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March @hermeneuticon
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nzance, United Kingdom * [[Greater Feast]] of [[Lola Zaza Crowley]], died [[March 9]], [[1990]] at Reading, UK * ... [[Thelemic Tephilah]], [[March 19]] (evening), [[/crowley/libers/lib7|Liber VII]], [[/crowley/libers/lib7#prologue-of-the-unborn|Prologue of the Unborn]] * [[Thel... orning), [[TAV]], [[The Universe]], [[Earth]]; [[/crowley/libers/lib65|Liber LXV]], [[/crowley/libers/lib65
Lola Zaza Crowley @hermeneuticon
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====== Lola Zaza Crowley ====== <WRAP right 33%> {{ :hermeneuticon:hermetic-calendar-mar-9-lola-zaza-crowley.png |Lola Zaza Crowley, in Hermeneuticon at Hermetic Library}} </WRAP> **Lola Zaza Crowley**, daughter of [[Rose Edith Kelly]] and [[Aleiste... 7]] ==== Events ==== * [[Greater Feast]] of [[Lola Zaza Crowley]], died [[March 9]], [[1990]] at Reading, UK ===
Chapter 3 @crowley:confessions
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alled "the little Chinese girl", so his daughter, Lola Zaza, has the Mongolian physiognomy even more pronounc... eading //Martin Rattler// and scolded him. Edward Crowley took his part. If the book was good enough to read on any day, why not on Sunday? To Edward Crowley, every day was the Lord's Day; sabbatarianism was... nd his two sons, very strict Evangelicals. Edward Crowley wanted to warn his son against the commonest inci
Chapter 1 @crowley:confessions
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rds been used, he was a pagan, his marriage void, Lola Zaza a bastard and his wife a light o'love! Crowley tried to help the wretched worm; but, alas, he remembered ... nel had to fork out for a dispensation from Rome. Crowley himself squandered a lot of cash in one way or an... brimstone which burneth for ever and ever. Edward Crowley used to give away tracts to strangers, besides di
Chapter 60 @crowley:confessions
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and 1908. My own continuous illness, the birth of Lola Zaza and the tragedy of Rose had combined to complicat... stify against the tyranny of time((WEH Note: Here Crowley refers to the preferred manner of his publication... rfect. His four Watch Towers (//The Equinox//, [[/crowley/equinox/i/vii/eqi07001|vol. I, no. VII]]) and sim... the dearest memories of my life. I dedicated //[[/crowley/the-winged-beetle/|Winged Beetle]]// to him. Ala
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f [[Nuit Ma Ahathoor Hecate Sappho Jezebel Lilith Crowley]] and [[Lola Zaza Crowley]] ==== Events ==== * [[Lesser Feast]], born [[July 23]], [[1874]] at Paddington, England * [... tt, 1897 * Widowed, 1899 * Married [[Aleister Crowley]], 1903 * Divorced, 1909 * Committed to an as... volume of [[The Equinox]] inscribed by [[Aleister Crowley]] to [[Edmund Sidney Pollock Haynes|E. S. P. Hayn
Chapter 57 @crowley:confessions
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boot lest she should misinterpret my meaning. So Lola Zaza lives today. May her life prove worth the pains I... f since I knew myself at last, not to be Aleister Crowley, an individual independent of the communion of co
March 9 @hermeneuticon
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ephilah]], [[March 9]] * [[Greater Feast]] of [[Lola Zaza Crowley]], died [[March 9]], [[1990]] at Reading, UK {{t
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====== 1990 ====== * [[Greater Feast]] of [[Lola Zaza Crowley]], died [[March 9]], [[1990]] at Reading, UK