Scarlet Muse

Scarlet Muse By Leigh Ann Hussey

When you were green and love was, too,
and every hour with him a feast
beneath a canopy of night,
when did you see his goddess there?
And when that goddess spoke through you,
and he adored you as a priest,
did you feel ecstasy or fright?
When that Great Beast made you his care,
he set a curb upon your tongue, but you would not be stilled.
You didn't need the script he handed you to be fulfilled;
you needed only Will.

cho: Ringing strings spread the news
In your head brilliant hues
Fingers float, light the fuse
Songs of night – Scarlet Muse

The violin sang in your bones,
a voice that would not be denied.
As Knight Defender of the Grail,
you took the bow up like a sword.
The Angels spoke in overtones,
the Spheres in sympathy replied.
The iron of the Passion Nail
dissolved in blood and wine you poured.
Mother of Mystery, declare your mind, your will, your heart.
Sister Scorpio, transmute by your alchemic art
and take the Eagle's part.

cho: Ringing strings spread the news
in your head brilliant hues
fingers float, light the fuse
songs of night – Scarlet Muse

Copyright © 2001 Leigh Ann Hussey

Used with the kind permission of the Artist


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