Thee Gravy Train is Over

TOPY - Changed priorities in effect
“Thee Gravy Train is Over”
By Genesis P-Orridge, Malik & Malchick
reprinted from Occulture, 1990

TOPY is NOW! sure ov its only path. Towards a utopian experiment. All ideas becoum models for L-if-E. They have no choice. As a word is spoken and believed in it gradually receives consciousness, it becoums SENTIENT, and this sentient consciousness that was once perhaps just one persons idea, inevitably, if it is believed in and dreamed enough by enough Individuals, is a being, a BEING in its own right. Thus EVERY GOD, that has ever been worshipped, believed in, DOES NOW exist as a consciousness buried within TIME, which is also sentient consciousness TOPY has thee word TOPI, which is being B-EARTHED right now. It has to be, that an idea must have thee POTENTIAL to outlive those who receive and transmit it. It MUST develop a L-if-E ov its own. Then it has COUM value. It can be used by others in other Tine Zones. It can be thee remembrance that ends loneliness, stops suicide, L-OV-Es children, engenders self-esteem, caring, growth, balance, NATURE, safety, ends loneliness, gives CREATION its rightful place at thee center ov all. For ART is surely a symbol ov CREATION, thee energy, thee gift, thee craft, that MUST center us all. A story ov CREATION is telling us that creativity is thee central reason for existence, a CREATION myth is a true story, there is N0 fiction, there cannot ever be. Everything everyone says is true. Ah, butter beware, true as a description butter not, NOT necessarily thee WHOLE truth.

Thee TOPY Individual begins as all individuals begin - a flash ov sperm, a cellular invasion, probably sentient. Thee first miracle ov Time. If TOPY did not exist thee lives ov thee individuals which constitute it could be pleasurable, effective and rewarding by normal Standards. But by our TOPY Standards, by thee Standards of TIME matched against BECOUMING, these are all nothing, valueless… a submission to the easy course; risk nothing, entertain cerebral ideas to be discussed but never acted upon. It takes little imagination to see that thee ultimate control forces feel no threat from this. . . for thee last 30 yeras, so called youth movements have been duped into operation with Control (Government, Morality, Church, State, Nuclear Family, etc, all interlinked / interchangeable) to protest/resist within their terms is both valueless and meaningless. . . they have all the cards in their own game and can easily win on their terms.

There is no implicit value in any THING, there is no genetic promise/reward system built into these crippled animals called humans. Butter, again, we are all equal in bloody origin and from that all things are possible, no things are true…all things are permitted, provided we can accept and 1-OV-E thee consequences.

Association with TOPY is voluntary - you do not owe us anything, nor we you - butter should be ov equal coumittment, and that does not require equal result. There are ratios ov involvement, it is undeniable, there are dreams and there are actions - in TOPY NOW! more than ever thee system ov meshing them together is at thee forefront ov our expansion. No ONE is better or worse, less or more, except when it is a lie. In thee changed priorities - there is no longer room or time for claiming one thing and doing another. This is what those within TOPY are fighting (thee refusal at every moment to accept thee false values ov a redundant/stagnant society) . False promises, self-deceptions, empty words, obsessions with status, hypocrisy, laziness, inaction and doubt are what we must constantly attack. It is a Full-Time Occupation. Within TOPY every individual must be truthful to himself, to TOPI, there is no distinct ion… it is detrimental to both to state aims, make plans ov action when they will not pass beyond empty breath.

We have stated thee simplest truths over and over again. Thee most important Individual in TOPY is thee Individual who does thee most work, in every sense; gives thee most ov what they have . To give thee most you are able without holding back anything, ANY THING, that is thee goal. And thee gaol[jail]. It is quite possible we might have to give up our freedom, our physical lives one day, if thee stupidities ov society coumtinue to their inevitable end. Or we may coumtribute to thee turning around ov HISTORY and becoum truly HUMANE BEINGS. In balance and pure. Immaculate coumceptions . We must dream thee most and crawl towards it forever .

We have all, do all, will all coumtinue to strive and not reach all thee TIME. We've all miscalculated, we all see every day events as thee MOST important, butter they are NOT. We are prepared to risk, give, donate ALL, including our physical and spiritual lives to this quest, this is what we expect and demand from those immediately around us . No one HAS to AGREE. It's fine to just buy a record, a book, enjoy thee ideas and thoughts, knowing your money has coumtributed to coumthing worthwhile. Know as much as you want to do, NO MORE. However, to begin to Sigilize and give ov yourself, to yourself, to TOPY, to begin that process ov VISION that triggers being awake is not a step to be taken lightly. Don't do it with fear, with doubt, as a fashion accessory, half-HEARTedly, butter be aware ov thee demands, responsibilities, stresses and integration with thee dreams ov other Individuals. Don't do it for status, for power, for gratification ov any kind, or you will disappoint others, yourself and TOPI, and destroy all thee caring and work ov Others.

Thee true spirit ov TOPI, thee purest essence ov TOPY should not be entered into if you are not totally dedicated to thee loss ov all SELF within learning, if you are not prepared to sacrifice all preconceptions, self-image, receive abuse, ridicule, lose money, lose friends, lose everything this world gives in return for only thee slightest hope ov wisdom ov coum kind.

There is no failure in TOPY, only the failure ov an Individual to live up to their own promises and their promises to TOPY. Never say more than you can and WILL give. Situations change - again thee truth to oneself and to TOPY - declare change ov aspirations, there is no shame, no loss ov ego - after all there is no party line; thee very antithesis ov TOPI. You must accept in yourself, your heart, to only attempt what you are able to. No one will think less ov you or undervalue what you CAN/DO.

TOPY is either an illusion, or a vibrant force made by all Individuals without coumpromise. Thee biggest dream. TOPI is clear, it resonates outwards, it is thee trust ov its own heart… and so must thee Individuals who constitute TOPY. Thee Edens and Kalis who make up TOPY can only do so through coumplete trust, through sharing their deepest needs, desires and dreams .

There are those ov us who are serious about this . Misguided or not, we do not care anymore. We are prepared and preparing to give it our best attempt, our ALL. No one could ever ask more. There should be NOBODY involved with TOPY who is not giving thee ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM they possibly can on every imaginable level, every single day, every single hour, minute and second . NO PASSENGERS . You are as the old truism says; either on thee bus or off thee bus. Thee choice is yours, and you can change your mind. Butter whilst you are on thee bus, it must be without reservation, without holding ANYTHING back. Nothing less is TOPI. Nothing less is it. Nothing less will be accepted.

We feel very positive about this…we are going to coumtinue to tell it how we feel it. Right and wrong do not coum into it. It is a matter ov self-respect, ov self-esteem. We shall not tolerate double standards any longer. Too often in thee past have we avoided upsetting individuals who we've known were weakening TOPY with their hypocrisies. Too often we've wanted to be liked when we should have been honest. Too often we've given money and TIME to parasitic individuals, leaving neither US nor THEM better off at thee end ov it. Too often we've been a dating agency, or a cheap psychotherapist. We've done ourselves no favors. we’ve weakened our self-respect.


We truly MEAN what we say, we ALL ways analyze and check our motives, our dynamics, our true desires. Although it has been hard to break thee habit ov requiring LIKEABILITY we have begun to detoxify ourselves and thus TOPY, thee sum ov us all. For individuals have forgotten. TOPY is thee sum TOTAL ov ALL thee INDIVIDUALS input . If meanness, hypocrisy, sexual coumfusion, destruction ov life, psuedo-magick, false-politeness, disrespect are allowed to be qualities put in then this is how TOPY will becoum. We are not glad if rejecting these things makes us unpopular, butter we should be ashamed to coumpromise in order to receive an illusory acceptance .

Thee new way is thee original way, butter NOW! more clearly understood. TOPI strives to end laziness and engender discipline . REMEMBER?


“Money and what its worth”

Thee coumfusion ov TOPY as a fan club for PTV and not a separate entity has been stated many times . NOW! thee hard and only line - whilst PTV serves as a highly effective propaganda outlet for TOPY, were it to cease to exist TOPY would not. And yet PTV has been subsidizing thee TOPY Nettwork [in the UK] to thee greatest extent (approximately £10,000 per yera) since its inception. Members ov PTV have worked hard and diligently for little to no reward - which has rarely been matched by many TOPY Individuals professing coumittment but offering little but lip service.

TOPY has through Access Points and Stations agreed that it MUST becoum self-supporting, self-financing if it is to grow, develop and have real credibility as a WAY OV L-IF-E.

TOPY is not a nuclear family where “Mum and Dad” support their offspring until they grow and leave without a thank-you butter a sense that it was their obligation. There MUST be E-Quality ov INPUT on every level, and it must include MONEY and it must include RESPECT for those who give so much.

One ov thee functions ov Individuals should be to feed Access Points; and one ov thee functions ov Access Points should be to feed Stations .

In future NATURAL order must prevail, where thee roots soak up nourishment and draw it into thee tree, sending it upwards to flower and grow, so that it may in turn seed and shelter and generate new air. We all know a tree starved ov water uses up what it has stored then withers and dies. This will not happen with TOPY.



reprinted from Occulture, 1990

What are the aims of Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth?

Involvement with Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth requires an active individual, dedicated towards thee establishment of a functional system of Magick and a modern pagan philosophy without recourse to mystification, gods or demons; but recognizing thee implicit powers of thee human brain (neuromancy) linked with guiltless sexuality focused through will structure (sigils-in their many forms). Magick empowers thee individual to embrace and realize their dreams and maximize their natural potential. It is for those with thee courage to touch themselves. It integrates all levels of thought in the first steps towards final negation of the control and fear. TOPY is to instigate individual focus and development, through promoting a personalized system of Magick and self investigation technique, and to parallel this individual project with the advancement of a “neo-tribe” network and Magickal Order of collaboration and communication.

You mention network and magickal order, is there a difference within the structure in TOPY?

Yes, thee difference is thee commitment, an individual can either take out a basic subscription, for which they will receive TOPY mail outs and full bulletins, or they can become an “active” individual within Thee Temple Ov psychick Youth, by the means of submitting sigils and Magick records to thee Temple.

How did TOPY come to be?

TOPY arose thru the increasing dissatisfaction with the pedantic and hierarchical structure of the already established magical groups. Along with the desire to expand magick into every aspect of an individual's life and employing it at all times (TOPI).

How widespread is your organization?

TOPY has STATIONS and ACCESS POINTS throughout the Western world, as well as increasing numbers of correspondents and allies in Japan and Eastern Europe. The main function of a STATION is to look after the Magickal Order side of Thee Temple and to back up ACCESS POINTS, which are what it says, They are there to DE-CENTRALIZE the structure and allow individuals closer and more personal contact.

How do you see TOPY developing?

Personal development, of necessity leads to development of the whole… and as individuals constantly develop, so their input causes Thee Temple to evolve in relation to themselves. Thee Temple's main weapon in overcoming thee insidious hand ov control is our internal exchange of information, and external expansion of propaganda in thee information war. It is selfish to keep things to ourselves. By exchanging ideas with thee Temple and Network we can develop faster, making the necessary connections to remove all unwanted obstacles. Many will and have associated thee Temple with the left hand path because of the use of organic fluids and tantrical magick but association with thee Temple is voluntary - you don't owe us anything, nor we you. We fly no banners or catch phrases. We refuse to be labeled and placed in the deep freeze of categories of restriction. If your looking for a cult, don't look to thee Temple. If you want a order with pre-set ideas and doctrines, don t ring us, we have no tribal bible to thump. If you want the easy way out or need an extension on your parental family, the temple is not for you. If you want something to follow, we suggest you follow your nose. Thee temple ov Psychick Youth is a Magickal Order and Network of INDIVIDUALS, to which, the central core is magickal practice, inner development and constant re-evaluation of self. This is the way of thee Temple, not any temple but THEE TEMPLE, IT IS THEE KEY TO THEE TEMPLE.

Why does the Temple use the prefixes “Kali”, “Eden”, etc?

The prefixes “Kali” and “Eden” have no special meaning but are primarily for filing purposes and to promote security. They are also used to avoid any hierarchical notions.

Why do you use a peculiar form of English-thee, coum, etc?

As in all things, individuals allied to TOPY choose which ever form of expression works best for themselves. The use of such words is purely a matter of choice. However, we have found that with the use of these words, the reader pays more attention to what they are reading.

Is Gen the leader of the Temple?

Ha, HA, NO. Gen is as much a part of thee Temple as every active individual, no greater, no smaller. In fact if Gen or Paula or for that matter; anyone, was to leave thee Temple it would make little difference. Many people fall into this “Gen's the leader” mode, it's simply a trap, they look no further than the public figures within thee Temple, the problem is not ours.