Closed Circuit Transmission December 1991

Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth
North American Station TOPYSoL
P.O. Box 948545, San Diego, CA, 92163-3540 USA
Timefix: December 1991
Closed Circuit Transmission - Receptor Frequency One
For Control Agents Only

Dearest Individual,

This fall has been particularly busy for all ov thee Access Points and thee Station. A lot ov projects are seeing fulfilment, and we have begun to get responses from Individuals as to their idears on setting-up and working within thee nett-werk. There is a lot ov information to assimilate and distribute…while thee gears may grind slow, we are working!

First, thee Psychick TV tour is not happening this fall (nor for thee forseeable future), despite advertisements in certain local publickations. In addition, thee PTV World Domination Club is shutting down in thee U.S. Thee address for thee new club is PTV World Domination Club, c/o Rapid Eye, P.O. Box 23, Brighton, BN2 3G1, England. When writing them, you must include 3 (THREE) International Reply Coupons, or don't expect a response. Do NOT send PTV-WDC orders to TOPYSoL or TOPYSexT. While thee 1991 De-Tour is no longer in effect (cancelled priorities), thee folks at TOPYSexT (who were to be on thee De-Tour) are having what they are calling an E-Tour, for thee E- nergy in thee nettwerk. One ov thee dates happened on 29 November 1991 in Chicago at thee HOTHOUSE on N. Milwaukee Ave. Thee E-vent included Dreamachines, videos, musick, performance art, merchandising, and rituals. We hope that in thee upcouming months, a video ov this E-vent will be available from TOPYSexT. If you have any interest at all in such an E-vent, write IMMEDIATELY to thee Individuals at TOPYSexT. They can and will use any and all information, idears, contributions, and input.

If you are wondering whether or not thee Kalis and Coyotes from TOPYSexT will be in your area, please write to them, not to TOPYSoL. They will know better where and when they will be in certain cities. They also could use all thee help they can get- we suggest that you might want to set up coummunication to have a TOPY 'rally' or soum other types ov E-vent in your area.

Thee E-Tour is TOPYSexT's experiment for thee nett-werk in seeing how TOPY can present itself in different ways to thee publick. There doesn't necessarily have to be a band with a set group ov Individuals in it- any ov us who present our idears, rituals, videos, etc. are encouraged to attend. We at TOPYSoL are still working on a means for having a traveling 'sigil show' in thee future. While we have had soum response, we are again asking for anyone with idears or contributions to make them explicit to us.

We have a new Access Point, TOPY X, located in Chicago. This Access Point is intended to be a hub for thee greater part ov thee middle ov Canada and thee U.S. They have plenty ov E-nergy for all ov you to connect with them. In addition, another group ov motivated individuals have put together their own vehicle called DADA, whose manifesto you can see within these pages (Ed. note: or on-line eh?). We will actively support any local vehicle whose aims are allied with thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth, and whose Individuals are willing to contribute within thee nett-werk as a whole. Those ov us who happen to be local to an Access Point, Action Point, or thee Station soumtimes take thee contact for granted. We do realize that not everyone is able to always be in contact, as they live pretty far away from thee nearest A.P. If we want to divide up North America, thee South and part ov thee Southwest is generally part ov TOPYSexT, thee Northeast by TOPYNE, thee Northwest Southwest is generally part ov TOPYSexT, thee Northeast by TOPYNE, thee Northwest by TOPYNorthKal, thee Midwest by TOPY X, and thee rest ov thee Southwest by TOPYBabylon. North America is pretty much c-ov- ered at this stage. Thee initial expansion is coumplete…it is now a time ov strengthening and interconnecting. We encourage you to at least contact one ov these groups in your area!


There are a lot ov individuals who have not sigilized within about a y-era or so…and we just recently sent out a bunch ov challenges. Once you receive a challenge, you DO NOT get any more CCT's until we hear from you (at least a litter if not a sigil!) If you've got a problem to air about sigilizing a minimum number ov times/y-era, then write to us and we'll put it here, butter at least let us know yer alive! We consider it your burden to contact us after this time.

Broadcast and other works

Thee Broadcast is being sent out as we send this out. It is around forty double-sided sheets ov paper, and represents an incredible amount ov effort by individual contributors. We know that TOPYNorthKali is chafing at thee bit to get thee next one out for winter, and is always accepting contributions ov art and magick. For those ov you who have not paid yer $23.00, you should either pay up now, or send in $6.00 for each individual issue you wish to purchase. TOPYSoL and TOPYSexT thank those Individuals who have sent this money in to us…it has allowed us to coumplete several recent printing jobs, and to continue with thee Ratio One and some Ratio Zero mailings. We are accountable to all money sent in, and any A.P./Station which receives money keeps a receipt ov it. Periodically we will account for all thee money going in and out. This is to enable us to proceed to non-profit status.

Thee Grey Book is being reprinted. There has been soum talk (and anger) about our “rewriting” it. We have made a few changes from thee last edition. First ov all, we corrected all thee spelling errors, changed thee spelling to soum form ov American English, and then (most importantly) tried to find synonyms for certain words which were etymologically sexist (e.g. mankind). That's all we've done…at least with thee content. Thee layout will be soumwhat like thee English version, with soum pictures, etc. Thee question with thee Grey Book is that is it time to be adapted, amended, updated, appended? What do you have in mind with such an idear? Is thee Grey Book soum sacred, unalterable piece ov text which is non-transformable, or should it get changed as often as possible, reflecting thee flexibility ov thee Individuals in TOPY itself? We want to start a forum as to what might be thee next step. Until then, there will be no coumprehensive, unilateral changes to thee Grey Book itself unless we are in touch with you and with Europe/England/Australia.

TOPYSexT has redone a lot ov thee books that thee Temple has sold over thee y-eras. If you are interested in what they now have in stock, write to them for a catalog. New books such as “Definitions ov Psychick Youth” will be soon available. Thee new printing ov 'Intuitive Magick' is already so. They (along with TOPYSoL and thee other A.P.'s) are also interested in accumulating/trading information, videos, and any other interesting bits as you might see fit. It is time that we begin to accumulate a large database ov knowledge, both esoteric and 'mundane', for thee puposes ov open- information-access.

Now that these major projects are nearly coumpleted, TOPYSoL will now begin to focus more closely on putting thee CCT out frequently in a better, more in-depth format. We are trying to gear it up from bi-monthly to every six weeks. Our coummittment depends on thee information that we get from Individuals as to their input in thee Station and Network as a whole. Once again, we would like to rekindle thee “Sigil Ov Thee Month” section. Another suggestion is to begin a forum on thee question ov safe ritualization- not only from thee point ov view ov being aware ov thee implicit dangers ov cutting onself, butter also to raise thee awareness ov AIDS and thee possibility ov having safe group activities without endangering each other! Anyone who is interested in initiating this is more than welcoum to send us information about it. We feel that this is not a question ov thee future, butter an immediate concern.

We have also begun responding to those ov you who send us in sigils with SASE's. Any documentation that you include with it will help greatly…often, there's little one can say about a glyph that is sent in that has little or no documentation. We also try to look at previous sigils, and if relevant, relate that to thee types ov questions you ask. Asking us questions will begin to stimulate responses, butter SASE's cut down on our time and force us to respond! Speaking on behalf ov thee whole TOPYSoL staff, we are finding it a challenging experience when we gather to record and reply to sigilizers. It is an energetic time…soum ov thee sigils are so powerful that you are just blown away by them, have to go outside and walk around a bit. We receive well over 50 sigils a month. Soum ov you include soum sort ov written report along with thee sigil paper, butter even fewer ov us are reporting any results! Is your magick working? Are your dreams becouming real? You also might be getting litters in thee mail from us at TOPYSoL asking whether or not you wish to participate in thee creation ov a sigil book. Essentially, this would involve taking a photo ov a selected sigil, retyping thee documentation and results, and placing it in a book to be sold at a RATIO ZERO Level. You may wish to ask us to place specific sigils inside it, butter we will also be initiating contact in thee near future…

A lot ov people seem apprehensive when writing to us, be it either we seem like soum 'authority' figures, or soum distant people who have little to do with those ov you in Missoula, MT or Charlotte, NC. We are going to try to let you know us a little better in thee future…perhaps we'll write an essay about our own magickal experience/sigil for you to look at, or send out a cassette (when we're rich!) to have you hear us answer yer questions that you send in. This isn't “What's My Line?” or soum stupid talk-host show; it is a personal experience for you to receive a bit ov our trust.


Psychick Release PCP is no longer thee Station for Europe. Station 23 in England is now thee Station for thee UK, Europe, and Australia. you can take out a subscription with Station 23 in addition to TOPYSoL. Thee cost is £32. This amount must be made payable to “Station 23” via an International Money Order/Foreign Draft. If you do take out a subscription with them, do let them know your Kali/Coyote number. When writing to any foreign AP/Station, always include three or more IRC's, available at any full service Post Office. In addition, particularly with thee European A.P.'s, make thee envelopes as INCONSPICUOUS as possible- no Kali/Coyote names on thee outside, no Psychick Crosses…otherwise, thee destination may never be reached!

Temple Names

We occasionally receive litters wondering about thee names we use in thee Temple. An elucidation ov thee motives behind Kali, Eden, and Coyote is available in thee Definitions Ov Psychick Youth. Certain individuals wonder why we have 'limited' ourselves to a male/female name, and then a number. One suggestion from a sigilizer suggested that each new sigilizer develop a name best suited for them (e.g. one from nature, perhaps similar to Native American names), while others want to choose their own Coyote/Kali numbers. What do all ov you think about this? This is to initiate a forum discussing all such topics. You do not have to unthinkingly accept all such 'traditions'. Thee Station will provide its thoughts in upcouming CCTs.


If you send us soumthing that is intended to be printed as is, try to have it black ink on white paper…otherwise thee copier has quite a difficult time pulling out thee text and art from thee crap ov thee background. Then we either retype it or it gets thrown away.

Use yer flatname on RETURN ADDRESSES to go on thee outside ov any envelopes! Use yer TEMPLE NAME on all litters inside thee correspondence (litters, etc.) because we FILE by that Temple name. Put your Kali/Coyote number on thee sigil itself! If thee file cabinets ever fall over, we'll never get things back in thee correct order! We cross out all Flatnames on thee internal files and throw away thee envelopes separate from other TOPY trash.


We have already gotten a few replies from Individuals who do not live near an A.P. butter are getting their own ALLIED information point together. Included are soum excerpts from these Individuals (they have been slightly edited and coumpressed).

TIMEFIX: 30 September 1991
TOPIC: Detroit Area Deprogramming Alliance (D.A.D.A), a realization ov TOPYSoL's vehicle suggestion.

Since July 23, 1990 E have been producing sigils on a regular basis and corresponding with TOPY. E worked alone during this time and kept most ov my magickal developments to myself. E feel thee need to interact with others and E am now setting out to cultivate thee Detroit area. Here is a brief outline ov ideas and goals.

1) To locate and work with people who hold common alternative views: this first step it thee most important. With thee Detroit area there are very few Psychick Youth that E am aware ov. E will use classified ads in both thee CCT and thee local alternative papers to try and find Kali and Coyote interested in being involved. These ads should also bring out TOPY allies and other interested persons in thee area. E hope that this will be successful and we can then work as a group on film presentations, performance art, local occult gatherings, group rituals, and much more.

2) To be as diverse as possible, remaining open to all non-dogmatic and alternative ideas: E feel that it is dangerous and counter-productive to spend too much energy upon one or two topics. Overwhelming group interest in one topic can turn off people who may be valuable in others. For example, an ally who is interested in information exchange could become bored with a group that partakes in magickal activities exclusively. E hope that we will become a well-rounded organization that accepts thee beauty and importance ov individuality.

3) To propagate thee ideas and merchandise ov TOPY: Thee Detroit area has many 'Alternative' shops that would be interested in selling Temple items. As E mentioned above, there are also great places for film/video presentations and lectures.

This is basic outline, but E feel that it will lay thee foundation for a very successful organization. E would appreciate any suggestions, comments, assistance, or information greatly. E also would like to mention that a billboard (Ed. Note: Bulletin Board?) system will be installed here soon, and any Kali or Coyote who has programming ideas should feel free to write with them.

Thee Geomantic Occultural Deprogrammer (G.O.D.)
4761 Arline, W. Bloomfield, MI, 48323 (N.B. Temporary address!)

In addition, we have received a mailer from soum sigilizers at State College, Pennsylvania. Within it is information ov the Kabbalah, books, artwerk, and events that they will be setting up. Send a couple ov bucks donation to:

Mike, Apt. G-11, 424 Waupelani Drive, State College, PA, 16801-4546 In thee future, they will be setting up a non-hierarchical BBS (coumputer bulletin board) and would appreciate any input from you. Once again, write for more information.


O.K…there hasn't been a lot ov contact for thee ads, and this should be a main place ov contact. So we'll change it a bit…those Individuals who have paid their $23.00 get free ads for thee y-era; those who don't are charged $2.00/CCT, effective immediately. Thee ads are substitute for a 'contact list', a convenient way in which unfriendlies can get hold ov everyone's addresses…

Please put ads on separate pieces ov paper from other correspondence. Put your FLATNAME as thee return address. Limit them to about three-four lines TOTAL, including address, or they may be edited. Only under extreme circumstances will these ads be edited!

TOPYSoL seeks any and all information, butter particularly on godesses, virtual reality, cognitive enhancers (and any other similar chemicals), body modification and how it has changed you, and any other active magickal groups/allied information, results ov sigils, ritual accounts and documentation, personal TOTAL life experiences, other magickal groups/allied information. Even if you cannot afford to photocopy thee books, we coumpile reference lists ov books!

TOPYSexT seeks to add to TOPY INFO-PAKS, esp. Giger, Kenneth Anger, Jodorowsky, Ute Mountain Tribe, Cyberpunk Authors, Ecstacy/MDMA/Neopsychedelics, P.K. Dick, Austin Spare, any cut-up material for TOPY video compilation (anything).

TOPYNE seeks contributions from anyone in thee Northeast Hub to begin nett-werking with one another, possible local trips, Individuals who wish to take on Ratio Two (AP) responsibilities through thee mail. Additionally, anyone who wishes to get involved with thee Temple-sponsored APA should contact TOPYNE immediately.

TOPYNorthKal is taking over thee Broadcast production, and thus is continually accepting submissions for it! Please contribute to our Ratio Zero publication. Tentative release date: late winter 1992.

Info on Quabballah, Tantra, Thelemic magicks, CHAOS magick, transdimensional projection & thee application ov theories ov non-linear dynamics to magick and Aeonic shifts. Deva Rosenberger, 1062 Pearl St., Apt. #14, Denver, CO, 80204.

R.A. Wilson, Crowley, Gnosis, the role of the physical body in magick, Esoteric and Gnostic Christianity, science and Magick, recordings ov Current 93, the Incredible String Band, Robin Williamson and related (willing to trade); correspondence w/in the MA/CT area. Colin M., P.O.Box 1281, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA 01002

Info on talismans, email addresses (; tribal/ritual/aboriginal musick (will trade); AMIGA, Mac, or IBM software (will trade); coumputer magick; artificial intelligence; virtual reality, theories ov psychick viruses, metaprogramming. D.J. Plummer, Box 948545, La Jolla, CA, 92037

TV's (both kinds), hormone therapy, life extension, plant lore, image ov thee Green Man, alternative energy physics. Sea Firssure, 131 Montrose Ave, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA, M6J 2T6

Easy-to-understand Enochian magick, Thelema for peons, Graphic and disturbing images for a modern tarot (found photos); Erotic clothing pictures and catalogs, automatic writing and drawing info. D.Z., 1515 Bear Valley Pkwy, Escondido, CA, 92027

Simple genetic manipulation techniques, TV's (both kinds)3, plant lore, 'natural' local hallucinogens, electromagnetics and brains, child art, anti- gravity, any keen simple ideas. Colin Fisher, P.O. Box 579, Stn. P, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA, M55 2T1

P.C. Casualties, a queer 'zine for outsiders, presents its first issue. A few copies with glow-in-dark covers (limited to 123 copies) are still left. Featured are fiction by Steve Abbot, photos and poetry by Akusha Fluegge, and an account of a piercing ritual to combat AIDS by Gabriel Carrillo. $3.00 (cash ONLY), P.C. Casualties, P.O. Box 7505, Ann Arbor, MI, 48107

World Address List

North America

Access Point TOPYNorthKal, 2300 Market St., Box 35, San Francisco, CA 24114
Access Point TOPYSexT, P.O. Box 14334, Ste. 166, Austin, TX 78761
Access Point TOPYBabylon, P.O. Box 3024, Fullerton, California, 92631-3024
Action Point TOPYNE, P.O. Box 1591, Atlantic City, NJ, 08401
Action Point TOPYX, P.O. Box 4423, Chicago, IL, 60680
Station TOPYSoL, P.O. Box 33540, San Diego, CA, 92163-3540

Great Britain

Station 23, P.O. Box 687, Halfway, Sheffield, S19 5UX, England
Access Point TOPINomads, B.M. TOPY, London, WC1N 3XX, England
Access Point TOPYLondon, P.O. Box 1455, London, N4 1JT, England
Access Point TOPYHeart, P.O. Box 2005, Moseley, Birmingham B13 9NB, England


Access Point Pyromania Arts, Gr. Mantelgasse 16, B-6900, Heidelberg, West Germany
Access Point Der Tempel, P.O. Box 1912, 5200 BX DEN, Basch, Holland


Access Point TOPYChaos, P.O. Box A1441, Sydney South, N.S.W. 2000, Austrailia


TOPY Station SOL's policy regarding letters of accusation by sigilizing and non-sigilizing individuals concerning other sigilizing and non-sigilizing individuals will no longer be responded to as of October 12, 1991. These letters of complaint will be sent directly to the object of the complaint, so that the two parties involved can settle the dispute on their own time, with their own energy and money.

To avoid embarrassment, individuals may simply want to address the other individuals personally before involving TOPYSoL. This is a fair warning to avoid future misunderstandings. Station SOL is strictly involved in filing sigils, answering inquiries of a magickal nature, and making magickal information more widely available to other sigilizers. Disputes between individuals is not a topic fitting any of these categories.

SOL does not wish to come across as an uncaring organization. If an individual wishes to discuss more effective ways of explaining “what is TOPY?” in order to better communicate in one's locale, correspondence is always welcome. If an individual is misrepresenting TOPY in their neighborhood, or is being chastised for involvement in TOPY, there is not much we can do. Each individual must learn to transmit in a way most successful for them. We sow what we reap. Individuals earn respect and admiration based on their own actions, not merely on the name of an organization they belong to. If you are being harassed due to your involvement in TOPY then maybe you need to keep a lower profile until you do some more soul searching and first ratio work. If you are in control of yourself and treat others well there is no reason for harassment by others. This personal control is available through magickal working of the sigil process. Try it.

In a sense, we run as a sort of anarchy. There is little actual organization except what we see fit for present needs. We have no police force, school principal or Daddy with a paddle. So many individuals struggle for freedom from authority, then suddenly cry out for some when they get themselves in trouble. There are no authorities here at TOPYSoL


We appreciate all the financial support we have received in the form of money orders and stamps. We cannot, however, receive large “gifts” since we cannot know how they were obtained. In fact you, the gift giver, may even be unaware of how the gift was originally obtained. Instead of buying us something expensive, simply send the money order of same value.

Please zerox and distribute this policy to all interested parties.

Thank you,




Since the decentralization of the TOPY Network here in North America, many people have been writing in with specific concerns about what they would like done with their sigils. Some have made drastic changes in their methods, beliefs, lifestyles, etc. and now wish to either have them back, burn them or in some other way destroy them and start over.

A Coyote has written in the past of the possibility of having something more done with the sigils, besides merely filing them. If individuals desired, would it be possible for them to send their sigils to other sigilisers, randomly, or do a progressive sigil that is passed on and added to, etc.? Will they all eventually be hermetically sealed and placed into a safe “dead file” or a time capsule for future generations or possibly other solar systems to find or be put into a library as reference material?

Before anyone freaks at the possibilities, realize this is only an introduction to an article that is asking for YOUR feedback! We are not planning on doing anything with or to your sigils unless you indicate that you would desire to put your sigil somewhere besides your file. We are definitely interested in the collecting and preserving of the sigils for future generations, as well as the building up of a powerfully charged file of desire, which we feel is one reason to send sigils, so that they can become more powerful once filed together with other charged glyphs. Any ideas beyond this rely on your ideas and will only involve those who want to be involved!

Many individuals may already be involved in the audio tape chain sigil experiment now circulating. This is a perfect example of what some individual initiative can generate. Use the Want List method to get your idea on paper in the TOPY SOL CCT, so other interested parties can write and begin to work with you. It's a very simple way to begin.

For those who have personal needs concerning their sigils here, write to us about them and we'll try to help you the best we can. The office staff has discussed this topic many times and assure you we don't wish to hold your sigils hostage. Our view is that if you have given us your trust by sending in a sigil, we will give you our trust back by honoring any reasonable wishes of yours concerning the care and keeping of your sigils. We are very interested in hearing what you think about this policy, so write, especially something worthy of printing in future transmissions.

Time does march on, paper yellows with age and individuals begin to ask “What now? What have I reaped? What is this worth?” This is just a reminder that we are asking the same questions and do wish to act upon your ideas and concerns. For more thoughts on this topic please see “The Magickal Letterbox, a Keen and Simple Idea” in this issue.