Commentary of The Book of Gate Called Pan

Commentary of The Book of Gate Called Pan
By Aion

What follows is the commentary on the work called The Book of Gate Called Pan. This work was 'received' by myself over the period of time between 1982 - 1983 in several locations. It was the result of a (then) decade+ working to invoke the god Pan - that work continues to this day.

I repeat each verse of the Book of Gate and then follow it with comments. Each verse has two comments, the first was the initial comment I wrote in 1985, the second was written in the Summer of 1996 on a retreat in the Cascade Mts. No attempt has been made to rationalize or reconcile any of the contradictions in these comments.

I have spent the time from the birth of this book until now thinking about it and trying to comprehend the mysteries wrapped up in the words that fell upon me. Laughter is the only true wisdom, I can hear the Horned One say, but here is my stab at unraveling the puzzle as well as giving some of my flashes and experiences with it. Please forgive redundancy and the repeating of several words (like 'primal') too many times! Words fail…

Io Pan!

Lupercalia (Imbolc) 1998

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1. Begotten is…

“ You have birthed this” - A magickal child is born and is now emerging, yet it IS but has no name, intuition is nameless- silence.

2. Begotten as the Nameless Aeon are the words of Pan which lie feathered and aflame amidst the Morningstar's rays, unhallowed and forlorn

The Nameless Aeon - the non-existent Source, symbolized as Pan, the Archetype Mask. The Morningstar is Sothis; Sirius. “morning” refers to the current global awakening.

This primal essence without name is known to us now as manifesting as the 'Nameless Aeon', the most ancient time of our history. Race memory time of early anthropoids who existed consciously in the no-time of the animal consciousness, while bridging over. The Dreamtime of the Aborigines. Nameless because no written or spoken language as we know it existed, no concept of organizing data for extended or later retrieval, no history or memory of time; only survival.

So here come words to enunciate the 'Nameless Aeon!' Immediate contradiction- they manifest as winged things and flames, that is, symbolically, through the nexus of Horus and Maat energies the channel is invoking.

Unhallowed- they are not holy because they speak of something that words can not conceive of, forlorn because the basic primal formulae of the Nameless Aeon have been ignored by so many for so long.

3. Abyss of Abyss, whose name unuttered is pure and quintessential

The Nameless Aeon = Abyss.

This indicates the nature of this transmission; Daath, the abyss, the eternal void of the unconscious, but it is the abyss OF the abyss, the Group Unconscious Species mind that is the Origin. There is no name for this place, this it is pure and of the Primal Essence, it is the primordial state before matter and energy- Tao.

4. The Beyond-Death Flower sings of Vibrational Gateways and fling beyond them the Words of Aeons already rung.

The Jewel within the 1000 petal Lotus, biologically the pineal gland. All 'Words' have been uttered, all times exist simultaneously and so the manifestation or unfolding of the universe is the same as it's primal pre-beginning; Quantum universe.

By opening up the top Chakra, other states of time and space are accessible, thus the seeking Will flings consciousness through this gateway seeking knowledge and truth of the energies of 'past' Aeons. Ring- this illustrates that each Aeon is a vibration, one 'Word' uttered (reflected through a thousand voices) that remakes the universe. Actually it is a level of consciousness perceived as waves of energy; so, each age is a bell ringing through every cell, it echoes out and eventually dies down as the next age rings in.

5. Smash the pane of refraction's prison-barrier to find the lair of Beast-Man who is Hoored in Night's gold wellspring

The reemergence of the Energy called 'Pan' in this current 'Aeon of fire' - Aquarius; change. Only by smashing your programming can non-time vision be attained. This = trans-aeonic freedom. All knowledge, all times, ALL is available NOW. The new aeonic energy (Hoor) is the 'current' catalyst.

The sensation now is of a wave of this past-Aeon energy smashing back through the consciousness of the seer - breaking the illusion of 'self', Other, Reality (refraction's prism barrier = Samsara; this World that is Illusion) Behind the comforting illusion of culture and society and Self is the lair of the snarling Beast within - the animal Self. This is the ever-present link we each carry with the Nameless Aeon. We are far more than half animal if one looks at evolution. Hoor may refer also to Horus - linking to hor- har- whore- etc- referring to birth sans mother or father, mitosis; birth by splitting - self begotten; the fertility invoked with this energy is in-seeking androgyny; self fertilization, Self begetting. But it is not a self-possession of the sealed-off-ones. The wellspring is Tao, gold because from the deep-mind the shining Self emerges during individuation. In this way light is shed into the dark cave (lair) on the Beast (Pan) within the unconscious.

6. The Throne of the Endless One sits in the reflectionless pool, Tao-filled and still, upon the black and endless Sea-without-water

Referring to the primacy of Taoism as the clearest conception of the Pan Current as exemplified in the writings of Lao Tzu, Chung Tzu and so on. Throne is Seat of Self.

Throne is also the translation and image of Isis, the Primal Mother, Gaia - as well as the ideogram of Infinite Stars and Infinite Space.. The refelectionless pool can be seen as the Group Unconscious or the primordial ocean within which DNA first prospered. The Endless One is a title of Pan, here not manifesting as the Beast or the Shadow but as “All” ('Pan' in Greek) - The vast endless all-encompassing Archetype that first ruled our intuitional lives before the Great Mother came to the fore and ruled all human societies. The archetype is really just a mask for the Tao; the key of the transmission that is rooted in that Nameless Aeon. This is the unnamable essence of all things- and also there is another reference, to the Abyss - the pure darkness before any creation at all…

7. Bones lie brittle on blasted rubble forming chains of post-evolving

We are physically compost, but what compost! This is the cremation ground of life & death. The horrors of existence and dissolution. The sum total of the past is us.

Blasted rubble is the sum of all past cultures, peoples, spirits, ideas, images, energies- ancient bones of billions of years of evolution. We are linked to all these beings, creatures and entities past through the 'chains' of DNA. Post evolving; somewhere in the 'future' is the other anchored end of this chain, the final goal of the DNA program, Aeons away (yet ever present) , identical with the beginning, thus the chain is a circle. Yet the past stages of growth, like so many outgrown curlicues and skins, are indeed past for we must also deal on a practical level with our perceived evolutionary present. The past expressions and manifestations of the Pan current are GONE to us. New connections must be formed on an ongoing basis.

8. Forgotten memories locked in Sync- All of Forgotten Ones who came and left to come again

All of evolution is available to us through the 'arcana' template of RNA/DNA within every cell. We recreate all beings during gestation, thus (like the animal headed gods of Egypt) we process in the womb all stages that are ourselves, our many forms: The fetal stages each of us goes through before birth.

It is important that we keep in mind that the deep and sometimes violent urges evolution has used to prod us along are still with us - Our minds have forgotten the fear of the mastodon, but our instinct have not, it's in our genes. Forgotten Ones are personified ancient atavisms that were in the current state of awareness during the Nameless Aeon. Famine, territorial Madness, aggression, raw sexuality, the panic of the herd and so on and on. They have been mostly forgotten by our civilized selves, but they return quickly in the form of such atavistic explosions as mob violence, war and mindless lust.

9. IO PAN - Who abides in this Place that is No-Place, unlit. Who is Watcher from Without and Portal Keeper of Genetic Slumber. Lethe is he filled by and Soma is his sperm, Solar/Lunar are his cycles. The Eleventh sphere is his home and the mouth with which he births devouring

The universality of the archetypes, they appear in every culture, why such a cluster-system of archetypes can be/might be/is as a key to all aeonic formulas. The kalas or wave/particle emanations from Daath; the Abyss.

The formula IO is introduced with the name of the current here described; Pan.

I (yod/hand/wheel) & O (ayin/eye/devil = 80 or Pe/mouth/ tower Bam! the opening of the old ways. Pan is centered in the source of the 'forgotten' impulses, atavisms & instincts in the lower cortex area of our brain. it is 'no place' because it is outside intellect and consciousness- perception of place and time- it is unlit by the 'light' of thought, of firing synapses; the normal routes of neurological interfacing. Here are some more titles of pan “Watcher from Without,” the Beast or Awareness outside of our rational conscious minds (id beast) and “Portal Keeper”- he is the guardian of the instinctual genetic animal, powers latent in our deep minds. Lethe was the drink given to the souls of the dead so that they might forget past memories in able to reincarnate purely. Soma in Greek means 'body'- our bodies are the sperm/egg of Pan, “all is Flesh” as AOS once said. We are all manifestations of the DNA evolutionary program in the flesh, one big Wave. Soma is also the sacred elixir of immortality and transmutation, some say Mushrooms, others Amrita of another nature- the Tantrik perfection essence. Or both? Sacred Mushrooms are said to be the sperm of Shiva (one mask of Pan).All instincts follow solar/lunar cycles, a key to Pan magick, the instinctual connecting with seasons, cycles and so on. 11th sphere- Daath- back to IO = Pe = Mouth….I the cry Io Pan opens Daath to release the personified Pan energy.

Note: IO is an ancient Gnostic title of the god Set.

10. Let this ring the Circle set between the thighs of Fusion/Fission, Illusion risen in the Lasting Sound, never ending, never seen.

Shakti, the Goddess as the Primal Stuff: the Dance of Existence, the Universe, Babalon, Maha Maya. The sound is the 'nadis' or the vibrations between the spinning Chakras on the body.

So, let this now-invoked Pan Current fill the Circle (the magickal circle and/or the Self/Body) set within the fusion (creation) fission (dissolution) of the world- visualized here as the two delightful thighs of the Goddess- thus the center of power is in fact the Yoni of Her-Set between also refers to the mysteries of SET - the phallus of Pan entering the Yoni of the Goddess of Illusion - the primal Tantrik creation mythos.

11. Cry to the Silence, cry to the fears of survival that linger in the bloodied jaws of the Beast

The keys to the gate of Abyss: hunger, fear, ecstasy- all truly genetic survival triggers that unleash the Pan energy.

Here the 'word of the Nameless Aeon' is uttered- the cry to the silence. Cry in this sense means howl, yelp, grunt, moan- the animal utterances we revert back to using during orgasm, death, extreme fear and so on. We fear the Beast, both within and without. Without, even today, it can still kill us (Sharks, Grizzly bears, a cougar killed a jogger near my home recently…) Within it can also kill us, daring us and pushing us to commit impulsive and extreme acts based on ancient and often biological imperatives.

12. I eat and am eaten, fucking I am fucked, breeding I am bred. In Silence.

Atomic self-creation, you are the fish you kill and eat (same genetic code). Perpetration of RNA/DNA is a circle (spiral?) since all is simultaneous; you are IN FACT parent/child to yourself.

Pan is automatically invoked when any of several primal non-conscious 'animal' behaviors are indulged in: killing and eating the kill, participating in passive/active sex, giving birth/being born….in silence because these primal states are such that identity is lost, one is both active and passive and absent all at one time - this is the Gate and opens the gate as well - these states are beyond words and usually are only outwardly expressed with primal grunts or howls when one is fully and magickally absorbed in the process.

13. I am the Void incarnate

The Actuality.

So the mask of this archetype, this magickal current, is clearly revealed. Beyond all this symbolic and intellectual bantering lies the truth; Pan is the form of Void so as to be perceived.

14. I am PAN, and there is NO WORD

There is NO WORD, that is, no 'real' manifestation per se…the Siddi (magickal powers) of the Nameless Aeon are fashioned within silence and non-existence.

The Current announces itself as Pan (the God as well as 'All') in this state of being now experienced by the Scribe, the IS NO WORD - the current manifesting creates a void, a throw-back to the time-before-all-Aeons, a vacuum within manifests the Nameless Aeon of 1000s of years ago HERE and NOW. - a big Pause and black-out here - returning consciousness can not grasp, like a dream with no parameters, only the consciousness of the GAP is there to register the manifestation of the current.

15. All is Ashes...

Paradigms are eminently combustible. PAN = 131 (Pe + Aleph + Nun) and ASHES = 131 (Aleph + Samech + He + He + Samech)

All preconceived ideas and consciousness of 'reality' are destroyed utterly when the Current hits, all concepts, ideas, etc. etc. because they are all magickal products of the last few Aeons- culture, language, intellectual concepts, beliefs and so on - with the leap-back via the Nameless Current these are nil and void having never existed.

16. Cold and colder are the Ice Caves of Forever, therein Entropy mates with Dissolution in the ending of Those-who-were-with-us

The chill of DAATH (Abyss). Where/when the before 'time' / 'after time' meet and are one.

This chill comes THROUGH the Abyss now experienced, cold and colder - it blows from OUTSIDE of space and time - the Nameless Aeon is the gateway to those Alien Aeons BEFORE carbon-based life forms existed.

Entropy / Dissolution - the very primal beginnings of the cosmos are alluded to - as are the connections to 'those-who-were-with-us' - other species of beings…

17. Therein the Children of the Stars dance , forming the Sigils of Evermore

There we are, dancing stars - what a long strange evolutionary trip it's been. (The A.A.)

Or- networks of other non-human species…Somehow this Gate being opened to the Nameless Aeon gives glimpses of some strange pre-creation events - the 'Sigils of Everemore' refer to the crafting of the DNA and other fundamental templates - nucleic acids forming many different patterns, one (for us in this time continuum) being successful.

18. The Dance dances, the Circle cycles, the Sky is open to the Earth. Nothing is what it will be; all is MUST

A has-been future, a futuristic past, the serpent swallows its tail, a paradox - words fail. True Go-ing.

The Dance of life and death and evolution is seen beginning and playing out upon a planet in formation - The circle of creation, existence and manifestation, cycles -manifests in cyclical phases of life/death. It is from the first primal rains from a tentatively created sky that the genetic soup rained down to begin the evaporation/reproductive cycles that eventually formed life.Nothing (the void) is what it WILLS to be - in other words, the pure and primal life-force and manifesting through the Nameless Current, begins to will itself into existence through strange evolutionary tugs and pulls- All (Pan) is MUST - it has no choice but to BE as it is; evolve or die.

19. Stab the Dark to find the light bleeding through the body and brain of ALL THAT

The Deepest Darkness hides the Purest Light, the Bindu or Seed within the Ocean of Samsara- the Source of creation. The Shadow Births the Self.

It is from the perfect darkness of the Nameless Current that the light of consciousness is born. All that encapsulates the above, i.e.: the primal life-force in action - 'stab' because there is a protective barrier between the conscious and unconscious mind- pierce this barrier with the sword of Will to find the keys of Pan which lie in the depths of the unconscious- the group unconscious mind (lower cortex) and within the most instinctual parts of the body (cellular memory-instinct). Also - here may be a reference to the Pleroma being the light behind the light, to reach Gnosis one must pierce the Archons and the world of darkness they have created with the magickal will - when one does this, the light comes forth.

20. PAN, who is Gate in Man

We are cosmic tuning forks.

Here then is the center (and practical reason for dealing with) the Pan Current - the primitive tissue-core (us) has within locked the pre-human experiences and modes of operation- thus Pan is the Gate to pre-human consciousness AND beyond IN mankind.

21. To understand 'BE' with the contentment of be-ing in consequence of the volcanic essence that fills the over-teeming Sea with ONE/NONE

The Nameless Aeon is a great non-place to duck out of impending insanity, to clean-out and recharge the No-Thing, to re balance the No-difference needed to retain playfulness in troubled times. The 'why' of creation.

A method of Pan meditation- essentially 'Taoist' - be ONE with Nature, flow like the primal life at the dawn of time did- slowly coating the lifeless planet in organic life- volcanic-spawned single-celled life soup which fills (filled/will fill) the ancient new-born oceans and seas then the land-with life. This explains that envisioning & experiencing the emergence of life on this planet is a key Pan rite.

22. Time and Tide and Image of Matter, Energy fills the frames of That-which-can-never-have-a-name

Our birth begins our creation of All. We label a 'thing' and that thing becomes structure; E then = Mc2. But who can name THAT??

Then the beginning of fixed cycles, fixed forms, fixed phylum and species (more or less) - Yet all of this, even now, are but 'frames' filled with energy - Matter is Energy, Energy is Matter - but the WHOLE of all life is not nameable: Tao.

23. Blood boils and Seasons toil about the Earth

The Go-ing of Work; Joy.

And….all of this snaps us back to the present as atavistic urges - lust, desire, fear, fury - fill the body with primitive instinctual bio-mechanical emotions and reactions ROOTED in these long-ago pre-human life-forms. And the seasons of time further evolution; the Great Work of on-going evolution.

24. Pillar on the Edge..

The god Set: The Urge to GO ('Get O U T'); the Gate.

Maybe the most ancient and primal form of Pan; the Ling, Menhir, Obelisk, Phallus - Point of origin and reference on the edge of the Abyss.

25. Here is the Meeting of All

All is NOW! (I repeat I repeat I repeat…)

So we now know that 'it' is Axis Mundi, the Center of All things - here is the anchor of Self - the point where we can experience all of this without completely fragmenting - here is the Axis about which everything spins - the return to now, the meeting place of the world - the image of the eternal now-moment of consciousness.


“I consume Universal Union” (rough-as-hell translation)
“ I Devour IT!” (I Eat the Tao?!)

7/10/82 Cedar Creek, Wa. State Coast



1. In lightening-stroke is the Voice of Silence stilled- the beginning of a solitude alike to no other, being, not-being or the escape Beyond

The shocking effects of my re-connecting with the current- the announcement that part 2 has begun.

Again the Pan Current comes like the striking of a bolt of lightening. - hitting the scribe, the inner voice is silenced, even the voice of the Self - TOTAL stillness and detachment- a taste of the current, different from all others; Pan is of solitude. A touch of the Abyss where existence or non-existence have no real meaning.

2. Forget these many things that fetter the caged bird unto the fish in the river

Warring branches of evolution, competing- Visions resulting from switch over in the bicameral mind at the beginning of the Aeon of the Mother.

Note: from primitive chordates evolved fish, from fish evolved amphibians then reptiles - from reptiles came dinosaurs and one branch evolved into birds (rather late, 150 + million years ago)

Forget about instinctual links, genetic links, union of opposites; caged bird also alludes to intellect and rationality - yet for all it's power it is still jerked around by instinctual urges pushing it this way and that- like fish spawning or people doing absurd things to breed. - urges drive us to dangerous lengths.

3. The Tunnels fill with fire overflowing in whirling Alchemical tragedies that linger on the edge of awareness

See any daily newspaper for evidence of this today in the group unconscious mind.

The tunnels (cells of the Qlippoth) fill with Horus energy, the SHIN or fire of the new age - but the 'tunnels' - places where shadow/shells of suppressed urges/instincts/desires lurk - all potential streams or triggers of Pan energy - are erupting BECAUSE of restriction - Suppress the deep forgotten Ones and they erupt and overflow, especially as we are inundated with the fiery restriction-releasing echo of this new Aeon. We know this is happening in the world - yet it is not fully accepted on a conscious level, though many express the thought that 'everything is going to hell.' (sic!)

4. IT is…….there; Here! Many die, many suffer, many flee, many vampirize, few are Still. Fewer are beyond the Gates of Purposeful Folly.

People search everywhere for what they already have. Weeding has begun, Chaos is rampant- steadiness is found in the knowledge…the forgetting…of 'Does not matter, need not be.'

IT; The Pan Current, IS in every place where these Pan-icking energies erupt- it is 'here' (now, as the scribe writes)- but then perceived instantly to be elsewhere; uncontrollable! Then is listed the results of primal urges, desires, fears erupting into society. Few can focus these energies, even fewer have evolved enough to step back from it all after attaining significant initiation (whatever that may be).

5. The sky clears and the moon shatters the stars like a mirror, shards fly and form a dancing circle of satyr-nymphs.

The Aeon of the Mother, being the period of pre-history where the Goddess was the focus of all culture.

Now begins a systematic review of the 'Named Aeons' - here is that of the Mother. The Lunar mysteries are shown to have subsumed the Stellar mysteries in this Aeon - focused them- and this Cosmic Goddess is worshipped by Priestesses and Animal-Shamans in circles of dance, music, chanting, sex - all these rites came into being. Nature is the focus and the temple. Formula: Circular; All is interwoven.

6. The Sun rises to embrace this in the hard stones of his breath - growing old he is slain upon his own altar in his priest-cloak of green

The Aeon of the Father, being the recently ended Aeon where male domination and 'God' created patriarchal culture.

The Day, Sun, Solar-cycle comes to the fore the God is now predominate - structures are built for spirit - solidification - focus on destruction and rebirth,. The sacred sacrificial King/Green Man must be offered - control and domestication of Nature is celebrated. Formula: Cyclical; Death/Rebirth

7. The altar is rent asunder and the Beast and his Bride rise up out of the Earth to trample the Temple under their feet, giving birth to their Child

(7 & 8 combined):
The Archetypes within each of us that is called Yin/Yang, Shiva/Shakti, +/- etc. resurge again, but this time the Mother/Father are united and together they bring forth this New Aeon, their Child-God. (who succeeds them)

The solidified Aeon of the Father is shattered by the coming of the New Archetype of the Son - The Formula: Goddess and God - 2=0 (note it is the GOD wearing the mask of BEAST or Pan) Creating of New Son Archetype. The Formula: Uniting of opposites.

8. He flies from their arms into a star-filled sky, all burning before him until…

(see above for first comment re: vs.8)

(Vs.8 & 9)
The Hawk flies forth, the Aeon of the Child re-establishes Stellar-links with the magicks of the New Aeon - this is fully completed by the Aeon of Maat - the quill plume of the Hawk becomes the emblem of transition to the Aeon of Maat - the 'Dream' signifies a new stage in evolution that we can not comprehend except on a very deep symbolic level because the truth of it will be so fantastic.

9. A single tail Feather falls into the outstretched crystal hand of the Little Sister who builds anew the Dream

The future Aeon of Maat, the Daughter Goddess, where genetic potential will create a NEW species of mankind.

The Formula: ever-expanding and all encompassing - circular in the sense of quantum physics, that all is NOW and the circle is actually a point that is nowhere.

10. And I embrace these, I distill these, I destroy and reshape these

The Nameless Aeon, PAN, the God Void, is the prime programming action within which all these programs occur, the invisible axis, the field of power, the Gate of Manifestation.

'I' the scribe work with ALL Aeonic currents - they are encoded in my body and so flow through my nervous system - I may take the Currents into my body and distill/imprint them with my active orgone (energy) or (matter) into sexual elixir. Here, now, is what is real - I can change, alter or eliminate aspects of the Aeonic Currents in my Work that are not necessary- with Love under Will. They are me.

11. Speak to the ecstasy of forgetfulness and I have answered

The Manifestation of Pan and the key to Sigil (runic) magick; Atavisms, resurgences of Archetypal Force from within.

By uniting all Aeonic Currents it is easy to invoke the Nameless Aeon Current- or simply diving into ecstasy brings this connection! Here then, in the forgetting, in the Center is the One Who Speaks With No Word.

12. Say 'stop' and I will do this and no Other, yet you shall never move again

(vs. 12 & 13)
Evolutionary momentum is behind you! the faster you 'grow' the faster you go. If you cry 'enough!' to life, if you 'settle,' give up, retreat…you've lost momentum and the goal of evolution (itself ever evolving) will soon be out of site.

As you do the Great Work, as you encounter and channel the Nameless Current of Pan, if you get stuck in your fear the connection will cease - and your you'' either never or with great difficulty ability be able to tap into it like that again.

“Fear is the great Mind killer.” - Dune

13. Cry for Death unto me and I shall laugh, for you are dead and now never will live!

(see first comment above)

…Or be pulled deeper and deeper into the darkness and embrace the void completely and…you will have blown it; Just another walled-off black hole. Or, hey, you might get off the wheel completely! If so, then you are out of The Game and so wont be born again - bye bye!

14. Those cast out have fallen, I gather them within my Net of Stars and they shall be my Colors

The Mutants about us, the ignored Avant Garde, the artists and prophets who SEE beyond the limitations. The Nu Wave misfits who always herald the times-to-come.

Those who leap out of their paradigms, out of their realities- the wild ones, magickians and free-thinkers, these are the blessed of Pan for whom he pipes the Dance. Neither fearing nor obsessed, they fall into the 'net of stars' (matrix of the 'illuminated ones') - the web of Pan about the abyss. They are poised between the Light and the Dark as lenses or prisms: they catch the light of Kether as it enters Daath and create rainbows, spectrums, and patterns, each according to his or her Art. (Art = 210- the Night of Pan or NOX)

15. With these I deck myself and the string of worlds entwined about the Void

The orbits and actions of this group of throw-forwards churns the Genetic Pool with new twists and changes.

Pan lives on- dancing on in the rainbow spectrum of every artist and mutant who invokes the primal passions and traces the thread of existence backwards to its source. These are the jewels about pan and all the other spheres and worlds that revolve about the void.

16. I take All, I give All, YOU shall have Naught but All-gain, All-loss and All-fear shall fountain forth from the midst of these and wash the sanctuary clean of All dis-ease

(vs. 16 - 18)

Pan-ic. The Pan-catalyst of all Initiation referred to in Ch.3 vs. 1 of this book; Embracing one's worst Fears until Nothing Matters' this is a Pan angle on the formula 2=0. (Shadow=Self)

Panphage, Pangenitor - Pure Life energy gives all things, its absence takes all things. You the ritualist who invokes Pan) shall have NOTHING: i.e.: the Pan Current - but it will come in waves like all primal forces - all gain, all loss, fear - these radical shifts will flood the body with adrenaline, endocrine fluids, endorphins and a host of other chemical triggers that will purge the body - reverting to primal reactions and consciousness strengthens the life force of all.

17. I pull you into the wild dark forest where I cover you with bon moisture and the sweat of Fear

Here the seer is pulled into the primal primeval forest of Aeons past- where Pan truly lurks. Moisture of this ancient tropics also the thrill of panic, dark fear, sweat - and also pheromones…

18. All my manifold voices wind through the shadow-undergrowth, the sap of me runs sweet all over you - you are imprisoned by life-amassed, in the midst of which is my Blasted Heath; the Death that resides within Life

Every cell of every animal becomes the voice of Pan - we glide through the undergrowth. Here the animals have the cutting edge - unless beast/human minds work as one. The excessive penetrating orgone of the forest pervades, The fun, the exotic excitement cover the questing scribe. We are all imprisoned by life, by flesh, by growing things surrounding us, as long as one is incarnate there is no escape - everything is dying all the time, every living creature, all woven together. Everything (star, tree, man) contains the seed of its own demise - this is the 'blasted heath' the barren abyss and abode of No Life, entropy. This can also refer to a great mystery: that all living things are but energy fields with nothing in the core - Anata.

19. I am kernel of the Seed

The nucleus of life contains the key of death (aging) and consciousness. At the most basic level.

Also, Pan as avatar of the Nameless Aeon is the seed from which all other Aeons progress as archetype of the primal genetic shift to 'real' consciousness; Pan begins the cycle.

20. My hairs are the sunset's fire, my eyes are wells; look deep therein; the Name, the Number, the Forest

The Label (mask) the archetypal language of numbers (intellectual coding) and the Abode (the Being place.)

A particular vision of Pan experienced by the scribe, also an allusion to the fiery streams of energy (orgone?) Refer to the new theory of 'strings' in physics that keep everything together.When a personal bond is created with pan, they eyes of the deity (as one becomes) reveal mysteries keyed for that ritualist - one will receive a sacred name, a sacred number and a wild wooded place where Pan finds affinity with the devotee. The scribe has experienced these three things as stages of a special Pan initiation.

21. Wine, Blood, Elixir, Honey; It is ALL the same unto I who AM and AM-NOT

The outward symbols of the Energy of each Aeon/Godform's Essential Secret-ions, the 'Elixir' of each Age.

Wine: Mother, Blood: Father, Elixir: Male Child, Honey: Female Child

The Energy or Power of each Aeon 'All' celebrate Pan. Since his essence is that of the current of 'All evolution' and he is NOT being the Abyss or Void. This also encodes a rite for unifying the elixirs to create a special all-Aeonic vortex to attain Pan energy.

22. All feasts are mine, as are all JOYS my devising, and I come when I WILL

These are the key 'foods,' the pollen (spiritually) of all genetic triggers. Eucharists, altered states and substances of go-ing; The initial rush is always the same, always of survival. The RNA/DNA intelligence interrupts what we are doing when it WILLS to.

All and every ecstasy triggers the Pan Current in all situations, even if only a bit. This energy may then be channeled towards another focus or archetype (god, spirit) - but the energies are firmly rooted in the primal passions of Pan. The Archetype called Pan manifests when subconscious forces determine that it is necessary - unexpectedly. Even is one invokes them, the nature of Nameless Aeon workings is Chaos - Subconscious Praxis.

23. You shall know me by the Taste I leave in your Mouth.

A peculiar experience that is literal.

Also: again, the image of MOUTH (Pe- The Tower Trump) and the Abyss - i.e.: That extraterrestrial vibes one might pick up as well.

7/15/83 NYC (Thunderstorm)



1. In spiral motion is it conceived - the turbulent passing of all incarnations into the Great Unbecoming

The spiral is the universal symbol of life. The helix. All incarnations - all genetic variations - come together in one silent roar.

Contact resumes - all energy is spiral in motion (Falconetti series) a rush backwards to the Source Point of life beginning - then beyond - then…

2. Then.
You are in my lap, sweet one. I bear you a galaxy in my five-fold hand outstretched; is not the Void still?

The 'Law of Fives' (See R.A. Wilson). The key-code imprinted in our physical and psychic structures of 'five-ness'; 5 fingers on each hand, 5 toes on each foot etc. The five senses take in the 5 elements, the totality of All or PAN.

There is Pan- the scribe is literally in the lap of Pan, within the abyss. All things are seen as just perception reflected in the five senses- illusion. Hand = kaph- the Wheel- the modus of Will-in-action. From Nothing is born a galaxy- matter. The Big Bang? GALAXY = 125 or 5x5x5.

3. I call you up! As sap pulled up from the roots of Matter and Unmatter flow with the on-going illusion of That Which Is Nameless

Pan rises his mate/self Kundalini; as Pan is the no-form of All/Nothing, Shakti or Maya, what we SEE is this-in-action. This rises from the awakened parts of the 'grand design.'

Life arises- the Tree of Life (sacred in all cultures) is alluded to- the Sap (SAP=141) is the orgone - the flow of bio-energy pouting through Daath (abyss) from the darkside and lightside originating in Malkuth and below - Matter and unmatter - Yet all are mere reflections of that which is beyond - AIN (Tao) - the real essence of Pan. In many ways Pan (as the central force about which Shakti manifests) is equated with Shiva.

4. I refine the fear in the flame of union, yes? IO AN - the Nektar adrenaline is sweet to the inner tongue and I who am half predator and half prey creep up on you. I prowl about you and stalk you only to pounce…….and hug you in my loveplay as the Serpent sinuously encircles the Heart glowing with the cremation embers, fanned by the wings of a Dove

Again, the Ashes of the cremation ground, the remnants of poor dead illusionary ego (our sensed-realities as well) smoldering as embers. The process is facilitated by the Dove; Shakti force - Dove also clearly alludes to sex magick.

Within the dance of illusion, this 'play of life' (Lila)- Pan leaps and dances, unity with beings through the 'fear of union'- sex & death- union with other, union with oblivion. IO AN - the true formula of this process is finally enunciated, the true formula of Pan. (Note: Again, Pan is identified with Shiva by this; AN being the primal horned god Shiva of the Mohenjodaro culture, re: Shri Dadaji)

IO = Yod (seed) 10 + (cosmic Eye) Ayin 70 = Pe,(Tower) the explosive orgasm that opens the Gate to experience Pan. AN - true name of Pan - + Aleph (fool - the Spirit) + Nun (Death - the primal group unconscious) = 41 - equating with MAAT or truth. In this way the core of Pan and of Maat are essentially the same - the Black Flame of the Aeon to come is in may ways the perfect reflection of the ancient Black Spiraling Void that is the primeval Pan. Nektar is the secretions triggered by adrenaline (and other bio-chemicals) released by the Pan triggers of Panic/Passion/Ecstasy - it is pleasing in that it opens the gates (5 senses) of the body to allow the 'tongue' (Serpent) of Pan- the uncoiling pure orgone - free reign - and so Pan, identified as both prey and predator - the Animal self in both yin + yang archetypes - is involved. Yet the pounce - the attack of the predator, the tidal wave of Pan power assaulting the scribe - brings panic but is not meant to kill, only to release through ecstasy and joy. HUG = 13(Achad- Unity) a reference to the lunar cycles also. Also note parallels here to “Heart Girt With a Serpent” by Perdurabo - a ritual of the HGA.Cremation embers - ego is put aside but not Self. Done: active sexuality. So, here is explained a key ritual for invoking Pan - also a revelation that Pan magick is a fast form of Knowledge and Conversation of the HGA, a left-hand way of blasting away all that is NOT Self or HGA - if one so wills. DOVE in Greek = PELEIA = 131 or Pan - Pan as the most loving, gentle animal avatar - love & peace.

5. Cool, let the Ashes cool

Afterglow; Moment of impression/dissolution, reprogramming.

ASHES as mentioned = 131 - the adept should take time after this rite to retreat and refocus, the Self should cool (and in a sense reform, like melted glass) - in other words, after success, the adept should let the Pan current be for a time - let it sink in.

6. You must dance, play and feast, for there is only this. Empty rites fall away as chaff

These are the only 'real' actions - delighting in the Joy of existence. All dogma, restrictions, 'oughts' crumble as does all matter crumble through time. Dead skin falls away.

Here are explained the chief rites of Pan:

Dance - All actions done for joy and beauty and magick, in harmony with the pulse of raw nature as music- be it inner or other- all can be Dance (Lila!) in fact, all is the dance of Shakti or energy- to flow with life is to dance with the Tao - here Pan is again viewed as Shiva (Nataraja). See the ancient horned-shamans cavorting on cave walls - here is the teaching. Play - This is the active key to all Pan magick in terms of interactions with other beings. Whether we refer to mating, work, ritual, art or any other interaction PLAY is the operative mode for channeling the Pan current into our lives - what is Play? The joyful interaction with one's environment/others creating a bond of mutual en-joy-ment, pleasure and Gnosis - all based on joy.

Feasting - All communions, all joinings, to consume - food, beverages, elixir - the basic products of Gaia (Shakti manifest as Nature) - All feasts have hunting/agriculture roots- even animals share food as communion - the sharing of life-force recapitulates the hunt/gathering/kill and joy - the cellular nourishing-thus all feasts (communal consuming with a spiritual focus) are sacred to Pan.

All sacred rites should fall into one of these three categories or they are empty. shells, lacking any active orgone - they are mere waste.

7. HE forms from ALL as a whirling luminescence. I fly through the 7-pointed Gateway and see the Essential Illusion

Confirms the unity of Pan and Babylon; Shakti. The Male is Female, the Point is the circle, nothing is no-thing. Self is seeing birth through the womb of Cosmic Mother.

HE was heard as 'heh' not 'he.' The Star (heh) forms from All (void, Pan, the group unconscious mind), this = the formula of individuation. Whirling luminescence - a spectacular vision - the 'heikle' - the forming of all from Kether. The 7-pointed gateway has several meanings - the Chakras (a theme that runs throughout) lit up - the Gate is here clearly revealed as the Body, so the Kundalini/Shakti is pulled up through the orgone explosion of opening the body to Pan energy, opening the 7 gates - doing so speeds birth of Self, doing so causes illumination i.e.: the perception of ALL as illusion, Maya, the Awakening.Note: The Star (heh) has another hidden meaning - Pan was, long ago, identified as SOTHIS….the mysteries of this are still being pondered.

8. Words?…

How can one communicate a true vision, a beingness?

“The Tao that can be talked about is not the eternal Tao” - Tao Teh Ching

Words are useless to express this state of perception within the Pan current - but here it goes:

9. Electron magnetic starfire, trans-flux matrix do I project. Sub-molecular is the second-sight, thus; invisibility, magick, connections and illusions

A vain and sloppy attempt at explaining the Vision. It, at least, hints at a new 'reality' view of magick, the astral plane etc. Plat with neutrinos and quarks?!

- Electron magnetic starfire= the plasma and cosmic stuff of the universe - dancing wave/particles. Trans flux matrix = interconnection of all things, the patterns that underlay Chaos; always moving, always changing- fractal world.

- 'I' here means point of perception- which is non-existent! 'We' create our own reality, this is one view of how we do this.

- 'The Astral Plane'- (Spirit world, 6th sense, ESP etc.) as operative on a sub-molecular level - ESR, electron Spin Resonance - sub-atomic particles - quarks and other 'strings' transcending time/space - the arena of quantum magick.

- Perception of 'real', what we call magick and the subtle manipulations of the weft and web of 'reality' are effected through the quantum realm

10. The Matter is simple, the Form complex and many-hued; what of it? Nothing has changed in the Swirling Out unto the Coalescing of All into Zero

E=MC². Neither energy nor matter can be destroyed, merely transformed from one to the other. The subtle fixations and fluctuations of the two, the Alchemy; This Dance IS Pan. This is absolute zero.

Reality only seems complex, it is actually very clear and simple when one views it as just movement of Tao. Yet it is said that the Tao creates “10,000 things” - there is infinite variety, though the basics are always the same. In the arena of organic life this is clearly demonstrated with the template DNA- one basic form = infinite variety! Yet nothing has changed - i.e.: the Tao is still the Tao, in the swirling out (note: again a spiral motion!) creation of All (Pan-All-Orgone) coalescing, coming together again- returning to zero - the void of Daath. The formula here is the key of alchemy, a formula our short lives mirror.

“Solve et Coagula”

(Note: COAGULA =Kaph+Ayin+Aleph+Gimel+Vau+Lamed+Aleph = 131= Pan)

Destroy….bring together…..repeat….why? To create the 'Stone of the Wise' - Zero - the Orphic Egg of Pleroma - limitless being.

11. My horns are the pillars that edge the Abyss and my Eye is the Gate through which is ingress and egress. I have named the initiation, let me now tell of the Light beyond all lights which is truly the Heart of which I have spoken

The mask known as the Devil (DEVIL= 55 = DNA) or Shaitan, also called Lucifer Light-bringer. Symbol of Sexuality, escape from restriction and Evolutionary liberation. This is Ayin - the 3rd eye (of Shiva) open…

A glyph in the form of the Horned One is explained:

(see homepage glyph - the 'pangil')

The Horns are the Pillars of Mercy and Severity of the Tree of Live (as well as the Tines of the Forked stick representing the primal Horned God at the Sabbat) - Yin / + Yang, the Positive and Negative poles of all matter/energy : -/+ = changes that occur to all things - between the poles the two cancel out (2=0) this, then, is the formation of the Gate, the Abyss - this is the black 'Eye of Pan' - true Ayin (Devil card) the Open eye of Shiva which destroys all illusion and transcends dualism - through THIS Gate all can be created or destroyed - it is up to the adept. The Eye of Pan is the BODY manifesting Pan- this then is the Gate within which all 'Solve et Coagula' can be accomplished. The Pan initiation has already been described (vs. 4, Ch. III)The Light (Vril, Awake Orgone, Kundalini…) describes the results of the pineal gland open - Nirvana - it is beyond ALL lights (Chakras etc.) this is the HEART, the mystery of it all, of the manifestation of Pan. Thus attaining (impossible! Remembering? Returning- no, we never left! Well….) is Tao or Nirvana is the operative goal….refer also to references to 'heart' in vs. 4 Ch III.

12. Illuminate the Three Hearts with the Tongue of Emerald

13. Fill the Azure Tower with the mixture of Gold & Silver

vs.12 & 13 - (both comments)

Separate meditations also relates to the incarnation of life-force into forms of matter. Alludes to rites to be published in the future. (In preparation now)

Here follows the rite of Opening the Gate using the illuminated body centers (to be explained further later.) Kundalini (a different concept than the classical one though) is here visualized as a green tongue - this is an instruction on how to integrate the two systems called PAN and GAIA with the solar and lunar currents using the temple of the body.

14. Go to the Wild Places, there and only there am I wholly. In the Cities I can show only the darker mask for there the green-essence is banished and that is the fabric of which all my magicks are woven - yet I am ALL so these words are as nothing in the wake of my Flood

The true environment of the part of us called 'The Beast', the Animal within each of us. Tarzan was truly a Pan avatar! The darker or 'cruel' manifestation of Pan is evident where wilderness and amassed life is raped and suppressed, BUT all existence is still ALL, Nothing is really out there to be 'done' so Pan is always there….and NOT there….is….NOT. Restrictions are self-imposed.

Do this in the wilds - the Emerald tongue is identified as the Green orgone of the Forest, the wilderness- it is this energy which can be raised through the body energy centers with the power of Pan - it is the raw power of Gaia - the planet Earth - thus the Gate (on the material plane) can be opened by combining the Shakti of Gaia and pulling it up with one's Kundalini-attraction to the Void/Pan current to attain consciousness. This = reconnecting on a very deep primal cellular level with the Earth- Uniting Animal & Star in conjunction with Nature - not separate, yet not fully a part. To really live this we need to be surrounded by green life - Pan is not accessible IN THIS WAY in artificial not urban settings. Pan, as god of Nature, is banished from cities BUT Pan as the outer octave, as Void or Abyss, is ever-present and the primal fears/lusts/ecstasies/play will always erupt wherever people are. Yet these instinctive urges and primal states are twisted by cities, by lack of green, ex: hunting behavior becomes criminal and predatory. Rats chew their tails off.

15. See this Seed before you? Another race to come. And here! One that has found root in the stellar dust

(vs. 15 & 16)

This seems to refer to the space migration of our species as part of the Genetic Program known as Pan. Starseeds…

Suddenly the scribe beholds a vision of space - stars, planets etc. Pan IS the universe - our planet is one small green-blue marble. Pan indicates that life is not restricted to Earth, that the same basic program creates other races and beings - all are still part of the web of life that is Pan. There is great Joy in the communication of this - what is evident but unspoken is that this is all vast PLAY!

16. Spin your star webs - I shall flow from chalice to chalice for naught is alien to I

Whether it is creating energy links between people and people or between people and Other entities (extraterrestrial, transterrestrial) the Pan current being PREHUMAN in origin makes no difference- nothing is (or can be) alien to it for it is the foundation of what All that ever came forth.

17. Leap in me, Grow through me, Kill in the bloodlust of the animal and I will BE. What is this urge, this stirring within you? You pace, frenzy, worry, quarrel - GO! Find the Wild Home you abandoned for your petty civilized ways

The surest way to self-destruction is to suppress the animal-half of oneself as so many restrictive old-Aeon religions have tried to do. Psychology and Sociology have shown us in detail how this repression leads to neuroses, cruelty, violence, unhappiness and so on.

Suppressing the sex-fear-death-joy atavistic urges stifles the expression of Self and leads to (at least) hypocrisy. USE THEM! They are a collective energy that an destroy us, drag us down or propel us forward. Go find Nature! She has patiently awaited your return while sustaining you for age after neglected age. The Pipes of her Shakta Pan beckon…

USE the primal powers of the Pan Current to do your Will under Love! Leap (dance & go) Grow (share & learn) Kill (banish & consume) these are the three active modes of Pan Magick in raw form. Pan identifies the current in the scribe as an Urge, a Stirring- then shows how it affects modern mankind which is often either suppressing it or is ignorant of it! One supreme mantra - GO! - blasts all this pondering and foolishness away. We are told to ACT, to manifest through movement and to do this in a balanced way by re-linking with Nature on the most fundamental level. Civilization is noted as the cause of the blockage.

18. I have seen a thousand thousand civilizations rise and fall upon the Mother of All Things and She pours the Dust of Aeons into Her Chalice and I drink thereof

All memories, feelings, thoughts, visions, ideas, people. places and beings are here-now- instantaneous! - within the vehicle of Shakti, the Great Mother named Existence - “The Grail.”

Since the beginning of life on this planet there have been many civilizations (1000 1000 = 1,000,000 approximate date of emergence of Hominids?!) grow and perish- the Mother of all things can be Babalon (Gate of the Sun) which is actually in most basic form, Gaia - the focus of solar=life energy. Note; Mother of All (Pan) Things (manifestations). SHE (the Earth) distills the collective experiences of all these peoples who have lived and died on HER in the collective (genetic) unconscious (her Chalice) and this Seeds and helps form the Pan Current in its many every changing mutations.

19. We remain - the Forest that is my Shakti, the Stars that are my Eyes, my Heart and Phallos, the clouds that fill me and all things that are seemingly sensed real!

The physiological basis of Pan-Magick. The body IS the Universe, there are 3 Pivots.

Once called - once the link is created with Pan, the Charge remains in all three centers of the body. The Wild Nature is Shakti to Pan - thus when we wear the Pan Mask She (or He) is OUR Shakti/Shakta. The Stars are the glowing activated centers also refer to Sirius.

Clouds; Water + Heat = clouds Maya is like a mist wrapped about consciousness, only Nature feels (and offers a way to be) Real.

Also corresponds to the 3 primal Chakras - the 3rd Eye the Heart and the Genitals - Moon, Sun & Fire…

20. I leap out of All these as the Arch-Archon Maya, the Illusion that binds all things. Yet by the bonds that web all things are the ten-thousand things nourished - the ropes of illusion are the veins of life. HA!

What grows to shelter us eventually becomes our prison (an egg, a cocoon) The Body we fill, use, enjoy the world with, in the end decays about us and dies. Our shell cracks, the egg breaks, our clothes get too small! Yet, the cell that dies and is discarded is essential for life and growth. All life is self perpetuation/destroying. We KNOW this when we LAUGH! Also, examine the formula HA; the Star (He) 5 & the Fool (Aleph) 1 = 6 - the Hierophant; Tiphereth, the Self!

Further identification of Pan with the Primal Evolutionary Current - the 'Arch-Archon' - the ruler of the ruler (Demiurge) of the world - i.e.: (Pleroma). This the basis of Maya, illusion, and that which is beyond or generating it as well - all apparent in the fusion of Nature & Self- from all this the Pan Current leaps forth like a deer or fountain.HA is revealed as the primal mantra of the Pan Current. (More will be said on this later - it appears in most mystical systems - note Aum Ha! in Liber Al). Breath out- open mouth - breath in - open mouth; HA, the Death rattle and first inhalation of birth.The third manifestation, transcending Birth and Death is Laughter- active Joy- so it lines up with the three centers like so:

HA- Fear/Birth - Tamas - Desire- Head
HA- Laughter - Sattvas - Ecstasy- Heart
HA - Death - Rajas - Fear- Lower Body

The fourth manifestation which is beyond all comprehension can roughly be termed 'awe' - when one has Satori or Gnosis - the direct experience of Tao - and one this is revealed in the quick AHA (or simply quick exhalation of HA…) = 0.

Also Mantra Magick is referred to -

HA - silent inner vibration - Love
HA - Indrawn mantra - Will
HA - out-mantra - Knowledge

21. Thus embrace the illusion of Death? If you so will, but my children heed here within of which I shall speak plainly -Death is APPARENT change, nothing more.

Want to 'believe' in Death? Go ahead, but why? You'll only be repelled and thus rejected from the flow of life. Better to accept transformation, though 'there is no difference between one thing and any other thing so ever.' We are all - us Humans - children of Pan, i.e.: products of the rise and integration of Beast/Star that the Pan archetype symbolizes.

22. No-thing has changed or ever was. All illusions change as rapidly as That-which-projects-illusion changes. I am the Stage and incorporate all Pieces in the Game as well as the Player

What is, is; All is NOT. Pan is the FIELD within which all possibilities play; the Quantum, Chaotic, Never-defined 'Universe.'

Being the personified 'Nameless Aeon' there can be no identification of particulars within the current - as the view or viewpoint changes, 'reality' responds - as consciousness alters, so too does the field of operation - All are illusion - that is, Pan. Evolution is seen as Play, a Game with no real 'end' or 'point' - not the serious business most sciences and philosophies persist in claiming it is. The Scribe is shown that he always has the option of being a 'piece' in this game or 'the player.' No matter - all can be FUN - all are within the field of Pan

23. Each Seed has an essence which it must fulfill as it grows… a rock is there? Around. Lightening? A new shoot. Disease? A new branch. Until it too becomes that which will be a Seed again

“Perseverance furthers. No blame” (- I Ching) True WILL, under LOVE.

Each genetic moment carries within it the seed of True Will, an essence or life-spark (Pleroma the Gnostics called it). To fulfill this Will, one must LIVE - surmount obstacles, do your best, go forth and persevere - until the illusion of death (matter) returns to energy - energy is again manifested as Flesh; and on it goes - but do so as PLAY and you won't be disappointed!

24. Nothing dies, the wit is to ask what is not always alive!

No thing stops the play of Matter/energy…

There is really no sadness to this change of matter to energy to matter if one cultivates detachment from the APPEARANCES of change. Look! All matter is alive! Rock and tree and person - identical - every atom vibrates with life! The same life as stars and galaxies!

25. I weary now of words and go now to Play; listen…

The proof of all of this is in the practice, theory is all 'very nice' BUT- 'Talking does NOT cook the rice!' Yes? Life is the WAY and JOY in it, the supreme rite: DIY (Do It Yourself.!)

This writing by the Scribe is a tiresome aberration for he Pan Current- a wearing oxymoron - a BOOK about the NAMELESS Aeon!!! So much for this foolishness, now, the REAL teaching - PLAY! Want to know how? Listen…

26. As pipes play, echoing off the mountains and across the Ocean, until it fades at the edge of time, the end of All…

The Eternal Return.

The Pipes of Pan are heard by the Scribe - echoing across the planet, into space, to the far reaches of the cosmos…the vibrations fade - the manifestation of Pan is finished.

“The Piper's calling you to join him.”

- Led Zeppelin, Stairway to Heaven

9/17/83 Lopez Island, San Juans

-Via Aion