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The Book of Going Back By Night
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ge">The Book of Going Back By Night\\ Received by Orryelle Bascule</TEXT> ==== INTRODUCTION ==== This tran... st seems a particularly potent Gateway therein. -Orryelle Bascule, Aug 4, 1999 ==== THE BOOK OF GOING BACK... May Fresh Fever consume us all! Blessed Bee, — Orryelle Defenestrate/Bascule August 1999 ==== POSTSCRIPT... rts are available in published form directly from Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule in //Book of Going Back by N
Liber Pennae Ultim-Atum
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Liber Pennae Ultim-Atum ====== ===== Received by Orryelle Bascule ===== {{ :wisdom:wisdom-liber-pennae-ult... dgement.png?333 |JUDGEMENT/THE AEON Tarot Card by Orryelle Bascule}}\\ **JUDGEMENT/THE AEON Tarot Card**\\ Copyright © 1999 Orryelle Bascule. From **The Book of ChAos** In the //Boo
Received Wisdom
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ion. [[lpu|Liber Pennae Ultim-Atum]] Received by Orryelle Defenestrate. A [[lpu-comment|Commentary on Libe... ght|The Book of Going Back By Night]] Received by Orryelle Defenestrate. [[lib-follis|Liber A vel Follis]]
Liber Pennae Ultim-Atum The Commentary
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arge">Liber Pennae Ultim-Atum The Commentary\\ by Orryelle Bascule</TEXT> ==== THE COMMENTARY: ==== **(1)*... ara chakra) to join with that of the Universe. **Orryelle Defenestrate** is 2'3' Supreme Fool/Magus of [[ht