SECTION 2” Reading List @dionysos
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r of the Sanctuary of the Gnosis. //Jurgen//, by James Branch Cabell. A picaresque fantasy. Chapter 22 “As to a Veil T... t this novel banned. //Something about Eve//, by James Branch Cabell. Explores themes such as the diabolical pact and
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[[cabell:|James Branch Cabell]] <list-group> * [[cabell:]] * [[figures:]] * [[:]] </list-group>
Chapter LXXIV: Obstacles on the Path @crowley:magick-without-tears
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//The Rivet in Grandfather's Neck// of my friend, James Branch Cabell. So now, fair damozel, bestride thy palfrey, and
A Liturgical Calendar for Thelemic Gnosticism @dionysos
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1 – [[34-52|Feast of Cattle]]\\ May 5 - Feast of James Branch Cabell\\ May 8 – Feast of Saint Paul Gaugin, and of Dame
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====== 1958 ====== * [[Greater Feast]] of [[James Branch Cabell]], died [[May 5]], [[1958]] at Richmond, Virginia
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Lucé, Amboise, France * [[Greater Feast]] of [[James Branch Cabell]], died [[May 5]], [[1958]] at Richmond, Virginia
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ib65#i|Cap. I]], 59-61 * [[Greater Feast]] of [[James Branch Cabell]], died [[May 5]], [[1958]] at Richmond, Virginia
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2013 * [[John Yarker]], added August 2013 * [[James Branch Cabell]], added August 2018 ==== See also === * [[Or
Chapter 76 @crowley:confessions
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Chapter XIV: Noise @crowley:magick-without-tears
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