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nibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers): how do Thelemic communities deal with them? Incorporate them into their own special interest groups ("Guild of Thelemic CHUD")? Ignore them and hope they go away? Or eje... r issue with "undesirable" folks involved in the "Thelemic Community" has to do with the goals and direction... enniless hippies would not be. Since most of the "Thelemic Orders" have not established what their goals are
The Gospel According to Saint Bernard Shaw @crowley:libers
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age of one who is "too proud to fight" when a few days previously he has given unmistakeable {7} proofs ... t was written down at the direct dictation of the Holy Ghost. It was this theory which the skeptics were... hat the victim has committed the `sin against the Holy Ghost'. Such ravings are only possible to slave-... ait en sa sainte garde!" "May God have him in His Holy Keeping!" "Completion of the Scheme by Luther an
The Holy Books Preface by Hymenaeus Alpha @eidolons
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) </WRAP> Crowley later recognized Aiwass as his Holy Guardian Angel, and came to accept the mantle of Thelemic prophet of the on of Horus thrust upon him by his... 6, it is nevertheless the most influential of the Holy Books, with the greatest general relevance to hum... n of the technical class (Class A) to which these Holy Books belong. Chapter I, verse 36, states that th... e MS. is exactly as it was written on those three days. </WRAP> The stèle (or stela) referred to in §D
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etic Library Ministry of Information ===== ===== Thelemic Holy Days ===== ====== Anno V0 ====== ===== March 20, 201... ic Library ==== * [[|Search for “Thelemic Holy Days” at the library]]   [[index.html#top|Top]] | [... ight of the Prophet and his Bride]] [[index.html|Thelemic Holy Days, Anno V0]] [[../index.html|Office of the Ministr
Liber A vel Follis @wisdom
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Liber A vel Follis ====== ===== "The Book of the Holy Fool" Revealed unto the scribe Perseverando by h... Blessed be the Lord - One, Child, Aeon!'" 4. The Holy One, Blessed be He, was very pleased by such a si... one!" 6. And the Lord Initiating didst honor the Holy Fool, and gaveth the letter A both the first and ... LTAIR, MAHAMAYA, NULL, BLACK AEON\\ \\ 56 = WORD, HOLY, AMRITA, ELOHIM, MAGUS, AMENTI, BOULAK, STELE, SE
The Gnostic Mass: Annotations and Commentary by Helena and Tau Apiryon @sabazius
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ng to explain away or trivialize the mysteries of Thelemic Gnosticism in "common language," we have sought t... lly published in "Mystery of Mystery: a Primer of Thelemic Ecclesiastical Gnosticism," published as Number 2 of the private Thelemic journal //Red Flame.// ====Title==== <wrap EGC>... es of the Book of Thoth. <WRAP clear/> ==== The Holy Graal ==== <wrap graal></wrap> Cf. The Ace of C
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basement. The Gnostics are often remembered these days for their pessimism and hatred of the natural wor... not necessarly mean they are the best source for Thelemic evolution...and even if some one has\\\\ an abund... e might operate for a while from the trappings of Thelemic cult: the Mass, Liber Resh, a photo of the Stele ... Tuesday October 31, @03:32PM\\ ...back in my OTO days, when i was living in ye old Berkeley, i went int
The Commentaries of AL Chapter III @pestilence
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l' is a technical name for the Major Adept in the Thelemic Current, 55 being a number of Geburah utilizing t... then", for HEATHEN=5+ 5+1+9+5+5+50=80, one of the Holy Numbers. See AL i, 46, 57, and Liber XVI; also VI... of our fine 'Christian' phrases? In the good old days there was some sort of natural selection; brains ... ". I gracefully acknowledged the greeting to Our Holy Order, but went on with my search.\\ There is no
An Analysis of the Gnostic Mass @egc
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nvocation of Ra-Hoor-Kuit * The mystery play of Thelemic cosmology * A symbolic revelation of the system... objective and subjective. Below this again is The Holy Graal, with roses on each side of it. The Ace of ... Eye in the Triangle, the descending Dove, and the Holy Graal, respectively." There are a total of 22 ca... he "DNA" continuity>>// AUMGN. AUMGN. AUMGN. The Thelemic Amen x3. For a full analysis of the word "aumgn"
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condoned or dismissed by our chosen social unit (Thelemic or Thelemite Groups). Thus we can work to modify ... s is what I consider the Ultimate Evil within the Thelemic context, though by Thelemic standards, it is the Ultimate Good. Old Æonic institutions may use the Devil or... evil would be complete without touching upon the Thelemic baddies, the Black Brotherhood<sup>[[index.html#n
The Commentaries of AL Chapter I @pestilence
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lass here. (Exceptions, such as quotes from other Holy Books, are duly noted.)\\ Such texts are in bold ... Book was called L. L is the sacred letter in the Holy Twelvefold Table which forms the triangle that st... there is no difference.**   This is a great and holy mystery. Although each star has its own number, e... gically, those of his faith, with results such as Holy Inquisitions, Crusades, and others.//   **5. He
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own judgment must be the ultimate arbiter in all Thelemic exegesis. Our attitudes toward the study and comprehension of our Holy Books must be shaped by our own personal interact... to do my will then I, under the provisions of the Thelemic charter of rights, //Liber OZ,// have the right t... tory is used as the basis for an understanding of holy writ. The Hebrew word for paradise (literally, ga... the Prophet and his Bride! A feast for the three days of the writing of the Book of the Law. A feast fo
Aleister Crowley: His Contribution to the Western Mysteries Tradition @jwmt:v1n0
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> Crowley seems to have also resolved to put the days of strict discipline behind him. <WRAP indent> "... for this "major".[27] He also says, "But in those days of adolescence I had no inducement to do any kind... Liber Cordis Cincte Serpente" are included in The Holy Books of Thelema[37] and also recommended by Rega... snake! It is now is the hour\\ Of the hooded and holy ineffable flower.\\ Rise, O my snake, into brilli
THREE DAYS OF THE WRITING OF THE BOOK OF THE LAW @information:anno-v-0:three-days-of-the-writing-of-the-book-of-the-law
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the-prophet-and-his-bride/index|First Night of the Prophet and his Bride]] [[../index|Thelemic Holy Days, Anno V0]]
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Herself, and shall bring it forth again in those days when men desire to restore the world. As a vision shall it come to them in those days, and through their knowledge and will shall it be... onder at the paucity of ideas relating to Nuit in Thelemic doctrine. There are a few practical works related... f the inside of the womb during a woman's fertile days of the month, when it is engorged with blood.] W
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History of the Gnostic Catholic Church @sabazius
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Introduction To The Qabalah @casa_del_campo
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An Examination of Liber CI @eidolons
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The Commentaries of AL Chapter II @pestilence
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The Sepher Yetzirah @heidrick
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A Beginner’s Guide to Crowley Books @bkwyrm
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yetzirah @invisible-college:misc
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Thelemic Marriage @bell
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The Rite of the Milk of the Stars @webster
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The Golden Dawn FAQ @gdlibrary
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Manes @sabazius
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MAGICK and QABALAH No. 1 @heidrick:mq
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Live and Let Die: Fear of a Voodoo Planet @key23
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Mohammed @sabazius
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My Path (so far) @eidolons
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A Discourse on the Sixth Article @dionysos
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Center of Pestilence @casa_del_campo
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A Ritual of the Heptagram @norton:papers
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magicalcopouts @osiris
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A Ritual of the Heptagram @enochia
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A Ritual of the Heptagram @browe
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Mosheh @hermeneuticon
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Reflections on "Thou Who Art" @dionysos
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Siddhârtha @sabazius
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A Liturgical Calendar for Thelemic Gnosticism @dionysos
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