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Preface to Androcles and the Lion: On the Prospects of Christianity @crowley:libers
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identifying Matthew the publican with Matthew the Evangelist); and John is the only evangelist whose account of Christ's ... lines at all, they will be quite arbitrary ones. St. John tells us that when Jesus explicitly claimed divin... urch except as sightseers, will revel in parts of John's gospel which mean nothing to a pious matter-of-... neither the iconographic Christ nor the Christ of St. Paul has succeeded in effecting the salvation of
the-flame-of-love @eberly
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esence of God. This work is heavily influenced by St. John of the Cross, the Spanish author of Dark Night of the Soul, a contemporary of St. Teresa of Avila, two of Christiandom’s most ecst... ok, Elsie introduces Jay, Sara, Larry, Kathy, and John, the character Karin’s (26) son to a vast multi-l... sh as she stomps and struts like a snake-handling evangelist/shaman. Something primal and necessary breaks thr
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de of Bingen, Jacob Boehme, Miguel de Molinos and St. John of the Cross together with General Orthodox Catho... Bingen,\\\\ >Jacob Boehme, Miguel de Molinos and St. John of the Cross together\\\\ \\\\ I'd never lump Boe... ples of how a good Christian life could be lived. John of the Cross wrote his greatest work, "The Dark N... n their day, though not to the degree of Molinos, John of the Cross or Boehme....\\\\ \\| |\\
John the Evangelist @hermeneuticon
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t 33%> {{ :hermeneuticon:hermetic-calendar-dec-27-john-the-evangelist.png?nolink |Feast of John the Evangelist, St John's Day, December 27}} </WRAP> John the Evangelist ==== Events ==== * [[Feast]] of [[John the Evangelist]], [[St John's Day]], [[December 27]] ==== Search ==== * [[thls>John the Evangelist]] {{tag>person}}
St John's Day @hermeneuticon
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[St John's Day]], on [[June 24]] * [[Feast]] of [[John the Evangelist]], [[St John's Day]], on [[December 27]] {{tag>event}}
A Masonic Glossary of the Gnostic Mass @dionysos
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land, at the quarterly meeting on the festival of St. John the Evangelist, in 1720, adopted the following regulation: "That... sed by the early Christians for the true God; for St. John, in the Apocalypse, has this expression--O Wn, ka... ces to various Christian saints, including Saints John the Baptist, John the Evangelist, Alban, Augustine, and Bernard. However, many of ... FLUDD, ROBERT. (In Mackey and Mackenzie)\\ > DEE, JOHN. (In Mackenzie under MAGIC)\\ > KELLY, SIR EDWARD
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engaging Larson in heated confrontation. When the evangelist couldn't think of anything else to say, he ended ... en unite!\\ \\ [[|**Re: Dangerous Art**]]\\ by <John> on Wednesday August 15, @10:55AM\\ Hi!\\ \\ Bla... Just some subculture which once was radical.\\ \\ John\\ \\ |**Re: Dangerous Art**\\\\ by <Virbius> on... > <HTML><li></HTML>|**Re: Dangerous Art**\\\\ by <John> on Saturday August 18, @08:07AM\\
December @hermeneuticon
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6]] at Los Angeles, California * [[Feast]] of [[John the Evangelist]], [[St John's Day]], [[December 27]] * [[Greater Feast]] of [[Miguel de Molinos]], [[Molinos]], died [[Decem
Winter solstice @hermeneuticon
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| —[[/browe/comselha]] </WRAP> Feast day "for John the Evangelist … celebrated in Freemasonry … near … Winter Solstice"—[[/hermeneuticon/st-johns-day]] ==== Events ==== * [[Winter Solst... * [[/crowley/libers/lib15]] * [[/hermeneuticon/st-johns-day]] * [[/browe/comselha]] * [[/dionys
December 27 @hermeneuticon
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6]] at Los Angeles, California * [[Feast]] of [[John the Evangelist]], [[St John's Day]], [[December 27]] {{tag>event}}{{tag>december}}{{tag>"days of the year"}}
Order of the Asiatic Brethren @hermeneuticon
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sten aus Asien in Europa (the Asiatic Brethren of St. John the Evangelist in Europe) banned 1785. An Advanced group of Fre... It organized Melchisedeck lodges to perform the 1st 3 degrees of Freemasonry for non Christians so th
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world in the disaster. I could have made him the evangelist of Thelema; with his abilities he might have been more important in history than St. Paul. But he could never do any great work as lo... otorist could break the record from Land's End to John o'Groats if he shied and ran off the road every t... an his subject, was quite dissimilar from that of John Bunyan, and yet the suggestion of identity was un