The Book of Ba Neb Tet

Ordo Templi Baphe-Metis

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

  1. The ecstasy of sex is the ecstasy of the Knowledge of “God”
  2. Lamda! Delta! Omnicron!:
  3. Sex is Divine Play.
  4. Invoke Bafomitr, and
  5. Found an Order of Knights;
  6. Let it be known as the Temple Order of Baphomet.
  7. Consecrate a Sacred Plaque in His image, hewn of Oak;
  8. Work in mano regis as sacrifice to this Deity;
  9. And learn thine own heritage,
  10. For in it is thy destiny:
  11. Genesios!


  1. An Eye, Ayin!, a Triangle, Delta!,
  2. Reversed, the Eye in the Delta of Venus,
  3. A Sword piercing clouds:
  4. Ten Cups for Our Lady, Babalon –
  5. Holy Tree of Life, Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil,
  6. Crescent Moon and Sacred Pentegram:
  7. “My Servant shall be the Crossroads of the Right and Left Hand Paths.”
  8. Ashtaroth! Astarte! Kali!
  9. Burn Sandalwood in Her honor,
  10. Drink damiana tea,
  11. Mixed with yohimbe, belladonna, and scopalamine.


  1. Three, Two, Five: Gimel Beth He:
  2. High Priestess, Magician, and Emperor
  3. Consecrate your Temple to the Great God Pan
  4. And let the Grand Master fashion his Lamen, a Vesica Piscis;
  5. At the bottom, a Rose
  6. Ever Sacred and mystical:
  7. 325 418 77;
  8. The Jerusalem Cross of the Holy Templars;
  9. The Silvery Pentegram of the A.·.A.·.. &,
  10. At the top: the Dove of the Holy Ghost,
  11. The Christos, Soter.


  1. Found an Inner Order:
  2. Servants of the Star and Snake.
  3. Let its secrets ever be concealed, and
  4. Profane it not by divulging its true Name.
  5. Let membership be by Initiation only,
  6. And then only upon bestowal of the osculum infame.
  7. Enthrone our Lord, Baphomet,
  8. Worshipped by the Fraters and Sorors alike.
  9. Enslaved in matter though they be,
  10. Let them pay homage to
  11. The High Priest of the Temple of Peace for All Men.


  1. Prepare a feast for the Coming Forth of Ba Neb Tet
  2. Before the Solstice, cleanse and reconsecrate the Temple:
  3. Let it henceforth be known as the Temple of Pan-Babalon
  4. An on that Eve, write what ye receive,
  5. And let it be known as the Book of Baphomet.
  6. Bring to Him gifts of Gold, Lapis Lazuli, and Turquoise
  7. And let Him be adored by Male and Female alike.
  8. All my earlier verses precede these
  9. And are of a like piece.
  10. Let the Orders be one, three, seven, and nine,
  11. But always in respect of the Law.


  1. The Star, the Star,
  2. The Secret Seed:
  3. Our Lady, Babalon!
  4. O, Warrior Lord of Thebes,
  5. It is time to take up
  6. the Club and Cudgel.
  7. Smite thine enemies, enemies
  8. Of the Star and Serpent!
  9. Five times Five and Five,
  10. For Mars shall lie down with Venus,
  11. And in their union, a Childe of our Time.


  1. Mete is exalted, it is done!
  2. You cannot live as beasts; you are not animals.
  3. From the Stars you have come: To the Stars you shall return.
  4. My neter is of the Stars: The Law must change.
  5. In your folly you have called me Beauty,
  6. But my Staff is of coiled Serpents and my Chariot is of Fire.
  7. The Graal Quest: Twelve in Seven –
  8. Pan, Babalon, the Crowned and Conquering Childe.
  9. IAO, IAO, Saboi,
  10. IAO, IAO, IAO.
  11. Konx Am Pekht.

Love is the law, love under will.

– Received by Frater Belarion Israfel El Shaddai from transmission by his H.G.A., Andreae, from January, 1985ev, to June, 1990ev