Coyote2 Sept 26, 1996

What sort of people are we seeking? Thu weak, convinced, thu meek, thu hypocrite need not apply. Obese in spirit, they only weigh us down with their certainty. Give us a few good WoMen! We will not tolerate thu average, thu smug, thu dilettante in our pack.

We are one in power- united through strength- not mutual self-reassurance. Our Results shall be our only assurance. No mealy-mouthed slogans here, no youth movement- for youth movements are mere decimal points in Nielsen Ratings. We seek to abolish ratings altogether. Our only slogan is: Act from within without guilt. We are free! We are no more enslaved by “evil” than by “good”. We are not murderers or thieves, but are capable both of killing and stealing in accordance with Will. We do not perpetrate either lightly or joyfully, but if pressed, can and will take lives or property without mercy or conscience.

Our consciences are based on Individual Reality, as opposed to thu Reality of Consensus. We deny thu objectivity of any reality other than that as perceived by thu individual. We deny thu existence of sin or vice. We deny Universal Law, which in thu name of Order has caused thousands-nay, millions- to commit murder, theft, fraud, libel, and to spy on Free WoMen throughout history. We declare war on mediocrity and meddling. We declare war on disease of mind and body. And foremost, we declare war on thu enslavement of thu human Spirit.

This war cannot be waged openly, nor at all on thu outer planes. Our war is Inside. We must attack thu morals, thu standards, thu conditioning. We declare war on all Preconceived Notions! Our enemies are Universal Truth, Dogma, Righteousness and Complacency. Using the sword ov Individuality, we will destroy thu average. And in so doing, we shall liberate thu exceptional.

Thu average is a tricky opponent, though, and very strong- we cannot survive a test of brute strength. Formidable as they appear, our enemies have one great weakness- they be very dumb. Therefore we must fight them not in thu outer light- we must carry our struggle to thu dark labyrinths of thu Subconscious. It is thu minds we must conquer- not thu bodies!

We are not for everyone, nor do we hope to be in this time. For now we can only hope to cause WoMan, for thu first time, to LOOK at what he is doing- to see thu suffering he causes. What he is destroying-mountains and meadows, rivers and lakes, earth and sky. And not to emancipate, as was promised, but to further enslave,

To enslave his fellow human with thu dreams and toys of spoiled children. Thu bulk of Humankind is like unto whining brats, running from toy to toy, breaking each in turn, then crying to a parent to fix or to by a new one. What WoMan needs is a good spanking! Know we no shame?

But as companions we are cum, not nursemaids, schoolmasters or avenging jehovahs. We refuse to favor their infantilism with discipline. Thu discipline must needs cum from within, or they are not ov us.

- coyote 2-sept 26 86 -

* WoMen is a cuntraction ov men and women stolen from Timothy Leri