Two Little Savages

Copyright 1911, by
Doubleday, Page & Company

In this Book the designs for Title-page, Jackets,
and general make-up were done by
Grace Gallatin Seton


Because I have known the torment of thirst I would dig a well where others may drink.

E. T. S.

Two Little Savages
A Book of American Woodcraft for Boys

The Chapters

Part I

Glenyan & Pan

I. Glimmerings
II. Spring
III. His Adjoining Brothers
IV. The Book
V. The Collarless Stranger
VI. Glenyan
VII. The Shanty
VIII. The Beginnings of Woodlore
IX. Tracks
X. Biddy's Contribution
XI. Lung Balm
XII. A Crisis
XIII. The Lynx
XIV. Froth

Part II

Sanger & Sam

I. The New Home
II. Sam
III. The Wigwam
IV. The Sanger Witch
V. Caleb
VI. The Making of the Teepee
VII. The Calm Evening
VIII. The Sacred Fire
IX. The Bows and Arrows
X. The Dam
XI. Yan and the Witch
XII. Dinner with the Witch
XIII. The Hostile Spy
XIV. The Quarrel
XV. The Peace of Minnie

Part III

In the Woods

I. Really in the Woods
II. The first Night and Morning
III. A Crippled Warrior and the Mud-Albums
IV. A “Massacree” of Palefaces
V. The Deer Hunt
VI. War Bonnet, Teepee and Coups
VII. Campercraft
VIII. The Indian Drum
IX. The Cat and the Skunk
X. The Adventures of a Squirrel Family
XI. How to See the Woodfolk
XII. Indian Signs and Getting Lost
XIII. Tanning Skins and Making Moccasins
XIV. Caleb's Philosophy
XV. A Visit from Raften
XVI. How Yan Knew the Ducks Afar
XVII. Sam's Woodcraft Exploit
XVIII. The Owls and the Night-School
XIX. The Trial of Grit
XX. The White Revolver
XXI. The Triumph of Guy
XXII. The Coon Hunt
XXIII. The Banshee's Wail and the Huge Night Prowler
XXIV. Hawkeye Claims Another Grand Coup
XXV. The Three-fingered Tramp
XXVI. Winning Back the Farm
XXVII. The Rival Tribe
XXVIII. White Man's Woodcraft
XXIX. The Long Swamp
XXX. A New Kind of Coon
XXXI. On the Old Camp Ground
XXXII. The New War Chief

List of Full Pages

Part I

1. “Grazing spellbound in the window”
2. “He already knew the Downy Woodpecker”
3. Yan's Toilet
4. The Coon Track
5. “There in his dear cabin were three tramps”
6. It surely was a Lynx“

Part II

7. “The wigwam was a failure”
8. “Get out o' this now, or I'll boot ye”
9. Pattern for Teepee
10. Pattern for Thunder Bull's Teepee and of Black Bull's Teepee
11. ”'Clicker-a-clicker!' her shrieked … and down like a dart“
12. Rubbing-sticks for fire-making
13. The Archery Outfit
14. “The dame was a great success”
15 “Ugh! Heap sassy”
16. “There stood Raften, spectator of the whole affair”

Part III

17. “If ye kill any Song-birds, I'll use rawhide on ye”
18. “Where's the axe?”
19. “He soon appeared, waving a branch”
20. The War Bonnet
21. “The old Cat raged and tore”
22. Indian Signs
23. “The Two Smokes”
24. The Fish and River Ducks
25. The Sea Ducks
26. Owl-stuffing plate
27. “Guy gave a leap of terror and fell”
28. Well, sonny, cookin' dinner?”
29. “He nervously fired and missed”