Listener Email: Religion and Podcast 43


Thank you for another great podcast! Don’t stop, baby, please don’t stop.

This religion debate hurts my head though. If Thelema is declared a religion, will it bring Crowley books to the religion sections of my local bookstores? That would be nice. I’m pretty sure that the only antidote to this headache is greater literacy. Maybe we can just put the “stupid kind of mischief” quote above the door of all the Thelemic churches. I’m sure there’s a happy compromise that will enable us all to get back to the holy task of disseminating the law.

Love under will,


POSTED BY JLCROW ON 10.11.07 @ 3:24 PM

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Thanks for your comment Sarah.

Greater literacy you say? As in the ability to read or a higher literacy of say, the Thelemic corpus? Not be to too self referential, but I have written more about this subject on my blog. You may want to read this post. It goes deeper into this subject, and may come closer to your suggested compromise.


BY JLCROW ON 10.11.07 4:19 PM

After listening to the interview on whether or not Thelema is a religion, I decided to do my own research. Expounding on the ideas of religion vs. ideology, I think it is necessary to create a hybrid term such as religious ideology. Thelema has different aspects of both a religion and and ideology. I don’t think Crowley was forced to chose the words he chose because he did not have another choice. It just goes to show the limits imposed upon us by language.

BY PHOENIX7390 ON 10.23.07 10:41 PM