TOPY is…

TOPY is…

… action against dissatisfaction

in a society that is passive not peaceful

(aiming for the throat)

From the Institute Of Positive Pagan Nihilism

to the passionate process that enfolds

(but does not control)

there is hope through energy.

Energies directed and multiplied,

energies conformed then deformed

energies facilitating psychick enemas.

To purge and purify,

to pain and putrefy.

To communicate is to cure.

We have taken much from thee many responses we have had to thee Skills Access form all Temple Individuals are asked to complete. Thee views expressed are entirely those ov thee individual authors. They have been edited to fit into thee structure ov this booklet, but in all cases we have taken care not to distort what has been said, or to interpret what we as Individuals may find unclear. This is thee Temple talking to thee Temple - a communion and communication ov Individuals to Individuals.

Before we go further, it should be remembered that people are attracted to TOPY for many different reasons, that there is nothing consistent, nothing to categorize. There are those who claim to know nothing, and those who presume to know it all. This changes in time, as thee Temple draws out strengths and eliminates weaknesses.

Everyone, without exception, who gets in touch with thee Temple is urged to demonstrate their interest by setting out their own thoughts and ideas, a first step in showing a commitment to what thee Temple stands for. We are pleased that those who think they know little are at least as able to respond as those with greater experience. There is no “right response”, and no shame in honesty. We thank all those who have contributed to thee publication ov this booklet, and urge everyone who reads it to follow their lead. As information flows in, so we will ensure that it flows out. That is thee meaning ov Feedback, a continuity ov expression flowing both in and out, creating a new understanding, a new sound, a new dimension.

No matter how often we stress that thee Temple seeks to create a sense ov fierce individuality, that it is for each Individual to redefine and redesign TOPY within themselves to meet their own needs, thee questions still arise: What is TOPY?; What is thee Psychick Cross?; What is thee significance ov 23? It seems that there is still a need, or at least a belief that such things should be cast in black and white, for a clear, concise description ov exactly how TOPY should be viewed, ov how its signs and symbols should be interpreted. .Not that such questions can be answered, certainly not in a way that would remain specific enough to satisfy thee inquiring, yet broad enough to remain true to thee multitude ov Individuals who make up thee Temple. ~s we have said before, and no doubt will say again, TOPY exists to promote a system ov functional, demystified magick, utilizing both pagan and modern techniques. It is a process ov individual and collective experimentation and research with no finite answers, dogmas or unchallengeable truths. It is for each to discover his or her own understanding ov thee questions that suggest themselves, and through that voyage ov discovery to find their personal and true identity, thee True Will. To set down on paper pre-packaged responses would be to deny thee opportunity for self-expression, to defeat thee purpose for which we are all striving. worse than this, it would take away thee fun, thee simple joy ov finding things out for ourselves.

Thee following texts are drawn from a variety ov sources, but all deal with thee most common questions that are asked. Some are written by Individuals with considerable experience ov TOPY methods, others by those who are new to thee Temple. Some are taken from letters clarifying ideas or criticizing TOPY, others from more general pieces.

Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth is a collective body ov Individuals. all working together towards a common goal. It is about thinking deeply about oneself, questioning one's role in a so-called free society.

Man is essentially a robot: he has set programs imposed on his life, even before he is born. Whatever Man does he should do with passion. He should rise above thee imposed trappings ov society. Involvement with thee Temple is purely active and positive, thee bottom line being: “I don't want to lead a pointless existence, following and accepting thee indoctrination ov a worthless society.”

With Man's progress, our self-destructive nature drives us all further from our true selves. In thee Temple we are a group ov people trying to halt this process by turning into ourselves and helping others to accomplish thee same. From birth, a person is conditioned to conform to thee accepted laws and morals ov thee society in which they find themselves - each institution and aspect ov our culture is intertwined with guilt and fears in order to push us on to thee acceptable path. Society is thus so easily capable ov molding one into a flat, one-dimensional person (thee socially acceptable yet controlled person). TOPY goes to thee root ov thee problem, challenging us to honestly reveal our innermost needs, expectations and desires, ov bringing them to consciousness in the hope ov breaking Society's Chain ov Control.

Involvement with TOPY can stem from an interest in investigating thee potentialities ov thee brain: knowledge that has been massively suppressed by those in Power. It includes making known information on both a political/conspiracy level, and on thee level ov an Individual's control over their own life. We have been taught to view thee State as a crutch to lean on, to fill our heads with pre-packaged ideologies that avoid thee need for us to think for ourselves and which create a society ov dead, bored, apathetic people. TOPY counters this by fighting conditioning and by allowing thee individual's true selves to come through - at thee same time there is action/research to demonstrate how all pervasive thee “spectacular” society is. By working together we can pool research, theories and actions: this way forward avoids needless duplication and, where necessary, provides allies and support for action. Much ov thee control mechanism ov society is based on guilt about/around sex, it being easier to control a sexually repressed person who thus always has a weak spot for thee Servants ov Power to press. For this reason, thee Temple strives to destroy thee conditioning ov guilt that lies deep in thee mind and which chains it to a mundane existence. Through thee process ov freed (and free) love/sexuality thee mind can be focused and channeled against all ov Power's conditioning mechanisms.

Thee tools ov thee Temple are first and foremost those which lay us open to thee reality ov life in permanent flux. Many techniques can be used: trance inducing music, chanting, dancing - these can all help strip down our outer mundane shell, exposing our inner core to thee free play ov creative forces. Thee method most favored by thee Temple (because it is surrounded by thee most imposed guilt, fear and limitation) is thee unashamed exploration ov sexuality. Fundamental to thee workings ov thee Temple is thee belief that great psychic force/energy is released at thee point ov orgasm and that this, if channeled, can effectively “make those things happen” which will bring you closer to your ideal self.

This technique, and many more, can be found within thee many and varied spiritual/magickal traditions ov thee world. It is thee aim ov thee Temple, through practical experimentation, to extract thee core ov truth running through all, and thus demystified to present a working formula for any Individual courageous and compassionate enough to strike against dogma, habit, guilt, fear and all that weighs on thee spirit; to strike against flat monotony under all its titles, and step into a magickal perception ov thee world.

TOPY is a lifeline ov magickal people aiming to change society for thee better through thee magickal transformation ov Individuals, and by helping people to understand thee power and potency ov their sexuality. A common mistake people make is that they think that TOPY is just another fanatical religious organization. They hear thee name “Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth” and automatically assume that its philosophy will be an unquestioning dogma for thee masses. (Proving ov course that thee society-controlled mass mind simply projects its crippled reality on to those who seek to challenge thee orthodoxy ov thee moment.) However, thee difference between TOPY and other groups is that we create an environment in which Individuals have no choice but to find their own answers in order to improve themselves. Thee emphasis is very much on individual exploration. TOPY gives people hints and pointers, and whereas other organizations may make it easy for people seeking to find “answers”, TOPY stresses that it is up to thee Individual's personal efforts for anything to be gained. And it is a two-way process: as thee Individual learns things from involvement with thee Temple, so thee Temple as a wider body learns from thee Individual.

There are elements ov truth in all schools ov thought, but not one single school can be thee “most correct” (no monopoly on knowledge!). What is needed is to take thee parts from all - those aspects that seem thee most logical and honest - and to discard that which perhaps reeks ov theatricals; understanding thee use ov rituals, as did thee so-called “ignorant” Indians ov America before thee evil Christian soiled their pure mind (pure in that they understood thee deeper reality that is thee essence ov magick). Many races and cultures ov thee world have stumbled across truths in their religions. We should make use ov these and develop our own minds in all possible ways.

Ov every organization, TOPY comes closer than any to thee ideal ov freedom. All areas ov life, especially those most taken for granted as being correct and right, are called into question. Questions open up possibilities. This is what freedom is about - questioning and assessing endless possibilities ov thought and action, all in thee pursuit ov a sublime happiness. Not only does this intense questioning stimulate life, but it helps us affirm or reaffirm ideas and behaviors. TOPY allows people more confidence and comfort - hence more pleasure with themselves - in their own environment. Comfort is not laziness. TOPY further guarantees freedom (something that no other social arrangement can do, except that which evolves between very close friends) by not only tolerating differences in thoughts and actions, but by encouraging natural, intrinsic differences; that is, TOPY recognizes thee innate majesty ov every being. Thee Temple respects thee potential godliness ov being; and its methods, its Psychick Cross, its 23, its Ov, can all help foster thee beauty ov each Being.

Thee Temple is a creative organization, a place to share and learn. Creativity needs to be freed. Time waits for no-one. be live once, so we take the opportunity: Participation.

Is thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth a cult?

Yes, a non-existent one in that it exists as a cult only for those who are uninformed and uninvolved. Thee Temple gives those involved positive ammunition in thee war to reclaim ourselves, our world, our time, our love, thee truth. To disconnect thee cables ov control.

Thee Temple az a non-organization recognizes thee reality ov Individuals. Thee power ov Individuals focused by choice to some common points. We, as multi-dimensional peoples live yes and no; colors, not black and white/either-or. There are more than two choices! Religion, history, psychology, magick: integrated for individual use. Sucksessors? To thee Surrealists and thee Hippies? Radical interest in political and spiritual.

Sexuality as focus. Ov Power. Subconscious guns. Thee orgazm as divine messenger. ho denial ov sense-based vision. We are free! Let us stand up to see it through thee veil ov control.

Many people ov small mind and spirit try to deny thee Temple its right ov existence. They are so completely disillusioned and hopeless that they demand we all be as miserable as they are. They call us crazy, power hungry, ego-maniacs, perverse, money-hungry, non-sensical freaks.

0.K. Crazy? To change thee world we live in, yes. Power hungry? For power over our own lives and destiny. Ego-maniacs? Yes, if as usual their definition ov an ego-maniac is someone who wants to achieve, grow, change and progress. Yes - WE DO THINGS!

Perverse? Yes, and proud. Thee rational ov thee world is no rationale. Sense? Right? Normal?

Whose sense? Whose right? Whose normal? No sense makes sense. Our sexuality is our own. If you don't lick it, leave it. Money hungry? Sure. Money is but a way to get things done. Not thee only way, but a way.

Freaks? Oh yes! No, we do not fit in, we never fit in, and we choose it that way, thank you. Fashion, morals, duty: they are yours not ours. YOU keep them. A freak is someone with individual motivation, separate from thee dictates ov past, present and future.

Thee Temple is not for all. In this time/space or ever.



TOPY is a collaboration ov Individuals. We fight all forms ov restriction to realize thee potential ov thee human brain through a system ov pagan Magick. It exists devoid ov dogma, be it political or religious. Information is shared amongst those involved, not in order to be treated as instruction but rather as a means to promote discussion and experimentation. Involvement insists upon active participation, discipline and contribution to an ideal as opposed to self-ambition. Thee recognition that only truth counts. Rituals (sigils) are employed as a means ov discovering one's true psyche, desires (and their realization), integrating thee conscious and subconscious as a way to produce a spiritually whole person as opposed to a fragmented shell.

TOPY attempts to wake people up to thee fact that they are controlled, socially programmed to suit those with an interest in control, and that guilt and fear are weapons employed to suppress natural advancement. Preconceptions must be swept aside and a de-programming occur until fearless and guiltless sexuality is mastered. Thee Temple embraces suitable forms ov technology to support its aims for collective advancement. Methods ov information access include PTV recordings, booklists, video deprogramming transmissions. These are all designed to surprise, even shock, but with a view to expansion. thee removal ov limitation.

It is difficult to understand the infinite and the inexpressible contained, albeit hidden controlled and repressed, in much ov the grey parade that is called life, even within one's own mind; but to communicate an idea that is beyond your own ego to another ego is almost impossible. The closest things to transmitting such ideas are Zen Parables, or Koans, such as what is the sound of one hand clapping, or what is enlightened Buddha being answered by being hit over the head with a brick. The Temple represents color, but color has to be seen, not intellectually analyzed.

I justify my involvement with the Temple by saying, just as the present world needs the Temple (love being such a rare bird) I feel the need to help and be part ov something that represents evolution and a better future. I personally have lost “friends” because ov their inability to perceive what the Temple means (people conditioned by shit… who see in their little egos the wearing ov a PTV badge as evidence ov brainwashed moonie-type cult. How can I be in a cult when I know only one individual even slightly connected with the Temple?; yet people whose only knowledge ov the Temple - love, the future, color, magick as sublime poetry - is gleaned from those who wish to climb up the intestines ov the machine ov Babylon by slagging the Temple off, presume to know better). Magick defends itself, but at times the gentleness I see in the Temple makes it a sitting duck for the projection ov complexes ov the cynical, bitter and controlled. The Temple's crusade to free the individual from control so s/he can grow focuses on sexuality because it's the only thing everybody is involved with at some point in their passage from birth to death. in whatever form. This is what scares the repressed, the puritanical who seem intent on punishing a new generation for the brief but vital progress that took place in the 60s. There is no Temple sexuality: its sexuality is mine, yours, or that ov any other individual involved. There is fuck all wrong with sex despite the macho-men and unbelievable creations ov the media and the flags ov restriction put up by both the political left and the right (all nasty oppressive illusions, not only are all clichés true, but all paradox).

The methods ov the Temple are vital because ov the appreciation ov the functional uses ov technology, the Magick ov the 1980s is filed on computer, photographed and taped, rather like the tools ov control. As Peter the Great ov Russia said: “our enemies will teach us how to beat them.” The Cross is a symbol. Like all symbols it helps communicate an idea quickly and focuses the will. It is potent and harmless and very powerful. The number 23 is a bit ov a situationist prank as nothing freaks out the flat people as this mystic number.

The Temple = psychedelic + discipline

Individuals controlling their own minds themselves, by opening up.


Most people, when they come into contact with TOPY, will do so via Psychic TV. Whilst being a useful expression-of and filter for TOPY, this has been the cause of misunderstanding of what TOPY is about, why it has to be here.

Firstly, it's important to say that TOPY is emphatically not a fan club for PTV - not a spin-off. While PTV are there for everyone to see, access without thought, as it were, TOPY is something else - it “gives” to the amount you “push”. It lies behind, but is not contained by, PTV.

This much should be obvious. It is easier to say what TOPY isn't, than to say what it is.

Basically, TOPY as a “system” is an expression of the ideas and methods of all the Individuals involved. But TOPY “in itself” is harder to define - it is the idealized Hidden Instrument of Evolution - the “organum occultus.” The hidden instrument is magickal - a synergetic interaction of certain powers of the brain. It has no “direction.” Its center is everywhere. Thus it cannot be “possessed.” The hidden instrument is the means by which inner potential “happens.”

TOPY is about setting change into motion NOW. It's about questioning authority NOW. It's about releasing the social function of subjectivity from the doghouse. Letting the dog roam free.

All this is now. TOPY has arrived as an urgent force to overcome the endless deferral of all this - the realization of our dreams.

Our resource - our sincerity.

It is a synchronistic vector - the “dis-ease” being the dream of social and individual transformation - of which we continually remind ourselves, and struggle to realize, in our rituals, our work.

TOPY is an expanding system of caring and action - communication without limit - MUTUALITY. We are aware that language alone does not suffice. Too many systems expand in direct proportion to their insistence on the dogma of their WORD. TOPY's method is to cut up the word, cut up behavior - to find meaning beyond the parameters of Control. To re-connect at the source - our “spirit.”

Therefore, it is not a religion, not a cult. We have no use for gods, devils, “instruction.” We have nothing to fall back on but that which is in us. Everything we see is ourselves. TOPY is, in the best sense of the word, a movement. The movement, the process, being continual and at various levels simultaneously - spotting the lies, the disjunction between socialized “givens” and our dreams, our real potential - deciding to commit oneself to re-connecting with one's potential - and doing. We have many “people” within each one of us we want them all.

This is expressed in our ritual and all our manifestations. Our network - our mutual experience and searching of TOPY.

“The maturity of man/woman - that means to have re acquired the seriousness that one had as a child at play.” - Nietzsche

Vide infra (SSOTBME)

As explained at some length in the GreyBook, the Temple's initial and root method is the recognition and utilization of our true sexuality the invocation of primal sexual energies latent in the subconscious. The concept of “sexual energy” is, for the Temple, interchangeable with “psychic energy.” Sex is the medium for magick - the frequency of truth. The sigil is its practice, the keystone.

“ …the significance of sexuality must be extended to embrace Reality, or that which endures after all else fades…” - Kenneth Grant

In a very real way our sexuality is interactive with our behavior as a whole. With the Temple Method we cut up traditional sexual behavior in order to release the New Sexuality - new because it is ever-changing, ever regenerating. Thus liberating our real sexuality (everybody - every man and woman is a man and woman), we liberate our behavior away from Control. We seek to deprogram ourselves from harmful internalized alienating stereotypes.

“Control begins with sexuality” - TOPY

We seek to re acquire the seriousness and curiosity that we had as children, to observe and act without guilt/fear. If there is one simple description of TOPY, it is that every involved Individual recognizes the need to overcome GUILT and FEAR of DARING TO BE. We “see below” in order to “rise up.”

New sexuality - ever youthful.

Jung saw symbols as “libido analogs”, capable of transforming energy. A representation channels libido (psychic/sexual energy) into new form - involves ever renewed potential. Symbols in themselves represent N0 SEPARATION. That is, the Psychic cross is a total synthesis of all we think of and mean by the Temple. For express purposes, and certain time-zones, some of its components can be isolated, but ultimately there is no separation. It exists of itself: the characteristic of all living symbols.

Because the Psychick Cross has many “personalities”, a multiplicity of explanations, it is an ideal symbol for TOPY. Various significances have been pointed out: the single vertical line as the Individual, bottom horizontal as Past, middle horizontal as Present, top as Future. The Cross of Jesus and the inverted Cross of Satan combined. A television aerial. The alchemical symbol “very poisonous.”

“We didn't choose it so much as the symbol chose us.”

A symbol of disenchantment, uncertainty and challenge/change.


The Psychick Cross also incorporates the 23 mythology. The number 23 is total neither-neither territory (Austin Osman Spare's mindfuck technique - comparing opposites separate, together, then absent.)

(But of course it isn't. It is just a number like any other, 22 before it, 24 after, surely?)

Except that 23, for us, seems to behave very strangely. It has become a snake in the grass of reason. Thus the exception; for the Temple always the exception. The Individual. Every man and woman is a 23.

“A presence, neither good luck or bad luck, it seemed to have some sort of control over its appearance.” Like the Psychick Cross, 23 has been isolated to symbolize certain concepts, random chance, Crowley's GET OUT, Burroughs' total cut-up, Robert Anton Wilson’s total paranoia symbol. Its “common” (!) significance is its provocativeness, its individuality, however one wishes to depict it. So, 0K, you have your cynicism, you may remain unconvinced, may not recognize TOPY, you see every-where human weakness and self-interest but the next step is to realize that cynicism is not a total answer, that the facade/shell of ego/”cool”/style can, and must be, discarded before we grow once more and enter a new “time-zone” of evolution. Drop your shield, be vulnerable, thee wound is the reminder, you cannot remain untouched, so touch yourself.

Enter the Combat Zone. The Temple has declared war. It does not do so lightly.

TOPY is an energy, fueled with fiery Individuals who want change. Change. People are too hung up with sex, with getting things done, so they mess up. No-one cares anymore. To become rewarded is to give. And to give is contagious, to create synergism.

The Self is who I am after, yet I cannot find her until I give her away, and watch her without from within; then I can go. Egos are selfish and jealous - to reverse the Ego is to open the mind; to be curious; to recognize, to understand, to commit. Without altering the Ego one cannot undergo the process. E to 3.

I am curious. Curious and willing to learn. Tell me what I could do for the group that would help me. Not really help, but INlighten. For we are all out for INlightenment, for each one of us, ourselves, and for the whole. First know to be yourself, then to help the group, then to know you ARE your self.

For me I cannot “When in doubt - BE EXTREME” Right now it's “When in doubt - Do Nothing”

I am curious Right Now.


Life is mediated by symbols. Symbols that steal. Numerical symbols that steal our intelligence. Word symbols that steal our voice. Pornographic symbols that steal our sexuality. Magical symbols that steal our will. A death on your symbols. Let each kill themselves.

The Psychick Cross is a symbol that represents the idea of “without Symbols.” It is the first entry in a dictionary of the future Metasymbolical language, a language of no-thought.

TOPY is directed anger (which in itself is only Love). A foundation set up to compile this “dictionary” which all WEs will need in order to survive. A clearing house of symbols.

When ever you discover - stamp on a Psychick Cross. This releases it for our use.

The Temple Ov Psychick Youth is an organization that has been created to further the ideas and feelings of those who feel that they have something to contribute to the running of society. The Temple involves a large scope of feelings and images that are connected to each other by the potency of their own desires.

Firstly, the Temple as an organization is created for those who feel and believe that they can increase their own potential in body and mind by pushing themselves to the limit of their durability, and do so in such a way that they can find the limitations of their own body as well finding how far they can really go in producing a perfect understanding of themselves. Unlike other creations, The Temple does not try to coerce or push an Individual into doing what “it” wants them to do - the contrary is true, the Temple encourages the individual to think and act for themselves, perhaps offering gentle instruction as an aid to success. The Temple remains as a haven for help where friends are guaranteed. A spiritual as well as physical father. By involving oneself with the Temple you find that the trappings of an autocratic society are handcuffs to the spirit, holding you in place, disabling a mind, disallowing it to think and act for itself - laying down rigid rules that must be adhered to. The Temple, conversely, encourages us that we need no regimented rules to survive, all we need is to expend a minimal amount of consideration for our fellow people, to accept differences in color, ideas, sexuality etc. Falling (sic) the rules of our wonderful and enlightened society has led to nothing but war, man killing man; religion playing a large part in the reasons for war. Religion is another point that the Temple puts across. It shows us the trivialities in religion be it Christian or Hindu. The idea of believing in a spiritual god - how abhorrent. It insults the intelligence to have god and jesus rammed down our throats - Crass put my feelings very well when they said Jesus died for his own sins, not mine. Religion is an easy way for a frightened people to hide behind the eventuality of their own death - it's okay, we will be going to a better life - what a joke. The only temple/god we should worship is our own bodies - any sacrament to be given should be exercise of the mind and body. Prayer should be an introspective look into your own feelings.

The Psychick Cross is a symbol that is easily recognizable - and therefore a medium through which publicity can be shown. Unlike the “cross” the psychick cross has two planes of symmetry, a reflection of purity and honesty. The cross is a very strong image of ideals, and shows a firm belief in what we feel the Temple stands for; I know that when people see the cross on my clothes - be it badges, t-shirts - and they ask what it stands for, they will always associate it with the Temple as well as Psychic TV. The strength of its images remains in the subconscious, therefore leading to easy recognition.

The Temple roots its beliefs in magic where sexuality and mental strength have always played an important role. This world is inhibited by its narrow-mindedness of sexuality. The Temple shows us that we should not be embarrassed by it, nor inhibited by it. This does not necessarily mean infidelity, or polygamous behavior. Free Love can be practiced between two individuals involved in a close relationship because the restraints of society are prevalent in marriage etc. It encourages us to be free - the most important aim for all humans - to be rid of a repressive society and to develop together with no feelings of materialism.

Although society is against us, too many people are unable to stand up for themselves, they allow themselves to be carried along without stating how they wish things should be done. If we work hard enough though, perhaps one day we will have a world where at least the ideas of the Temple are practiced, even if they are disconnected from the actual force and developer of those ideas.

The Temple is a group of people who together, and individually, work to combat any form of personal restriction. Quite simply we want to make our dreams, and those of everyone else, come true.

We work on three levels, or ratios. On the first level we examine our real selves, discovering our dreams, our potential, our REAL selves. he then try to live our lives, realizing our dreams and making the most of what we have to offer (skills, abilities etc.). Thus following (to use a rather archaic term) our destiny. On the next level we work with TOPY. Once an initiate begins to work on this ratio, he/she has a chance to take joint control of the helm. The Temple is constantly evolving: each initiate has the chance to help dictate the direction of that evolution. In the 3rd ratio we work to try and improve the world in which we live. At this level we try to act as an evolutionary goad, pushing mankind back on course.

We realize that the only way of achieving anything is to help one another. So whenever we can we donate time, money, ideas and skills to TOPY. We receive no reward for this: no medals, no “I raised £100” t-shirts. The reward is the knowledge that we have helped someone else to realize their dreams.

We are an international group, with bases in the UK, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Canada and America.

As is obvious (“Temple” & “Psychick”) we are metaphysically minded. many of our methods could be considered magickal. Magick is merely a technique for helping us negate the effects of restriction and control; and live (again that rather naff word) destiny. We are constantly developing and refining our own magick. We do not believe in any great powerhouse in the sky, any god, angels, demons etc. We have realized that the human brain is capable of much more than it is used for. Our magick operates within the human nervous system - and works!

Our magickal techniques are a little to “technical” to go into. Suffice to say that one of our main sources of energy is sexuality and orgasms. Sex plays a very important role in our philosophy as the energy obtained from it is tremendous. As was said earlier, we try to “touch our real selves.” Our first stepping stone to this is the removal of restriction placed on our sexuality by society. Once a month, or more, an initiate performs a simple magickal exercise which is designed to bring him/her closer to his or her real sexuality - as experienced in sexual fantasies. There should be no holds on sex, one should be able to enjoy sex in whatever way one, and one’s partner(s), want to.

Our symbol, logo, emblem or whatever - the Psychick Cross - contains a great deal of symbolism. The most obvious facets are:

1: it is the reverse of the Papal Cross, thus making it an anti-papal cross;

2: it is an “E” for Ego, backed with a reversed “E”, thus representing the negation of the Ego’s role over the human mind.

In many systems of magick numbers are said to have meanings. 23 has many meanings all of which are applicable to the Temple: Initiation; Union of Fire and Water (symbols of male and female) - sex; Integration of all levels of consciousness.

I first heard of TOPY through the drunken ramblings of someone I now find it impossible to describe. At the time “Godstar” boomed from his room almost constantly. After this, a friend lent me “Dreams Less Sweet.” I bought a few records, sent off for some literature.

Previously, I had dabbled with THELEMA, which seems to ask the right questions, but gave the wrong answers. TOPY seemed to ask equally pertinent questions (and sometimes more so), and answered them with nothing but Hagbard Celine’s “Think for yourself, Schmuck!” As time went on I became increasingly interested in, and in agreement with, the Temple’s ideas.

At last a decent magickal system. more silly Kabbalistic rituals. Simple, straightforward, and functional. A chance to help, however little, however much. Perhaps even to meet people who've got better things on their mind than taking the piss.

The Temple is an international group of people who want to improve the quality of not only their own lives, but of everybody. We have realized that the life of the average person lacks direction and meaning. Human beings are persuaded, by various methods, to do what they are told, however subtly, rather than what they really want. Some realize this and “drop out”, hiding the world behind a beer-can or a line of coke: others try to change the world. We are in the latter group. We try to do nothing unless we really want to. We try to differentiate between the “pretend” desires programmed into us by society, and our true wishes. We then try to live these true desires. That is what real freedom is. Our method is, I believe, the most powerful. We use magick; not card tricks or turning princes into frogs; but real magick (that's what the “k” on the end signifies), which is a method of programming your own mind to do what you want it to do. We use sex as a tool for elevating the mind in much of our magick. Sex is one of our basic needs. It is also the most powerful force we have access to.

What attracted you to TOPY?

The systematic use ov will power to make dreams become real. The undogmatic appreciation ov the inherent potentials ov thee Individual who wants to see and is not afraid to invest energy in finding their true self, their true desires, and to act accordingly. Furthermore, the new approach to Magick: a demystified system ov practical techniques to extend the perception and still ov acting consciously according to one's own nature without guilt.

In what ways has TOPY failed to live up to your expectations so far?

I see TOPY as an active forum/expression/output ov thee assembled energy ov its members. I consider myself taking part in thee process and don't feel that thee organ has failed to live up to my expectations as they are identical with thee expectations I have for myself in life. I apply TOPY in my life according to my own interpretation and accept no dogmas, and as long as I feel that my intentions coincide with TOPY and that its structure is based on mutual appreciation/trust/respect/ challenge/communication then I invest energy in this forum. I am curious/open-minded by nature. In thee course ov time and involvement much is explained. I have no fear.

Explain TOPY.

Through education, school, inherited dogmatic value systems, TV, radio, written/spoken propaganda people are continuously deprived ov their self respect as unique manifold human Individuals. We are systematically discouraged by thee keepers ov addicts to Control from exploring our real physical and mental needs and potentials. We are exposed to constant programming, its main aim being streamlining ov thought into unquestioned acceptance ov illusory satisfaction, leaving an unlocated feeling ov frustration behind. Fear is the key to Control/Manipulation. Thee fear ov change/thee unknown/thee unsecure/thee unfamiliar - all these block thee Individual longing for development/experience and make him/her accept thee vast offer ov surrogates and substitutes in today's world-system. Those who are not contented with this pseudo-reality seek other ways for deeper knowledge/realization ov dreams, and create their own forum/access point for mutual encouragement/support/challenge ov individuality and

We are history, thee sum ov our ancestors. If we ignore our own history and its impact on our lives, we are inclined to repeat thee pitfalls and disasters ov previous generations. We dig our own graves as culture.

Christianity has monopolized thee European thought system and thee use ov ancient methods/rituals as a means ov recollecting force, and has deformed its intentions to thee point where they lose every form ov potence and sense while being refunctioned to “evil/dangerous mysticism/occultism.”

Ritual as Access Point to thee inner regions ov thee mind and focus ov will into conscious action…thee threat to status quo in thee present socio-political and cultural world-system. A society deprived ov its history/past is a society deprived ov its future and identity.

Sex is thee primal key to thee mental system ov a person. It is thee nucleus ov their own past, present, and future. In thee moment ov orgasm thee brain is for a short period ov time thrown out ov/disconnected from its subconsciously socialized/adapted thoughtsystem. In this moment ov disconnection thee brain is highly susceptible to new information. Orgasm is thee Access Point ov de- and re-programming ov thee mind. Storage ov subconscious information thee seed to conscious action. Attack on subconsciousness determines thee overflow to consciousness latently transformed into concrete action.

Education/indoctrination has trimmed our minds in thee course ov a life-time to fit thee demands/needs ov thee control units in society. he see continuous re-education as a necessity in order to develop. Ritual strengthens our determination to find and do our true selves and to cross new borders ov knowledge and understanding, to avoid thee obstacles to thee realization ov our dreams. Through self-decided “indoctrination/ dedoctrination” ov thee subconscious mind we avoid daily pitfalls in mental laziness and cowardice/compromise. Free sexuality without guilt liberates our mind from inherent blocking mechanisms between consciousness-subconsciousness. Free flow ov information between thee brain hemispheres brightens our eyes, makes us clear, strong and real.

23: Number ov “Coincidence” - thee genes in thee human being consist ov 23 chromosomes, blood needs 23 seconds to cross thee human body. A sign ov life and death, its correlation and its unknown dimensions. Death/mortality - thee ultimate referation point for each human being. To live fully without regrets or not. We are mortal. Here and now.

Christians have their Cross - fetish ov guilt and shame. Christ on thee Cross - symbol ov martyrdom/sacrifice for thee sinfulness ov thee human race. unworthy, godless slaves.

We repudiate - have our own fetish/symbol for thee immense possibilities and dimensions ov thee human mind and vessel in life. Thee Psychick Cross - an alchemical symbol for (magickally) dangerous material/knowledge. Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth is “danger” to dogmatic/streamlined thought, that is to thee stability/status quo in present society/culture: thee seed to a new science/way ov living.

Magick: a system ov Will Made Flesh. We focus our will in collective ritual across thee world on thee 23rd ov each month, and program/tune-in our mutual wavelengths/sexual desires in thee moment ov orgasm. Our will-power programmed in thee genes and assembled in thee liquids ov semen/lubricant/blood/spit, and hair.

Thee features ov thee embryo is decided/determined through thee thoughts ov sexual partners during coitus. Thought made Flesh. Will made Real. TOPY. Made Real.

In answer to a cynical journalist:

Most people can't stomach the “missionary zeal”, so to speak, so any mention of a “Great Crusade to save The world” is right out of the window. The Temple is there for those who want it - it isn't another banal ideology, but a network of individual interests where information is relayed to one another on the basis of practical experience. You've heard of synergy: the working together of two or more elements to create an effect greater than the sum of the individual elements' output. Well that's us! We support one another by our own efforts - like a latter-day tribe.

What impels a person to work within the Temple? A dissatisfaction with current societal values, perhaps. An awareness of possibilities within ourselves that most recognized institutions of society, religious or otherwise, either flatly deny or appear reluctant to expand upon. (As social beings we have an inner need to express ourselves amongst friends - interpreting “friends” as those people who can relate to you!) All such answers seem a bit “rhetorical” to me, so we might gain a better understanding of the “attraction” of TOPY by taking a brief look at the ideas and methods it collectively presents.

We take a very broad view - limitlessly so - of the means at our disposal towards self-development. Jung called it individuation. Aleister Crowley called it the realization of the True Will. You may call it simply “Maturity”. From the lore of Magic (a much scoffed at notion, superficially, in our high-tech rationalistic era; but isn't our science the highest magic to a so-called primitive? And what arrogance you have to deny the function of something you know nothing about, despite its overwhelming history of practice?!), to music, to martial art; if the perceptive individual thinks there is something worth picking up on, we will attempt to pluck it out of the mire and use it' That is why TOPY. is often seen in the “public eye” to “wallow morbidly” in social taboos; or however else they choose to put it. Life's too short and wonderful to run away from and/or wrap up in unnecessary prohibitions/superstitions. So, cut out “the crap.” The Temple brings together people who aren't afraid to try a little. The luxuries of western “civilization” (loud laughter) also bring greater excuses for us to get very lazy.

(The notion of forced commitment, street-corner proselytizing, I find repulsive. he emphasize, more than anything else, the power and creativeness of the individual will; how that feeling can be shared through communication and care. To force others to “join in” would defeat the purpose of the network. How can I force you to be yourself? [eg forcing another to emulate my thoughts & feelings is no freedom for the other person.] What the fucks the point? We can only provide inspiration - no greedy Gurus infest this House.)

Why do I think TOPY is important? Could answer that in several ways I suppose. The workings of the Temple are not always to my liking, but then, as a network with some degree of structuring/organization, what else do you expect? Humanity has yet to invent a machine that is 100% efficient. And involvement with TOPY does NOT mean you go along with every suggestion that's put forward. In terms of energy, feedback and so on, you reap what you sow; just as with any human relationship (I use that analogy quite intentionally). Anyway, I feel it is important because - in an age of much insincerity - TOPY is rooted in what I ultimately recognize as COMMON SENSE. We seek to embrace the earthly human condition, warts and all. We look at ourselves and recognize the need to strive for personal goals; expand our often blinkered definition of “self” by trying to utilize the new and the strange; experiment, instead of wallowing in the “fear of the unknown”; reject dogma, reject guilt, reject anything that leads to unnecessary anxiety - not by pushing things to the side, but by confrontation. (The quickest route between two points is a straight line.) Such ideas, although expressed a little dogmatically here for the sake of brevity, outline a healthy, strong approach to living. and it feels very refreshing to be amongst friends who won't try to fob you off with more alienating politics or mystical pap.

No, my involvement with TOPY has not equipped me with easy panaceas for the problem of Government etc. We live in a complex environment - I am the first to admit it. TOPY has no manifesto up its collective sleeve. Rather, we consider the situation from the perspective of “To change the World you must first change yourself.” It is no use disbanding the police-force tomorrow if they are all going to continue acting in the same way to the people they picked on before!

(To amuse myself, I might describe involvement in the Temple as a course in psychic self-defense for the outsider! But then you'd probably take that the wrong way. Temple is NOT a cheap sort of psychotherapy; no psychic prescriptions from Doc P-Orridge, or anybody ridiculous like that. Nobody involved in the network wishes to suffer fools gladly, and the only people “assessed” are ourselves - BY OURSELVES. A little eccentricity leads to a progression of ideas - stupidity does not! And you must ultimately deal with your own problems, if you wish to reclaim personal responsibility at all belief that is central to TOPY philosophy.)

Why the big profile on Sex in TOPY? The fact that you feel our “high profile” needs to be mentioned may provide part of the answer! As I have already tried to indicate, the Temple strives to eliminate our (often culturally inherited) feelings of guilt. We consider sexual energy to be of great importance - its free expression is our very birthright, in whatever way our nature inclines. The neuroses and psychosomatic ailments resulting from high levels of sexual repression have been catalogued well enough by now, without me having to re-iterate the point. And guilt about one's personal sexual activities can be used as a potent weapon in the hands of your adversaries - just look at the gutter press. Sexuality is just that whether it be expressed in “fetishism”, “homosexual” activity (a horrible, clinical expression if ever I heard one), and so on. It's nobody's business but your own.

Having said that, it is obvious that many people - particularly the younger - pursue an active sex life without recourse to massive guilt! So why all the hypocrisy about its public expression? Why the hassle? Evidently, the mass media does not reflect an accurate honest - picture of our feelings. The Sunday Sport continues to make sex and sexuality an absurdity - something to sneer at. We wonder why.

TOPY wishes to take sexuality a step further by investigating the powers we consider to be generated by sexual activity, so that they can be used for the benefit of the individual. Every Individual. Orgasm has a powerful effect on one's perception, body chemistry, bioelectric field, etc., if only for a few moments. And we feel that the state of being created can be put to use, in combination with intense desire. Again, we are entering the arena of “magick” and ritual (all sex is ritual); we are considering the so-called dark side of nature, and to a TV generation brought up on Dennis Wheatley films, such ideas seem very taboo. We wish to break down those superstitions - we have little room for fear in such speculative areas - but we have no vested interest in people agreeing with our aims and methods. (We are not out to harm anybody, so please remain sensible and leave us be if you are skeptical/unimpressed.)

Of course you can't discuss sex without mentioning AIDS nowadays. To counter popular misconceptions let it be stressed that the Temple does NOT encourage orgiastic or promiscuous behavior - forced promiscuity to prove one's “liberation” is just as stupid and damaging as exaggerated prudery; if it goes against your natural inclinations. I suggest you use your common-sense and exercise responsibility. But, to give an example: should someone attracted to their own sex no longer feel attracted because circumstances dictate a certain degree of caution with the choice of partners? We think not. Circumstances and the means of your natural indulgence may vary quite a bit, but the right to “be and feel” whatever you are does not. This must be kept in mind, as the puritans cry out for “conformity” yet again…

Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth, we are united, united in the differences that constitute our individuality. At one stage or another all ov us had reached the same crossroad. The roads were clearly marked - conformity, control, suburbia, soap and no hope. The general flat planes that lead to a hollow, wasted death. Instead, we deliberately leave the roads to travel cross-country - to aim for the high mountains on the horizon. There are no clearly visible signposts, no neatly maintained roads and no resting points. The undergrowth can be extremely dense, the inhabitants hostile and the speed of travel tiresomely slow. But etched on the horizon, amongst the loftiest of mountains is a Psychick Cross. We move onwards and upwards. This is the way of TOPY.

To travel with TOPY is to map out your own route, to cross virgin territory, often alone. You discover your own pace, your own dreams of the goal. Discovering your own philosophy of life, but instead of preaching it you live it, and live it to the full. We may travel alone, but we obtain strength that elsewhere in the wilderness others are planning and traveling their own routes to the same goal. We may rendezvous, by chance or by desire. We can then share, relate our travels and exchange our maps for we know that to fulfill our life we must help fulfill others: open their eyes, let them help us open ours. Share our results and tactics and help to change the maps of old. To lay new paths and roads and satisfy the discontentments of society and its expectations and limitations of an individual.

It is every person's basic right and task to be as they will, as they truly will. The study is long and hard to find this will. Total self-honesty is needed. The ability to touch oneself, no less. TOPY will encourage, suggest ways of touching at all levels and of all aspects, by using rituals and intuitive magickal methods specifically aimed at getting closer to oneself. To integrate all the different levels and aspects to develop a total, free individual.

TOPY realizes that every man and woman has their own potential to achieve and live by. This can vary greatly within individuals but this is the key because each individual's achievements are relative to only that one person's potential. There is no competitive hierarchy as that would serve only to stifle development. Each individual must ultimately justify their every motive, action and belief to themselves. If they achieve this then they are allowing TOPY to achieve itself. It cannot work in reverse. It can be hard. To start to truly look at yourself can hurt. Strength, honesty and commitment are needed to move towards TOPY Sexuality is a key as within sexuality the restrictions and constrictions of society and its controls can bite the hardest. To liberate and understand one's own sexuality is to liberate and understand TOPY. An individual who has learnt to express themselves sexually can then use the lessons learnt here to inspire freedom and development in other aspects of their person. Your sex and sexuality belong to yourself. The energies it generates all come from within your psyche. At the peak of sex the doors open, the barriers collapse and there is no separation. The interchange between conscious and “sub”-conscious is complete. Using controlled focusing at this magickal time, TOPY individuals can make a conscious desire move to the higher levels of their own consciousness where it can take effect and help the dreams become real. By truly understanding this process and tailoring it to an individual's methods, breakthrough can be reached and you have given yourself back to yourself.

These methods of sexual focusing provide the basis of TOPY workings. The results achieved here by the individual filter down through all levels, all actions, all motives. All comes from within the individual.

TOPY has a psychick symbol and a psychick number. Both of these are woven deeply into the sub-structure. Both act as a focus, as a synthesis of beliefs and actions; as a trigger. The Psychick Cross with its horizontal arms in the ratio of 2 to 3 can be interpreted on many levels: to signify the individual (the vertical line) with his/her past (bottom line), present (middle) and future (top); a symbol of integration between opposing functions within an individual of TOPY (3 E). The arms flow outwards from the Cross to symbolize growth and discovery whilst at the same time they all draw inwards to focus and synthesize this growth within the individual. A cross to sacrifice the self upon; a uniform symbol to identify with and by TOPY, but like TOPY itself to be interpreted in different ways by different individuals.

The magickal number 23 is interwoven throughout TOPY It is the point of focus, to integrate, to dissolve. A time, a time for work, a date to complete a task 23 times is to see it move deep within the consciousness. A number that's history is proven and potent, one that occurs internationally, irrationally and totally naturally. Like the Psychick Cross, indeed like TOPY, 23 is the gateway, the crossover point to internal focus and development and external flowering.

When there is no other way.

T 0 P Y

Thoughts on The Temple

The Temple Ov Psychick Youth is a body of like-minded, ageless souls all striving in an individual manner towards a collective goal: a guiltless state of self-awareness.

The exploration of our innermost desires by the release of the sexual spirit. and thus the freeing of our emotions of dogma and external control, is fundamental to the process by which the Temple achieves its collective identity. The process is a deeply personal voyage of discovery (the very fact of the emphasis of the individual testifies to this), one in which the Temple acts as a guiding light, a processor of information and its re-direction.

“No man is an Island”, and for this reason the Temple is both needed for support in our battle, and as a focus for the support we ourselves can offer. Its sum being greater than the parts, the Temple serves as a sounding board for ideas, provoking thought which may under other circumstances never have been given the right “culture” in which to form and grow. Thus the Temple is a growing, living organism whose form is a result of the collection of “cells” within it, as in any biological organism. The analogy with the natural world is of direct significance. All life operates within a set environment or eco-system, but its very presence is an integral part of that system. If any one species grows it is at the cost of another, and if any “external force” is introduced the balance can be forever altered with the possibility of collapse (eg: Rainforests). The Temple is such a force, one which could ultimately over-turn the preconceived ideas of our western society. This may seem to many to be a fanciful argument, but to those who mock I would say, “how small is a virus or cancer cell that can cause the collapse of an organism?”

We may be small, but we are growing to attack like a cancer from within!

We must stand together, we must fight!

On criticism of the Temple

How can you criticize an organization which makes statements such as “… we support your individuality”, “we offer no dogmas”, and talks of “de-programming”. These are some of the most important statements made by TOPY, and show the principal aims of the Temple: the realization of YOURSELF, which results in SELFLESSNESS in the most positive way - no greed, no sex barriers, no age barriers, no race barriers….etc.

The ultimate goal of LOVE and escape from the prison of 20th Century (especially western) ideas and values. DON'T WE ALL FEEL THE SAME? Thee Temple gives no orders, it gives a method through books, records, states of mind to a form of enlightenment. “You must understand 'til it hurts. The mind must be stretched to include emotions, thoughts and points of view entirely foreign to the narrow limits of our present life.” (quote from Zen by Christmas Humphreys) To me, the Temple is about THINKING and trying to spread this FREEDOM.

SEXUALITY: This I am only myself realizing at the moment - N0 GUILT. We see it on T.V. every day: twisted sex values - TURN IT OFF! I can't find the right words to use about my sigil experiences but I feel re-charged, focused, powerful, aware.

THEE PSYCHICK CROSS: This to me forms a kind of focus (not in a fearful, religious sense) and is a common ground and understandable sign to those involved within TOPY.

23: This to me is Kammerer's Law of Seriality. The natural rhythms, patterns, harmonies in all the universe. It is an expression of this belief of the unexplored forces that act upon us.

I can relate to what the Temple Ov Psychick Youth is trying to do because we are all living in a world where chaos reigns. The Western World has been under the dogma of religion, Catholic and Protestant, for the last five hundred years. And its teachings, far removed from the original message, have been used to control the masses and to shape humanity's moral codes.

So today we have people wanting to have spiritual freedom, but who because of the age-old brain washing of God and the Devil, and good and evil, find it hard. Even worse, most people in our society have to unlearn and begin at thee beginning about their relationship with life, the universe and everything in it; and they generally start looking within themselves for their answers. I personally think that Christianity is on its last legs, as its churches are full of middleaged and old people, but not young people. So there are many who are searching for spiritual freedom, and a truer relationship with life. The Temple Ov Psychick Youth provides a means and a way for people to break free and rise above the lie of society. Because magick, witchcraft are keys that unlock many of life s closed doors, and enable individuals to explore and develop themselves on all planes of life, from spiritual to physical. Nothing in life is easy, and magick is not an escape. As with all life you have to give of yourself to receive, and giving of yourself means a sacrifice of time and effort which is a hard lesson for many an aspiring occultist. So through contact with open groups like TOPY, individuals can meet other people with similar ideals in life.

Obviously people will have to face moral principles such as sexual magick (tantric yoga) and other methods used in ritual magick to raise the power, but this is something they learn naturally and not unnaturally as the rest of society still thinks and believes. They have to learn that they themselves create or destroy what life presents before them, not God or the Devil, and thus having learnt go forth into a new world of gods. After all, evil is essentially misplaced energy (unnatural). So things like sex, and all pleasurable activity so long as it be done with free will, are healthy for us in life.

This last point is another reason why I agree with TOPY's ideals: because they encourage people to be free within them selves, and to discover their own true wills.

As A/C puts it: Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law.

Love Is The Law, Love under Will.

My interpretation of TOPY is that of the propagation of unlimited expression and potential. Also, that of the freeing of world technology and communication from the restraints of generally restrictive, authoritarian value-systems. The Temple, to me, has the potential to both examine and free the latency of both physical and psychical potential.

I would like to take part in a world-deprogramming task, and experience the worthiness of my own full powers, in all their comparative spheres.

These thoughts encompass my attitudes towards sexuality (in both its drive and visionary factors) and also my movement towards cooperative methodology.

What is Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth?

To me, ultimately a special state ov mind - the place where all dreams meet. The place you know exists but are afraid to admit it. A secret place, timeless, sexual, a magick place open to all. Have you never felt so alive, happy, sexual that you want to live forever? Or are you lost, scared or just too pissed off to care. TOPY can help you find your real self and you can help TOPY in the process. By helping and caring and coummitment to TOPY the same energy is given back. Love is not a dirty word, helping people is not wrong. For society to change, people must change. People must see what is happening all around them. People must be given information about sigils, dreamachines, magick. People must be pro-sexual. have respect and care for everybody. What is wrong with being happy, alive, caring? So reject money - I'm on 16K a year smart mate but who's interested. I'm a Man City fan - you're dead. (Fighting for a football team, strange.) This jumper cost £60. (Very smart, but does it make you really feel better inside.)

In these times ov one-upmanship why not join the ultimate game and play for your life and make history as well.

Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth acts as a focal point, a sigil to thee Will. It can provide thee FORM about which thee FUNCTION ov Thee SELF can be wrapped. Thee act ov focusing releases tremendous energy which Thee Temple, as a concourse, forms into a flow ov energy. As a concept it sparks off Individual activity and through thee Image ov Thee SIGIL it channels that energy into a creative outburst.

As a free form with a continuous flow ov unrestricted and unlimited Ideas it allows any Individual to develop a language to express what can not be explained. Magick in its modern context is largely a question ov interpreting a subjective reality in purely personal terms. This requires a personal subjective language. Yet if society is to continue - have any meaning - then it is precisely this that must be communicated. A subjective reality can not be expressed in terms ov a common language, but only as a personal experience. Thus thee only channel ov communication open to us is to place our personal view within a common framework. This in essence is what all communication is about. But most ov our present belief is based on distortion. Our culture simply has not got thee necessary tools to cope with thee present situation. Our cultural language is still based on thee rational universal world ov thee past aeon. This will have to be swept aside before people can talk to each other again.

Thee Temple as a focal point without a fixed system ov values begins Thee Process. It provides a channel through which thee Individual can view his/her circumstances from their own perspective. It sweeps past thee outmoded views ov mass philosophy. Most importantly, by mutual encouragement, Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth gives me thee courage to accept and trust my own view.

It's aims on human freedom and independence

Too inspiration individuality

Freedom in any dreams in any wishes

Sexuality with no limitations so long there are yours

sexuality too make you free of any restrictions

sexuality & Love the most successful drivepower for any dream & wish Love the power of all powers.

Methods of magic and philosophy from many individuals

Psycho-levels of the brain too help you in higher atmosphere's

Methods from magic too create your perfect atmosphere and too get closer too that one self

Methods looks sometimes bizzare but the ones who understand there are no limitations, when you wanne reach exstacy-freedom

OV 23 - That moment that day that dream that wish that freedom

It all can come true OV 23 is one of those methods

Lot's of thoughts are feelings which are not easy too explain

May be when I have too represent a year later it might be totally different, I learn every day more and more, it will take lives.

Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth is important because it is ACTIVE and CARING. It intends to nudge people into an understanding of themselves, into RESPECT for themselves. To Love themselves and their lives. It intends to spur people into doing coumthing with their lives, being ACTIVE. It gives people back to themselves along with the realization that they CAN get what they really deeply want and need. Their desires can be made real. All it takes is effort and discipline.

For a few years now I have felt a deep hunger and frustration. There has been a large gap in my life. It took me a while to realize what this gap was. A deep spiritual lack. There has never been any talk ov or involvement of anything remotely spiritual during the whole of my twenty years of existence. During Primary School it was required of the whole class to stand up in thee mournings and say thee Lords Prayer. I never ever believed in it. It seemed totally absurd to me even then, I don't really know why, but I never believed in “God”. For seven years I stood up and mouthed thee words of thee prayer. When I left at thee age of 12, if anyone asked me to recite thee words ov thee Lords Prayer I couldn't do it! Seriously. I had never learned it and had willfully blocked it out. I objected to being forced to say things I didn't believe - I never objected out loud of course, oh no, that would result in the belt. Little boys who don't say their prayers get pain as a reward. It wasn't until I was about 19 that I found what I thought/think might be thee answers. I have always been interested in thee unusual. In everything. People. Books. Music. Art. Thee “Chaos ov thee Normal”, thee “Moronic Inferno”. Fashion has never interested me. During childhood I read mostly science fiction. Then came a period ov flux, ov wandering, where I was no longer as deeply “into” Sci-fi as before, but couldn't find anything else. That was when I decided to buy A William Burroughs Reader having heard him mentioned in numerous articles in thee muzak press. Pages of wondrous images, surreal images, new ideas, new methods. This replenished my lust for thee innovative.

I used to go to an “Adult Training Center” at night to help out at a kind of social gathering of handicapped people. There was a small record player, and a box of records. Sidney Devine, Elvis, Nana Mouscouri, country and western, thee muzak ov my nightmares! Tucked neatly in between two of these wreckords was an unimposing little single. It was called Just Drifting and was by Psychic TV. I asked if I could have it as I had wondered what they were like having read reviews in thee press. As one of our records had disappeared they said “Yes”. That was how I discovered PTV. It was a few years before I made enquiries into thee Temple. This was made at thee same time as I found a possible solution to my problem. I read a book called Mysteries by Colin Wilson. It was thee most amazing book I had ever read. A whole new universe ov possibilities opened up to me. I immediately developed a deep hunger for knowledge. Not everyday knowledge. Knowledge ov this strange new world. I went to thee library and read every occult book I could find. Whole new worlds of meaning opened up.

Thee Temple seemed like an honest organization. Not a brainwashing cult. An “anti-cult”. I didn't know (and still don't) just how much knowledge it possessed. To make “the occult” a part of everyone's everyday lives, now that was an interesting idea. A very good idea. An essential idea. Ideas into action. Kick start evolution again. To destroy tyranny and oppression. To bring joy back to living once more. Love. Responsibility for actions. Interaction between Individuals again, instead ov this total isolation that is becoming a hallmark ov thee twentieth century.

Sex. To free sex from all fetters. To throw off guilt and all restrictions to pleasure. To make sex pure again. between two Individuals. Not thee ignorant sexist, totally damaging view of a man fucking a woman. Sex involves two people. Two active people (who may be active in their passivity). To reclaim sexuality as our own. To be shared with who we choose, however we choose. Thee magick ov sex. Thee new sexuality. To choose ourSelves.

Thee Psychick Cross. Thee cross is thee union of opposites (0=2). Thee top half has thee Christian Cross, thee bottom half has thee anti-Christian or Satanic Cross. Thee middle branch ties them together. Thee top half mirrors thee bottom. As above so below. It is thee anti-Papal Cross since thee middle branch is shorter than thee outer two, thee opposite of thee Papal. It is a television aerial. It receives and transmits information from and to every area ov life. Thee center of thee Information War. It is a focus for knowledge and understanding. It is also thee face of thee Temple. Thee central line ov thee face along which is arranged thee line of thee eves at top, nose middle, and mouth bottom. Thee three branches are mind, body, and spirit. There are three crosses in thee Psychick Cross, not two.

23, in Crowley’s system, is Water. Thee essential element ov life. Thee great sea ov thee subconscious. Thee element that is always in flux, forever changing. Change is stability. Water has three states (branches on thee cross?). Water is the body and the mind. Just as the moon affects the sea so does it affect mind and body. The brain is something like 80% water after all. 23 is a mystery. It's just a number. It's just the number ov rays from Sirius, The Sun behind the Sun. Thee star of thee Dogon, those marvelous people. Thee symbol of Sirius is pretty close to thee cross.

23 is synchronicity and recognition:

2 + 3 = 5 2 x 3 = 6 2/3 = .666

Trying to explain my reason for my involvement with TOPY is hard, but to say I am searching for my inner strengths and weaknesses is as good a one as any. To me TOPY is doing more for thee couming together ov people than any thing I know. They encourage thee sharing ov ideas which to me is an important factor in knocking down life's walls.

To ask me thee meaning behind their aims, ideas, sexuality, methods, thee meaning ov thee Psychick Cross, ov 23 would be an injustice to TOPY. Their aim I believe to be more wakefulness in society, for people to open up their eyes and see for themself. Their ideas revolve around Pagan philosophy and thee arts ov Magick which in a way takes on all aspects ov Life. Methods are thee same in all new conceptions and must be used to get thee message across. Sexuality is a beautiful thing and should be treated in thee same way, free love must be forever in our souls. Thee Psychick Cross is a symbol to symbolize all aspects ov TOPY ideals. they must be put up everywhere. Ov 23 I am stuck with no true conclusion as to thee proper idea/ideas behind it, but to me it stands out and crops up in thee weirdest ov situations and it is a JOY to see it anywhere.

TOPY is an inner door, a device for breaking down mental walls. TOPY can be pleasure with thee pain, thee garden ov eden and you are Adam or Eve. Open thee eye to TOPY and experience everything before it is too late.

I feel no need to justify my interest or my sympathy. Those who reject TOPY reject themselves - and few want to face the truth. Each individual must decide their own course, and as no-one is the same, so no course is the same. Everyone responds and rejects or accepts according to their own thoughts and feelings.

TOPY offers an alternative to mass control, depersonalization and guilt. Those who choose this path will never find it easy prejudice and jealousy will see to that, as very few people have the courage to be themselves and those that do are often hated for it. For not conforming. For not being “one of us”.

TOPY aims to make each individual free of the mental shackles and spiritual bonds placed on us since birth. To question the unquestioning mind and to heal the wound of separation within us. For no-one is whole when psyche, mind and body work in discord. The Psychick Cross is a symbol of this unity - a tangible representation of 23 - two threes back to back, joined, whole, a perfect harmony visually and psychically, to be used as a focal point for energy, a comforter emotionally and a reminder of the potential within us. A potential TOPY can help us to achieve.

The thing I can give most readily is my love. My love of Life and its unifying energy and of all living things. My love of humanity and all that these destructive creatures have produced that is creative. My love of my ideal that I have cherished and nurtured all my life that finally humankind will see and feel all that it has destroyed and stop doing it. My love of the knowledge that the energy that is within me is within all life and therefore that all life is within me.

The nation. the world is in a trap. The poor are getting poorer, and the rich, richer. Our environment is collapsing in upon ourselves because of what we are doing. An example: it is legal to corrode the ozone layer (by use of aerosols etc.) and thereby harm everyone, yet illegal to smoke marijuana, and harm no-one. We need change, revolution - and TOPY is that. The ideas of it being an insane death cult are a misconception. We are help, perhaps the only help and friend, not an enemy. So open your eyes.

Once upon a time….

….I first spurred interest in TOPY with the listening of Dreams Less Sweet. After I proceeded to lose that tape to a young lady, I decided to find out more about the sound and reasons of TOPY. I purchased the live records series, which has proven to be a source of great enjoyment. And I try to forward the ideas of TOPY with messages on the dorm door, and I try to play a few songs when I dj at the campus radio station.

What I rather liked about TOPY was that there was no forcing of ideals on myself as a listener. There are, I will not hold back, a few ideals I do not in self practice, because they do not appeal to me, but I will not condescend because someone else may. For the book, I do not experiment with drugs, have sex, or denounce strongly nonpagan religions. Persons may say that I have not lived, but that is someone else's idea of living. If and when I wish to try something, I shall, but until then I am content with myself. I guess the point is that it is a choice, and one must not necessarily make certain choices to be involved with TOPY.

The problem, well wait. Let us stay with that prior thought, about choices, just for a minute. You may have noticed I don't spell certain words the way TOPY does; again I do not feel that is important for me to reflect that thought to be considered involved with TOPY. Anyway, as I was writing, the problem is I am afraid that I may not be able to be as active as I wish in TOPY with my schooling, because education is very important to me. So, what I guess I am getting at, is that I will do my best to do what I can. I can only hope that does not sound too “wishy-washy”. So, I am, will, try to do my most.

How would I explain TOPY to a stranger? Simply, a group, tribe of persons who are looking ahead, with little recourse to beliefs or principles that have been embedded, sometimes unwillingly, into society. An aim of reversal, getting people to quit taking for granted what surrounds them, and having them realize they have control of their life, and to use themselves to their potential.

Why do I feel TOPY is important? Because it serves as a meeting center for those persons who already know what they feel to get stronger centralization and organization, and make themselves and their ideas more available to others. It's got a lot to do with the concept of awareness.

I guess aims and ideas have been taken care of. Sexuality, again, is an awareness, realizing how present it is, and how it can be made into something more wonderful than expected or known.

The Psychick Cross has so much behind it that it is rather hard to sum up its meaning, besides representing a receptor for thought processes. Also, I just rather thought that it could also be seen as a christian cross overlapped by a satanic (inverted christian) cross, and a bar in the middle to cancel the two out, which would go along with the theory of bowing to no god.

23 is something I cannot comment too intelligently on, since I have not the amount of information necessary. I have heard, however, that it is the number of confusion. and actually I myself have not much more of a view on it…yet.

Other resources of my self-determination, defining ideas clearly, patience, art skills (with both pen and words), and desire to communicate.

Explanation of TOPY to a Stranger:

I found this question difficult to answer as I do not know enough about TOPY. People have asked me what it is, so I told them that it is an information network and to contact TOPY if interested. However, when pressured I inform them of as much as I can, expanding on the ideas that I know, and state that thee network runs all over thee country and that depending on an individuals involvement information is available to them; that it is up to thee individual, if they want, to becoum involved and that one is not pressured into

To justify my involvement I would say that TOPY has thee same or similar beliefs to those I have always held, but from which I had switched off as it was not “right” in thee conditioned world.


I have played PTV &/or TOPY material for many friends, so I am often asked about TOPY.

I tailor the answer to the questioner, telling no more than I think they can follow at the time. Sometimes I describe PTV as a loose aggregate of people working with music and video. I may explain that they are part of a larger organization which seeks to support people whose aims and interests are outside the mainstream.

To people I trust I explain more. That TOPY is a network of people with some similarities and some differences, held together by a desire to understand and short-circuit control. To explore ways to make what they want to happen, happen. That TOPY encourages people to find out their true natures, not a shallow and generic, dictated and advertised “identity”.

One method is to exploit the cut-up, both on other material and behaviorally as well. We constantly run on habit, and it is good to break this up. Do you see friend X because you really want to? Or because it's what you always do on Thursday night? A simple but pertinent example.

Burroughs has been quoted as saying there was nothing special about 23, just that it was something he noticed and then kept noticing. I see it partly as a symbol of focus. That there is so much around that we screen out daily, if we pick something not to screen out it will seem suddenly omnipresent. I also like the idea of it as a sort of mischievous number, popping up with a will of its own where it has no statistical right. And each time it pops up itself it reminds me of my psychic heritage that I am reclaiming for myself.

I see no particular sexual style that is representative of TOPY. It is more an aspect of sex itself, that of the power (indeed - OV Power) it contains. A power that can be frustrated by a denial of desire; dissipated by investing it in removed, marketed images; or directed by self-understanding and a ritual method. Since the sex drive is so basic, and since social repression functions here as much or more than anywhere else, sexual magick is a most powerful and empowering technique.

The particular interpretations of 23 and the Psychick Cross are not as interesting or important to me as the fact that there are many interpretations.

If a cynic - journalist or otherwise - is asking me about TOPY, I believe it is important not to try too much to defend or to try to convince the person that there's nothing horrid about us. I will, however, try to dispel any basic misconceptions. I have found that so much of what I take for granted is alien to many people that I cannot explain parts of it. As I've noted, it took me a while to understand so many foreign thoughts at once. If pressed by anyone who is obviously hostile to and/or threatened by the ideas, I say “Well, I'm convinced of it, it works for me, and I'm happy.” I do not try to “convert” them. If they are unaccepting of it, I give them some things to read, and TOPY's address.

TOPY is an international network system, a kind of organization that brings in touch people who share ideas and feel free to do whatever they life, as strange as it may be. That's the reason why TOPY is important. In times of loneliness, TOPY tries to bring people into touch, tries to bring back the lost innocence, the correspondence among people. TOPY hates everything and everyone who tries to limit its freedom. TOPY offers a method of living to better survive as a True Being, and as an Individual, and not as part of the maze. Individuality is expressed as Spirit and Will. “Love Under Will” is the meaning. To manage it, TOPY edits books, records, video tapes. TOPY requires belief in magick and modern Paganism, and recognizes the power of the human brain.

The Psychick Cross means to me: Brain (upper bar); Heart (middle bar); Prick - as the home of souls (lower bar). It means the Individual itself, with its three psychic powers: Brain = dreams, fantasy, cleverness; Heart = L.O.V.E.; Prick = soul = the power that motivates all the above.

The meaning of 23 is a mystic one, and people can only understand it after long thought about TOPY.

TOPY is very important to thee continued growth of psychic awareness in thee world. We have progressed physically as far as we can. Thee next stage is mental.

TOPY offers a series of mental training exercises: awareness (especially ov yourself) is thee goal.

There is no obligation, as thee Temple is you. Thee aims are immense. Education, realization, principally. Thee Temple can be anything you need from it. 23 is thee pure number, completely random, a prime number. Thee Cross: a reflection of thee ego, a place to focus energy and a simple, comfortable symbol representing a new strength in thee world.

Thee Justification ov TOPY.

Last night me and some members ov T.O.P.Y.S.T.E.E.L. engaged thee “JESUS ARMY” in verbal confrontation. It was in some ways an awakening experience. It was also an experience which demonstrates thee necessity for TOPY, PaganLink, O.T.O., etc.

To be confronted with thee organized inculcation of GUILT, FEAR and LOATHING in militaristic form demonstrated the need for L.O.V.E. organizations to provide the keys to self-(de)-programming.

To be confronted with INTOLERANCE and PSYCHIC VAMPIRISM showed the horrible fate awaiting us if our society/thee earth is taken over by thee forces of PERSONAL LIMITATION. TOPY provides a decentralized set of forums for individuals who wish to escape our conditioned guilt and fear responses. It provides outline methods for individuals who wish to acquire self expression, self love, self discipline.

TOPY is only the beginning. TOPY is a key to locked doors which individuals and groups then pursue for themselves. TOPY is a motivator - people are thee MOTIVE.

Sexuality is a will/energy focus. It's LOVE transmitting on all frequencies. True sexuality is a timeless moment of orgone mutation, thee event where thee subconscious becomes all thee planes, thee times, where it becomes an identity with thee conscious worlds. Liberation is only a heartbeat away.

Thee Psychick Cross = pagan Cross. Sexual unions. Tree of Life, qabballahs. Thee planes, all in one. Thee sigil of Temple workings, immanent in this cross, every working ever done before or in thee future, happening now. Thee sigil ov no name, thee blank sheet for our experiences and desires to write upon.

23: No-one has ever satisfactorily explained to me how or why a computer works. But I use one almost every day, and computers always touch my life. Similarly, 23 has not been totally explained to me, even in numerological terms. Not fully anyway. Thee fact remains that 23 seems to have some kind ov recurrent activity, in my experience. That does not mean it will necessarily be a feature of your experienced universe..

23 attaches itself in its various guises (32, 223, 123 0-23 etc) to things I - and many other YOUTH - involve with. 23 seems to be a sign of recurrent activity in thee universe, ov unifying themes.

Justification of TOPY to a cynical interviewer:

As rationality has failed to create a new mankind there are other methods to be found of changing minds. The will must come from individuals, who, to reach their aims, gather in a group.

Through the moral conditioning in childhood, school, military and the general influence of language, media and moral systems, men are totally controlled. They control each other, often without even knowing it. The wishes, dreams of the body and subconsciousness are ignored and the subject, so long as there is one, is conditioned to ignore it too. Only functionality is important. Life is shortened to operational functions to serve society. It is degraded to a servant. As I feel unsatisfied by this, I need to escape from this control and want to destroy it. I like to experiment with other aspects of life. In this case, sexuality is an important factor because it gives the individual a total conscience of its own existence. It may help to find the inner self and break pre-formations. I like sexuality. In orgasm, you cross the border. In orgasm you die. Your coming back from another cone of reality after it. The coming to climax is a way to ego-destruction.

People are suppressed and conditioned by the socialization processes of our “society” - education, media, and the family - to believe in certain attitudes and behave in certain ways.

What has happened to individuality and the personality?

People should be taught to develop their own-selves and their own personalities - To learn about instinct, nature, consciousness and further heights of awareness, WHICH HAVE NEVER BEEN PUSHED FROM OUR MINDS.

The human mind is suppressed not to generate its “unacceptable” powers.

Meditation, creative visualization, and MAGICK are important tools which may be used to help bring out our true selves.

Sexuality is condemned from an early age. Society as a whole condemns sexuality.

It is a beautiful experience - and can prove to be a very powerful and magickal act - generating immense emotion and feeling.

The idea of PLEASURE and PAIN is fundamental to the understanding and experiences of people. Sex can exist within both concepts.

People should learn not to be ashamed of their sexuality, and sexually, to share experiences with other individuals.




Involvement with TOPY means that I have broken away from the social graces forced upon me by society. I am finding out what I really enjoy to do, with my mental/physical attributes. I am learning to reach further than before, to grasp the things that were previously beyond my reach.

TOPY is a collective of individuals who, in a way, do not want to be part of any group/social type. This is not as hypocritical as it sounds, because each individual within TOPY is going his/her own way, each with differing goals, concepts of life.

TOPY is important because it gives the individuals within a confidence that others are trying to struggle against society. TOPY members feel as though they are not he only ones with a different point of view. It gives the individual strength to succeed.

TOPY's aim is to help individuals attain their highest dreams, and to help them accomplish their works and wishes in life.

TOPY allows thee individual a chance to know him/her self. I am not sure if I would be able to explain TOPY to a stranger. Recently I was talking to a friend who told me she no longer wanted to be my friend because I was involving myself with TOPY. She does not believe in anything. Her point is that I would no longer be me and that I didn't need TOPY's ideas to help me with my problems, that in time everything works out in itself.

I disagreed with her argument, trying to explain that TOPY would help me with the goals that I want to obtain in my life, and that in the past not all my problems have worked out by themselves.

TOPY asks for the individual to be clear in admitting their real desires by discarding all irrelevancies and by asking yourself what do you really want out ov life. The argument with my friend allowed me to see that we were no longer friends and perhaps we never really were. How could we have been friends when she would not allow me to be anymore than I already was nor anything else that I could be.

TOPY is not there to be an occult. But a lot ov people have that misunderstanding. People will always condemn the thoughts and actions ov another.

There is someone who I am deeply interested in, who spoke ov tribal living and the ideas ov TOPY. At that time I had no idea what he was talking about and the shyness that we both have makes it almost impossible to talk to each other. We are barely able to smile and say hello, and I believe thru the Psychick process we will be able to speak again. I will overcome the shyness that keeps me within myself and keeps me from having what I really want from life.

TOPY's ideas are for everyone who wants to wake up from the dreamless world that we are living in. It's for the individual who asks themselves what they want from life, and the rituals are there to make those thoughts happen.

“Awareness ov your own energy is the awareness that flesh and spirit are one, that thou art goddess, eternally linked, connected, at one with the moving spirit ov all” (Starhawk 138)

TOPY is there for thee individual who makes the coumitment to become aware ov thee energy that is inside us all…

Magic has interested me from an early age - but I didn't have the best informed beginning. I used to try telekinesis, telepathy, astral projection, even levitation, all with varying degrees of complete failure. I had no concentration or confidence, and a very impatient streak. The things I tried to do were very nice “tricks” but many of them are no longer goals of mine. I see no reason now to attempt things for which I had little aptitude, solely to impress others and build up my own social standing. People are so cynical now, and maybe some of it has rubbed off on me.

The Temple has shown me a practical side to magick which makes no pretensions, I don't expect to be able to force the hand of chance with minimum effort and concentration and nothing to inform me but a half-read Aquarian Press book. In my future sigil work I shall aim to overcome some of my less attractive tendencies, and build on my natural talents and abilities. My ideal target will be a perfect self and not a material manipulator. Maybe people should expect miracles because I think if you believe in something enough then you are halfway to having it, just as long as it's within and not without yourself.

I don't feel that I need to justify my involvement with anything, to anyone. People have an instant dislike and fear of things they don't understand, but worse than this, an aversion to information which could disrupt their secure, boring, featureless lives. To me, many of these people are lost causes, I would prefer that they knew nothing of what I choose to do with my life - which is too precious to spend arguing with people who will never see sense for the simple reason that they don't want to. This may seem a selfish attitude, but the example of Susan Bishop is enough to put me off talking to journalists, and Christians, for life. Let them remain ignorant and happy, they will never change.

People like to control you. They want power and they achieve it. These thieves are smart and they work off people's insecurities. CONTROL means dictating how others should live and how to think. If you are afraid of making these decisions for yourself (because of fear of failure, lack of self-confidence, fear of death, and definitely laziness) then it is easy to associate yourself with, and follow someone strong enough to make decisions for you. You are no longer responsible for yourself and no longer have the burden of that responsibility. It is easier to identify oneself with an already developed personality (hero/heroine) than go through the never ending struggle of self-discovery. The insecure robbers who feed off our weaknesses are the ones most people tend to trust: our rabbis and priests who control through strict regulations and traditions, our school teachers who take advantage of the innocence and naiveté of young children by presenting themselves and their ideas as manifestations of god, and our media which depicts THE acceptable lifestyle through slanted manipulations. These thieves are aware of your trust and innocence, and intend on using those weak-nesses to control you.

Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth is an organization aimed at DEcontrol. They do not wish to control you; they wish to liberate themselves. They offer suggestions on how you COULD liberate yourself, not how you SHOULD liberate yourself. The process of liberation consists of many types of research, such as the music group PTV. Members of the Temple feel that there is no reason why life should not be “lived to the fullest” where all one's NEEDS and DESIRES are fulfilled. Because there are so many distractions to divert one's attention from one's goals, symbols are invented to be worn, to be drawn, etc, to constantly remind, if not the conscious, then the unconscious, of these goals. Ideally, through this process laziness is combated and the goals will more likely be achieved since those goals are constantly on the person's mind. Because there are so many distractions and limitations posed by the “controllers”, sometimes our deepest wants do not seem earthly possible, and we repress them in our subconscious (a step towards neurosis) trying to dismiss them. The Temple does not believe in repressing our needs and desires (submitting to those “controllers”), because our personal needs are what make us human and individual.

The Psychick Cross is the symbol of the “whole” person, uncovering one's unconsciously hidden desires and obtaining them. The unconscious speaks most loudly in our dreams and our fantasies. When we fantasize, our desires usually take place in Utopian settings, and represent these goals by creating collages including parts of our physical body to personalize the symbol of our goal even more. This symbol reminds us over and over again that this is thee want, this is thee self. Temple members using this process end up understanding their needs and desires better, are more able to satisfy themselves and succeed in life.

I personally enjoy making decisions and discoveries on my own. I will not allow anyone to take that joy away from me. I enjoy my intelligence, my talents, and discovering myself using the symbolic rituals suggested by the Temple Ov Psychick Youth. TOPY is an important organization because: 1) it shows people they are not alone in the struggle, and 2) it allows people to exchange views, ideas, and solutions to better these processes to liberate and satiate the individual self.