Liber Pennae Ultim-Atum

JUDGEMENT/THE AEON Tarot Card by Orryelle Bascule
Copyright © 1999 Orryelle Bascule. From The Book of ChAos

In the Book of Thoth, Crowley replaced the traditional image of the Judgement Card with one to herald the new Aeon of Horus, changing the card's title to 'The Aeon'. Since then the Maat current has been earthed by Soror Nema and Fraters Achad and Belarion, forming the double current. The original Judgement image depicts an angel blowing a trumpet at the moment of rebirth; thus it represents the HGA/Augeodies, which is often seen as our future self guiding us towards it, and thus associated with the 'future' Aeon of Maat. So I have returned to this traditional image, placing it a new Aeonic context and retaining both titles for the card. 

The Horus hawk bursts forth from the cocoon of regeneration, head a blazing sun of chaos. Maat as the aeonic HGA balances this against the moon, which is also the 'mouth which devours' of TiaMaat/TeyaMayeT, the great Serpent of the Ages emcircling the Cosmic Egg. The yin/yang symbol is used because it represents karma, which is basically the idea of 'the past effecting the future'. Here the masculine/feminine dualities are reversed, demonstrating that the future may also effect the past, and that Horus and Maat exist within each other's aeons. Thus the double current is formed. For those who embrace it, the potential is glimpsed within the egg which is formed by the yin/yang. Maat's sword, the axis of her scales, cleaves it to reveal AHArpocrat, the babe within the egg, the tao beyond gender. 'We are divided for love's sake, For the chance of Union' (-AL I, 29) The crack the sword forms in the egg is the 'lightning-flash' of illumination, the descent of spirit from Kether to Malkuth. It is the realization that Kether is already here, within the world of form/ apparent duality. Both the trumpet and the cocoon are cornucopia motifs, phallic yet hollow and thus also yonic, representing this potential union of genders.

“We all go to the children, And from them we shall return” -Nema

Pennae: -Feather; pen; arm; branch; pennant-staff (flagpole); pinion; quill 
Ultimatum: -Final declaration of terms 
Pen-ultimate: -One from the last; Pointing towards the ultimate or absolute 
Atum: -The original deity in the ancient Egyptian pantheon. -the creator


(1) Beyond the Beginning
(2) There was Nothing 
And that Nothing was Nun 
(3) Yet from it One 
Did Come 
And that One was Atum 
The Beginning was Atum 
Baphomet, Shiva-An, TeyaMayet, Heru-rAHA, 
Different masks of the same Two-in-One 
And to Hir we shall re-turn…
(4) As Before, so After
(5) Then from the eye of One 
Two sprang forth 
The Tao become 
The Yin and Yang 
Chokmah and Binah 
Split from Kether
(6) Male and Female 
Come from One 
Who is both or neither
(7) Ipsos 
By the same mouth 
Fromwhich Tefnut-Mayet flew 
Was breathed the prana-deva, Shu 
From the Cornucopia
(8) This was the original twin-current 
And via it we shall re-turn
(9) Tefnut and Shuo 
Went forth in the waters of the Abyss 
Atum sent out Hir Eye 
To look after them 
But the Eye became lost beyond the Abyss 
Whose edges Mayet and Shu were defining 
As they spawned Geb and Nu
(10)From the Two came the Many Thousand things 
Mayet, the World Order, 
Begat form; Began the dance of Lila, 
The play of ma-nifestat-ion 
The great tapestry of Maya 
Wondrous in its intricacy of detail 
And variety of pattern
(11)The great serpent Tiamat 
Was chopped into pieces by Marduk 
She was divided into T(he)-I-Am-At, 
Thus came Measure, Tia-Maat 
To determine our segment of the All 
And thus was Chaos Ordered 
By the great Sword of the Solar Lord
(12)Atum sent forth Thoth 
To find the Eye 
And return it to the Abyss 
Being the Scribe, The Ibis 
Wrote the glyphs 
Which captured the journey of the Eye
(13)The Ibis returned the Eye 
To the Hand of Atum 
But new eyes had been installed meantime in its place 
The light of newfound reason shone from Atum's face 
Shining through the waters which now rippled 
With newfound form
(14)Sudden inspiration 
Burst as a rearing serpent 
Forth from Atum's forehead 
Seized and swallowed the vagrant Eye 
But it stuck in the serpent's swollen throat 
Thus the Uraeus Cobra was born 
Coiling from the Ajna of Atum
(15)But this was not the Eye complete 
For even as Atum had divided 
Into Tefnut and Shu 
So too had Hir One Eye become Two 
The original Eyes of Heru: 
The Utchet and the Wedjat 
Without Atem He only had the Sun.
(16)For half of the vagrant Eye(s) 
Had remained in orbit around distant Geb 
(Even as Shu moved between Him and Nu) 
Fromwhence She reflected the radiance 
Of the distant sundisk
(17)And every once in Her cycle 
This Eye of dreams 
Doth seem to disappear 
Cast afar by Set, Beyond His constricting coils 
And only the MoonGod Thoth 
By tracing Her path with delicate quill 
May return Her to the World of Form
(18)The Lord of Parts hath been restored 
By the Lovers of the Hawk
(19)Now the pieces of our Lady 
Must be also gathered 
The left Eye to Balance the Right 
(within the Greater Cycle also) 
As the Lord was returned to darkness 
So must the Lady be brought back to light 
Our Lady the Moon, Our Lady of the Night.


(20)O Daughter of the Sun, ye hath come forth from afar 
Borne from Infinite Space between Infinite Stars 
Foreshadowed, ye have entered our atmosphere 
Now twisting and turning in the Lower Air 
A hovering Feather, Spiralling in Shu 
And ye shall come to Earth 
The Ma-nifestat-ion of Nu 
Is at an End
By the same mouth 
Which breathes the Word of Truth: 
'Ipse Pennae' 
By the same feather 
Onwhich the Word is breathed 
So is the Word inscribed 
And thus the Eye retrieved
(22)By the same counterweight of the Heart, 
O breath which moves thee, 
Shall the Qyl be filled 
And the Prana feed 
Taking Her Feather from the Scales, 
I fashion this truthplume into a Quill, 
Sharpen it into the sWord of my Will
(23)I think, therefore 'Ink' 
INvoKing Thoth, I marry Truth 
The Ink flows through 
Conveying the Go-spell:
(24)As Thoth, I take this Truthplume 
To be my Law-ful wedded knife 
The SwordQyl of True Will 
A blade of air withwhich to slice 
Through sickness and despair 
To love and light and life 
'The Pen is mightier than the Sword' 
Yet now The Pennae IS the Sword 
The weapon of the Word
(25)May the Quintessence of the divine 
Flow through the spine of the Qyl 
To imbue my lines with True Will
(26)As Hermes, I take my vow 
(The Boddhisattvic Vow) 
To All-ways Tell the Truth 
In service as the Messenger of the Gods 
And Guide between the realms
(27)I swear to always tell the Truth 
I cannot, however, swear to always tell the WHOLE Truth 
To which the All-Father replies: 
'As Messenger of the Gods, 
THAT would not be expected of you…' 
For many are the veils of Maya 
And many are the masks of Mayet 
And not only do each of us wear different masks 
But the eyeholes in each are of a different size and shape and shade
(28)Beware of s/he who speaks with forked tongue 
The triple tongue transcends, though unheard
(29)The serpent-scroll of the Ages unfolds 
In the Beginning was the Word: AHA! 
Inspiration and expiration, the breath of Life 
Is expelled Ha-hu!
(30)The Word can not express the whole truth 
Thus this is the Pennae-Ultimate Truth which points the Way 
To the Ultimate Truth of the Wordless Aeon when the current re-unites.
(31)What awaits within the Orphic Egg 
Round which the serpent twines? 
The Cosmic Egg of Potential? Aha… … 
We may glimpse it through the cracks in the shell 
The cracks between the worlds 
The Choruses between the multi-verses 
(32)The SwordQyl is the Sushumna 
The Pennae, the mast 
With which to write the rites 
And the spell-ings cast 
The pennae is the pinion 
The fulcrum of the Scales 
Of Justice, Balancing sun and moon 
At the hilt of Reason's blade
(33)And on the Scales of time 
Tbe point is made 
The Qyl-tip returns the ink to the scales 
Of the snakeskin pages 
The rites are writ upon 
The Golden Serpent 
Who measures out the Ages
(34)From the Holy Grail 
From the Sacred Source 
From the Sabbat Cauldron 
From the Well of Remembrance 
From the chalice of the Star-Mother the Feather doth drink 
And this IS 
-IS the Ink. 
The Vinum Sabbatti, 
The Elixir of Life, 
The mists of myth, 
The Milk, the Honey 
Maat and Thoth's 
Honey-Moon gift 
Talam Malat 
Talam Lamat
(35)On a page not of papyrus but of skin 
The Ink sinks in 
To the Word-made-Flesh: 
The SwordQyl was forged in fire 
By a Feather held in Caduceus Staff 
The KiaQyl Staff was carved in air 
By a blade held by two snakes 
One ofwhich was filled by the SwordQyl 
Before it returned 
From the Lady of the Lake
(36)So the Staff of my Will 
And the Sword of my Word 
Are fledged with the Feather of Truth 
Becoming an Arrow of Art 
May this True Will 
Fly to the Heart 
Of the Matter 
The light heart 
The emptiness at the centre of Maya 
The Eye of the Cyclone
(37)This my Will, is True 
Cross my Heart 
And hope to Die 
Die to Hope anew
(38)The Eye-globe is sucked into and up 
Ganesha's great trunk 
Swirling through fractal dementions 
Wings vibrating, fluttering, hovering 
Unfurling within the 32-formed One, curling inside-out 
Warp through the realms of Atu 23, As the spokes of the Wheel invert 
Be-leaving the Hand, Eye 
Journeying beyond in a realm 
Of luminescent portals 
Convoluting, gelatinous abstractions 
Twistmelding molten 
Transmogrification continuum 
Elasticated musculature of pattern; The fusion and fission 
Of aeons, ad infinitum; Abyss of the Abyss 
Beyond beyond, leaving Atum far behind.
(39)Quill of air, 
Quill of ivory, 
Om Ganapati Namah 
'Twas with One Tooth that the Moon was smitten 
Ipsos, By the same bone, by the same feather, 
The Truth is written 
Triple tongue of fire, 
Single tooth of ether
(40)Om Ganatahuti Namah 
By the same mouth, 
Na'aton speaks in different tongues 
Which blend in Hir Awakening.
(41)Tracing the erratic intricate weave of the eye-globe's journey 
With delicate quill through strange lands 
Thoth's Will is to seek out the Eye 
And return it to the Hand 
The Word made Flesh
(42)The Arrow of Art 
Pierces the Heart 
Which is thus weighed 
Against the Feather of Maat 
For the Feather fledges the Arrow 
It's shaft is the Staff, phallus 
And the Heart is the Chalice of Love, 
Is the Eye, the Kteis 
IO. The Mouth which births and devours 
Is both target and source 
Of the Arrow's course 
For Love draws the bow
(43)And the Moon herself is also an Archer 
The Arrow of Inspiration 
Is shot forth by the Muse of Dreams 
Huntress of the Eye of Night 
With Liber Qoph vel Hecate 
We make our salutations to 
The maiden returning, 
From Her leap beyond the Wheel 
Her radiance by Nix defined 
Though hid in rays of Ra by day, 
By night her light shall shine 
At dusk and dawn 
She dies and is reborn 
In counterpoise with our Lord
(44)When his staff is conjoined with the Chalice of Isis 
A Sword is forged in the fires of Osiris 
And thus he sires the son, Horus 
And the daughter, Maat, whose part 
Is the final chorus, the hearth 
The Pentacle of earth 
Which returns us to 
The seed which birthed us
(45)The sword spins 
Around the staff-mast 
As the winds of Horus 
Fan the flames to clear the past 
Compressed and whirling with the fury of change 
An aeonic vortex Of timespans vast 
Spiralling cycles of time deranged 
Beyond evolution 
This is the Vortextual revolution 
And in the centre of this furious 
Dervish of symbol and form 
There is Silence, and Stillness 
And an orb 
This is the Eye of the cyclone 
The Orphic Egg of potential 
Around its calm glow spirals the Serpent of Time 
The Aeons and their elements swirling 
Faster and faster 
Until the distinctions between them 
Grow blurred in the Quickening 
And there ceases to be definition 
In their correspondences or rendering; 
What is beginning, What is end 
The elemental tools merge and blend 
Into one composite weapon, the Arrow 
Which pierces the veil, to enter 
And flies to the centre
(46)It pierces the Egg, which cracks apart and splinters 
Into a thousand mirrored shards 
But there is naught within but the Arrow itself 
It and its parts thereof 
Are reflected infinitely in a thousand fractal fragments 
Which rain down through the void like new stars aborn 
And I scry deep into one of the shards 
And see therein the Egg again, unsundered 
And I know not what is reflection and what is reality 
I being a mirror 
…And that there is more to come…
(47)A Moth flutters down, 
Attracted by the light 
Refracted by the myriad mirrors 
He picks up six pieces 
Each smaller than the last 
Assembling them into the Wedjat Eye 
He bears them aloft on his wings 
Thus Thoth takes flight 
Returning the Moon to Mother Night
(48)Though the pen is mightier than the sword 
And the quill as both is mightier still 
Yet a picture tells a thousand words 
And so the bow is Drawn by the Quill
(49)As the Arrow of True Will 
Which again pierces the Rain-Bow 
The Kalas of Kali 
Who thus stands still


The Arrow of True Will 
Flies towards its target. 
It penetrates the winged Eye in flight 
And brings it down to Earth 
The Moon was banished 
With a Qyl of bone 
But once She hath vanished 
The Gods are bereaved 
They plead for her return 
And with a feather-Qyl 
She is retreived 
She is the inward-turning or backwards-looking Eye of the daughter, 
Coph Nia; 
And it is by tracing Her passage Beyond that the Scribe 
Returns her to the Hand of Atum,
(51)This is the Pennae UltimAtum: 
For the World-Order to be restored 
The Son must attend to the Mother 
Even as Daughter heals Father
(52)The balance of nature 
Must be maintained 
Sleeping brethren and sistren, Awake! 
The hive-mind awaits 
But only through perseverance and dedication 
May we achieve the Ultimate gestalt
(53)Love is the True purpose of Will 
Greed must be curtailed 
Else the Pennance shall be dear, 
The outcome ill 
So take your Will and fill of Love, 
And give your Will and fill as Well
(54)The Word-Sword withwhich 
To Execute Zos' Will 
Re-turns with KiaQyl
(55)The Posture of A-OSiris re-minds us 
Black Eagle Azoth Walla Warru alights on Niggurath Pangenitor Black Goat 
Merging, they become Kanacheta again.
(56)Over fourteen days 
Thoth hath assembled the pieces of the Wedjat Eye 
And Now returns Her to the Kingdom 
She flies up behind Atum, 
Ascending the sushumna, 
And spreads Her wings in the back of His head, 
Becoming Qoph Nia.
(57)At dusk and dawn 
Qoph (100) Nia may re-unite with Resh (200) Ain, the Eye of the Sun 
In the centre of the mind of God/dess 
And fountains, 
Spirit triple-crowned 
100 +200 = 300 
And a new ATU is added to The Book of Thoth:
(58)ATU 23, Beyond the Wheel 
Thus the Eye Complete is revealed. 
Iannu, the Forgotten One of the Ajna and the Bindu, 
United in the mind's-eye, 
The Pineal Gland.
(59)We must unite sun and moon within 
The mind's-eye 
And plate with gold 
That silver seed 
Thus speeding the journey 
To ATU 23
(60)AHA! The Lightning strikes and the Cosmic Egg is sundered 
Revealing A-HArpocrat; -the Cosmic Yoke 
A HArleQuintessence of the divine
(61)AHA: We are united for Art's sake 
For the chance of division 
Coagula et Solve 
Na'aton for One and All
(62)I unite the twin currents in the Here and Now. 
HorusMaat IO! ChthonosYcronos IO! 
ChaosOrder IO! TeyaMayeT IO! 
ZosKia IO! Rechtaw eht ma I am the Watcher, SunaJanuS
(63)Thus is the Eye enthroned 
The Daughter is Crowned, at One with the many Thousand Things 
The two-edged Sword pulled from the Stone
(64)The fire of Heru shall stroke the Earth 
Unfiltered by dissipating Shu 
So Geb and Nu embrace again 
And we retract back 
Into the eye of An 
And All for Nought 
The Beginning was Atum 
Baphomet, Shiva-An, TeyaMayet, Heru-rAHA, 
Different masks of the same Two-in-One 
And to Hir we now re-turn 
As Before, so After
(65)And at this re-union 
Of the Eyes within Atum 
He-She cried with ecstasy 
And these tears were humanity 
So We are each a seed of that great He-She 
So love Oneself with strength and pride 
And let None ever destroy this completeness
(66)For self-love's sake, We appear to be divided 
For the joy of Realization.
(67)Just as Two may be-come None 
And Three or more may be-come None 
So too may One be-come Nun 
By first becoming Two-in-One 
The Ultim-Atum
(68)Thus the starseed is borne to earth 
Lamat Talam 
And if Two or more who each are Two-in-One 
Together become Nun 
This is the Perfect Secret 
Talam Malat
(69)So embrace your divinity 
For One equals Infinity 
And All for Nought 
'Twas Atum's Hand 
That milked these tears from Hir Eye 
And together IO the Hand and Eye 
Were the Mouth of the Cosmic Serpent 
Which spat forth Tefnut and Shu into the waters 
This serpent was TeyaMayet 
Divided (for love's sake) 
Into Teyam-Shu and Tefnut-Mayet 
(70)Atum is the All 
Thus containing the Atu, the cells 
Of the cycle of Tarot 
The red river of Atem is the path beyond the Wheel 
Back to the Source
(71)The mantra IPSOS is our vessel, 
The Maatet boat of a million years
(72)By the same mouth which doth emit time 
Is TimEmiT (TeyaMayet, T'I-am-at) devoured
(73)On a lunar Eclipse, 
Dreams may re-turn to the outer, 
Re-emerging from Shadow 
On a solar Eclipse, 
The Gates are opened wide; 
And One may travel deep within, 
If One hath the Will, 
For Qoph Nia 
Steals away with the light of reason 
Into the dark recesses.
(74)The Red One, Atum, 
Is the Even-ing of Sun and Moon 
For the Red One, Atum, 
Is not only the God of the Setting Sun 
But also Goddess of the Rising Moon 
And the Red One, Atum, 
Is the God of the Rising Sun 
And Goddess of the Setting Moon 
She-He is the fulcrum, the bascule, the balance, 
The pinion, Pennae, 
The moment of Equipoise
(75)The Red One, Atum, is not only the Set-ting Sun of the Day 
And -as Autumn- of the Year 
But of the Greater Cycle also 
She-He shall Set at the End of Time 
And She-He hath risen to emiT again 
At the Gates of Dawn

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