Preface to the “Collectanea Hermetica”

Hermetic students find great difficulty in securing copies of the old Rosicrucian tracts and other notable volumes of occult lore, and I have been urged by many earnest members of the Rosicrucian Society to undertake the Editorship of a series of small volumes, which are to provide some of the texts of the greatest value in Hermetic research. Among my personal friends and fellow-students are many who have made a long study of Occult Sciences, of the Kabalah, of Alchemy, and of the Higher Magic, and these have assured me of their support in this undertaking. The Notes which are added to each volume are partly taken from mediæval commentators, and are partly those of my coadjutors. The Societa Rosicruciana, as an Institution, is not answerable for the opinions expressed; all responsibility falling upon the actual writers.

The Notes are intended to assist those who have made some progress in the study of Hermetic Philosophy; to the casual reader they may be as incomprehensible as the text itself, and where the general reader finds a simple definite statement, such is probably a Reveiling and not a Revelation.

(William Wynn Westcott)

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