Hermetic Library Zine

Each zine is a wild and wooly whatever of occultura and esoterrata compiled together, generally related to Hermetic Library's overall mission of archiving, engaging and encouraging the living Western Esoteric Tradition, Hermeticism, and Aleister Crowley's Thelema.

No particular topic, theme, style, or soever is required. New and old written and visual material is welcome. If you'd like you participate, just get in contact with the librarian.


Hermetic Library Zine November 2016

Introducing Hermetic Library Zine, November 2016, Issue #2, a publication of Hermetic Library.

Contents of this issue are:

Jacques de Beaufort, John Eberly — Hyacinth and Myrrh, Lisette Costanzo — Crow, Justin Nelson — Neoplatonism and Plotinus, Arn Gyssels — Progenitive Spears, Aleph Alpha 333 — The Two Towers, Lisette Costanzo — A' Magara, Aleph Alpha 333 — The Extreme Flexibility of Man and the Powers of the Mind, Arn Gyssels — Andromeda / Pan-Dimensional Communication, Justin Nelson — In Defense of Mystery Religion, Ömer Aksoy — Tipsy Psyche, Aleph Alpha 333 — Buddha, Ben Roylance — I Know You from Somewhere 8/10–8/15 2016

Hermetic Library Zine June 2016

Introducing Hermetic Library Zine, June 2016, Issue #1, a publication of Hermetic Library.

Contents of this issue are:

Lisette Costanzo — Snake, Brian Redfern, Frater Osiris — Alternate Path to Pé, Juliana Paniagua, John Griogair Bell — Demons, Samuel Henly, Craig Conley —The Five Norths of the Left-Hand Path, Ryan Michael Pfeiffer — Delineatas Magicae Mysticum Cacas, Ömer Aksoy — Inside Heliocentric Astrology, Ömer Aksoy — The Heliocentric Perspective, Anonymous, Justin Nelson — Commentary on the Corpus Hermeticum, Lisette Costanzo — Gaia


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