“You should be spitting blood, flathead!”

TOPY London

This place of learning is infected with a population consisting largely, approximately 99%, of idle-minded, reactionary scum-filth. Listen, you! We expect nothing from you…we have burnt our hope as far as you are concerned…we want to speak to the ones who are prepared to stop eating their food. Misery is your food… scum-filth party politics is your food…when will you look down and see what is on the end of your fork - the naked lunch? We give up, you little people, your tenacity, your insistence on little wretched miseries amazes us. Stop reading this now. Because it is highly unlikely that you are one of those able to understand us. Why are students so stupid? Why are students so lazy? Why are students the stronghold of conservative ideology? Why do students permit the atrocity of education to continue? Why do they open their mouths to be pissed into? We considered beginning FREE FOOD like the San Francisco Diggers in the ‘60’s, then we decided that realistically it would have to be GRASS for the sheep that you are. We see some of your kind standing around lamely trying to attract people to your cozy socialist manifestoes. We shit on them. You understand nothing about the real dialectics of existence. PRAXIS is THOUGHT & ACTION combined. Revolutionary praxis is out on the streets - expressing disenchantment with body and will in tandem, no separation. When we see you dawdling on the campus, or wherever, we laugh at your obesity, your swollen, rank, causes, your styles, your whimpers. YOU SHOULD BE SPITTING BLOOD. Every young person in this country has been fucked over, damaged, shat on, by the same people you listen to in your lecture theaters. YOU SHOULD BE TEACHING THEM ABOUT FUCKING DIALECTICS. I was a student, yes; I admit it, I was there. I listened. I heard Marx being taught and discussed. I heard the whine of student voices all around, mumbling, “Mmmmm, very interesting, could have a point.” And then they go away, and screw themselves into the ground with mind-rot disco's, mind-rot poxy discussion circles. DO SOMETHING, YOU INERT BUNCH 0F TORY BASTARDS!! YOU SHOULD BE ATTACKING-THE SCUM IN YOU! We throw up our arms, and cry, we scream at the skies, WHERE DO THESE DUMB FUCKING STUDENTS GET OFF!!? And we know the answer, they get off at the Docklands, they get off at the career, they get off on success, they get off on taking their misery as style. WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKEY, WAKEY, STUPID SHITFACE! You stare at us with your shit-eating grins, you look forward to your mushroom—picking excursions or your cheese and wine evenings. You are a sad sight…WE HATE YOU…WE HATE THE YOU IN US.

Your misery is your style. Your pleasures are anemic, self-congratulatory POLITICS SHOULD BE A BACCHANALIA -The Price of Existence is Eternal Struggle. We see you twitch a little, shuffle on the spot, and we guess that this is your pathetic attempt at struggle. This is a place of learning, these hallowed halls, these transmission centers, handing down the wisdom of the ages, the best of culture, the wherewithal to become an adequate person, with initiative and enterprise, with a vocation. And you, the scum-suckers, swallow it all with a vengeance. Louis Althusser said that the universities were the real fortresses of class influence. Never a truer word spoken. You should be attacking your education, you should be saying, “THIS ISN'T THE TRUTH. THE MOTHERFUCKERS ARE FEEDING US SHIT!” Because if they were speaking truths, you wouldn’t still be there, you would have LEARNED not to be there. In the ‘60’s, a book was published by New Left Review authors, called, STUDENT POWER. Find this book, and read it. Especially the article by Perry Anderson, COMPONENTS OF THE NATIONAL CULTURE. READ IT AND ACT ON IT. I'm not going to explain it for you now, or what you should do about it. I figure you have fed from the big spoon in the sky for long enough. PLEASE GROW UP. YOU ARE YOUNG, but there is nothing of youth about you - you are old in your misery and your reactionary ways. WE HOWEVER, WANT TO SEE EVERY COCK AND CUNT WITHOUT GUILT, REALLY, REALLY, FREE. We want to see true wills fulfilled we want every single human being to live an authentic life, a brave, courageous confrontation with our existential dilemma. We want to see an end to the “student”, to the passive misery of youth in this bullshit little country, the fucking dungheap it is. Look to the top of the dungpile, do you really want to be there? It is built on “learning”, on education, we call it conditioning. You are taught passivity. IT IS NOT INNATE. DISENCHANTMENT IS NOT A STYLE. STOP TREATING IT AS SUCH. WE REPEAT AGAIN, BECAUSE YOU MORONS ALWAYS SEEM TO NEED IT - YOU SHOULD BE SPITTING BLOOD. We have stopped assuming you are intelligent. The gravity of the times must excuse the gravity of our tone.

“Corrupt is the teacher, for they who speak have only spent words to give… Do ye not speak from between your thighs?”—Austin Osman Spare