The Book of Going Back By Night

The Book of Going Back By Night
Received by Orryelle Bascule

This transmission came unexpected in a late-night trance in late June 1999. No specific magickal working was being performed at the time—rather it came into a state of voidness.

The relation of this liber to the imminent (at the writing of this introduction) solar eclipse and planetary Crossroads and Tau formations August 11th-17th 1999 has been clarifying in this last month as the alignment encroaches (It is significant that none of the following information concerning the Grand Cross formation or eclipse was consciously known by this scribe at the time of the transmission):

(For notes on this 11th-17th period's after-effects see new POSTSCRIPT below the Verse and Commentary).

One of the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs for the Double Lion, Hrumachis — the source of this transmission — is the Sphinx, with which the 'Lord of the Double Horizon' is associated. The sphinx is traditionally the composite of the four elemental creatures in the four corners of the 'Universe' tarot card -the Lion, the Eagle, the Bull and the Wo/Man -and the four points of the planetary cross on Aug 11th 99 are in the star-constellations which correspond with these -Leo, Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius.

In the centre of the Universe ATU is a figure usually considered hermaphroditic, and the hermaphrodite is suggested in this Book by the union of the Horus and Maat currents. In the lemniscate tarot spread which can be laid with the trumps, the 'Crossroads' between the two loops is the Wheel of Fortune card overlapping the Universe card. The Wheel of Fortune traditionally also usually includes the image of the Sphinx.

The Aug 11th (also Oduadua/fireserpent day in the Santeria tradition) eclipse peaks at 11:11am GMT ('Universal' Time). 11/8/1999 also reduces (by repeated addition) to 11, which reduces to 2 — the crux of the 'double' lion — and the eclipse lasts in complete darkness for 2 minutes and 22 seconds.

The Horus-Maat Lodge is establishing an Elevenstar Rite on Aug 11th, to be maintained until its earthing with the Ten-Star Weaving at Mt Shasta, first (Muladhara) in a series of Workings at Gaia's chakras.

After the end of a 26.000-year cycle in the Aztec calendar on the 13th Aug during this auspicious period (many astrologers believe this actually corresponds with the Crossroads formation on the 11th due to discrepancies between our calendar and theirs), there is a second crosslike formation on Aug 17th, this time without the top line, forming a T-shape, the Egyptian Tau which signified the Initiate's transition through death. In the Hebrew alphabet the letter Tau is the final letter, the 22nd (2×11), corresponding with the Universe ATU! Presumably this will see the completion of the energetic /Aeonic transitional shift begun on the 11th. 2=0. Then further permutations (0=2'3) issue from the void.

The essence of this transition is ultimately (re)union, despite the difficulties and confrontations such a process may entail. The warlike aspect of Horus is transmuted by/with the balance of Maat ('Truth') into the leonine Doublewanded One (see AL III,34).

The importance of this in our current socio-political climate is obvious. The vindictive aspect of Horus is no longer called for, in fact the precariousness of the nuclear threat requires the end of war - now from the rubble of the patriarchy we must create a new global unity to ensure humanity's survival- Maat's balance being called back to awaken the Gaian hivemind. We cannot merely destroy the hawk, for destruction is itself an act of war. The warrior must be integrated, balanced with justice and thus transmuted.

The purpose of this introduction is primarily to state its relevance to these forthcoming cosmic events. There is a commentary following the Verse which elucidates more fully the symbolism herein.

Whatever energetic shifts the temporal phenomena in August 1999 entail , this liber remains vital. Its portent is ultimately that the energies it concerns can (and shall) be apprehended NOW: The Joy of Transition and Transformation. Aug 11th-17th just seems a particularly potent Gateway therein.

-Orryelle Bascule, Aug 4, 1999

(1) I am Tem
The Midnight Sun
I am the Black Sun
I am the Dark Star
Nigri Solis
I am about to be borne
I am ChAos

(2) I am the Double Lion
Looking forth and looking back
To the dawning of the cycle
And its setting
I am the two-faced sphinx,
Looking upon the web from dual perspectives,
Which are joined at the hip.
We are/ I am Siamese Twins

(3) I am of two heads but One mind,
My serpent tail writhes Within
I am the rising sun
I am the setting moon
I am Har-Machu
I am the rising moon
I am the setting sun
I am Lord of the Horizons

(4) The Horizon is Now
But it is never Here
For Truth is elusive
And We are forever Going
I am distant NOW

(5) The past is the night,
The future the light
The light is the light of Truth
But Maat dwelleth in Maati
The future is black
The past, Osiris rising

(6) I am Atum
My own Secret reforming
Coagulate of Tefnut and Shu
I am of you and in you
I grant you Sun, Strength, Sight and Light,
For You my prophet
Are a Bringer of Fresh Fever
If thou Dare

(7) The Egg is sundered
Hoor-Paar-Maat is grown
And sewn to hir brother and lover
I am thou
And Thou art Other

(8) Harmachu, I
Son behind the Sun
Bast-ard son
Evanescent One

(9) SekhMaat,
Strong and True,
I am the balance
The feather drinks from the Chalice
The shards of the Egg are the keys to the Palace

(10) I am Heru-netch-hra-teff
I am Heru-knent-an-maati
We are united Now
There is no future or past
Except as my vision perceives them

(11) My wings are Black
I am the SpHinx
Know my four powers
In Silence. Sh…
I am the dusk,
The silent letter of the formula
My Secrets must be Pent up
The Night is my lover

(12) I am the dawn
The C rack Between earth and sky
The C rack Between day and night
The C rack Between time and place
The stillness of imminence
I am Transition

(13) I am Double,
My powers are tenfold in their emanations
The eleventh I am Not
Yet I love you

(14) I am a cell, an ATU
Yet I am All,
The Universe four-cornered
I am Atum in the process of dividing/uniting
I look both ways.
I emit time (Kali-Ma)
I am TeyaMayeT
I am the Hand which milked the tears from the Eye
I am the RechtawatcheR
I am SunaJanuS
I am ChaOrder

(15) I Present PastFuture
I Pas(sed)t Present Future
The web woven by the Norns
The strands between the stars
Sun-dered Mirrors of Transparency. Heru-rAHAr-ureH.
2=0 to 3=0 to 2'3'=0 : The Law of Truth unfolds

(16) You are my Prophet and Scribe
An heir of the ZosKia
Eye have found you
Little Monkey.

(17) I Am True Will
And I am Yours
Now and For Ever


Verse 1. The solar/stellar entity communicating begins in Pupal (between larval and hatching) state as Tem, the egyptian God of the Midnight Sun. This is the process of 'Going Back by Night' of the title. There is also a suggestion here of Sirius B, the 'Dark Star' from which the Horus current emanates.

The Black Sun in alchemy — Nigri Solis — also represents matter in a primordial or untouched state.

Here the entity is only chaos, as in the ancient Greek sense of the word ('Xaos') meaning the primal void or Abyss from which creation sprung. Only later does this be-come the 'ChaOrder' of manifestation.

I relate the capital A in ChAos to A.O.S. — Austin Osman Spare — as the 'originator' of the Chaos current, especially considering the later verses of the transmission relating to Zos Kia. The Black Sun also suggests the chaosphere.

Traditionally the two lions are the guardians of the gates to the Underworld in many ancient cultures. The opening verse introduces this process of 'Going Back by Night' as an intermediary to their fusion and hatching in the following verses.

Verse 2.
Duality is explicit but only with Perception. Horus and Maat, as representatives of 'present' and 'future' aeons, merge in the Crossroads of the Here and Now. Siamese twins, especially with 'one mind' (see vs.3), are closer to union than just regular twins. Therefore Hrumachis represents the time of transition/ passage into ultimate union (Solstice 2012, when we realign with the Galactic Core/Crossroads of the Mayan Tree/'Womb of the Great Mother'?)

Verse 3.
The 'two headed' lion is an Egyptian hieroglyphic image of Hrumachis. The 'one mind' implies the uniting Spirit behind duality/manifestation. This also refers to the awakening of N'aton (collective consciousness or hivemind) and double-consciousness — the individual self (zos) and the Groupmind (kia) both simultaneously active and aware of each other — communion in diversity.

The double directions in relation to sun and moon suggest their deosil/clockwise and widdershins/anticlockwise orbits.

“My serpent tail writhes within” — I relate this to the sphinx, who sometimes is depicted with a snake for a tail. Because the 'double lion' has a head at each end (in Egyptian hieroglyphic imagery), its tail goes within — spinal kundalini — Od the fireserpent. The Egyptian Hrumachis hieroglyph of the sphinx has a Uraeus-serpent coming from its third eye — the snake/tail risen and emerging as visions.

Nema has suggested also connotations here of Ouroboros/Tiamaat — the tail is eaten by the mouth. Time appears to be cyclical, but the cycle is self-consuming. IPSOS — by the same mouth which births the universe is the universe consumed. Implications of Hunab Ku (Mayan 'Womb of the Great Mother', with which our sun's ecliptic realigns in 2012) again.

Verse 5. Maati is implicitly 'darkness' therefore the black light is signified again, 'radiant darkness'.

Verse 6. Atum was the Creator deity of the Egyptian pantheon, originally hermaphroditic. Harmachu is here revealed as a form of this essence; Atum be-came the God of the Setting Sun. In an aeonic sense, this is the 'end of time' or completion of ordered manifestation. Tefnut and Shu were the first male and female deities, split/manifested from Atum by the process of masturbation. Thus 'Coagulate of Tefnut and Shu' implies a return to the source. Atum's 'own secret reforming' is the coagulate of his secreted creation. This idea of Atum as both the end and the beginning is elaborated on in Liber Pennae-Ultim-Atum

'Sun, Strength, Sight and Light' is part of a line (II,21) from Liber AL vel Legis, reiterated also in Kneph's Book of Ba Neb Tet. In the context of local-time formations, it is perhaps indicative of the tantric-thelemic Servants of the Star and the Snake formed as a result of that book — thus this transmission first appears on the SSS website.

In a more general sense, sun strength sight and light are all qualities related to Hrumachis as a solar/stellar entity, and as the double-lion ('Strength' ATU 11).

This Scribe is informed he is the prophet mentioned in Liber AL III, 34 —“…the fall of the Great Equinox; when Hrumachis shall arise and the double-wanded one assume my throne and place. Another prophet shall arise, and bring fresh fever from the skies; another woman shall awake the lust & worship of the Snake; another soul of God and beast shall mingle in the globed priest; another sacrifice shall stain the tomb; another king shall reign; and blessing no longer be poured To the Hawk-headed mystical Lord!”

Thus the significance of the coming of Hrumachis in relation to the aeonic flow is revealed. With the awakening of the groupmind of N'aton, the wargod aspect of Horus is transmogrified, from hawk into lion form.

Yet Horus Himself states later in Liber AL (III,72) that 'I am the Lord of the Double Wand of Power' - Horus shall still be worshipped, but in Hir new form.

'If thou dare' — 'to dare' is one of the four powers of the Sphinx, hieroglyph of Hrumachis; also a warning of the danger of hubris involved in embracing such a claim?

'Fresh fever' was experienced by the Scribe soon after this transmission, in the form of prolonged physical fever combined with states of delirious insomniacal inspiration and extreme psychic sensitivity.

Verse 7. Being a siamese twin isn't normally a comfortable condition. However the 'one mind' — N'aton as awakened collective consciousness — could save us!

Hoor-paar-Maat is a synthesis of the 'innocent child' form of Horus, Hoor-paar-kraat or Harpocrat whose mudra is the Sign of Silence and Maat, the neter of Truth. S/He is thus the 'silent truth', hatched from the egg of potential and merged/integrated with the 'warrior hawk' aspect of Horus to form the Double Lion.

'I am thou, And thou art other' again implies the idea of double consciousness: the individual self-identity still existing within the hivemind. Also the concept of 'channeling' or transmissions from 'beyond' re-evaluated in the light of DNA — the memory of everything that ever was and will be is encoded in our genetic make-up. To go further, we go deeper. 'As within, so without' — Austin Osman Spare. (As Zygoat has pointed out, Temu, a variant spelling of Atum, the deified 'source' = 55 in gematria, as does DNA.)

Verse 8. Harmachu -a variant spelling of Hrumachis- is again identified with Sirius, as the 'son behind the sun'. As Arthur Machen, Kenneth Grant (in his Typhonian Trilogies) and Frater Achad (in 'The Egyptian Revival') have traced, the syllable 'Har' refers to the 'bastard' child, whose earliest form is Set, with Mother Typhon but no 'father'. Here this is related to Atum or Khephera -the 'child' is its own father, ie self-created. 'Bast-ard' is hyphenated to suggest the feline essence - the egyptian cat-Goddess Bast, who represents the pleasure of the innocence of childhood.

Since writing this liber it also came to my attention that in early Egyptian mythology Bast represented the rising sun, and Sekhmet the setting sun -as suggested in Verse 3, and that they were also originally one unified solar deity, Sekhet-Bast.

Verse 9. Here the particular form/mask of Maat involved in the formation of the Double Lion is revealed: 'Sekhmaat' -Sekhmet is the Lioness-headed solar goddess of fire, heat, sexuality and sensuality. K.Grant reveals the trinity of Isis-Nuit-Babalon as three faces of Maat. Babalon the firegoddess, merged with the solar Beast on which she 'rides' in the Strength/Lust ATU, is Sekhmet, who like Maat is also represented by the Bee. Thus 'Strong and True'. Jack Parsons (Frater Bellarion) invoked Babalon as the final 'He' letter of the Tetragrammaton aeonic formula, which Maat now exemplifies as the 'future aeon' flowing backwards into the now. Parson's work, like Achad's, is often considered vital as a preliminary of the Maat current's earthing by Nema with Liber Pennae Praenumbra. The Feather is the hieroglyph of Maat and the Quill of Thoth, and the Chalice from which it drinks is the Cup of Babalon -the blood of saints is the ink.

An astral temple I began using several years prior to this transmission contained a mirrored (on the inside) egg as a portal. Progressive correspondence amongst members of The Horus-Maat Lodge and others has suggested that this astral temple isn't actually 'my' creation, but some kind of collective astral temple I and others have found. It has contained the feather drinking from the chalice and other synchronous astral imagery and phenomena. This strikes me as a symptom of the awakening N'aton, with the HML as a preliminary conduit of the global groupmind.

Verse 10. This is the crux of the revelation: According to Budge's 'Book of the Dead' (the title of his translation of the ancient Egyptian 'Book of Coming Forth by Day') — Heru-netch-hra-teff is 'Horus the avenger of his father' and Heru-knent-an-Maati is 'Horus who dwells in darkness' — the twins, Ra-Hoor-Khuit and Hoor-paar-kraat. Yet the syllables 'Maati' (the twin sisters of dark and full moon, Nephthys and Isis, and also a name/form of Maat) suggest also the double current of Horus and Maat, confirming Maat's correlation with Harpocrat — the 'silent truth' as 'All words are lies' (—AC).

The Book of the Dead also says of these twins that they are 'the soul which dwells in Tefnut ' —who is analogous with Mayet the World Order, the earliest form of Maat, and 'the soul which dwells in Shu' — confirming the inference in Liber Pennae Ultim-Atum that the return of the double current of Horus and Maat heralds our reabsorption into the source (Atum or Hunab Ku). Thus the line 'Coagulate of Tefnut and Shu' in Verse 6.

'There is no future or past' — The Maat aeon was considered by Crowley to be in the future, long after the aeon of Horus which he inaugurated in 1904 with the receipt of Liber AL vel Legis. But as time is perceived/manipulated differently 'then' the Maat current has come back in time to form a double current with that of Horus. They are 'united Now' in the present in the form of the Double-Wanded One. This is, however, the Double Lion -the earliest Egyptian form of this image is the Earthgod 'Aker' a composite of the LionGods Sef and Duau, 'Yesterday' and 'Today'. Yet one face looks forward from the present, into 'tomorrow.' Therefore there is 'no future or past, Except as my vision perceives them' - From the axis of Atum/Notime the emanations of Maya ('illusion') are ordered/created/emitted (by the very act of Perception) through Time.

Verse 11. 'My wings are black' -the wings of the eagle are a part of the Sphinx. That they are black suggests the Black Eagle -in alchemy this represents Azoth, the idea of the first and the last (return to the source), 'Black Eagle' was one of Spare's spirit guides (whom I have contacted) and also implies Baphomet, who is usually depicted with black eagle wings and is often associated with the idea of the 'Double-wanded One'.

Most of the four powers of the Sphinx (hieroglyph of Hrumachis) -To Know, to Will, to Dare, to Keep Silent' — are expressed in this verse, the others elsewhere in the liber. 'Sh' as well as requesting silence is Shin, the Hebrew letter of Spirit which when added to the other four letters of the aeonic formula YHVH (each letter relating to one of the composite creatures of the sphinx and its corresponding power and element) turns it into YHShVH, Jeheshua the Son. Thus the 'son behind the sun' is as much Jesus as Heru/Maat, Set or Baphomet (according to your chosen religio-mythic paradigm) in the convergence of apparent dualities; and the chalice of Babalon is the Holy Grail. This added letter turns the Tetragrammaton formula into Pentagrammaton thus 'My secrets are Pent up.' Also the Pentagram is a symbol of Earth, and thus the secret-ions (of Atum) are earthed/manifested — ie Spirit is contained ('pent up') within matter.

Verse 12. As 'Lord of the double Horizon' Hrumachis is the dusk and the dawn when sun and moon, day and night, darkness and light and other dualities meet before redividing. In the annual cycle, S/He represents the autumn and spring equinoxes; and in the greater aeonic cycle, the 'fall of the Great Equinox' of AL III,34 -the cosmic Crossroads of the Mayan Tree of Life (ofwhich the Aug 11 1999 Eclipse and Planetary Grand Cross formation are a foreshadowing/ backwards-flowing morphic wave) in 2012.
Hrumachis as the composite Sphinx is 'Transition' because once Union has occurred, the Absolute can do naught else (in Time) but re-divide into new forms.

Verse 13. The Double Sphinx has ten powers as a further division of the five, these being the emanations from source as the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life, echoing the 'non-sphere' Daath.

Verse 14. Hrumachis reveals it's relationship with the Universe tarot card. ATU is a word for a major arcana/trump card, meaning 'cell'. Yet this particular card is representative of the totality of everything, thus it is 'All', ATUm. Even as each 'cell' of our DNA/genetic structure is a blueprint for everything. Microcosm as a reflection of macrocosm.

Pan ('All' in Greek) is also implied, the Horned One who is Baphomet in hermaphroditic form. The figure in the centre of the Universe ATU is usually considered hermaphroditic -the 'double' lion or 2-in-1. The Universe 'four-cornered' refers to the four elemental creatures -lion, bull, eagle and man- depicted in the quarters of this trump. The Sphinx is their composite.

'The hand which milked the tears from the eye' suggests Atum's masturbatory creation of the Universe, as well as the phallus (represented by the hand) and the kteis (eye) united in the hermaphrodite, and the Zos and Kia which were symbolized by hand and eye.

The 'RechtawatcheR' is an egregore of A.O.Spare's Zos Kia Kultus, introduced in his 'Alpha Omega' (first and last letter of the Greek alphabet -the end and the beginning) evocation, looking backwards and forwards in time. It is a sentinel relating to Janus (reflected here as 'sunaJanus') the two-faced Roman God of Gateways, and one of its primary modern channels is The Order of ChAOS. In a more general sense 'ChaOrder' refers to the structuring of/from the void into manifest (dualistic) form.

Verse 15. The Norns are a Trinity representing Past Present and Future as maiden mother and crone. The Norse version of the Greek Three Fates, they weave our destiny, 'the strands between the stars'. ('Every man and woman is a star' — AC).

The tantric alchemies of the Horus (2=0) and Maat (2+x=0, inc. 3=0 eg. 3 Norns/Fates or Isis/Nuit/Babalon =Maat ('Not')) currents are united to form 23=0 (ATU 23 as the union of sun and moon eyes — see Liber Pennae-Ultim-Atum) or 2+3=0, ie 5 powers/elements — the Sphinx, Hrumachis, returned to the void from which He-She sprung as Atum. 'Law of Truth' because 'Nothing is True'.

Verse 16. After pronouncing me Hir 'prophet and scribe', Harmachu then puts me in my place by calling me 'little monkey' — this is a reference both to the messenger/psychopomp Hermanubis, a composite of Hermes, Anubis and Hanuman the Hindu monkey God which I have been invoking over the last year, and the Ape of Thoth, as a humbling reminder that 'All Words are lies' (—AC) and the Scribe can do little but mimic the quintessence of the absolute with the dualism of language. This Ape's domain is the Abyss, Non-Sephira of 'Knowledge' — the map is not the territory!

Verse 17. The entity transmitting apparently declares Hirself to be my Holy Guardian Angel, making the transmission personal. Seen in the light of double consciousness, however, there are further considerations: The source of this transmission, the solar/stellar Hrumachis, ultimately identifies itself as 'Aten' — The Winged Solar Disk worshipped by the Egyptians. The name of the 'entified' collective consciousness contacted by Nema with the receipt of Liber Pennae Praenumbra is N'aton. In Egyptian this translates as 'of the Solar Disc' (N'Aten/Aton). We are All a part of N'aton, even as we are all 'of the sun', be it our local one, Sirius or any other of the myriad stellar influences. The stellar gnosis of Maat and the solar gnosis of Horus are thus despite varying distances in space (from an Earth-centrical perspective) and time (aeonically) within the realms of duality, actually One and the same, United under the sun/star symbol of Aten. 'Every Man and Woman is a Star' — AC. The winged disc also represents the Hadit-point, the ever-coming or ever-going Omega point of motion — the individual Self's apprehension of Infinity via perception/duality. I/We are N'aton.

The revolutionary Egyptian pharoah Akhunaten/Akhunaton introduced monotheism and the worship of a single God — Aten. His goal may have been union, but his methods seem misguided in that he outlawed worship of all other deities and eradicated their idols. In contrast, the modern interpretation of N'aton is the acceptance of All diverse Gods, Goddesses, spiritual paths and religions as different names and forms of the One God/dess or quintessence, acknowledging both the Zos (individuation) and the Kia (collective consciousness/akasha) with the awakening of Double Consciousness. — Communion in Diversity!

So on this level, this transmission is for everybody: Aten as the Holy Guardian Angel of N'aton (aeonically, the Gaian hivemind being Aten's True Will — Truth being the Maat current, Will being the Thelemic/Horus current and True Will thus their union) ; or N'aton as the HGA 'of Aten'. May Fresh Fever consume us all!

Blessed Bee,

— Orryelle Defenestrate/Bascule August 1999

After personally emerging from an incredibly intense participation in the establishment of the Horus-Maat Lodge's current 11-star Working, it seemed at first as if on a global level nothing had changed during the Aug 11th-17th period. The subtleties of the transition have since been becoming apparent. This was a victory for humanity. There were many apocalyptic expectations and other negative thoughtforms clustered around this planetary formation and its alignment of the biblical 'four beasts of the apocalypse.'

There was also -very apparent from my networking and that of others- a lot of positive and peace-generating energy worldwide being focussed on August 11th. That there were little physical effects of all the apocalyptic propaganda -an earthquake in Turkey on the 18th being the only manifest phenomena -is a great victory for humanity. To me, this is a sign of the changes begun. As previously dominant thoughtforms, War and armageddon are on the way out. Collective consciousness (especially evident during the 11th-17th period) is coming into our evolutionary potential, and the power of positive thoughtforms and regenerative magickal activity becomes increasingly more evident.

Many have since expressed to me the changes they have felt during and since this period. It becomes evident that this transitional period, rather than being some earth-shattering revolution as many anticipated, was just the beginning of a whole period of Transition, between then and December 2012. As the transmission states, Hrumachis represents this transition period; as 'siamese twins' He-She is the *process* of returning to the source. The Omega Point of ultimate Union awaits…

Of the Three Paths in the Egyptian Bardo, that of the Lion, the Cow and the Hippopotamus, it seems that humanity has collectively chosen the fast/short/middle path to Regeneration, The Lion Path.

Forward to Liber Pennae Ultim-Atum Commentary

This is Part One of a three part transmission. After considerable time, all three parts are available in published form directly from Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule in Book of Going Back by Night, a full illustrated book with commentary, through iNSPiRALink. Multimedia Press.