The Book of the Hollow Tree

The Book of the Hollow Tree
Received by Aion
Spring Equinox, 2000 & Full Moon

  1. This is the Book of the Hollow Tree

    The Bole of Self-Protruding, hollow

    Self-Destroying and Replicating

    Seed: Tree : Compost

    In Triune-Unconsciousness: Void.

  2. The Angel holds open a gaping chest

    Stars and Space within - it's Heart: Void - Stillness, the Nameless beginning

  3. What's real are the spaces Between-








  4. I Speak from the Crevice, crush & between

    This Silence is the voice of the Angel

    The Howling of the Beast from the empty cavern of the Heart

  5. Behold-

    The Tree is Hollow, all growth is shedding of Matter bark, revealing the beautiful  Void behind every smile of Shakti rooted in the play of consciousness.

  6. For what is Self but Self-Reflected?

    What is the Word but bridge from silence to silence?

    All Work is Shadow-Work, for the Light merely IS.

  7. So- Will & Art, with Love conjoined, casts monstrous shadows upon the cavern's wall.
  8. Shaman's fire & atomic blast, united in the blink - the flash - the silent lightening stroke of the Open Eye.
  9. As All is Naught

    So here is balance.

    The Empty Heart a province of Truth, construct of Self- Self-Begotten, in the End , is a vessel of TAO, full of intimation, of suggestion and inference; empty.

    Easily shattered shards of verbiage, scattered by heavenly winds.

  10. Yet- Here it is!

    Holy Grail, cauldron of Great Mother in deed.

  11. Angel holds this Vessel or - opens or -

    Parts- the Veil of Heart

    Revealing an empty Shrine therein

  12. All the Pyramids are empty as are all the Houses of the City.

    People wander as ghosts, fading oblique images, spectral, past/future fading, reappearing only to age, become young again, die &  be born, walking mazes within mazes - but still.

  13. An Empty House there it stands on this Equinox.

    Equals are Crossed


    Born of-


  14. Silence tells Silence, Path knows Treader as the Mountain knows the


    Echoes combining from fractal tantrums, dissident- foolish to listeners.

    No less the Truth for incomprehensibility.

  15. And that Truth?
  16. The Heart is Empty, as Void is Full. Gods again walk among us and

    Masters too.

    Silence - Nameless - Horned and honed, is born again of Hollow Tree.

    As Stars rain upon raised Branches. Feathered limbs & leaves of Angel-Tree.

    Reach up, piercing, All space.

  17. Secret sun of son - silence -

    Jewel of NOX within Lotus of LVX


- Via Aion- Spring Equinox, 2000 & Full Moon

Initial Commentary:

This book attempts to communicate the 'true' nature of the Holy Guardian Angel.

It is the by-product of a long-term working of further melding with the HGA to explore the nature of this Self. Those who have experienced Knowledge & Conversation of the HGA (in any sort of form) will comprehend some of the information encoded here. The basic concept is that the HGA is simply Void or the Nameless Tao incarnate in construct form to engender communication between the Ultimate and the perceived individual, which are, in fact, One. As such, the HGA is identified with Adam Kadamon, Primal Man, ie: the Tree of Life itself. This Tree is seen as, in fact, Hollow- that is, it too is simply a vessel for the Nameless Void- the place where this is most clearly perceived is the 'bole' of the tree at Daath. This is not just the gate to the underside of the tree but also to the true nature or core or essence of the Tree itself - a short-cut to Ain as it were. We are all vessels of Tao.

Any comments or thoughts welcome. Pass on as ye will to interested parties.