Liber Pennae Ultim-Atum The Commentary

Liber Pennae Ultim-Atum The Commentary
by Orryelle Bascule

(1) There is/was/will be essence beyond Time's measure, but this cannot be called the Beginning, or even 'before the beginning', for Beginnings and befores began with Time. 

(2) Nun is the Egyptian name for the Abyss, the primal void. Isntisnt is the negation of the primal Mother Isis, a new 'non-entity' deifying Spare's 'Neither-neither' principle. 

(3) Atum is the creator deity of the Egyptian pantheon. In the earliest known texts Atum is referred to as 'that great He-She'. Hermaphroditic deities of other cultures and mythologies are here introduced as different masks or names for this One essence. 

(4) The great axiom of Hermes Trismegistus, 'As Above, so Below', or as A.O.Spare elucidated, 'As Within, so Without', is Now applied to Time as well as Space. The quantum theory of Morphogenetic Fields shows that anything significant that has occurred, has more likelihood of recurring in a new way than something totally 'new'. 

(5) In most versions of the Egyption creation mythos Atum created Tefnut and Shu, the first male and female, by masturbating, although this could be also interpreted as being the 'self-mated' One; Either way asexual. The creation of the first male and female is thus seen as being the root mythos of the Qabbalistic seperation of the one divine essence Kether into the masculine and feminine essences Chokma and Binah, or the taoist version of the creation of Yin and Yang from the Tao. 

The Hebrew name 'Adam' comes from 'Atum'. Atum became masculinized as the Red God of the Setting Sun in later Egyptian myths, so it is not surprising that this male bias remained in the tale of Adam and Eve, where Eve was said to have sprung from Adam's rib. 'Adam Qadmon' as the 'Perfect Man' is associated with Kether in Qabbala. 

(6) Atum as hermaphrodite was the deified representation of an original essence ultimately beyond gender and thus equally well represented as sexless, as is the 'babe in the egg', the undefined child Hoor-Paar-Kraat of our future 'Wordless Aeon.' 

(7) Ipsos is the Word of the future aeon of Maat, the Egyptian Goddess of Truth or Measure. It means 'By the same mouth' (from the Greek 'Ipse' and 'Sos'. Tefnut, the first female, was also sometimes called 'Mayet', The World Order - This was the earliest form of Maat. Shu, the first male, was said to be spat from the mouth of Atum, but as Shu is the God of Air or Life (Prana) this is probably just a metaphor for the first exhalation of Atum. 

While Tefnut/Mayet was said to have been ejaculated by Atum, that great He-She is in another myth equated with the cosmic serpent, as if Hir whole being was like a great phallus, thus it is 'the same mouth' which births/spits/ejaculates/breathes both Tefnut and Shu. This is the Mouth of the Cosmic Serpent and the Eye of the penis. The Eye being a symbol of the Kteis (vagina), Atum is thus the YoniLingam as represented by the Cornucopia - phallic in shape yet hollow - of abundance fromwhich everything comes. 

(8) The magickal energies of Horus and Maat form a double current in the present aeon. Mayet as the World Order (Maat is Goddess of Measure and the natural Balance) and Shu as the God of Air and Light (Air represents Horus in the Pentagrammaton aeonic formula, and he is also 'Lord of Force and Fire' as a Sungod - Light) are the earliest form of these twins. Their return in our present aeon suggests imminent reabsorption into the source, the end/beginning. On a personal level, the union of these currents within the initiate may allow them access, via atavistic resurgence, to our genetic memories of the source. 

(9) The World Order gave birth to Geb, the Earth, and Nu/Nuit, the Universe. Thus form began, and the Abyss (nothingness) was no longer everywhere. 

(10) Maya is the web of illusions in the Hindu tradition, the manifest universe, Lila the play of form. 

(11) The chopping up of the Babylonian Chaos Serpent Tiamat represents the onset of Time, as the division/ordering of reality into segments or periods, which was done by the sword (the elemental weapon of the air/mind) of the solar hero Marduk - the mental apprehension of the Sun's passage through the sky is used as a measure of cycles. 

(12) With the beginning of Time comes the Scribe, the recorder of history and cronology ('In the Beginning was the Word'). Language describes and thus earths the vision. Thoth, the Ibis-headed Scribe of the Egyptian pantheon, is thus sent to retrieve the Eye. 

(13) The reunion of the Hand and the Eye represents the manifestation of the vision. Atum has 'new eyes' because as the creator his perception is everything, and the Universe (Nu) of form has now been born. 

(14) The Ajna or third eye chakra is represented in many cultures as a serpent. The Egyptians symbolized it with the Uraeus, a cobra (which has an eye-like glyph on it's neck) from the forehead often worn on crowns and headresses. 

(15) With the advent of form and Reason - the Sun or Utchet Eye, Atum loses his Dreaming - the Moon or Wedjat Eye; His visions have manifested and are therefore no longer just dreaming but solid 'reality.' Without the daughter eye She-He becomes a He, even as Atum was masculinized into a Sun God in the later Egyptian texts. Atem is the Goddess of blood and periodicity. Thus during the dark of the Moon She disappears. 

In an Aeonic/historical perspective, this symbolizes the disappearance of the feminine from power in the outer structure and record of civilization during the Patriarchy. 

Later Egyptian myths tell of the Sun and Moon (right and left) Eyes of the Creator as the Eyes of Heru/Horus, thus Horus is an aspect of Atum, and by implication also originally hermaphroditic. Thus The Double-Wanded One, Heru-rAHA, contains Maat, (and viceversa as Mayet birthed the deities which later spawned Horus.) even as Her current exists within His aeon. 

(16) The Daughter Eye has become the Moon. Shu the Air-God seperated Geb and Nu as the atmosphere, thus allowing Life to exist. 

(17) Set tore out the left eye of Horus and cast it away. Set, as the God of Death, is the Egyptian analogue of Saturn and thus yet another Serpent of Cycles of Time. Thus the eye of the moon is cast beyond Time, which in our dreams is often absent or distorted. 

This disappearance is the monthly waning of the Moon to the Dark In the Greater Cycle, the replacement of the lunar cycles with the solar calendar at the advent of the patriarchy is suggested. Set as Time, ie. recorded His-story, left out/threw away the lunar/feminine aspect. 

(18) The Lord of Parts is the dismembered Osiris, the Egyptian Dying and Rising Lord, God of the Sun and the Underworld, whose Aeon was the Patriarchy whose cult of resurrection (Christianity) He represents. The Lovers of the Hawk are the Thelemic tribe who have inaugurated the Aeon of Horus and thus returned Osiris to the darkness. This is a reiteration of line 8 in Nema's Liber Pennae Praenumbra to provide a context for the following lines. 

(19) The pieces of the Wedjat Eye (Like the Utchet, the Wedjat contains a mathermatical formula by its division into parts - 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16. 1/32, 1/64) are the phases of the Moon, which must now be gathered to return the dreams of our subconscious to the world of form on the full Moon. This occurs within the greater (aeonic) cycle too. Maat's function in our times is Balance -She represents the return of the feminine to the outer. 

(20) Nema's Liber Pennae Praenumbra ('The Foreshadowing of the Feather') begins with the line 'O Mother of the Sun,' the title of Maat as the Upper Air or Space. Infinite Stars and Infinite Space equals I.S.I.S. -the Star-Mother of the Egyptian pantheon who aeonically represents the Matriarchy. 

Nema's book has helped earth the current of the coming aeon into the present, so Maat now exists 'in our atmosphere', Shu, and is thus also 'Daughter of the Sun.' Maat's hieroglyph is the Feather. ('Daughter of the Sun' is also one of the names given to the feather-staff 'KiaQyl' by it's carver, Ra'en, who gave Hir to me during the transmission of this book.) Maat is the Daughter in the Aeonic formula of Pentagrammaton. As such, her Aeon represents the element of Earth, 'the Ma-nifestat-ion ('Ma' is Maat's title as the daughter, therefore Ma-ion = The Aeon of the Daughter) of Nuit', which according to Crowley, 'is at an end' (Liber AL, I 66) -the completion of the cycle is the reabsorption back to the source. (see 'Liber Pentagrammaton'

(21) The Word of the Aeon of Maat, 'IPSOS' (which means 'by the same mouth') received by high priestess Nema, was breathed onto a feather in her 'Feather and Flame Rite.' This same feather was then used as a quill with which I tattooed the SwordQyl on my left wrist. 

A prophecy was fulfilled with the transmission of this book and the rituals involved: The Word IPSOS was inscribed in the 'living parchment' - the skin - of a priest of Maat, as foretold/reartold by Nema in 'Liber Pennae Praenumbra.' This was the first mark made with the sword-quill I first tattooed on my left wrist. Having married Maat (Truth) as the Godform of Thoth invoked during the ritual, the IPSOS starseed sigil was Her wedding gift to Him. 

Thus the Eye - Nema's vision - is retrieved, the prophecy fulfilled; …Or the spell manifested, for I was inspired by Nema's work to do this ritual; - the duality of divination/conjuration is transcended in paradox. 

(22) In the ancient Egyptian mythos, Maat weighs the Heart of the deceased soul against the Feather of Truth. 

The sword - weapon of Horus as Air in the Pentagrammaton aeonic formula - is united with the feather as the symbol of Maat to become the quill which earths the visions of the mind (air/sword): Fight not the Universe with your hard blade of persistence; rather float on Her currents, light and fine - yet remaining sharp, an instrument of precision on it's natural path of flight. 

(23) 'Ink' is the Egyptian word for 'I Am.' Much of this book was received during the gradual ritual tattooing (with handheld featherquill) of this scribe's 'SwordQyl' tattoo, during which Thoth was invoked. As I 'inked' the ibis-heads on it's hilt, I chanted, 'Tahuti (Thoth) I invoke thee.' As the energy of the ibis-headed scribe began to fill my being, I began to chant 'Tahuti, Ink thee.' - With Him came the Egyptian scribe's love of wordplay and the pun. 

Another important aspect of the Egyptian word 'ink' is that it's tense is undefined. It can be interpreted in modern linear terms as 'I am', 'I was' or 'I will be'. Thus the Egyptian pantheon exists 'beyond time' and was/is/shall be all-ways accessible. 

Thoth is the consort of Maat, the Goddess of Truth, who Goes by the title 'She-Who-Moves' - The power of the Gods is in the Go-ing. 

(24) “True Will” is the union of the Horus and Maat currents within. For “Thelema” means “Will” and “Maat” is “Truth.” 

(25) The spine of the quill is the shaft of the arrow, thus the staff which is the weapon of will. 

(26) Hermes -the Greek equivalent of Thoth -also 'marries truth' with this vow, which equates with the Hindu Boddhisattvic Vow (which is To not ascend from humanity until the species entire is ready to do so) because He knows the Whole Truth as a God Himself, yet is bound also to the realm of mortals, to Tell the Truth/ point the Way to others as Messenger and Guide. 

(27) Our individual perceptions are as varied as the way we appear to the perceptions of others. In a quantum multi-verse we each have our own (malleable) outer truths. 

(28) And yet one's words can be aught but forked, for they exist only in the realm of duality, the manifest world. Time is represented in almost every mythology of the World as a serpent. 

“All words are lies” -Crowley. He was lying - words may build a (rain-bow) bridge to other Worlds, for they are also expressions of Cannac/Chthonos, the (rain-bow) serpent of both matter and spirit. 

The triple-tongue is the form of the Hebrew letter Shin, which represents Spirit. There is essence beyond the capacity of language or sound to express, when as represented by the apex of a triangle a duality is transcended. 

(29) 'In the Beginning (there being no concept of 'beginning' 'before'/beyond the record of time) was the Word' - language as the documentation or CronoLogy (The Logos or Word of Cronos, the Greek Time-God) of events is the measure of Time, as spoken by the forked tongue of the Serpent of Time. The Beginning was Atum, thus the Word (creative force) 'In the Beginning' was In Atum. AHA is the mantra of the hermaphroditic One. Thus the double-wanded One is Heru-rAHA. The ah is the inhalation, the ha the exhalation. Hahu is another name of Shu, as Life, Light and Air. 

Tantrically the AHA mantra represents a balance of implosive (non-ejaculatory/circulatory, therefore 'inspirational') and explosive (ejaculation/ the 'little death', thus 'expiration.') orgasm. This is a reverse key to forwards and backwords movement in time/emit. 

(30) The All can never be fully expressed with language, thus the Quill/Pennae as the weapon of the Word can only point the Way. 

'The Way' is the Tao or Quintessence of pure spirit - “The Tao which can be spoken of is not the Tao” - Lao Tze Tung . 

For when, in a state of uncensored divinity, one proclaims, 'I am God' The reflection back in time is 'Dogma I'; One can only appear a Hierophant or Messenger with language, And not a God oneself. 

Thus is this the 'pen-ultimate' manifestation of the double current. The Quill can only point the Way: The Ultimate manifestation of the aeon of Maat, it's inauguration -which appears to us as its end because the current flows backwords in time- is the beginning of the 'Wordless Aeon', the Ultimate re-union - as represented by Hoor-Paar-Kraat/Harpocrat whose mudra is the Sign of Silence - of the double current back into the hermaphroditic/genderless source. Thus 'Liber Pennae' can never be Written, nor spoken; yet is, now and forever. 

(31) AHA, the mantra of the Double-Wanded One, is here expressed as the secretive murmur of a coming surprise. 'Sh' represents Harpocrat's Sign of Silence, a secret, and the letter Shin which represents spirit. 

(32) As the female/lunar current Maat is the feather in one of the dishes of the scales. This feather is united with the Sword of Horus as the masculine/solar current to create the central SwordQyl axis/ mast/ sushumna (spine) or fulcrum of the Scales, the dishes ofwhich thus hang from either side of the hilt of the Sword of Reason. 

(33) Again language as the record and thus measure of time: 'Oro-bouros', the Greek tail-biting (cyclical) equivalent of Tiamat, translates as 'golden serpent'. 

This has been ritually represented by this scribe riting with featherquill the text of this Liber on the scales of a seven-foot golden-brown snakeskin, which after skinning, tanning and inscribing I have wound and bound around KiaQyl, the pennae-staff (carved of 5000-yr-old hardwood) which I was given during the transmission of the book. 

(34) The Honey-Moon represents the time of ovulation, the honey being the elixir of this phase of the lunar/menstrual cycle, and the bee gynander one of the primary symbols of Maat and the hive-mind to come. Sekhmet, the Egyptian Lioness-Goddess of heat and sexuality, is the Goddess of the Honeymoon. Tefnut (Mayet) is also considered 'the leonine one' thus we have Sekh-Maat, the Goddess of the Lion and the Bee and a glyph of the double-current. 

Talam is the semen-honey. 'Lam' is an alien egregore who has contacted Crowley, Nema, Aossic, Staley and others; and is also the seed sound of the base chakra, to which the stellar energies of Sirius and Andromeda are earthed; It is also Tibetan for 'the Way', ie the Tao. Maat is also contained in this mantra. Talam = 81 = KSA, the Full Moon. The backwords reiteration 'Malat' suggests the backwards or inwards-turning passage of the waning Moon after this turning-point, and also the implosive or non-ejaculatory orgasm. It is also short for Malatan, menstrual blood, the elixir of Atem, the Goddess of periodicity. With the mantra Talat Malat, combined with various other techniques of gnosis, it is possible to invoke Atum and generate the Talam Malat - the combined elixir of both male and female secretions - on One's own, as Two-in-One. This is the sacred honey-moon gift of Maat and Thoth, the elixir with-which they inscribe the IPSOS sigil - the DNA of QNA or Aeonic Lemniscate. 

'Lamat' is a glyph from the Mayan calendar which represents 'the starseed', harmony and stellar consciousness. Thus the Talam may become the Starseed when via tantric techniques we channel information from Andromeda through Sirius. 

(35) Here are revealed the consecration rituals and the magickal tools thereof which heralded and celebrated this transmission: I internalized my staff several years ago, represented on the surface by the Caduceus Staff I tattooed on my right wrist - I am left-handed. The SwordQyl tattoo I also eventually did myself with my right-hand through a supreme effort of focused Will, becoming thus ambidextrous or double-wanded. This was possible with the appropriate use of feather-quill rather than tattoo-gun. The feather was thus held by my Caduceus Staff (right hand), in a 3-night balancing activity (activating my left-brain) - the rendering of the SwordQyl which is itself a symbol of Balance. 

During the same initiation period I received a new staff, carved by Ra'en from 5000-year old (carbon-dated) black hardwood. This staff told Ra'en its name is KiaQyl: from following the flow of the woodgrain, a flat ridged feather-shape emerged at its tip, a hoof at its base and seven half-formed snakes between. Ra'en carved the staff with both hands, which are the heads of two large black serpents tattooed down and around his arms and torso (in the Druidic tradition), The KiaQyl staff is thus sushumna. the spine around-which Ida and Pingala -the kundalini serpents of the right and left nadis- entwine. One of these was tattooed by me a year earlier (forwhich gift he gave me the staff), thus it was 'filled by the SwordQyl' before it had a manifest form. 

(36) Thus the sword-qyl and staff-qyl combine into the Arrow of Art, fledged with the feathers of Maat/Truth. 

Arrow of Art = Subconscious desire, intuitive creativity, 'True Will.' Will alone is thought-forms of unrealized desire. The Art or Temperance card of the Tarot is also suggested, as representing the second part of the alchemical formula 'Solve et Coagula.' 

The Aeon of Maat is the ma-nifestat-ion because as Truth it is the moment of real-ization. For nothing can stop the True Will from manifestation. Truth is ultimately timeless, thus can future dreams be brought into being via the faculty of ambition. So look to the Stars - we are they. The Arrow may pierce the Heart of Matter\Maya, the emptiness at the centre of the illusion of being. This is the silence, void or calm Eye at the centre of the aeonic cyclone. Thus the Eye (target/vision/Way) is the Tao. 

(37) The Heart is Tiphereth, the Death Daath/the Abyss and Hope the Star path to Kether 

(38) Qaneshentator is a Word of Power revealed to Nema, priestess of Maat. Like the stele of revealing, it equals 718. Now are further aspects of this Word revealed: When I was first dreamtracing the Eye-globe's passage, I was confused by the presence of Ganesha, the Vedic/Hindu elephant-headed God. 

Nevertheless, this vision persisted, so I included the vedic chant, 'Om Ganapati Namah' in my SwordQyl workings. Later reading up on this deity, I discovered he is actually the Scribe of the vedic tradition, thus the eastern equivalent of Thoth. Not only that, but He is responsible for the disappearance and return of the moon just as Thoth was sent forth to retrieve Atum's Eye. 

The word 'Qaneshantator', which also kept invading my psyche at this time, relates thus to the Q- uill of Ganesha. The suffix 'tator' is 'tarot' turned inside-out, even as the 'spokes of the Wheel (of tarot/rota) invert' in this sub-consciously-written verse. Qaneshantator contains the letters QNA, which equals 151, Coph Nia -the Eye of the Daughter, the 'inwards-turning eye' which is 'sucked up and into Ganesha's great trunk'; ie. contained within him. As 'Lord of the Categories' Ganesha has 32 different forms. The reflection/inversion of this is 23, the mysterious arcana 'beyond the cycles' of tarot/time. 

There are also a total of 32 paths and spheres on the Tree of Life (thus the Q in Qaneshantator also stands for Qabbala) ; the 33rd thus being the non-sphere Daath as the gateway to the Nightside of the Tree, the 23rd Arcana as the inversion of 32. 

(39) In his role of Scribe of the Gods Ganesha used his right tusk as His Quill. This tusk was hurled at the Moon when She laughed at His antics, banishing Her. On the other Gods' request He allowed Her to return, but since then She has waxed and waned (the crescent moon appears like a tusk). Even as Ganesha was informed to write the Words of the Gods only when He understood them fully, so has reading this tale at the appropriate time allowed me comprehension of Ganesha's relevance to this transmission. 

Another meaning of Ipsos is 'By the same bone'(/tusk/tooth). In the Hindu tradition Ganesha's quill banished the moon to darkness, then returned it, as does Thoth's quill in Egyptian mythology. 

The triple-tongue is the form of the Hebrew letter Shin, which represents both fire and spirit/ether. It's symbol is the tooth. Ganesha/Ganapati is often called 'One-Tooth'. 

The Trident of Shiva is also suggested, as Ganesha is Hir scribe even as Thoth is Atum's - for Shiva was also originally hermaphroditic. 

(40) Tahuti is another name of Thoth. By the same mouth, different versions of the same tales are told in different languages of different cultures and traditions - we are all connected by the Group Mind, Na'aton: Currently subconscious but awakening as the Moon (the subconscious mind/ dreams) returns to unite with the Sun (the conscious mind/ the manifest world) in the greater cycle also. 

(41) In the Hebrew alphabet, 10/Yod(I)/Hand + 70/Ain(O)/Eye = 80/Pe/Mouth. The journey is written or The Vision Manifested - IO! 

(42) The Heart which the Feather of Truth is weighed against is the Chalice of Love, the Cup of Isis, the elemental tool of Water. The chalice is the symbol of the kteis/vagina, whose other major glyph is the Eye. Yet Eros/Cupid, the Greek God of Love, is the Archer, thus 'target and source' - For when your Will is True, there is no difference between the Universe and the Self. 

(43) The huntress/archer is Diana, the maiden (waxing) phase of the Greek triple-moon Goddess Hecate, whose number, like Qoph, is 100. 'Liber Qoph vel Hecate' is a new ritual of praise to the Moon, to balance Crowley's sun-salute, 'Liber Resh vel Helios'. Hecate's original form as the Egyptian Hekt was a frog, thus She who turns the wheel as Goddess of the Crossroads also leaps beyond the wheel on the dark moon. 

(44) The old Qabbalistic formula of Tetragrammaton, YHVH, as applied to the aeons and represented by the corresponding elemental tools. 

(45) The KiaQyl staff arrived the night I performed a version of Nema's 'Pan-Aeonic Vortex' ritual. Having existed through all the aeons dealt with, it became the perfect central 'mast' for the rite. 

Just as elemental correspondences to magickal tools and directions vary according to different sources and traditions, so are there many different historical/aeonic perspectives. The resultant confusion reveals and thus pierces the veil of illusion to the central source of Spirit. 

The Arrow from the Bow of Zos only pierces the Kia when it realizes That the target is also the source, that the Arrow is fledged with feathers from the wings which bear the Eye aloft, to which they thus return. 

Thus the orb is the egg of potential, wound around with the serpent of time, as all aeons and elements and the magickal tools thereof entwine the essence of spirit. Thus is the underlying formula of Pentagrammaton revealed -YHShVH, with spirit as the axis. (-see Liber Pentagrammaton.

(46) The Egg of potential cracks apart, The illusions of the world of form are shattered and there is nothing within but the arrow of the perciever, who then begins to recreate their reality from the shards of its previous form. The Egg seems whole again, as potential is recreated. The Abyss, and the quantum idea of the perceiver-created reality. 

(47) TheWedjat or Left Eye of Horus is made up of six pieces, each smaller than the last, forming the mathematical pattern of fractions: 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64. This equates when assembled to 63/64, i.e. it approximates to one, the full moon. 

The Moth of the moon is the insectoid version of Thoth, with eyes on His wings. 

(48) Yet note the use of a word-pun to illustrate the point! 

(49) Kali is the Hindu Goddess of Time, the Kalas or Colours the emanations from Her womb. These form the rain-bow which the arrow pierces, so in the drawn Bow it has already reached its target and thus 'time stands still'. 

(50) The vision is grounded with Art/Language as represented by the Arrow/Quill. 

(51) In the formula of Pentagrammaton the Daughter takes the throne of the Father. But the Son must also attend to the Mother. We must heal and reconcile our relationships with our parents, on an aeonic as well as personal level. so as not to repeat their mistakes. The aeon of Isis (matriarchy) and the aeon of Osiris (patriarchy) should be philosophically and magickally apprehended so as we can progress. 

(52) Mayet, Measure or the World Order, is basically the balance of nature - thus Maat's scales. The natural justice of karma. 

(53) Eros, the Greek God of Love, is the Archer, even as the Chalice is the target. 

(54) The Zos, represented by the hand, is the individual self or the body, the Kia, represented by the eye, is the group mind, ether or 'atmospheric I'. They are reunited when the Eye returns to the Hand. 

Zos is also the magickal name of A.O.Spare, whose major magickal tool was the Quill. Thus his legacy and Will are continued via this scribe. The 'execution' of the Will is the Little Death or sex-magickal activation of sigils/hieroglyphs. 

(55) Immersion in A.O.Spare's Death Posture and the Osirian Corpse Asana initiated re-connection with the guide Black Eagle. Azoth is the black eagle in alchemy. A is the first letter in the Roman, Greek and Hebrew alphabets, Z, O and Th the last letter in each of these alphabets. Thus Azoth represents the first and the last, the beginning and the end, the source and the target; immortal continuity as expressed in Spare's Alpha-Omega evocation. Walla Warru is Australian Aboriginal (Central Uluru tribe) for eagle, a fact which I discovered after the fleeting spirit of a dead eagle itself had already revealed to me its name in a spontaneous funerary chant. The return to the shamanic Dreamtime is also suggested. 

The Black Goat is Pan Pangenitor, the All-Begetter, combined with Shub Niggurath (Female 'Black Goat with a Thousand Young' - abundant fecundity) of the Cthulhu Mythos, ritually symbolized in the physical temple with the skin of Mandrake, which like his departed soul is entwined with mine. 

Kanacheta is Ouranian barbaric for Baphomet, the hermaphroditic Horned One with face and legs of a black goat, breasts, torso and genitals of a hermaphoditic wo/man and wings of a black eagle. 

(56) Fourteen days is the period between dark moon and full moon. The Kingdom is Malkuth, the World of form. 

(57) ATU(cell)/Arcana 23 is added to Crowley's chart of Tarot/ Hebrew-alphabet correspondences in the Book of Thoth: 

The letter Shin appears twice in this table, its Fire aspect correlating with the Aeon/Judgement card. There are no correspondences given for its Spirit aspect, but this line is now filled: It is the 'Triple-Crown' rather than the 'Triple Tongue of Fire', the Crown being Kether or the Sahasrara. The number of the letter Qoph is 100, it corresponds to the Moon Card and the Back of the Head. The number of the letter Resh is 200, its card is the Sun and its symbol the (front of the) Head. 100 + 200 = 300, the value of Shin. As the Aeon card, this is the union of Horus and Maat. As the added ATU 23, it is pure spirit outside the cycle (beyond the wheel) of 0 the Fool back to 0 the Fool. It has no Title, being beyond words and names. It's glyph is the 8-spoked wheel of Spirit or the Sun and Moon glyphs conjoined. 

(58) The Forgotten Ones are primal atavistic entities which have been re-membered by Nema, Hollub and others. 

Iannu is the union of Abraxas (Ian) and Nuit (Nu). As such, S/He is the intersection of Chthonos (matter-energy) and Ycronos (time-space), as mapped out by the yearly passage of the sun (the Greek spell-ing of the name Abraxas is a grammatical equivalent of the 365 days) and the moon across the sky. S/he is the formula for grounding all time and space into the Here and Now. 

In Gematria, Iannu = 117, as does Qyl. Thus the Arrow of True Will and it's target, the Winged Eye, are equivalent and thus united. The glyph of Iannu as depicted by Allen Hollub is an eye appended with the male and female (Mars and Venus) symbols. The symbol of Sagittarius, the astrological archer, is also a composite of Mars and Venus symbols, thus again weapon and target are the same. 

(59) The pineal gland is physically like a silver seed. To 'plate it with gold' symbolizes both the Alchemical Gold or Philosopher's Stone, and the union of the solar and lunar essences. 

(60) The mantra AHA here represents the moment of realization or sudden inspiration -the lightning-flash of descent from Kether to Malkuth- then of A HA, the laughter which usually follows (and may banish) this moment of realization. 

AHA= Aleph-He-Aleph =1-5-1 =QNA, the double-wanded one =Coph Nia, the Eye of the Daughter. (see also 'Liber Pentagrammaton') Yoke=union (fromw hich the word yoga also derives); Harpocrat represents the union of the Horus and Maat currents; also the union of cosmic yolk and cosmic joke! The true gender-nature of an infant is often yet undefined. Thus, the gynander is suggested by the Babe in the Egg. 

(61) “For I am divided for love's sake, For the chance of union” -(Liber AL.I, 29) The paraphrase of this was suggested by the nature of the mantra AHA: Add (unite) to divide: 1(A) +5(H) + 1(A) =7 =Zain =The Sword/division/ The Lovers. 

It also concerns the relationship of the Lovers card (ATU 6) and the Art card (ATU 14) in 'The Book of Thoth.' - The Lovers represents 'solve' and Art 'coagula'. Thus here the alchemical formula is re-versed. What is represented here is the joy of separation back into the individual self, which can be equally ecstatic as union after a thorough immersion in the akasha or group-mind. The purpose of division is Art, the creation of individual forms and patterns, the beauteous play of Lila. (Of course, we may then divide AHA again: 7 =1+5+1 to unite =151, the double-wanded one) Na'aton, the awakening group-mind, is for One (the individual divided self) and All (the collective consciousness) =double consciousness, Unity in Diversity. 

(62) The union within of the Horus and Maat currents. As aeons they represent the planetary evolution of consciousness, yet also are the twin currents metaphors for layers of initiation which the individual can experience in the Here and Now. Other apparent dualities are also united/transcended. SunaJanuS is the two-faced Roman God, here looking both ways in time from the axis of Now; the RechtaWatcheR is the Zos Kia Kultus' egregore of this Godform. 

(63) The Eye complete is enthroned within the centre of the head, the pineal gland, fromwhich energy fountains up to and from out of the Crown chakra or Sahasrara, the Thousand-petalled lotus. to connect with the cosmos and the Thousand-petalled lotuses (connection points) of 'others'. They are thus united as One with the many. 

In the Pentagrammaton formula the Daughter (Maat) takes the Throne of the Father. Here this is the daughter eye returning to the masculinized Atum. She ascends the Tree of Life, connecting Malkuth (the Kingdom/earth) with Kether (the Crown). 

The Sword as the lightning-flash from Kether to Malkuth (the stone), earthing divinity, is released to return to the Crown. As in the Arthurian legacy, Horus claims the sword and becomes the new King. Thus together Maat and Horus are the Crowned and Conquering Child of this Aeon. The sword is the two-edged blade of the mind's analysis, which perceives/creates the world of form/duality. The removal of the two-edged blade from the stone is the removal of the duality of mind from physical reality -the merging of the Two into One. 

(64) Heru as Sun God destroys or mutates life on Earth, as Shu - Air and the atmosphere - is depleted (the ozone layer?). Without Shu to hold them apart, Geb and Nu re-unite, initiating the reabsorption back into the Eye of Shiva-An, the Hindu name of the hermaphroditic Horned One. Thus we become Pan (Greek name of the Horned God), which means 'All', then Nought, None, Nun. For the opening of the Third Eye of Shiva in the Hindu mythos represents the destruction of the universe at the end of time. 

(65) We are each complete in ourselves and need no 'other', for there is no other. We are reminded of this by immersion in the void, the Abyss, Nun or None which ever destroys this completeness. 

(66) Nun only actually destroys our knowledge of seperate self. We are all united with everything already, It is the only the illusion of seperation which enables the joy of its Death (Nun is also a letter of the Hebrew alphabet, corresponding with ATU 13, the Death card of the tarot) in the Abyss. 

(67) Here is the tantric formula of this Liber revealed. Liber AL vel Legis gave us the formula 2=0, Liber Pennae Praenumbra the formula 2+x=0. Here we have 1(=2)=0, Spare's chao-magickal doctrine of Self-Love. 

Asexuality is celebrated; The Mass of the Hermaphrodite is masturbation, the key to tantric mastery. If one cannot satisfy Oneself, how shall One satisfy another? The sex-magickal reification of the Alchemical marriage of the sun and moon (masculine and feminine principles) within. Atum as the original 'self-mated' masturbator is the deity of Self-Love. 

(68) Those who feel complete in themselves may then meet as two (or more) hermaphrodites, and have twice as much fun! (see the Crossroads Ritual) Improved relationship with Self creates improved relationships with others. This applies sexually as well - the mastery of masturbation can improve coitus. 

The Perfect Secret is the perfect-ion of the secret-ion. It is the production of the Elixir of Life, the Talam Malat, the sexual essences of both genders combined, within the self. 

(69) By extension, ad infinitum… Na'aton as the collective conscioussness is Infinity, All, United into One, Atum, which then returns to the void - Nun, none or nought. 

(70) Atem is the Goddess of blood and periodicity, and thus relates to the passage of Qoph Nia as the Eye of the Moon. She is the Forgotten vagrant lunar aspect of the masculinized Atum. By following the cycles of our dreams and intuition we may 'return to the womb' on the river of menstrual blood, thus accessing past lives and other subconscious strata. As periodic cycles, the moon is an aspect of the wheel. It is only through time that we may journey beyond it. 

(71) The womb as the birthing mouth. The Maatet Boat is a vessel for astral travel, thus it travels on this red moon river, the path of blood which is Arcana 23. The Boat of a Million Years is the ancient Egyptian barge which carried the Sun and the Moon (the utchet and the wedjat eyes) across the heavens. 

(72) Beyond time, via time. The Cosmic Serpent of Time (Tiamat/Ouroborus) eats its own tail. The 'emission' of time is both the river of blood and Atum's orgasm. 

(74) In later masculinized myths of Atum He is the God of the Setting Sun. If this is applied back to Hir original hermaphroditic form, She-He is also the Goddess of the Rising Moon and, as the Red One, the God/dess of both the Dusk (the 'even-ing' of the sun and the moon on the cosmic scales) and the Dawn -thus the Beginning and the End. 

(75) The time-serpent Set represents Death as the facilitator of cycles, thus the Set-ting or dying Sun.

Not long after completion of the writing of this book I discovered an article which confirms physiologically/anatomically several of the 'intuited' (genetic memory?) premises of this work: specifically -the pineal gland receives light through the suture (tissue between the sections of the skull) in the top of the head, and thus gives us our sense of time via the cycles of the sun and the moon. Some early reptiles actually had two extra eyes in the tops of their heads. As an evolutionary process these light-sensors gradually fused together and sank down into the brain to form the pineal gland. Some insects, such as goat-moths (who display a physical manifestation of the 'blue pearl' of Hindu mysticism) and spiders, still exhibit light-sensitive patches on the tops of their heads.

The relation-ship between the fore section (cerebrum) and the back section (cerebellum) of the brain as the conscious and subconscious mind (Resh and Qoph, Sun and Moon, Dayside and Nightside of the Tree of Life) in the context of the magickal perspective are also presented in this excellent article by Rober Taylor, 'Consciousness and Liber AL', which can be found on the Typhonian OTO website.

In some older Hindu manuscripts, the Ajna chakra is considered to be located in the centre of the head, where the pineal gland is physically situated. In most systems, however, the point on the forehead ('third eye') is generally considered to be at least the entrance point of this chakra; thus the pineal gland can be considered a central meeting-point between the Ajna and the Bindu chakra which is situated on the back of the skull. From the union of these solar and lunar energies in the centre of the head, energy fountains up through the crown (Sahasrara chakra) to join with that of the Universe.

Orryelle Defenestrate is 2'3' Supreme Fool/Magus of The Order of ChAos. More of his Rite-ings, along with artwork and ritual theatre, can be found on his site The Mutation Parlour; and his esoteric poetry in the Research section of the new SSS site.