“We are making tentative steps to separate thee lies ov illusion from a more tenable reality. William Burroughs and Brion Gysin showed us a way with thee idea ov “cut-ups”. They saw words as being powerful tools, both ov oppression and liberation. By changing thee sequence ov words they allow thee intuitive faculty ov the reader to coum into play, and thee underlying meanings ov written statements, in a paradoxical way, are revealed to us.” (ToPy On-line Transmission I)

“Words have a vitality all their own, and you or anybody can make them gush into action.” (Third Mind, pg.34)

“I am sure at least, that for many a young man his first discovery of the fact that words are living powers, are the vesture, yea, even the body, which thoughts weave for themselves, has been like the dropping of scales from his eyes, like the acquiring of another sense, or the introduction into a new world he is never able to cease wondering at…” (The Study of Words, pg.2)

The interweaving levels ov thought that can be created using thee Cut-uP method are many and various…take a book and cut up thee words…take any material whatsoever…a letter, typed text…anything can be used…create a computer program to Cut-uP words for you…or just do it manually…the key being to experiment and create…Thee Cut-uP method creates new structures or levels ov thought that show and give meaning, insight…it can be used as a magickal tool…

“In a universe of seeming order manifesting out of chaos, cut-ups are an ideal divinatory model. From randomly rearranging cut-up slips of text, the subconscious mind can speak directly through the results. Performed in the proper context, the act of cutting-up can effectively “make a hole in time”: It was written in the past, cut and rearranged in the present, and speaks in the future (or no time frame at all).

The methods are many: type all you know about a subject that you have limited knowledge of and cut. You might gain a new insight. Combine texts pertaining to different facets of your life and see what it says to you. Take a book and photocopy the pages that have a numerological significance to you and have at it. Do it Qabbalisticly, by Gematria, Astrologically, or illogically…” (The Divine Cut-Up by Fra. Dischordant)

“the hallucinated have come to tell you that yr utilities are being shut off dreams monitored, thought directed, sex is shutting down everywhere you are being sent.

all word are taped. agents everywhere. marking down the live ones to exterminate.

they are turning out the lights.

no they are not evil, nor the devil, but men on a mission with a spot of work to do.

this, dear friends, they intend to do on you.

you have been offered a choice between liberty and freedom and No! you can not have both.

the next step is everyone into space but it has been a long dull wait since the last tower of babel, that first derisive visit of the paraclete.

let's not hear that noise again and again.

that may well be the last word anywhere.

this is not the beginning. in the beginning was the word, the word has been in for a too long time, you in the word and the word in you

we are out you are in

we have come to let you out

here and now we will show you what you can do with and to the word the words any word all the words

Pick a book, any book, cut it up cut up prose poems newspapers magazines the bible the koran the book of moroni lao-tzu confucius the bhagavad gita anything letters business correspondence ads all the words

slice down the middle, dice into sections according to taste chop in some bible, pour on some Madison Avenue prose shuffle cards, toss like confetti taste it like piping hot alphabet soup

pass yr friends' letters, yr office carbons through any such sieve as you may find or invent.

you will soon see just what they really are saying. this is the terminal method for finding the truth.

piece together a masterpiece a week. use better materials more highly charged words.

there is no longer a need to drum up a season of geniuses, be your own agent until we deliver the machine in commercially reasonable quantities.

we wish to announce that while we esteem this to be truly the American Way we have no commitments with any government groups

the writing machine is for everybody, do it yourself until the machine comes.

here is the system according to us.

(Brion Gysin's Minutes to Go)