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y survived during the McCarthy Era, when the late Karl Germer was in charge, and the OTO turned inward for two ... the contemporary authentic Ordo Templi Orientis. Karl Germer, Crowley’s immediate successor, had barely escape... few devotees (e.g. Kenneth Grant, Grady McMurtry, Karl Germer), and may have given Gardner an "accelerated adva... zed version of the OTO. Crowley, or his successor Karl Germer, who also knew Dr. Gardner, likely set "old Geral
History of the Gnostic Catholic Church @sabazius
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ey died in 1947, and was succeeded as O.H.O. by {{germer.jpg?linkonly|Karl Germer}} (Saturnus, 1885-1962). During Germer's tenure as O.H.O., the only group regularly celebrating the Gnost... Gnostic Mass in the 1950s at its temple in Stein. Germer died in 1962, without naming a successor. The O.T
Grady Louis McMurtry @hermeneuticon
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addition, the EGC Manual specifies that the names Karl Johannes Germer and Grady Louis McMurtry may optionally be added
"the Aeon of the Death Cookie" @egc
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I finish, I always finish with Aleister Crowley, Karl Johannes Germer, and - **Jerome**: They have to be dead? **Rich... have to be dead as a doornail. So I always stick Germer and McMurtry in here. **Jerome**: Well, Germer I didn't know, but Grady I did. **Richard**: Well, Germer was a Master of the Temple, so he sure as shit be
The Order of the Lion and the Order of the Eagle @sabazius
4 Hits, Last modified:|Off-site Link]] * Sir Karl Johannes Germer X° -- inducted April 1999 e.v. [[|Off-site Link]] * [[reuss|Dr. Sir Theodor Reuss
Dr. Arnoldo Krumm-Heller @sabazius
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ited Crowley in Cefalú. On June 7, 1930, Crowley, Karl Germer and Karl's first wife Cora met with Krumm-Heller at Krumm-Heller's house in Berlin, Germany. Parsival, ... ler's death.) * Mexico: Mario Alvarez * Cuba: Johannes Muller Rider (Frater Thelemako) * Argentina: ?
The Golden Dawn FAQ @gdlibrary
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collection, fortified with materials provided by Karl Germer.”</WRAP> Although Yorke probably helped Regardie... t V,]] below). The O.T.O. was founded in 1895 by Karl Kellner as a concretization of various Masonic ri
A Liturgical Calendar for Thelemic Gnosticism @dionysos
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r 25 – Feast of Saint Gerard Encausse, and of Sir Karl Johannes Germer\\ October 28 – Feast of Saint Theodor Reuss\\ Oct
Addenda to Advice for Deacons @dionysos
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tion, the //EGC Manual// specifies that the names Karl Johannes Germer and Grady Louis McMurtry may optionally be added
Order of the Lion @hermeneuticon
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[[Grady Louis McMurtry]], added April 1999 * [[Karl Johannes Germer]], added April 1999 * [[Theodor Reuss]], added
Fun of the Fair @crowley:fun-of-the-fair
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on the occasion of her marriage to\\ my staunch\\ Karl Johannes Germer. \\ This effort at a "grand reportage" is withi