Texts from thee GreyBook

Texts from thee GreyBook
North American Version 3.1, 1992

To say in day-to-day life that something is “obvious” means, more often than not, that one concedes a note of truth in exchange for a tolerance of the usual hypocrisy and conditioning. You can, for example, make our opposite admit as being obvious that there is not such thing as a theory that is absolutely True; that will not stop them in any way from continuing to brandish their “Truths” as before.

Their momentary concession passes by a sordid business in which they buy their future peace of mind. A life without questions.

Hence, there is no higher aim than the OBVIOUS. It is to approach the closest to a Truth which we know to be inaccessible but whose gleam we can see.

The Obvious is a protection. Not only does it make people run away, but it also deceives by its rapid commonness, and by the fact that in Flat people’s minds, whatever is simple cannot be serious.

It would be an illusion to think that the Individual can hide all the clues to his Oneness. His task is therefore to see to it that all the clues are wrongly interpreted. Thus it is that they may SEEM to indicate a lack of individuality and create a feeling of disappointment rather than curiosity. This tactic gives us space and protection in the traps of time.

An Individual has many personalities or characters at the same time or alternately. (Recent cognitive brain theory supports this.) Most people little by little eliminate the personalities considered to be dangerous by their peer group or societal unit and finally keep only one: the social personality…one dimensional “FLAT” people. But other people, paradoxically “Individuals”, are always trying to develop all their personalities, even if there is internal conflict between them. So we can clearly see that the Individualist person logically must use “WE” in personal reference, whilst the person who belongs to the masses must use the “I”. Thee first is multidimensional, the second is uni-dimensional.

Once of the Temple functions is to encourage and support the development of multidimensional Individuals. Hence our use of “WE” in texts.

Our enemies are FLAT.

Our stress on SELF discipline is important, it links the internal methods of ritual to our approval and suggestion of other forms of physical discipline to complement the mental/sexual ones. Hence you will often find that Initiates of the Temple will be engaged in such outside activities as Marksmanship, Martial Arts, Swimming, and so on, as an extension of the theory of maintaining and improving ones Focus and abilities. The point is not the skill in itself, though we appreciate the practical nature, in a society such as ours, of an ability to defend oneself and be fit, but the APPLICATION, the discipline itself. So one may be poor in terms of results, but excellent in terms of your genuine application to a skill that requires thought, co-ordinations, and a degree of dedication. A synthesis of physical action, thought, reflex, and an analysis of both yourself and a target (real and metaphorical).

The first lesson from which all others grow is the simplest. We are mortal. We all die. This is not a morbid wallowing in hopelessness. It is the ability to genuinely come to terms with our physical transience that liberates us all. Many visionary philosophical systems include “The Small Death” in their ideas under one name or another. We all die. This realization truly assimilated can be turned to positive use, in that it spurs one into action aware that all time is limited and no life span is certain. Every second counts and must count. This realization can also be used unproductively, crippling an Individual’s search for fulfillment of all their need and preventing for all their life a complete integration of every aspect of their character and thoughts. Thee inevitability of death can be used by outside forces as a weapon to create fear. Religions use this weapon more blatantly than any other suppressive social regulation system. They use fear of death to justify faith.

NOTE : Those who escape the traps of Religion through a first stage cynical knowledge of the hypocrisy of modern society and the emasculation of their individual power to change anything often seek oblivion from this knowledge, and so they use various drugs (tobacco, alcohol, tranquilizers, heroin and other opiates) as a substitute for Faith. They want to kill time. Religion wants to side-step time. Both actions are based on fear.

Mankind spends a constant amount of energy in self-preservation. The very phrase “self-preservation” implies a threat of annihilation and is triggered by fear of death. So in a very real sense fear of death is present behind all normal functioning, it resides permanently in the subconscious, molding our image of ourselves in relation to an inevitable, inexorable crisis of death. But fear of death could not be constantly present in our day-to-day conscious mental functioning. This would be an intolerable burden, as things are, butter to behave “normally” the biological organism, the animal Homo sapiens, represses its knowledge of death to acquire comfort. As things are, so they must change. We are all socially and biologically conditioned to put away our fear of death yet in a real paradox we become too efficiently oblivious to this fear in our conscious life. Thee Temple tries to reconcile all our consciousnesses. To do this it embraces the knowledge of our own inevitable death with courage and uses it to justify action and the proper use of time. In actual fact, none of us know how much time we have, when we do die it ought to be with Zero Regret. Zero Regret is thee magickal state of inner balance and calm acceptance of the mortality of Individuals and the use ov Zero Regret to channel all future action. The perfect state is to be sure that no time is wasted, no energy repressed and no fear hidden. In old language, we must experience thee small death of literally facing ourselves and the reality of a temporary metabolism, a limit on time. Time can be a tool, a liberator, or an oppressor. When we claim time back for ourselves we are at last learning to be free and effective. Control needs time like a junkie needs junk. To escape control we must re-embrace our given time. Initially the human being has no apparent alternative but to succumb to a negative appreciation of death. To feel fear. The brain is genetically programmed towards survival, and will not allow itself to believe that it shall cease to exist. Thus, as we have already seen, the subconscious mind will seduce the intellect into ignoring logic and fact, a condition bordering upon hopelessness. It will ignore the lessons of experience and observation in favor of an inherited image of existence and the affect of fear will be repressed. He will immediately become vulnerable to a desire for Hope that bypasses confronting his subconscious knowledge. Religion thrives upon this. It requires only an act of blind faith in exchange for guaranteed Hope and salvation. It denies death and avoids the facts. In short Religion turns away from the truth, Thee Temple turns towards it. If you face yourself, you face death and in this way only can you re-integrate your entire character and all its levels of consciousness and perception. This cannot be stressed too much or too often.

So in Religions all practical thought must be swept aside in a flood of faith. Answers become words, and facts become sins. This thing Faith is the foundation of all Religious thought. So powerful, yet fragile that Faith must be protected. Protected from doubt, protected from questions, it is seen as a constant that will not even tolerate thought. Its causes, its real essence, death, are so entrenched in everyone’s mind that it has becoum the daily basis of every society, and so every society has developed a system to protect it. Dogma. The equation, simplified, goes something like this : Dogma negates thought. Thought is the enemy of Faith (therefore the enemy of Society). Individual thought patterns are discouraged in order to preserve Faith inviolate, to thus preserve Society, to preserve the status quo and the vested interests of the keepers of Faith and Dogma. It is in this web that Religion meets Politics and they reinforce each other in a web of deceit. Those in Power have a personal interest in channeling individual thought down safe, unthreatening avenues geared to the production of materials and services that are to the “benefit” of society, of the “Greater Good”. In other words you sacrifice your time and your times is your most precious commodity. When you take yourself back it becomes priceless. People are deflected from the theft of their Time and trained to produce and consume instead of how to be engaged in their habitat and ideas. Politics organizes, Religion directs.

From a child of five to and adult is a short step. From a new-born baby to a child of five is an appalling distance (Tolstoy). Religion invades the child’s world. A child without guilt is thus given guilt. A child without fear is thus given fear. The only salvation offered is through Faith. Faith, it is suggested, ends death. The price of cheating death through faith is, of course, submission.

People who are not satisfied with this situation, people who want proofs, who wish to develop a system without guilt and fear that absorbs and uses death as a positive and liberating knowledge are discouraged, ridiculed, treated with suspicion, and often deliberately misrepresented in the media. They are after all, a threat to Society to some degree, they strike at the core of the trick that controls us and so in a real sense they are dangerous. Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth is dedicated to the reaquisition by Individuals of their allotted time. It encourages, it does not discourage, it stands as an example of what is possible. To be involved is to becoum very special.

With thee passage of history, Society’s control over individuals is so subtle it becoums imperceptible, perhaps even genetically inherited. Its very power lies in the fact that even its figureheads and leaders do not realize its processes. Control is invisible. Time is invisible. Control is so able to shroud and Individual’s perception of reality in trivia as to becoum a uniform reality in itself. A reality that cannot ask itself question. That cannot even formulate a language capable of setting questions that might reveal the truth.

In an age of collapse and transition we must find a language. A way our of the corner donated to us by history. The human brain must develop, become the next step in evolution. We must simply develop our latent neurological powers or truly die as a race. It is a war for survival. Through experiment, through exploration of these latent powers, by visionary use of science and technology, and by the integration of experience, observation and expression we must revere ourselves. A reality that cannot face itself becoums an illusion. Cannot be real. We must reject totally the concept and use of Faith, that sham. We must emasculate Religion. The “Universe ov Magick” is within the mind of mankind, the setting is but illusion even to the thinker. Thee Temple is committed to building a modern nett-werk where people are given back pride in themselves, where destruction becomes a laughable absurdity to a brain aware of its infinity and immeasurable potential. Thee Temple is committed to triggering the next evolutionary cycle in order to save this flawed but loveable animal Homo sapiens. Thee Temple is committed to developing a modern functional and inspiring magickal structure. In engendering at long last the completely integrated and effective Individual. And this nett-werk of Individuals is in turn inevitably faced with a task of action to communicate survival and social evolution to others. WE are the first truly non-aligned and non-mystical philosophy.

Fear breeds Faith. Faith uses Fear. Reject Faith, reject Fear, reject Religions, and reject Dogma. Learn to cherish yourself, appreciate Intuition and Instinct. Learn to love your questions. Value your Time. Use mortality to motivate action and a caring, compassionate, and concentrated l-if-e.